Drunk Mom and Me - 2 updated

Drunk Mom and Me - 2 updated

Drunk Mom and I - 2

It was a long day for me. Hardly paying attention to schoolwork. Thinking of what I had done the previous night. The long ride home in the back seat of the car with my own drunk Mom on my lap. Getting so full of lust that I actually fucked my own mother without her even knowing. Going several times to the washroom and half whacking off, but stopping myself in anticipation of that evening.

I helped Mom make dinner and sat with her for awhile on the sofa watching TV. I had mentioned a movie that was on that had good reviews, hoping to lull her into watching it. She went and had a bath and I thought my plans were going to fail until she came back in her robe to watch the film. I got her a blanket to cuddle into. It came on at nine o’clock and she started watching it while on her third drink. She had even positioned the bottle of gin and tonic on the side table. I was thrilled. Went upstairs to do homework and said good night to her.

But didn’t do anything except creep back to the top of the stairs to peek down at Mom. She had turned the volume down and got herself another tall gin drink. Sipping it while engrossed in the movie. I looked down at her and wondered why I had never thought of her as a gorgeous woman before. She had a wonderful body, great long legs and fabulous breasts. I guessed she weighed about 115 pounds and her tits must have been at least 38s. She was stretched out on the sofa with the blanket around her legs, settled in for the movie and I hoped, to drift off to sleep too.

It was an agonizing wait, but I knew that if she went to sleep too soon she would not be drunk enough for my plans. Was happy when she drank two more gins and could see her eyes closing with the drone of the TV. I couldn’t keep my hands off my cock and stroked it slowly. It had had its first taste of pussy and was now sensing more to come! My mind was alive with thoughts of what I could do to her once she was sleeping in drunkedness.

When she finally breathed that steady sleeping rhythm, I crept down the stairs. Made my way to her. My heart was pounding and I was so afraid of being caught while trying something. I thought the best thing to do would be to make some movement so as to be seen as innocent if she awoke. I stood looking down at her before sitting on the edge of the sofa at her legs. Purposely making movement. I said, “You sleeping, Mom?”

As I covered her with the blanket. No movement or sound from Mom. She just breathed evenly and deeply. Her robe was a little apart at the top and I could see almost all of her right breast, it looked magnificent to me, the 12 year old. But as I said, I was big for my age and felt like an adult. And was happy that my cock was developing like I hoped, I wasn’t going to be small down there. Looking down at this beautiful adult woman made me wonder why I chased those dumb little girls at school?

I turned the TV down a bit more, allowing the drone of the voices to continue, and moved closer to Mom, still wary that she might wake up, I pretended to watch the movie for a while and let my hand rest on her leg. Finally stroking my finger on her skin. Still she made no moves of being aware of me being there. I slowly moved my hand upward, pushing the blanket away and parting her robe as I did. She only breathed a long sigh. I pulled apart her robe at the top now and left her tits totally exposed. Wow, what a sight of two large, mature breasts! The nipples were perfectly round, dollar sized and pinky purple. I was afraid to get close enough to kiss them yet. I pushed the blanket away from her legs and pulled the robe apart there too, revealing her beautiful black bush. Gawd that was exciting. My cock was throbbing inside my pants and I had to take it out now.

It was full as it could be and I wanted to fuck her so bad but needed to be careful. Getting caught was not on my mind as I wondered how to begin fucking Mom. I tried edging upward on the sofa. It was awkward. Then I slowly pulled one of Mom’s legs down and placed it on the hassock beside the sofa, pushed the other leg apart and had the reward of a wonderful view of my own mother’s pussy slit, looking moist and warm and inviting. I reached forward and touched her slit gently. It was damp. Closed my eyes and tried to calm my racing heart as I stroked it so gently and slipped one finger into the slippery crevice. Gawd. I was almost cumming with excitement. This was better than I had dreamt about all day!

Mom only breathed a little faster and seemed to be dreaming nice thoughts. I tried to calculate how many drinks she had finished. 5 or 6? But it was too late now to worry about that. Her pussy looked so inviting I finally leaned forward for a closer look. Pressed in and kissed it softly, allowing my tongue to travel up and down the warm crevice.. Sat back a moment and licked my lips. Nothing bad about the taste of the wetness.

I was mesmerized now and slid off the sofa and moved up between her legs. Kissing her pussy softly. Then let my tongue stroke up and down along her slit again until I pressed forward and placed my whole mouth over it. Gawd I was in heaven, never had a thought of licking a woman’s pussy before and now I was doing it. I could feel her clit there, swollen and now actually throbbing on my tongue! It seemed to respond and twitched a bit in my mouth. I knew in that first few moments that I was now addicted to licking pussy the rest of my life. Mom seemed to only breath harder and moved only slightly with my actions. But she was feeling it, I could tell. At least I was giving her a nice dream.

I could not wait any longer and edged forward between her legs. I pressed my cock head against her pussy and almost came right there. I thought of a stain on the sofa and vowed to bring a towel with me if I ever did this again. Then I pushed into her and felt that high rising ecstasy washing over me again. I was once again fucking my Mom! But this time I wasn’t in he dark of the backseat, if she blinked open I was right there in front of her. I had made no preparation of what I would say if she ever woke up and caught me. But now I had no control over myself at all. I plunged into her slowly, pressing my cock deep in, then holding there. I swear I could feel her pussy inside kind of milking me with gentle squeezes of her vagina muscles. And I am sure she was starting to move her hips in tune with mine. Just little forward jerks. I stroked only a few more long strokes before I came a huge load from being high on sex all day. Suppressing the scream I really wanted to emit. Pulled out and sank back into the cushions. Trying to catch my breath. Sheeze. I had done it again. Fucked my Mom the third time! I slipped off the sofa, pulled the blanket over Mom and went up to my room. She looked so serene with her eyes closed like that, her face seemed angelic to me. But my mind was racing. What kind of pervert was I becoming? Fucking my own Mom. And worse, she didn’t even know I was doing it! Gawd it was unbelievable. My mind could only hold that image of her nearly naked body sprawled out on the sofa. Was there anything I should do to stop this? Did I want to?

No way. However bad it was of me to be doing it, I was helpless to resist. It was just too thrilling. Even at a young school age I now knew what lust was and I loved it. My cock rose into its sensing mode again. All I could think of was Mom’s wonderful body. How long could this go on? Another time? Another day? The thought of future pleasures was pressing me on and I got a towel from the closet and slowly returned to the living room. Stood again over Mom watching her. She was so beautiful. Jimmy, my best friend was right, she had great tits, I was going to tell him I saw them. Maybe in the bath or something. He’d want to stay overnight to get a chance look for himself.

The TV was still droning with some other old movie. My cock was demanding more action. I edged closer to Mom and sat down again. Shoved the towel under her rear and looked closely to see if my cum had seeped out but none seemed to have. I kissed her pussy again, this time pressing my mouth between her pussy lips. Sucking on her clit now, just like I read in magazine stories. Sheeze, it felt so nice to be doing this. It was so slippery and if I tasted my own cum it wasn’t bad at all. Now Mom was reacting, breathing with her mouth open. I kept licking and sucking, tasting her juice seeping now. I was determined to try and make her cum too, I felt her clit twitch and throb and she jerked in little trembling vibrations and sighed deeply. Had I given her an orgasm? It was only fair I thought, she had given me three. So far. I never wanted this to end. I moved up between her legs again and slowly slipped into her. Her pussy was so juicy and warm. I stroked long slow strokes and was able to last a few minutes longer this time. I came again and only stayed there breathing before pulling out, wiping her pussy and covering Mom again.

Crept back up the stairs to my room with so many thoughts about what I could do to her when she was drunk like that. I wanted to keep it all going forever. I needed to know how to keep her drunk too. Would I dare tell anyone about this? Jimmy? I thought at least I’d get a digital picture of her tits to show them off to him. And other guys at school. Wouldn’t have to even say who the woman was.

I had a wonderful taste on my lips of her pussy. I drifted off to sleep that evening with wild and exciting thoughts of my new sex life, with a wonderful woman, my Mom, and the idea that my Dad was gone for two more days.

Part 2 of 4. updated

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