Ralph At 50 Part 1

Ralph At 50 Part 1

Ralph At 50

My name is Ralph. I am a light skin Black man. I am 50 years old. I am 6-4 in height and weigh 210 pounds. I am a recently retired computer technician.

The years have been good to me. I was able to retire early because I invested ten thousand dollars in a prominent tech company in my younger years. I have had a few girlfriends over the years. Women of all races.

So I feel kind of strange not having a girlfriend presently.

In February I moved into a 6 story apartment building in Edison New Jersey. Its now April and I start to venture into the surrounding areas. I was amazed at the amount of continuous strip malls. There was also a large mall. A large crowded mall. I always tried to stay out of these big malls, but being retired I decided to go shopping in the Woodbridge mall. I brought some jeans, two Nike sweat suits, T shirts, a pair of sneakers and sweat socks. I then passed a candle shop in the mall. There was this fantastic fragrance coming out of the candle shop. I decided to go into this small candle shop. There was oils, inscense, candles etc. As I explored the store a young girl came from behind the sales register and asks me can I help you sir. As I looked up I was amazed at the beauty of this young tall statuesque girl. She has the prettiest of faces. And well rounded at all the right places.

After realizing I was steering at her, I then responded. What is that nice scent that I am smelling. She then replies it is called Apple Passion. You can buy that in a candle form or a liquid form. I then asked how much are the candles. She replied 4 dollars each for the small ones and 10 dollars each for the large ones.

I told her I want to buy 2 large ones and 2 small ones. Then she asks me will there be any thing else. I said no that is all. As she is walking away I realized she has the nicest of asses. Wow. And she has long legs too. She is at least 5-8. I then pay for the candles and drove home.

I opened up a nice cold bottle of Corona beer. I added a slice of lime. Then I turned on the tv and watched the news and a movie. The floor is so quiet sometimes. I leave my apartment door slightly ajar.

Retirement life is great. The following day I looked for a place to go swimming. Then joined a sports club that had a pool. So my routine was to go swimming 3 or 4 times a week.

This basically kept my body tone and I was in great physical condition for a 50 year old man.

I lived on a very quiet floor. I had two Indian families and one Caucasian family living at my end of the hall. At the other end were two Caucasian families a black family and a Cuban family. So the fifth floor was a quiet floor. So one day after I went swimming, I went back to the Woodbridge Mall. I went specifically to buy some more of those candles. I was also hoping to get another glance of that pretty sales person. I then walked right up to the young lady and said I would like to buy 4 candles. 2 small ones and 2 large ones. The last time I was here 2 weeks ago you sold me some candles. They were called passion something. The sales lady said Oh I remember you. You brought Apple Passion. Yes that’s it. So she walks over to get those candles. What a nice sight, she has a nice big round ass. As she turned around to go back to the cash register, she caught me looking at her ass. Thinking fast I said make that 3 large candles and 2 small candles. I got another chance to view that nice ass of hers. Then she turned around with a smile and walked back to the register.

I then told her that I love the fragrance of these. When these are done , I’ll be back. Have a nice evening young lady. She replied you too and thanks for shopping here.

I paid for the candles and then went back home.

On my way back home I could not get that young lady out of my mine. Let me describe her to you. She is a light skinned black Indian. She is 5-9 in height and looks to be about 135-140 pounds. She has long legs. She also has long jet black hair that is down to her waist. She has grapefruit sized breast. It’s hard to judge her age but I think she is 19 to 21 years old. She is a young lady in a grown woman’s body. So a week goes by and I am cleaning my living room. Suddenly I hear people talking in the hallway. I continued to clean up. I hear a knock on my door. I open the door wider and to my astonishment there she is. The young sales lady from the mall. She was just as shocked as I was. We both smiled. She said excuse me. I knocked on your door because the scent that was coming from your apartment was a special blend that her shop only makes. I was curious. I then said what a pleasant surprise. Then she said yes it is. Then explained that she was here visiting her aunt next door. She said that every two weeks she pays her aunt a visit. She then said you have a nice place. I said would you like to come in. She said no I can’t. I then said at least tell me your name. She said Anika. I said that a pretty name what does it mean. Anika said graceful, brilliant and sweet-faced. I then said my name is Ralph and that name suits you, you are indeed beautiful. Anika blushed and said thanks. I then said you sure you won’t come in. Have a glass of wine or a beer with me. Anika said I can’t.

I then said I guess I will see you in about a week for more candles. Anika smiled and went back to her aunt’s apartment.

A week later I was back at the Woodbridge Mall in the candle shop. As I entered the shop Anika recognized me right away. She said hi Ralph, how are you today. I said fine now that I have seen your pretty face. Anika smiled. I then asked her to get me 2 small and 2 large Apple Passion candles. Anika smile and said you remembered the name. Yes I did. Anika then walks over to get the candles. She quickly turn around and catches me steering at her ass.

She then says do you see anything else you want. I said maybe. Show me something nice. Anika smiled. Anika then walked over to another section of the shop. She was indeed showing me something nice. Yes, her nice ass as she walked away from me. The up and down motion of her ass cheeks as she walked away from me made my dick hard. She was clearly flirting with me. She clearly knew I was watching that nice ass of hers. Yes she was flirting with me. When she reached the section at the front door, she turned around and said maybe you might like this fragrance. It was a vanilla scent. I said it’s nice but the Apple Passion is better. She agreed and walked back to the register in front of me. She was doing it again. Bouncing that fine ass of hers. Now she was teasing me.

I paid for the candles , said goodbye and went home.

A week later I was on my way home. I had just come from the swimming pool. I was just about to enter my apartment when Anika was leaving her aunt’s apartment. I said hi Anika how are you today. She said oh hi Ralph, I am good. I then said so you want a nice cold Corona beer with lime. She closed and locked her aunt’s apartment door. Anika then walks toward my apartment and then surprisingly said that would be nice. She then quickly entered my apartment and closed the door. I guess she did not want her aunt to see her entering my apartment. I told Anika to have a seat and make herself comfortable. Anika sat on the couch. She once again said that I have a nice apartment. I told her the view from this side of the building is really nice. You could see the nearby park and the surrounding areas. Anika slowly walked to the window. There she goes , she was teasing me again. She had on black shorts, and a white top and flip flops. I then gave her her Corona beer with a slice of lime. We tapped our beer bottles as I made a toast. Here is to having a nice day. She smiled. She then told me that I really have a nice place. I asked Anika do you want to hear some music. She said yes. I put on some Motown sounds.

I then told Anika excuse me for a minute. I went into the bedroom to get out of the sweet pants into some gym shorts.

As I entered the living room, Anika was still admiring the view from the window. I then picked up my beer and walked to the window. I asked Anika does she like the view. She said it is stunning. I said at night it’s even better when all the lights are on.

I then asked Anika did she want another beer. She said yes. I got her another beer and one for myself. So still standing by the window I walked over to her and gave her her beer. She asked me so what do you do for a living. I told her that I was a computer technician and I retired a couple of months ago.

She then said wait you are too young to retire. I told her that when I was young I invested a lot of money into the stock market. Because I had great success in the stock market I was able to retire early. Then Anika said I hope you don’t mind me asking how old are you. I then told her I was 50. She said you sure don’t look like your 50 , you look so much younger. Then I asked Anika , so how old are you. Anika said that she was 19.

Then she asked me to use the bathroom. I told her where it. I then went to sit in the couch. Shortly after that Anika came out of the bathroom. She then said that she better get going and thanks for the beers. I said you leaving so early. She said I just did not want to hog up your day. I said I was not doing anything and you are welcome to stay longer if you want. Then she said thanks, I’ll stay just a little longer. I also said it would not be good for her to be driving after those two beers. So we sat on the couch and talked about a lot of things. I even asked her won’t your boyfriend miss you on a nice day like today. She said no he was playing in a basketball tournament. I asked her why didn’t see go to watch him play. She says she does not like sports. So then I asked her what does she like to do on her days off. She says she likes to dance and like going to museums. I said that’s nice. So you like to dance. Let me put on some nice music to dance to. Then I played some club music.

Anika sat there patting her feet to the music. Then I asked her if she wanted to dance. See hesitantly said ok. So we danced for two whole songs. She was having fun. She says she has not gone dancing in a while. I said don’t your boyfriend take you dancing once in a while. She said he does not dance. I then said what a shame. She said yeah right !!!

Then we sat down. Anika then said ok it time for me to go. I then said bye and anytime you want to stop by just ring my bell.

So with that Anika left.

A week later I would see Anika in the candle shop. As usual she looked fantastic. Always wearing a pair of nice body hugging pants. She says hi Ralph and thanks for the nice time last week. I told her anytime she wants to have a nice time just ring my bell. Anika smiled. She got my order , I paid , then I said have a nice evening and went home.

So on Anika’s next visit to see her aunt next door she rang my doorbell. Lucky for me that I was at home. I had just gotten out of the shower when the doorbell rang. I answered the door with a bath towel wrapped around my waist. I opened the door and there was Anika. Anika had on white shorts and a black T shirt and flip flops. I guess this was her Saturday relaxation dress up. Anika saw me with the towel around my waist and said sorry I did not mean to come at a inconvenient time. I told her to come in , have a seat and make herself comfortable. I then asked her if she wanted a cold beer. She said yes. I put on some music and told her to excuse me while I put on some clothes. As I went into the bedroom I dropped the towel on the floor and put on some gym short and a T shirt.

I did not close the door as I knew Anika was still in the living room. Wrong !!! she was on her way to the bathroom. I wonder what she saw if anything when she walked pass my open door bedroom.

When I walked back into the living room she was still in the bathroom. I sat down with a cold beer. Two minutes later she came out of the bathroom. Anika picked up her beer, walked over to the window and gazed out the window. She says she loves the view. I then said I love the view too. Then Anika said and what view is that. Damn she must have known I was looking at that nice round ass of hers. I then said both. She turned around and smiled. I had to change the subject fast. I asked her lets dance. A big smile came to her face and she said wow that would be great. So I switched the multi CD player over to club music. We danced for 2 songs. Then I got us more Corona beers. Then another club song played. We were having a good time. I told her she has a lot of energy.

You would really have fun in a club dancing. Anika said are you asking me to go dancing at a club with you. I said no I would not do that because you have a boyfriend. Anika said if I didn’t have a boyfriend would you ask me to go dancing with you. I said without a doubt but I don’t want any trouble with your aunt. I then switched the CD carousel player back to the Motown sound. We are now sitting down on the couch. I asked Anika what she was doing for the day. She said nothing , her boyfriend was still playing in a basketball tournament. It was a summer league and he won’t be back until tomorrow night. So I said do you want to hang out with me today. She said and do what ??? Anything you want.

She said could we go dancing.

I said sure if that’s what you want. I said you can hang out with me here for a while. I will order us lunch. Then you could go home and get ready for tonight. Do you want to come back here or do you want me to pick you up. Anika said I will give you my address. I then asked what time should I pick you up. She said 9:00 would be fine. Then we talked about the candles and her job. Anika told me that she was saving up enough money to attend a junior college. Then hopefully continue at a four year school. She wanted to major in business administration or computers.

While sitting down I got an opportunity to look at her enchanting pretty eyes. I then smiled. Anika said what are you smiling at. I then said at your beautiful enchanting eyes. Anika said you like my eyes. I said yes. She then said what else do you like besides my ass. Wow she totally caught me off guard with that question. Damn Anika , you got me I am guilty. But yes I like your nice big round delicious ass. Wow Ralph all of that to describe my ass. She is truly flirting we me now. I said ok you have pretty sensuous lips. Wow you are really de***********ive. I then said so what do you want to eat for lunch. Anika said a chef salad or a chef chicken salad. I ordered two chef chicken salads. I asked Anika did she have a specific club in mind. She asked me to go to a club that was away from the area.

I guess she did not want to be seen with me because of her boyfriend. So I said lets make that an 8:30 pickup.

The Motown sounds are now playing, so I said let’s dance. So we danced to the Motown sounds. The music was no where as long as club music. We danced to two songs then a slow song came on. Anika started to go towards the couch. I said where are you going. She just looked at me. Then I walked over to her and reached for her hand. We then embraced to dance. We started dancing. I asked Anika are you afraid of me. Anika said no and why are you asking me that. Then I drew her into me and said that’s why. She laughed.

As we danced I started slightly rubbing the middle of Anika’s back. I also told her that she smells really good. As we danced I could feel the heat coming from Anika’s body. I could feel the heat coming from her breast that were firmly planted on my chest. This was turning me on. Soon my dick started to get hard. I could feel it growing in my gym shorts. I know Anika could now also feel it as I heard a soft moan come from her. My dick had snaked its way downwards in my gym shorts. It was touching the lowest part of Anika’s stomach and beyond. I was glad an Issac Hayes song was playing as his songs are really long. Then I heard another moan and then Anika rested her head on my shoulder and chest. Then the distance between us became even less as Anika now pressed her body into mine.

I let my hand drift to Anika’s lower back as I continued rubbing her back.

I now said Damn Anika you really smell good. I could now feel my hardened dick rubbing just below Anika’s stomach. I heard Anika moan again this time louder. Then she shifted her body higher. Now the top of my dick was pressing between Anika’s legs. Anika now pressed her lower body onto my dick.

I then told her she feels so good in my arms. I had just started rubbing the beginning top part of Anika’s ass. I dare not move too fast as I wanted her to take what she wanted. I would eventually make my move but not just yet. Boy I was glad this was an Issac Hayes song.

I could now feel the heaving of her grapefruit breast on my chest.

Now it was time to make my move. I then started to press my hardened dick into her love triangle. She did not move away from this action. Her grip around me tightened as she let out another moan. Then I started rubbing the top of her nice big round ass. Anika said you love my ass. This was a green light for me to actually start rubbing more of her ass as we danced. We were now grinding more than dancing. Then I starting rubbing her whole ass and pressed it into my nice hard dick. Anika welcomes my large hands massaging her nice big round ass. Then I squeezed her nice ass, this got a big moan from Anika. Anika said you have strong hands. I said you have a lovely ass.

Anika was now grinding her love triangle hard against my dick.

When Anika felt my dick in the upper part of pussy slit. She squeezed me moaned and kiss me on my neck. I then squeezed her ass with my right hand then move it lower right down into her ass crack. Then I started massaging her ass crack. Anika softly kisses my neck again. Then I danced her right up against the living room wall. Then I started rubbing the front of her shorts. I started rubbing right over her pussy. Anika was breathing heavy as I massaged her pussy covered shorts. I then then started rubbing her grapefruit sized tits over her T shirt. Then I kissed her nipples over her T shirt. Then I lifted up her T shirt and started massaging her tits right over her soft material bra. Now I slipped her bra over her tits. I started massaging her nipples and they became hard very fast. I then lifted her T shirt and immediately started licking and sucking her hardened nipples. Anika moan out my name “Ralph”. I continued massaging her nipples with my tongue. Anika held my head as I is sucked on her nipples. Then I unfastened her shorts and slipped my hand under the

waistband of her panties. I ran my hand up and down her wet pussy slit. Then I massaged her clit. I was still sucking on her nipples, she was still pressing my head to her breast and moaning. Anika was softly moaning my name over and over. Then she spread her legs to give me more access to her now soaking wet pussy. I pushed her shorts and panties down. Then I slipped two fingers in her hot pussy and started massaging her G Spot. Anika was now moaning loudly. I was lucky it wasn’t louder than the music that was playing. Anika was now hugging my head with both hands as I continued my assault on her hardened raisin sized nipples. She could hardly moan my name as she started to tremble and her ass started grinding into the wall. Then Anika came for me. She kissed my head. I continued sucking her nipples. Then I move up to her neck and kiss her neck. Anika then held my face and kissed me. She then shoved her tongue in my mouth. I was now massaging her nipples with my right hand. With my left hand I was softly brushing the outskirts of her sensitive dripping pussy.

We kissed for two long minutes. Then I started licking and sucking her tits. I focused specifically on her still hardened nipples. Anika was still moaning. After 4 minutes of sucking on her nipples I dropped to my knees and slowly parted the thick bush covering Anika’s pussy slit with my tongue. Anika jumped with the initial touch of my tongue on her hot wet dripping pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy slit about 6 or 7 times. Then I stuck my tongue down into Anika’s hot pussy hole. Anika then grabbed my head and forcibly push my face into her hot pussy. Then I put my tongue right in Anika’s pussy hole. I tongue fucked her pussy hole for 5 minutes. Then I slowly moved up to play with her clit. I massaged the underside bottom of her clit. Then I ran my tongue from the underside bottom to the top of her clit Anika called out my name “Oh Ralph“ , “Oh Baby”

Then I starting sucking her clit. In two minutes I had Anika cumming for me again. She came right in my mouth. Her juices and cum was all over my beard. I then stood up and kissed Anika. We played tongue tag for 4 minutes. During that time I had resumed massaging Anika’s nipples. Then I stepped back and jokingly said shame on you, pull up your panties. Then I said damn you taste good as I licked my fingers.

I then went to sit on the couch. I picked up my beer and took a gulp. Anika pulled up her panties and shorts. Anika came and sat down next to me and smiled. She said you are full of surprises and this has turned into a nice surprise for the day.

Anika then took a sip of her beer. Then she scooted over to me , got on her knees between my legs and kissed my dick covered shorts. Then she eased off my shorts. She was shocked as she saw my dick. Then she held it with one hand and said damn this is big. Then she kissed the head of my dick. Next she licked the sides of my dick. Then she slowly inserted my dick in her warm wet mouth.

My dick immediately started growing in her mouth. Anika pulled my dick out of her mouth and said Oh My god. My dick had now grown to its full 7 inches. Anika then continued sucking my dick. Then with her left hand Anika grabbed my balls and squeezed them. With her right hand she was stroking my dick. Then she just started sucking my mushroom head dick. Now just sucking my dick head, squeezing my balls and jerking me off , I came in 9 minutes. Anika then got up to spit out the hot cum that I just unloaded in her mouth. I heard the bathroom sink water running. I take it she was rinsing out her mouth. Two minutes later she came back into the living room.

Anika now sits at the far end of the couch. She is smiling at me.

She says damn Ralph you have a big dick. I kind of got a glance at it when I went to the bathroom and you went into your bedroom, dropped your towel to the floor. It was only a glance but I could see you had something nice down there. So just like that the downstairs buzzer rings. It is the food delivery guy. I buzzed him in the building. 5 minutes later my door bell rings. I pay for the food and we sat down to eat. Anika is looking at me. She puts two fingers in her mouth. I said oh shit to myself. As I know that look means she is deciding something. Then she smiles. So I know now that whatever she was deciding was something good. Upon finishing our meal. I asked Anika what she wanted to do. Anika got up, walked over to me and in my ear she whispered

“I want you to fuck me”. I almost choked when I heard that but smiled. I did then said so you want some of this big dick. Anika then said did you not hear what I just said. Then she smiled.

I told Anika if we do this we may not get to go dancing. Anika said that’s ok we could go another time. Besides you can show me how well you can dance in the bed. I then turn my head to kiss her. Then I led her by her hand into my bedroom. I pulled back the covers and the top sheet. I then walked over to Anika unfastened her shorts and pulled her shorts and panties down. Anika stepped out of them. I then quickly removed my gym shorts and T shirt. I then moved behind her and kissed the back of her neck. My dick was resting in her ass crack. I hugged her and started massaging her nipples. Anika moaned. Then I removed her T shirt and bra. Damn what a nice body she has. A nice big round delicious ass. A nice set of grapefruit sized tits. Long legs and long hair. Pretty eyes and sensuous lips. Damn a young lady with a grown woman’s body. I then eased Anika onto the sheets of my bed. What a sight to see this Indian beauty laying in my bed with her legs wide open waiting for some dick. Waiting to get fucked. Waiting for me to fuck her.

Waiting for me to dig deep down into the fat juicy pussy of hers.

Waiting for me to fill up that tight pussy of hers.

Waiting for me to scratch places that have never be scratched before.

Waiting for my 7 inch dick to bring a smile to her face.

So now I too get into the bed. I first kiss Anika on those nice soft lips of hers. Then I kiss her neck then her tits. I start circling her nipples with my tongue but not touching them. Then I flick the tip of my tongue on the tip of her nipples. Then I start circling and massaging her nipples with my tongue. Then I start sucking her nipples. When I am sucking one nipple, I am tweaking the other nipple with my fingers. Anika loves the attention I am giving her tits. While doing this I am playing on the outsides of the folds of her pussy. Then I move down to her pussy kissing her stomach along the way. I now have positioned myself between Anika’s open legs. I slowly part her thick hair covering her pussy slit with my tongue. Anika lets out a very load moan “Ralph”. Then I start massaging her whole pussy slit. Then I tongue fucked her pussy hole like I did the last time. She seems to love a hot tongue buried into her pussy hole. I tongue fucked her pussy hole for 3 or 4 minutes. Anika was crying out “that’s the way to fuck this pussy, nice baby , oh Ralph “. Then I started sucking her clit. At the same time of sucking her clit I had two fingers massaging her G Spot. Anika was bucking all over the bed. I had to hold her down with my left hand/arm to keep her from escaping the grasp of my mouth and tongue on her clit.

Anika was calling out my name and other stuff.

“Oh Ralph Baby , Baby that’s it , eat all of this pussy, Oh Baby, get it “. Then Anika heaved her body upwards as she arched her back. She was cumming. I increased the speed of my G Spot massaging. Anika squirted all over my face. She was trembling as she laid there. Then she came 3 or 4 seconds right after that. Anika was embarrassed as she never came like that before and she never squirted. When she embarrassing told me she was sorry as she thought she had peed on me. I said baby you did not pee you squirted. When you squirt your pussy juice comes out as if you were peeing. Not only did you squirt you came again 3 seconds later. I was glad I could make you do that. Damn baby what else can you make me do. I said a lot of things if you want me to. Anika said really !!!

I warned you before we would not get to go dancing. Baby you just showed me a new dance right here in your bed. Later I want to tangle with you right on these sheets. Damn your good.

I asked don’t your boyfriend go down on you. Anika said yes he does but nowhere like you do.

I never felt those sensations and I never squirted. And I definitely did not have multiple orgasms. Damn your good. So your saying you loved the way I licked your nice sweet fat juicy pussy. Anika said yes I did. I then said will you let me lick it for you the next time you come to visit your aunt. Anika said absolutely, yes , yes and yes.

That’s nice, just one favor. Make sure you don’t have sex with your boyfriend before coming here. Anika says that won’t be a problem. Then she rushes to kiss me as she has stop trembling. She Laps her up juices off of my entire face.

We then get up off the wet bed.

I said let’s take a shower. I gave Anika some sweatpants and a T shirt. We got into the shower. Anika played with my dick as I washed her back and soaped up and massaged her tits. Then I got out of the shower dried off and went into the bedroom to change the sheets. I said to myself that I am going to fuck her so good she won’t even think about getting fucked by her boyfriend anymore. I then put on a pair of sweatpants and a T shirt.

So now Anika gets out of the shower. I told her that I am going to order Chinese food. She says that’s good. I asked her if she wanted more beer. She said that is just what she needed. So I got two cold one and some lime. I then put 6 more bottles of Corona in the fridge. Anika sits down by me on the couch. She asked me exactly what I did to make her squirt. I said I’m not telling you. I don’t want you showing your boyfriend how to make you squirt. And then I laughed. Anika said so you want to make sure that I cum back for more. I said EXACTLY !! So can I ask you this. You were massaging my G Spot with your fingers and sucking on my clit at the same time. Is that how you made me squirt. I said I am not telling you anything. Anika said Ok I get it. I said no you don’t get it but you will get it later tonight in my bed. We both laughed.

So the Chinese food came and we enjoyed our meal. I then asked Anika if she wanted to dance some more. She said yes so we danced to two club dance songs. Then we had a beer. I then went to the corner chair in the living room. I pulled my sweatpants down , held my dick in my hand and motioned for Anika to come here with my finger. Anika smiled and slowly walked over to me. I dropped a pillow between my legs onto the rug. Anika knelt down between my legs onto the pillow. She smiled at my dick. Then she kissed it. Then she held my dick in her hand and started licking the underside of my dick head.

That felt really good and she was no amateur when it came to sucking dick. I then thought how many dicks did she actually suck. Anyway another 3 minutes she has my whole dick head plus 3 inches in her mouth. Sucking it and playing with it inside her mouth with her tongue. Then she got down to business. She was now sucking my dick with one intent. And that was to make me cum.

Boy she is good. In 10 minutes my dick exploded in her warm mouth. I unloaded several big spurts. Anika tried to get up to go to the bathroom to spit out the loads of my hot cum. Then Anika was trying to shake off my hand. I looked at Anika and said it doesn’t taste that bad , now swallow. Anika said no. I said if you want some of this big dick tonight then swallow. Anika looked at me then she swallowed. I then said see it wasn’t that bad. Anika then said why did you make me do that. I said do what. Anika said make me swallow your cum. Because if you want this dick and the good pussy licking anytime you want then you have to swallow.

Now was it that bad. Anika said a little salty but it was ok. Now when you swallowed was it that bad. Anika said no. So now that we got that settled. Come and sit on my lap.

So Anika is now sitting on my lap. I then started rubbing Anika tits. I tell her how good I am going to fuck her tonight because she was a good girl and listen to me and swallowed my cum when I asked her to.

I told Anika that I was going to make her cum so many times that she would lose count. I also said I am gonna fuck you like no other man has. Then Anika said sure and laughed. I said ok we will see. I told her stop drinking beer and have some wine. It will help you tonight. How will the wine help me. I will tell you after.

So I put on some more Issac Hayes. Anika said Issac Hayes is the one who got me into trouble. I said wasn’t it good trouble. Anika said yes it was good.

Now let’s go into the bedroom. So I lead Anika into my bedroom. I Passionately kissed Anika and removed her T shirt. I started massaging her nipples with my tongue for 3 or 4 minutes. While massaging her nice grapefruit tits and the nice sized nipples I loosened the draw string of her sweatpants and slip them down to her feet. Anika stepped out of them. Then I dropped to my knees and kissed her big fat juicy pussy. Then I sucked her clit just to get her pussy wet. Then I stood up by her side and gently laid her down onto my bed. I then slowly removed my clothes. Anika was looking at me , I was looking at Anika. She was probably wondering how good she was going to get fucked. Wondering how she was going to be able to handle my big dick. Wondering how I was going to open up that tight pussy of hers. All these thoughts raced through her mind. I then moved between her long legs and laid on top of her.

I held most of my weight off of her by using my elbows as support. I then kissed Anika. First I kissed her forehead, then her neck then her soft luscious lips. My dick was resting on her clit and part of her wet pussy slit. As I kissed Anika I was massaging her clit with my dick by grinding on it. I could hear soft moans transferred from her mouth to mine as we kissed. Anika has both arms wrapped around me. She welcomed the heat from my dick rubbing on her clit. Then I moved down to start work on her nipples. I sucked and licked each nipple for at least 3 minutes each. Anika loved the way I was sucking on her nipples. She showed how she loved it by calling out my name several times. So leaning on one forearm and using my knees I was able to keep the majority of my weight off of her. I then was able to use my other hand to hold my dick.

While holding my dick I guided it to Anika’s pussy slit. I ran my mushroom head dick head up and down her nice pussy slit. Then I put my dick head right on her tight pussy hole. I massaged that area for a few minutes. Anika was grinding her ass into the sheets. Anika was getting hot. She thought that I was going to slide my dick right up into her nice hole. She was breathing heavy with the anticipation of what was going to happen next. She was ready for the dick. She was ready to be fucked. But I did not give her what she wanted.

I slid down her stomach onto her thighs and I rested right between her long strong legs.

I parted her thick bushy haired pussy slit with my hot tongue. Anika jumped as her pussy accepted the warmth of my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down her wet pussy. Then massaged her clit. Now Anika was really gyrating and grinding her nice big round ass into the bed. Then what I would do next made her scream out my name really loud. louder than the music that was playing. I forcefully shoved my hot tongue into her pussy hole. I then started tongue fucking her pussy hole. She was going nuts. I was truly enjoying her response to my hot deep tongue fucking that I was giving her. I then decide to massage her clit at the same. This proved to be entirely too much for her. Anika came hard within 30 seconds.I could feel her juices flowing into my mouth. I could feel the convulsions of her pussy in my mouth. I quickly got up and put my dick head right on her pussy hole as she was cumming. Again she wanted me to fuck her right then and there. I just massaged her pussy hole. She was heaving her pussy up as her pussy was begging for some dick. Her pussy was begging to be fucked. Then I moved up to kiss her. Even though Anika did not get the dick she wanted, she hugged me as I laid on her. My dick was on top of her throbbing pussy , her breast were spread beneath me on my chest. We were playing tongue tag as Anika licked all of her cum and juices off of my pussy coated face. Anika was showing me how much she appreciated what I had just done to her. 5 minutes later I was sucking her clit again. She came for me in 3 minutes. I did not leave her trembling pussy. Anika begged me to stop as her pussy was very very sensitive. I still had her clit trapped in my mouth. Again Anika begged me to stop , she said no more please , no more. There was no way I was going to stop. I started my assault again. I was now sucking her clit. Two minutes later I had her cumming all over my face. I jumped up and shoved my dick in her soaking wet hole. Anika grabbed me and held me in a bear hug. She screamed out “BABY”. I started pounding her wet hole. A minute later I was hitting the bottom of her pussy, I was hitting her cervix. Then I started pounding away. Anika was moaning like crazy. She was finally getting her pussy filled with some good hot 7 inch dick. Anika then wrapped her legs around me. She once again called out “BABY” as I continued fucking her. I had her breathing heavy. She was gasping for air. Anika then locked her legs with her feet. I was really fucking her good. I could feel the muscles of her pussy contracting on my dick. But she was taking this dick good. She called out my name “Ralph BABY, Oh BABY”. I was fucking her good and she was actually crying. She was absolutely loving this dick fucking that I was giving her. Then she came all over my dick. I kept fucking her and she kept her legs locked around my ass.

Her pussy was sensitive but Anika wanted more dick. Now I was fucking her sweet pussy balls deep. I fucked her this way for another 9 minutes and she came on my dick again. Her juices and cum had coated my dick completely Anika pussy juices were dripping down my balls. Anika legs plopped down onto the bed. Anika lay there on the bed exhausted. I kept fucking her. I just put her thighs on my arms and kept them in place. Anika had her eyes closed her mouth was opened she was clutching the sheet with both hands. And yes I was still hitting her cervix as I was fucking her balls deep. She was taking the dick and grinding her ass in the bed. She was huffing and puffing, gasping for air. And yes I was fucking her balls deep. Then she came for me again in 5 minutes. Then I started to feel the swell of my balls. I could feel my dick head swell in Anika’s pussy hole. 2 minutes later I flooded her pussy with my hot cum. I had 3 big spurts that hit her cervix. My dick was still simi hard and I kept fucking her. Anika could not take much more so she forcibly push me off of her.

So now I moved to her side and started licking her nipples. Anika pleaded with me no more baby please. I kept licking her nipples nice and slow. Very light brushes with the tip of my tongue. This sent shivers up and down Anika’s body. I was rubbing her stomach. I did this for 10 minutes. Then I could feel her ass wiggle in the bed. I then started massaging her nipples with my whole tongue. 2 minutes later she was moaning. Then I eased my hand down to her cummed filled pussy. I started massaging her clit. Then I moved down to the side of her ass. I then slipped two fingers in her wet hole. I started massaging her G Spot. I was still massaging her clit with my other hand. Her G Spot started to swell up. I increased the tempo on her G Spot. Anika was now bucking and grinding her nice big round juicy ass in the bed. She started moaning louder than the music that was playing. Then my fingers are turning white from her cum. Yes she came for me yet again. Then I moved to kiss her. She played tongue tag with me then after 2 minutes I broke off the kiss. Then she called me a bastard as I was getting out of the bed.

I asked her if she wanted some more wine. She said yes. I brought us both back a glass of wine. Then I asked her why she called me a bastard. Anika said because when I begged you to stop you just kept going on and on and on. Baby you wanted me to stop but your sweet pussy did not. It welcomed me every time I knocked at her door. So you did not like the way I fucked you. Anika said I did not say that. So do you want some more of this dick tonight or not. Baby you know I do. I said you know what, come and suck my dick for me. Anika slowly moved to the bottom of the bed. She immediately put my pussy coated , cum coated dick in her mouth and started sucking it. She was having fun making my dick grow in her mouth. I tell you it looked so nice to see that pretty face of hers sucking my dick. It looked so nice to see her sensuous pretty lips wrapped around my dick. ln less than 10 minutes I unloaded my cum in her warm mouth. And she swallowed everything. Then she came and laid by my side. I pulled the top sheet over us as we rested. I told her to turn over onto her side. I then scooted up behind her. My chest to her back. Then I raised her top leg and slid my dick onto her pussy slit. Then I lowered her leg. I then reached over her with my arm and started fondling her tits mainly her nipple. We rested for 30 minutes.

During that time , Anika kissed my arm and said she had never in her entire life been fucked that good. And no one has ever licked her pussy the good. Baby I told you I was going to do that. Baby I have a lot more that I want to give you. Anika said WOW are you serious. I said if you want more just knock on my door. So you like the way my 7 inch dick feels in your tight pussy. Anika says yes. I have never had anything close to your nice dick. Your dick filled up my tight Indian pussy. What about your boyfriend. Anika says his is only 5 inches and not as thick as your nice dick. So do you want some more dick now or in the morning. Anika says why not both. I said it’s your wish.

What’s gonna happen when your pussy only wants my dick.

Or only wants my tongue licking and sucking on your pussy. Anika says I don’t know. I then said I am 30 years older than you. Keep that in mind. Now I will ask you this. Do you want this pussy to be mine. Anika says how is that going to happen. I then say, trust me if I keep fucking you like tonight. You will gladly give this pussy to me and only me. Anika said “Oh I see. And you think that is going to happen. I don’t think so”. You yourself said no one ever fucked you like I did. I told you that was going to happen and it did. By the way how did my cum taste. Anika said it was ok. Yes I saw you really sucking my dick good. Your cum, my cum and your juices was on my dick and you gobbled up all of it. Now let’s get some rest.

So after 30 minutes I moved up in the bed right next to Anika’s face. She smiled and inserted my soft dick in her mouth. After 5 minutes of sucking my dick Anika had my dick hard as a rock. I then moved between Anika’s legs. I parted her hairy pussy slit with my dick. Then I ran it up and down her wet pussy slit about 15 times. Then I massaged her clit with the head of dick. I had Anika moaning again. Then I put my dick head right on Anika’s pussy hole. I then started to rotate my dick head in Anika’s pussy hole. Anika was moaning. In almost an out of breath and in a whisper Anika was saying baby that feels so good. I then started massaging her clit with my fingers. Anika was digging her ass into the bed. She had her eyes closed. She was clutching her breast with one hand and clutching the sheet with the other hand. Anika was getting hot. Her pussy needed special attention which I wasn’t giving to it. I just kept rotating my dick head on her pussy hole. Then she started bucking. Then she let out a big moan as she came “Ooooooooooo”. Anika came all over my dick head and I could see it. I left her sensitive clit alone. I was still rotating my hard dick head in her pussy hole. But now I had given her about and additional inch plus my dick head. Anika was thrusting to get more dick. I would not let her have more. She was saying come on baby fuck me. Take this pussy. Fuck me baby. I just kept rotating my dick head. In addition to rotating my dick head in her sweet pussy hole I was giving her some in and out movement. I figured at 2 inches I could massage her G Spot with my dick head. Anyway she was not going to get any more dick than what she is getting now. I did this for 7 minutes and Anika pussy was begging to be fucked. I started massaging her clit again. Now she was on fire.

Anika said baby stop playing and fuck me. I need your nice dick in my pussy now. I asked her how bad does she want this dick. She said baby stop it, please fuck me. I said “You know I am gonna make this pussy mine”.

Anika said “I told you that is not going to happen”. Now Anika was grinding her ass in the bed. She was ready to cum again. As she heaved her pussy up by arching her back I shoved my whole dick in her hungry pussy. She screamed out and came at the same time. I was pounding her pussy. She was almost in shock. I was fucking her deep and fast. She had finished about half of her orgasm when she wrapped her legs around my ass and locked them with her feet. I said who’s pussy is this.

Then I started slow fucking her. Really deep. The tip of my dick stayed on her cervix. I started grinding on her clit and humping on her pussy and her clit. I was whispering do you want me to stop. Anika said no. I then whispered who’s pussy is this. I continued massaging her cervix with the tip of my dick. Anika was breathing heavy. Again I whispered who’s pussy is this.

Still no response. So I then started pounding her sweet pussy again. I was fucking her balls deep. Sometimes hitting her cervix , sometimes not. I was fucking her out of her mind. She was taking all of my dick like a grown mature woman. Her pussy was swallowing my entire dick. Her cum and juices were all over my balls. Anika was grinding her ass in the bed , she had both tits squeezed in her hands. She was ready to cum again. I yelled out as I was fucking her. Who’s pussy is this. A low whimper came out saying it’s yours. I can’t hear you. Then Anika said it’s yours pussy baby. It’s yours. Then she came. I could feel her pussy pulsating on my dick. Then her strong muscles trapped my dick in her pussy. She was cumming and I was still pounding her pussy into submission. I kept fucking her even after she flooded the bed with her juices. Yes I fucked her and she squirted. I have never made a woman squirt while fucking them. But yes Anika squirted all over my dick. I fucked her for 10 more minutes and she came again.

Then I started going nuts as I now began to fuck her pussy like a mad man. In 8 minutes she came again. Two minutes later I came deep down in her pussy and flooded her love hole. I was totally exhausted as my dick was shot for the night. Anika laid on the bed as if all of the life was drained from her. I then collapsed on her by accident. Then I rolled off of her. I was breathing heavy, Anika was breathing heavy. We laid side by side. My chest to her back I then hugged her. My sleeping dick pressed against that nice big round juicy ass of hers. My arm was massaging her breast. I then teased her as I softly whispered into Anika’s ear. I said who’s pussy is this. Anika said yours baby. We were going to be able to sleep like babies. And so we did. Side by side as I held her in my arms.

Part 2 to cum soon


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