Making him into my little girl

Making him into my little girl

This is entirely an act of fiction, any correlation to actual people or events is completely incidental. I do not condone these acts in reality, they are just an exploration of fantasy. Enjoy!

Today I had a special day with my little boy. We had been fucking for a few weeks, training him to please daddy and making him into the little cumslut I knew he wanted to be. After our little trip today, I think he is coming along nicely.

When I picked him up he was wearing some baggy jeans and a t-shirt, that just wouldn’t do. I had to fix this right up. So after I gave him a kiss on the lips and a hug we headed out.

We went to the local mall, not telling him where we were going and walking casually to the lingerie and panty store. Seeing the look on his face, his eyes lighting up, the smile spreading across his cheeks, I knew he was excited and couldn’t wait for what came next.

We walked around the store, picking out stuff for him, sizing him up. Slutty little bits of lingerie, tight panties for his little bald ass. A whole armful of them. After I thought we had enough we quietly slipped into the last changing room there was.

I stripped him completely nude, gave him a little kiss on the forehead and sat down. Told him to model for daddy and he smiled and dove right into the pile of silky fabrics. He put on panties, bras, negligees, lingerie. With each outfit my cock got harder and harder, straining against my pants, the zipper felt like it would burst. I wasn’t the only one turned on, as he slid the silk and satin panties on and off he would sigh lightly, his little boy clit swollen from daddy’s attention and the smooth fabrics.

I didn’t want this to distract me, however, so I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him close to me, turned him around and smacked his little ass. I told him he is being naughty, that my little girl is having all too much fun and needs to apologize to daddy. As he started to speak I put my fingers to his lips, told him he needed to show me he was sorry. I told him to leave the bra and panties he was modeling and just look down at the bulge in my pants. He knew immediately what I meant and smiled ear to ear as he got down on his knees.

He pulled down the zipper and my cock sprung out, hard and dripping with precum. His little tongue tongue slid up and down the shaft, teasing me. I love it when he does that but we didn’t have much time so I grabbed the back of his head and shoved my cock into his mouth, burying it into his throat. He knew what is coming so he relaxed his throat and opened wide. I pumped fast and hard into his little mouth and after a few minutes I felt my balls tightening up. I moaned deeply and with one final thrust I started cumming deep in his throat. He swallowed and swallowed, then licked daddy’s cock clean and put it back in my pants.

Satisfied and pleased with my little whore I told him to pick out an outfit he liked as I pick out two that I like. He chose a pair of tight, white boy shorts and a matching white bra while I picked a tiny pink thong with a matching bra, plus a garter and stockings set in black with a lacey black bra.

When we went to the counter there were some odd looks but no one said anything outright and I paid cash. I gave him the bags to carry and we walked to our next stop, the make-up store. We went straight to the counter and I told the girl working the counter that as a joke for a party we wanted to get my boy in some really whorish make-up. She was hesitant at first but when my innocent little boy laughed and played along giving her his cutest look she got into it. Eye shadow, foundation, blush, lip gloss, the works. We bought a set of what she used saying that in case it got messed up we would need to touch it up, she even showed him how to do it. He looked amazing, was becoming such a sexy little girl. And even better, he loved it all.

Next we went to the salon, again catching odd looks and hearing some whispers. We used the same line as before, this was a joke for a party and my cute little girl flashed an innocent smile. The girls all thought it was great and gathered around, all with suggestions for a new look. They chose a short bob look, a little longer up front around the bangs and got to work. My little girl positively giddy with all the attention, sexy new clothes and new look.

When they were done she looked amazing. I was stunned and struggled to keep my composure. My new little girl had charmed them all and when we paid and walked out the whole salon waved and laughed, telling us to come back any time and to have fun at the party. Little did they know we would be having more fun than they could imagine!

We walked to the car, hand in hand, looking just like father and daughter, albeit a little tomboy with her baggy jeans and t-shirt. When we got in the car I told her to take those clothes off and throw them in the back, we won’t be needing them for now. Tell her that from now on she is my sexy little girl completely. She smiles and strips quickly, grabbing randomly in the bags and pulled out the black garter and stockings set with the lacey bra and put them on. I smile knowing that as we drove, anyone who looked would see my sexy little girl dressed like a whore

I drove around the mall slowly, even circling it on purpose, showing off my little girl’s new look. She was loving it, smiling shyly and even waving a couple times. This turned me on so much, that all of those guys have no idea and just think I have a hot little slut, all staring, smiling, whistling. All for my sexy little whore. I told her to blow kisses, flash her flat chest at them, get into it and have fun. After a few times around the parking lot, circling the mall and several blown kisses and flashes I decided it was time to move on. I was also insanely turned on and thought it was about time we headed somewhere quiet.

Along the way she kept flirting with other men, guys who look from other cars and speed up to match us along the way, wanting to see more of my hot little whore. When we were stopped at a light there was a man on the corner waiting for the bus who looked in, his eyes wide and a smile spread across his face. I reached over and had my little girl suck my fingers. The man unconsciously reached down and rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. Right before the light turned green and we drove off I reached down and rubbed my sexy little girl’s swollen clit, all he saw from the corner was me rubbing her beneath the window. As I pulled away he flashed me a huge grin and a thumbs up.

As I drove I pulled her panties aside and started playing with her little boy pussy. She moaned and slid forward spreading her legs, giving me better access. Anyone looking in as we drove by would see her head back, eyes closed, mouth open and moaning as I slid my finger in her little boy pussy. I got two fingers in and could barely contain myself, I had to have her right then. She felt the same, bucking her hips and begging daddy to fuck her. Begging her daddy to shove his big cock in her as she fucked herself on my fingers.

I pulled off at the next turn, onto a dark quiet road lined with trees. I pulled off the road and put the car in park, already rubbing my little girl’s swollen clit. I just had to taste it so I pushed her seat back, spread her legs wide, insert another finger and start leaning forward. She sighed as I moved my mouth over her hard boy clit, mouthing along the shaft with the panties still covering it.

I could feel it twitch and started teasing it, rubbing my tongue up and down, tasting the precum soaking through the panties at the tip. She started thrusting her hips forward, straining to feel my mouth around her little boy clit. After a few minutes of this I could hear her breathing harder, almost whining in her moans, desperate for my mouth. I pulled the panties aside and immediately took her whole clit into my mouth, all the way to the base.

She started twitching, I could have sworn she almost came right then, so I didn’t move, just held her in my mouth as she regained her control. When her breathing slowed down a little I pulled up, sucking hard, moving up to the head and started flicking my tongue around the slit. Her precum was delicious, slightly salty and there was a lot of it. I was milking her little clit with my mouth, running my tongue around in cicles, flicking my back and forth, the whole time my fingers slowly pushing in and out of her boy pussy.
I pulled my mouth off and she was so excited she thrusted forward, trying to get it back in. I moved down to her little bald balls and took them both in my mouth, swirling them around gently as my two fingers played in her pussy.

After a few minutes I moved back up and positioned my mouth over her hard clit, taking just the tip in. Quickly I rammed a third finger into her boy pussy hard, making her groan loud in a mix of pleasure and pain as she bucked forward hard, thrusting her clit all the way into my waiting mouth.
She moaned and groaned, and in a sweet little voice she thanked daddy for sucking her little clitty.

Hearing this only makes me work harder, bouncing my head up and down on her clit, fingers pounding into her tight boy pussy. In and out as I bobbed up and down, her breathing getting harder and faster, I picked up my pace. Her clit starts getting harder, even swelling slightly bigger. I am amazed, thinking it couldn’t even be possible and turned on even more by the thought, taking her clit into my mouth knowing she will cum any second now.

I knew just how to push her over the edge, I pushed my three fingers as deep into her boy pussy as I could and started twisting them back and forth, spinning them. Immediately she started bucking forcefully into my mouth, groaning wordlessly and I felt her cum start hitting my tongue in several strong squirts. She twitched and squirmed, the orgasm lasting at least a minute and filling my mouth with her cum.

When she was done I moved back up, pulled the seat up and leaned in to kiss her. Our lips met and we kissed hard, opened my mouth wide and let her suck her cum out. She took it all in and I felt her swallow twice. I then stuck out my tongue and she sucked it, getting every last bit of her cum.

I shifted back into my seat, looked over and my sexy little slut and told her it was daddy’s turn. She smiled and started to lean forward, opening my fly and moved her head in but I pushed her back up by her shoulder and told her not that. I kissed her, reach under her ass and picked her up to pull her over the center console and onto my lap.

I pushed my seat back about halfway as she straddled me and we just started kissing, quickly, passionately, desperately. More and more we kissed, my hands moving around and exploring her back from her ass up to her shoulders, feeling the straps to her bra and her panties under my fingers. I grabbed her little ass cheeks hard and grind her forward and down, rubbing her clit and boy pussy against my hard cock through my pants.

Then I told her it was time, she smiled and lifted her ass up to unzip my pants and release my precum covered cock. She reached down and started rubbing it around, lubing up daddy’s cock. She then spit in her hand and reached under herself, rubbing it into her little boy pussy. She then put her hands on my chest and lowered herself onto my waiting cock, which slipped in easily after the pounding I had just given her with my fingers. She kept pushing down, sliding my cock all the way in and then leaned forward to lick and nibble my earlobe.

She started moving up and down slowly, squeezing her boy pussy as she pulled up, whispering into my ear that she loves daddy’s big cock in her pussy. I reached down and grabbed her hips, keeping her from picking up speed. I wanted it to last. She was moaning into my ear as I guided her up and down slowly.
She was telling me to fuck her little pussy, to make her a real woman, that her daddy’s cock was perfect inside her. As she was talking I could feel her little clit getting hard again as it rubbed up and down my stomach as she went up and down. I wrapped my hand around it and held tight, with each movement up and down on my cock she fucked my hand with her clit. She started thrusting into my hand, moving faster and faster on my cock.

She could barely talk, her arms wrapped around my neck, squeezing her hard into my ear as she told me to cum in her pussy, to cum in my little girl. She was moving fast, humping into my hand, when I felt her whole body tighten up, her pussy squeezing and pulsing, then squirting hot cum onto my stomach and chest. As soon as she started cumming I squeezed my hand as tight as I could, forcing her orgasm to last longer so that she would keep squeezing my cock in waves.

Her boy pussy kept clamping down on my cock and I could feel myself losing control. I slammed her down onto my cock, my balls tightening up again as I came harder than I had in months, pumping my load deep into my little girl. I was still cumming as I felt some of it start to spill out and onto my balls.

Eventually my orgasm faded and my cock started to deflate. She lifted up and it popped out of her, with it more of my cum spilled back onto my cock and balls. She quickly bent down and started licking it up, cleaning daddy’s cock with her tongue. I laid back and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation and just feeling the waves of my orgasm slowly relaxing my whole body.

Soon she was done cleaning my cock and balls and before she got up she gave my ass a few licks, giggling when I sighed happily. She moved over the center console back to her seat, starting to straighten herself up, but before she put her panties back in place I had one more thing I need to do. I moved her up onto her knees on the seat, her ass exposed to me. Using my hands to spread her cheeks I shoved my tongue straight into her boy pussy, It was stretched out and loose, accepting my tongue easily. I licked and sucked out my cum, tasting us both and swallowing every drop. She giggled and squirmed, moving her little ass around and making me work for it.

When I was satisfied that I had cleaned her out I sat her back down and we drove off, stopping at my place for a quick shower that turned into another hour of us fondling each other, washing each other, and cumming again. When I dropped her off at home I knew that she was going to be a great little whore from that day forward.

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