A Family Taboo pt.1

A Family Taboo pt.1

Okay let's just get sarted shall we, my name is Max Gardner, I'm 16 years old, and I live with my mom and older sister in California, from what my friends tell me as well as most of the girls at my high-school say, I'm quite the attractive fella, I have short black hair with frosted tips, a well toned body thanks to me being on the wrestleing team, and...well lets just say that the guys in the locker room are jealous of my "package". Well this story starts about a month ago after I broke my leg during wrestling practice, forcing me to spend spring break at home most of the time and you won't believe how unbelievably boring it's like to be an active guy like me and having to take it easy and stay in bed most of the time. My mom, Sharon, and my sister, Kim, were both good to me though, ever since dad walked out on us, both of them made sure to look after me and to make sure I lived a rather masculine lifestyle, infact my mom insisted that I joined the wrestling team and not the swim team, not that I really complained, after my dad walked out, I needed an outlet for some anger and wrestling helped with that.

There I was laying in bed, I could hear that either mom or Kim was down stairs cooking breakfast, I was feeling rather anxious and needed to relieve some stress, so I got my laptop and started to look up some porn, I found this video of this guy with two women who were sharing his cock, one was sucking the shaft and the other was working the balls, I quickly reached one hand down and started to jack off, the video was really hot, the women looked like they were mother and daughter, right about the same age as Kim and my mom, I didn't really think too much about it, I was way into the porn, the older woman was working her tongue on the tip of the guys dick, right on the hole before he shot his load, then I heard him say it.....

"God mom, drink it up!"

If I didn't shoot my load at the moment, my cock would of gone limp right at that second, the guy in the video was fucking his mom and sister! I quickly clicked off the video and closed my laptop, right then I looked up and saw my sister, Kim in the doorway, my face was bright red, I didn't know if she heard the video but I had my dick out in the open and there was a nice ammount of cum on my hand, we just stare at eachother for a while until mom called us down for breakfast. Kim let out a nervous sigh and spoke up.

"So, d-do you need any help?" she asked

"No," I said, "I can get ready myself thank you" I was embarassed

I got my crutches and got out of bed before I realized I havent pulled up my pants, and Kim had her eyes locked on my ten and a half inch cock before she snapped out of it and looked away.

"Uhh Kim, you didn't hear anything when you walked in right?" I asked

"To be honest I was too distracted to hear anything" Kim replied blushing

I hobbled over to the bathroom and washed my hand and went downstairs. Mom had already set breakfast on the table, eggs and bacon with some biscuts. During breakfast I couldn't help but think of the video and think about my mom and Kim, I didn't want to but I had to admit, they were both the hottest women I know of, Kim, was 18, long black hair with one streak of blonde that's always free while the rest was almost always in a ponytail, full lips, pretty green eyes, a nice tan on her skin since she used a tanning bed in the basement she and mom used as a spa, Kim also had a killer body, 38D cup breasts, long legs that any man would want wrapped around him, and a full, firm ass. Mom on the other hand was in a whole other league she was 32, she had Kim when she was 14, she had curly back hair that stopped half-way to her shoulders, the most beautiful brown eyes, something I got from her, her body was very well tonned, complete with 34K cup breasts, legs that went all the way up, and possibly the closest thing I could see to a perfect ass, it was just round eonough, just firm enough, and just soft enough, needless to say, at school a lot of my friends tell me that they'd want to fuck my sister and mom, and I usually replied with a fist to their face, up until that morning I never really saw Kim or my mother like that, but with Kim walking in on me and the video, I couldn't get these dirty thoughts out of my head, and it didn't help on what they were wearing.

Kim was in her tank top, with no bra, I couldn't see her nipples but the top was a little to small for her, making it tight on her breasts, and she wore these short shorts that showed off her ass and legs, any other day it wouldn't of affected me but I guess since I didn't do much for the last month, and spent the first half a spring break in bed I was more or less restless, then there was mom, she wore her bath robe, which was okay, but underneath she wore her nightgown, which just long enough to barely cover her ass but just short enough so whenever she bent over, you could get a great veiw.

"So today you get to take that cast off Max" Mom said, breaking me out of my thoughts

"Oh, great, then I can get some freedom tonight" I said, thinking that all I needed to do was go out and call up Karen, this girl in my class that I've been flirting with, and hopefully we could fuck so I can releive some of this stress

"Hold it now, the doctor said that even though you'd be able to walk, he want's you to say off that leg as much as possible for another week" Mom said.

"Fuck" I curssed, I had to stay cooped up for another week, bull

"Hey, at least keep the language PG-13 at the table mister" Mom scolded me

"Sorry, ma" I apologized

"It's alright, I understand that you really want to get some freash air" said

After breakfast, I went upstairs and got ready for a shower, I went into the hall closet and got a towel and hobbled to my bedroom and got out of my clothes and put on a palstic protector for my cast, I wrapped the towel around me and went to the bathroom, when I opened the door, I say Kim, after she just pulled off her panties, we both gasped in suprise and I let go of my towel showing her once again my dick, we just froze for about 30 seconds, my eyes swithchng from her brown succulant nipples to her shaven full pussy, her eyes were locked on my slowley growing cock, after the 30 seconds we realized what was going on and I quickly picked up my towel and covered myself and she got her towel to cover herself.

"God, Kim, I am so sorry, I should of knocked" I blerted out with my face red as a tomato

"It's okay," Kim replied, blushing "I guess we're even, we both walked in on eachother naked"

"Y-yeah" I laughed nervously and closed the door, right when mom walked out of her room, this time she was only in her robe and had a towel over her shoulder

"He Max, looks like you've seen a ghost" Mom said worriedly

"Oh, it's nothing ma, I acciddently put some pressue on my leg and it felt weird" I gave a weak explanation but she bought it

"You might have to get used to walking on it agin, that's all" She said with a smile then she looked down and saw my boner, the towel was covering it but it still made a buldge

I quickly put my hand over it to cover it and she just blushed and put her hands over her mouth

"Uhh" that was all I could say

Mom put her hands down, which loosened up her robe and I got a nice view of her cleavage before she fixed it

"So Kim's already in there" Mom asked.

"Yeah, she locked the door" I replied

Ten minuets passed and Kim walked out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her, I got in the bathroom and turned on the shower with cold water and hopped in, I masturbated furiously until I shot my load, making sure I didn't make a noise, I had the image of me, mom, and Kim in that video instead of the other people, I just hoped that this would of been the last incestuous thought I would have.

We went to the doctor and back, and as mom said, the doctor told me I needed to stay off my leg for another week after the cast was removed, so we went back home, and mom went off to her job as a waitress at a Hooters, Kim chose to stay home and take the week off to take care of me despite my protests, for the last month the two of them were taking turns staying home to take care of me and going off to work, their boss didn't mind, she related to my mom being a single mother herself, so she'd usually added a small bonus for my mom or Kim during when they got in work during my time in bed. I walked up to my room, with a cane the doctor insisted I use to take as much strain off my leg as possible. I got out of my clothes and put on a pair of sweatpants, and my sleevless wrestling shirt.

After an hour I could smell my sister was making some popcorn, and probably gonna sit down and watch a movie. I didn't think anything of it then she knocked on the door.

"Hey" she said

"Hey Kim, making popcorn" I asked

"Yeah, I figured you could use some company so I made us some and got a movie" Kim replied as she held up a dvd case I couldn't make out the cover let alone the title

I just shrugged and nodded and she came in with the popcorn and dvd, she was wearing her tank top, and a mini-skirt that was like mom's nightie, long enough to just cover herself but short enough so when she bent over to put in the dvd I could see that she wasn't wearing panties, I didn't say anything and just covered myself up from the waist down. Kim sat next to me and placed the popcorn between us as the movie started, it looked like it was from the 70's, then it went right to a sex scene, it was a porno, my sister and I were watching a prono together! I just put one piece of popcorn in my mouth before Kim moved the bowl to the side and locked lips with me. I was frozen as her tongue crept into my mouth and for the popcorn I finally managed to push her off.

"KIM WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yelled

"I just figured you'd needed someone to help you with your stress big boy" Kim winked at me.

"I-I'm your brother!!" I retorted

"Who got hard from looking at my naked body" Kim said

"T-that was just reflex" I said

"A reflex at seeing your sister naked" Kim kissed me agian and grabbed my dick which was hard trough my pants and started rubbing with her thumb and index finger, "And it looks like big boy here want's to play" she smirked

I couldn't take it, I smashed my lips into hers and we made out like mad while Kim was stroking me through my sweatpants and I slipped my hand up her skirt and fingered her pussy.

"Kim I need this real bad, anyhting as long as it's something other than just layng around doing nothing" I begged her, she replied by pulling down my pants

"Well then, I guess you've been building up a lot of stress huh, this is what your third boner today?" She kissed the tip of my dick making me shiver

Kim licked circles around the tip of my cock before taking it into her mouth, I let out a gasp of pleasure as her head bobbed up and down on my dick and she fondled my balls.

"Kim, this feels so awesome, I love it!" I said

She plopped my dick out of her mouth and smiled at me, "Then you'll love this" she gave my cock a friendly little nibble, I almost came right there, then she continued sucking on my dick occasionally stopping to just nom on it like a dog with a chew toy and just let me feel her teeth on it, I had to admit, I didn't think I would of liked it but I didn't just like having my dick nibbled on, I loved it and I felt my orgasim coming on. Kim started deepthroating me and managing to get all ten and a half inches down her throat, I figured since she was popular with the boys at school she had experiance with oral. Then it hit me, I needed to cum, so I held Kim's head down so my dick was all the way down her throat and shot my load, I could feel her throat contract and expand as she swallowed every last drop of my cum making me shoot another load which started to leak out the edges of her mouth. Finally she had to get up for air so after one last gulp she shot her head up and was panting like she ran a mile.

"Shit Max, you were like a fire hose" Kim panted, she then took the cum on the corners of her mouth with her finger and licked it off, "Tasty though" she smiled

"That was incredible Kim" I panted

"We're not done yet lil' bro" Kim kissed me then stood up so her pussy was in my face, "Care to return the favor?"

She didn't have to ask twice I rammed my face in there and penitrated her with my tongue, and licked her delcious cunt, with a her moans as a sign of gratitude, I fingered her pussy and found her clit and started to nibble it, making her yelp in pleasure.

"OH GOD Max!" She held my head down and squirted her juices all over my facem and I eagerly lapped it up.

"Boy Kim, you didn't last 5 minuets" I smirked

"H-how did you learn that?" Kim asked me panting

"I'm 16 and even your friends and the girls at your work want to fuck me, you didn't think I'd pass up at least one offer" I answered

"Well," Kim straddled me "Since we gave eachother oral" She began to grind against me, her pussy slid up and down my cock

"I don't have a condom" my eyes widend knowning what was gonna happen

"Don't worry, I'm on the pill" Kim answered and kissed me, our tongues danced in eachother's mouths mixing the tastes of eachother's juices

Kim raised herself up and I rammed myself into her, we both gasped with pleasure as she began to ride my dick, GOD her pussy was tight, I pulled off her shirt and began to suckle on her right nipple, I wanted to roll over so I could be on top but she stopped me.

"You gotta keep off that leg, even if it's on your knee" Kim kissed me "Let big sis take care of you" she picked up speed and pressed my face between her tits

I let her ride me for I don't know how long, minuets, hours, the whole rest of the day? All I know was we enjoyed eachother, with her pussy gripped around my dick, my going from nibbling her nipples, and kissing her, and fingering her asshole, we both let out screams and we orgasimed together, I kissed Kim one last time before she climbed off me and she licked my dick clean and gave me one last blowjob before I came a fifth time, and she swallowed.

"That was the best fuck I ever had" Kim cuddled to me, her breasts pressed against my chest

"Same here" I aggreed and kissed her, "So will this be a regular thing?"

"You know it" Kim kissed my ear and winked at me

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