Arthur,The Club Owner & His Ladies

Arthur,The Club Owner & His Ladies

Abigail was covered in facial jizz , it was nothing out of the ordinary for her though . Ever since her son/master Arthur had hypnotized her two years earlier she lived to satisfy her 21 year olds son's kinky sexual needs . 56 year old grayish blonde Abigail was married to Arthur's stepdad Bill , who was now just a shell of a man in the bedroom . He was a cuckold & liked watching his stepson dominate her & loved it when he could especially watch her have lezzie sex with other women . Abigail was 5 ft 7 with 40dd tits , she also worked afternoons as a stripper at the dance club, Arthur now owned. The previous owner was married to Nina Rogers one of his submissives so he he got the business for a good price , nothing. Ernie worked as the manager still , but he also loved watching his wife being roughly fucked & used for her Master's pleasure. Earlier Arthur had facefucked Abigail , it was early ,still 8am , so as Abigail got Arthur's breakfast . She was told to clean up, her shift at the stripjoint would start in a few hours.

Chapter 1-The Club

At the front of the club Arthur had his usual clients who liked to look at the 20something girls dancing , athletic bodies , average size tits & small tight buns , In the back of the club Arthur had a secret chamber , locked with lock & key , here only select clients who could afford the action could enter. The speciality of the house & always would be was cougars in action. Mature married , some even respectable women performing some kinky nasty acts for cash . Currently two college lads of wealthy families were watching & wacking off as his mom (Abigail ) & Nina Rogers were 69ing. He had fucked Nina just yesterday up the ass as her hubby filmed the humiliation & domination at their home.Arthur wore a hood to cover his face as he creampied the old bitches shitpipe. After he pissed all over her face . Just this morning mom had blown before he had her give him a rimjob after he had finished his breakfast .

The college frat boys had both shot their loads on the floor & had decided that they had enough of watching these cougars who were older than their mothers, eat pussy . So they each handed Arthur a $100 each & left. The sluts though kept 69ing. So Arthur told them to go clean up & work the front room.

Chapter 2- That Evening

It was 8 pm & Abigail had finished her shift a couple hours earlier , she was now spreadeagled on her bed as her hubby Bill was eating her pussy trying to get her off. Abigail could hear the orgasmic screams coming from Arthurs room & she new that he must be training a new cougar ,

His mom was right , Arthur had met a delicious ,shorthaired brunette at the supermarket . She had a very sexy English accent & was an inch taller that his mother. She had 38dd tits (they were a xxxmas gift, from her current hubby Charles ) Sonia was a prim & proper English milf , but when Arthur finished with her she'd become nothing but an owned common Cumslut .

Abigail decided to lie to her husband Bill & say she had reached orgasm . So Bill went to sleep & she snuck out of the room & she saw that Arthur's room was slightly ajar. She smiled at what she saw . Arthur had put his underwear in Sonia's mouth & was know anally fucking his newest possession. Abigail couldnt help herself & began rubbing her clit . Arthur knew his mom was watching & told her to come in. Sonia he said this is mom now eat her pussy he ordered. As she spreadeagled herself on her son/masters giant bed . She felt the tongue of the 53 year old penetrate her pisshole, damn she was a much better pussy licker than Bill she thought. No one knew at the time though , Sonia had been eating her neighbours 20 year old year old pussy for the past 3 mths . Holly was a femdom who seduced her & now would often lend her to her dyke friends . Abigail though was the oldest pussy Sonia had eaten , Holly & her girlfriends were all in their twenties with shaven cunts, Abigail was the first pussy that she ate that was not bare.. As she screamed in pain& ecstasy , Sonia wondered when Holly would meet her new master Arthur & what would happen? As Arthur creampied his new sexslaves asshole , he had his mom Abigail (who had reached orgasmic bliss) lick the jism out of Sonia's ass.

Chapter 3- The Next Day

Sonia was collared & leashed wearing 5inch spiked heels. She was currently at Holly's place , she was also ballgagged as Holly whipped her with the cat-of-nine tails . Sonia needed to be punished , because she hadnt answered her multiple texts yesterday . Sonia had lied & said she had to do a few things with her husband But Holly told her she could of texted her back at least once to let her know ,She began , whipping Sonia's ass, as Sonia's butt became redder & redder, Sonia though was thinking of yesterday , when her soon to be fulltime master fucked her up the ass , she wondered if Holly would get the same treatment when he found out about her. Holly was tired of whipping her unresponsive old submissive so she grabbed her by the leash & led her to the washroom & told Abigail to get on her knees upon which Holly did something so nasty & humiliating to Abigail she peed all over her face , tits & hair. Holly spoke up & said next time you will answer my text or else you'll be made to drink my pee next Holly said laughing . Yes mistress responded Sonia in a sombre , monotone voice. Get the fucking mop & clean up the urine of the floor , you piss slut Holly ordered as she left the room.

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