The Camping Trip_(2)

The Camping Trip_(2)

First off let me introduce myself as Alexandra. I’m 19 years old and I’m a virgin. I am currently taking college classes and enjoy them for the most part. I’m about 5 feet and 4 inches tall. I weigh about 125 pounds. I have a size 36 C breast. I have an older brother named Kevin, and both mom and dad in my life. (Patty & Justin) I’ve always had a thing for my brother! Little did I know the camping trip we were going to take this weekend would make all my dreams come true!!!
I walked in from outside to see mom, dad, and Kevin waiting in the front living room with all their bags.
“Ready sweetie?” Mom said with a smile
“Yah mom I just got to run upstairs and grab my bags.” I replied
I ran upstairs and threw some clothes into a bag. I hurried down stairs and said
“Ok I’m ready, let’s go.”
Kevin took my bag and threw it into the truck of our four door blue Saturn, along with his own, and mom and dad’s. We were all packed up and ready to go to our annual family camping trip. About an hour had passed and I looked around the car. Dad was driving, Mom was in the passenger seat asleep, Kevin was next to me listening to his IPod and I was sitting there trying to read a book. But the more I tried, the harder it would get. I couldn’t help but to keep looking over at Kevin. He was so handsome. He was about 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Very athletic built, with golden brown hair, and creamy hazel eyes. He looked like a God from where I was sitting. I couldn’t help but imagine him running his hand up my mini skirt I was wearing, when all of a sudden dad said
“Were here kids”
Well that killed that image. We parked in our normal spot and all got out of the car to stretch. Kevin started to get the bags out of the trunk. I asked if I could help. I loved seeing his muscles at work.
“No sis thanks but I can handle this.”
He pulled out all four bags and all our tents.
“Well guess it’s time to set up the tents, Kevin help your sister while I set up your mother’s and my tent.” Dad said
“Alright” Kevin said
We were setting up my tent together. We had brought three tents, one for mom and dad, one for Kevin, and one for me! After we were finished I helped Kevin set up his tent. As I went to bend down to pick up one of the poles to help him, my tang top pulled down just a little exposing my bra.
“Alexandra pull up your shirt, before you embarrass your brother” Mom said
“Sorry Kevin, Sorry Mom” Was my reply
I pulled up my shirt. After we all got the tents up we decided to grill hot dogs and make smores. Family traditions after all. After that we all decided to go to bed because we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow. We were going to go fishing and hiking. I could hardly hold my excitement. I went into my tent and got undressed down to my undies and my bra. I said my prayers and got into my sleeping bag. All of a sudden I felt something on my leg. I was lying on my side and too scared to move at the thought that it may have been a snake. When all of a sudden I felt a hand going up my leg. I was shocked and scared. I played it off as if I were still asleep. Had my brother been touching me all this time? It felt good. I felt his big strong hand start to rub my thigh and then up to my belly. He ran his hand under up and under my bra. He started to play with my nipples, and started to grasp them. He then ran his hand down my stomach. He moved his body closer to mine. He started to kiss my neck, and then whispered in my ear (not knowing I was awake) and said you like this don’t you whore? I did but I didn’t say anything back or even more. He ran his hand down a little lower and ended up in undies. He played with public hair. He pulled me over and turned me onto my back. I started to squint my eyes to see my brother fingering me without him knowing. I did so and freaked.
“Dad, what are doing?”
I moved away quickly.
“I’m sorry Alexandra I can’t help it. Your mother had not touched me in ages and you’re so attractive.”
“Isn’t this wrong dad?”
“I won’t tell if you don’t”
I giggled and moved back over towards him. I said well if you’re going to do then make it feel good, after all I am a virgin.
He stuck his hand back in my panties and started to rub the hair again, and then moved down to the lips of my pussy. It felt so good. I could not help but to like it. I moaned a little louder.

“Daddy, finger me please!”
“Ok baby girl”
He opened my legs a little wider and stuck one finger in. he went as far as the knuckle. Slow at first then faster and faster. Then he became more intense with it. He slid a second finger in and as he was fingering me he started to gently rub my clit with my thumb. It felt so good. I decided to take a chance and tell him to let me see his dick. I wanted it so bad. He pulled his hand out from my panties and pulled his pants off. I grabbed his rock hard 10 inch dick and started to jack him off.
“Am I doing this right?”
“Yah that feels really good baby girl”
He moaned so loud I was afraid of mom waking up. All of a sudden my tent zipper started to unzip and I froze. I thought we were caught for sure. When Kevin walked into my tent.
“Damn dad I see you beat me too her.”
“Wait you two planned this?” I asked shocked
“Of course, Kevin needs some too” My dad said
Kevin walked over to me and out of nowhere he stuck his dick in my mouth.
He said “Suck it bitch”
I started to deep throat my brother while my father was eating me out. My brother was moaning, as was I. Then my father and brother started to debate which one would take my virginity. But because I wanted an input I said I want Kevin too.
“Why don’t we both take it?” Kevin asked
“Wait what?”
“Yah I will take your pussy one and dad can take your ass cherry.”
So I got up to reposition myself. I bent over in doggie position and Kevin started to put the head of his penis into my pussy, while my father standing over me started to put the tip of his penis into my ass. Both felt amazing. I was so wet, and Cumming both ways.
And all of a sudden mom walked into the tent………..

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