Sally awakes - Chapter 12

Sally awakes - Chapter 12

Sally has a session with another couple for money. It led to toy play.

I was pondering about Sid and Sue and also about Abby. It seemed that men wanted to see their wives with another woman. I had experienced it but I didn’t think it was that “usual”. I was soon to learn that it was more “normal” than I first thought. Of course it also meant easy money for anyone who would do it. I was happy to join a couple wanting to spice things up.

My next adventure was with Peter and Vivian. Peter was a hunk and I would have fucked him for free. Vivian was gorgeous. Large breasts, very pretty and so eager to please her husband. I am sure she would have done anything to get him horny. I had put a profile in an underground website and they found me and got in touch. It was Vivian who contacted me. She told me her husband, Peter, wanted her to make out with another woman. She seemed very keen but with one proviso, I was not to have intercourse with him. I guessed that meant oral was still allowed.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I told dad I had an appointment. He had stopped asking as he knew what I was doing. He would just say “be careful”. I drove to Peter and Vivian’s house and rang the doorbell. Peter opened the door and I immediately was sorry I had agreed to no intercourse. Vivian met me in the living room and I was sure it was going to be fun. Vivian and I went into the bedroom for a talk. I asked her if it was her idea or Peters. She floored me by saying it was her idea. They had watched porn and the whole idea had got her excited. In preparation she had bought a couple of dildos. One was about 9” long and very thick. The other one was maybe 18” long and my pussy was twitching. How much of that could I take I wondered.

Vivian was getting turned on as we talked and fondled the dildo. I moved in and kissed her. She was surprised at first but soon warmed to the idea. It was obvious that she hadn’t done this before. Deep French kisses followed and then we began to undress each other. “Don’t forget me ladies” said Peter as he stood in the doorway watching us. Soon both Vivian and I were naked. I pushed her onto the bed and picked up the 9” dildo. Climbing onto the bed I sucked it and then got Vivian to suck it. I held it in one hand and began to finger fuck her with the other hand. I pushed the dildo deeper into her mouth and she gagged. I did it again twice more. She was trembling. “Put it in my pussy honey” she moaned. Then she squealed as I pushed it into her love tunnel. I glanced around at Peter. He was undressing as he watched me ravage his wife.

It took only seconds for her to take the whole dildo. She was so wet. I began to fuck her with it, sliding it almost all the way out and then ramming it all the way back in. Each thrust drew moans and squeals from Vivian and groans from Peter who was now stroking his 8” of manhood. “Faster. Faster” Vivian moaned and I did just that. At the same time she was fondling her boobs with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. She started to shake and orgasmed with a squeal. “Don’t stop” she yelled and I worked that dildo until she had cum a second time. She grabbed me and kissed me passionately. “Oh Sally honey that was so good. Let me thank you now” and she grabbed the dildo and thrust it into me. It was me now squealing for her to fuck me harder.

I came with a rush and she said “I want to try the other one. I was all for it. We lay on our backs and positioned the dildo so we had an end each. Peter stepped in and began to work it back and forth. Vivian and I were lying with our pussies a couple of inches apart. Peter worked it back and forth both of us taking it deep inside us. Rubbing clits and moaning and squealing loudly. I looked at Peter and his cock was rock hard. I so wanted to fuck him but couldn’t. I decided dad would get a real workout when I got home.

Vivian told him to stop. “I want to suck your cock” she yelled. He quickly moved up and she took him in her mouth. Now he was moaning. I reached down and began to move the dildo back and forth. It felt so good. Suddenly Vivian pulled back. “Sally would you like to suck Peter now?” Silly question really. He moved up the bed and I grabbed his cock and took it balls deep in my mouth. I don’t know if Vivian planned it or whether it was by accident but a minute or so later he groaned and came in my mouth. I didn’t stop sucking until he was limp. “Oh my God” Vivian said “that was so erotic”.

Vivian wasn’t finished and we spun around and finished each other off with a 69 complete with a couple of orgasms. It was so nice. Peter was sitting on the bed watching us and urging us on. It might have been Vivian’s idea but he was sure into it. Vivian and I took a shower together and then I got dressed. I left Vivian, naked, on the couch playing with Peter’s growing cock. “I will call you again honey” said Vivian as I let myself out. I would certainly look forward to it for sure.

I got home as dad was looking into the fridge for something to eat. I told him to sit in the living room and leave the cooking to me. Frozen fish and chips soon thawed out and were consumed. I know dad was bursting to find out about my afternoon. I filled him in with the details and his jeans couldn’t hide him excitement. “I didn’t get any cock daddy” I said “I am so horny now. Will you fuck your little girl?” I said and fondled his cock through his jeans. “No I want to watch the TV show” he said, teasing me. He watched the TV while I unbuttoned his jeans and let his erection escape. I was stroking it and finally he said “you are such a naughty girl. Come with me and I am going to spank your bottom”.

He did spank me, but not hard, and then he fucked me. We kissed as he thrust that delicious 9” steel rod into my soaked pussy. There was no doubt that I was so glad that my mother had left him. I was 100% sure he wouldn’t be fucking me if she was still at home. I prayed that she would stay away. Was I bad daughter? Probably. But a very contented one for sure.

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