The Bimbo Treatment Chapter 4: Cuckolding the Asshole

The Bimbo Treatment Chapter 4: Cuckolding the Asshole

The Bimbo Formula
Chapter 4: Cuckolding the Asshole
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015


Waking up with a woman's mouth on my cock was amazing. The warm, wet sucking pulled me out of my sleep. It was a joy I was experienced because of my beauty transformation serum. Any woman injected gets the busty, sexy, curvy body of a supermodel no matter how fat, dumpy, or unattractive she might be.

It also made them into complete bimbos.

The women injected were such airheads, I was able to convince my now bimbo wife that it was okay if I sleep with other bimbofied women. A simple lie that my cum was necessary for maintaining their beauty, and Alice was all for it. In fact, she encouraged it.

Alice had been a big woman before her transformation. I still loved her, but the smart, frumpy scientist I married had been replaced by the busty, sexy, airhead goddess sucking on my cock, eager for her daily treatment of my cum.

“Mmm, that's nice, Alice,” I groaned, my hips shuddering.

“Hmm?” a sleepy woman's voice muttered. Large breasts pressed into my side. A woman snuggled up to me. “What's nice, Frank?”

My eyes opened. Alice was snuggled up to my side, her curly, red hair spilling across my chest. The covers moved as the head on my cock bobbed up and down, shooting pleasure down to my balls while a warm tongue swirled around the tip of my dick.

“Then who...” It took me a moment to remember Becca.

I ripped the covers off to reveal Becca's blonde hair spilling about my stomach. The eighteen-year-old former chubby virgin turned into a sex goddess, sucked my cock. Her blue eyes stared up at me while her heavy tits rubbed on my thighs.

“No fair, I want cum, too,” Alice pouted as Becca sucked harder.

“It's part of her employment contract, honey,” I reminded Alice.

“Right,” Alice giggled. “You have to let her suck your cock once a day for her medicine.”

“Yep,” I nodded, groaning as Alice snuggled against me, her lips nibbling at my ear.

“Mmm, you're such a generous employer. I'm glad you hired Becca. She's so much fun.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my hips rising, pushing my cock deeper into Becca's mouth.

She was our secretary. Right now, that entailed cooking, cleaning, and letting my wife and I fuck her whenever we wanted. Becca was enthusiastic, wanting her daily payment of cum, a simple lie on my part that her “medicine” was her payment.

Very enthusiastic. Her mouth bobbed on my cock, her tongue swirling about the tip while she sucked.

“That's it, honey,” I groaned. “Suck harder and you'll get all your medicine.”

“Yes,” moaned Alice, her pussy humping against my side. “You need it, Becca. Hot, salty medicine. Cum medicine.” She giggled again. “Cum. It's such a funny word. It sounds like come. Cum here. So dirty.”

I groaned in agreement as my wife humped against my side. Her pussy was hot and bare, the bimbo process removing a woman's body hair. She nibbled harder on my ear as she moaned in delight, the bed creaking as she humped against me.

“Mmm, I'm going to cum on you,” giggled Alice. “Cum, cum, cum. My new favorite word. It's so simple. Only two letters.”

“Three,” I groaned, my balls boiling, my cum eager to poor into Becca's sucking mouth.

“Right, three,” laughed Alice. “Silly me.”

“Becca,” I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut.

“Are you going to cum in her mouth?” Alice moaned, humping harder. Her nipples rubbed on my chest.


My balls boiled and my cum flooded Becca's hungry mouth. The blonde bimbo drank down all my jizz. Her cheeks hollowed and a shudder ran through her body. She eagerly swallowed every last drop before releasing my cock.

“Mmm, my turn for cum,” moaned Alice.

“You should take it vaginally,” I groaned. My dick was still hard. Alice, despite being a bimbo, had managed to whip up a concoction that gave me a lot of stamina.

It was a good thing. Bimbos were so horny.

“Vag..vag...vajunalie?” giggled Alice. “You mean, in my cunt? That's a better word. Pussy or cunt. Not so many letters to speak.”

“Yes, in your cunt.”

“Ooh, I wish I had taken mine in the cunt,” groaned Becca as she licked her lips. “You're so lucky, Miss Alice.”

“So lucky,” groaned Alice as she climbed across my body. She straddled me reverse cowgirl style. Her ass, still red from her spanking last night, wiggled at me.

It was a gorgeous ass.

I spanked her.

“Oh, no, was I bad again?” Alice gasped, throwing a look over her shoulder. “I don't remember being bad. Did I let a man fuck me and forget about it?”

I grinned at her. “Just reminding you who that ass belongs to.”

“You,” groaned Alice as she sank her hot, tight pussy on my cock.

I groaned as inch by inch her pussy sank down on my cock. A hot shudder ran through my body as she embraced me. Her pussy was so tight. She slowly rose up my shaft, her bubbly ass jiggling before she sank back down again.

“Do you own my ass, too, Mr. Frank?” asked Becca, biting her lower lip.

“No, silly,” giggled Alice, pulling Becca to her. “He just rents your ass. You're his employee, not his wife. He can only have one of those.”

“Oh,” pouted Becca. “I would love to be his wife.”

My dick throbbed in Alice's pussy.

“Sorry. That's how law-thingies work,” groaned Alice, her pussy clamping down on my cock. “But you can be his employee forever.”

“Yes,” squealed Becca, hugging my wife.

“I love your nipples on mine,” my wife giggled, riding me faster. “They're so hard.”

“Yes,” moaned Becca.

Their lips met in a hot kiss. Becca and my wife undulated together as Alice rode my cock. I gripped my wife's hips, savoring their moans. Becca's blonde hair spilled across my wife's fiery curls as their kiss grew louder and wetter.

“That's it,” I panted. “Kiss her. It's important for your employer-employee relationship. Grab Alice's ass, Becca. And Alice, finger her pussy.”

Both bimbos moaned into each other's mouths as they kissed. Their tongues danced together. Becca's hand slipped around Alice's waist and squeezed her red ass. Alice squealed into their kiss, her pussy clamping down wonderfully hard on my dick.

“That's it,” I gasped. “Work those hips, Alice. I'll give you so much medicine.”

“Yes,” moaned Alice, her hips rising faster.

“Oh, Miss Alice, oh, yes, keep rubbing my clit. Mmm, that's so good. Keep it up. Oh, yes. Oh, wow.”

Becca's shuddering face leaned on Alice's shoulder as my wife fingered her. I savored the young woman's passion rippling across her face. My dick ached in my wife's tight, silky grip. Her pussy squeezed my dick as she rode me.

Every time Alice slammed down on my dick, her butt-cheeks rippled before me. I licked my lips, loving the hot sight. My hips bucked up, meeting her as my passions groaned. The bed creaked, joining our moans and gasps.

“Oh, yes, Frank,” Alice gasped. “Oh, yes. You feel so good in my hot pussy. Mmm, cum in me. Cum, cum, cum. I love it! I need it!”

“Yes, cum in her!” groaned Becca, her face contorting.

Becca gasped as she came on my wife's fingers. Alice purred in delight as she held the spasming girl. My wife slammed down my cock. Her pussy clenched, and then spasmed about my dick. Alice screamed out the word, “Cum!” as her pussy milked me.

“That's it,” I groaned. “You're such a slut, Alice. My hot, slutty, bimbo wife.”

My dick erupted as my wife looked back at me. As my pleasure boiled out of me, I saw my old wife's face superimposed over her new one, her cheeks and jowls plumper, her hair shorter, and glasses on her face. She had been smart.

So smart.

“Damn,” I groaned as I flopped back on the bed.

The last two days had been such a wonderful, amazing experience. But did my wife really deserve to be an empty headed woman? We used to talk the night away on theories. Now we just fucked. And that was amazing, but...maybe there should be more between us.

“Oh, Frank, what a great cum. And yous hot so much medicine into me vajunalie.”

“Vaginally,” I absently said.

“Right,” Alice giggled.

“Alice, do you...miss being smart?”

“I love being hot,” Alice giggled as she fell back on me, squirming her ass as my cock popped out of her pussy. Becca's mouth instantly latched on, sucking my dick clean of my wife's pussy.

“But...if you could be smart, would you want to be?”

“Nope,” she said. “I'm a bimbo. I love it. It's wonderful.”

But was that my wife really talking. An idea popped into my head. What if I used perchlorate-4-hydrazine-benzoate...

It might counteract the bimbo part of the solution.

“I need to do some work in the lab,” I said. “Gerard is sending over the videos today. Becca, I want you to shop around porn sites and try and sell yours and Janet's video when they arrive. They should be on a DVD. But not Alice's modeling video. That's all mine.”

“Yes, Mr. Frank.” Becca paused. “Umm, how do I do that? It sounds hard.”

“I think you have to yahoo it,” Alice said. “If we type it in the searchy thing, yahoo will tell us everything. It's way smarter than us.”

“You're so wise, Miss Alice,” Becca giggled. “How do you do it?”

Alice shrugged.

“So, how do we yahoo it?” Becca frowned.

“It's like google,” I groaned.



“This site says they'll pay $300,” Becca said. “Wow, that's so much money. I mean...that's more than...” The blonde frowned, her fingers ticking down as she slowly counted. “$100.”

I nodded my head. We sat on the couch before the TV, both wearing short, silk robes, mine a soft rose and Becca's a pastel blue. “That is a lot. What's the site called?”

“Ex-Girlfriend Revenge.” Becca frowned, leaning forward. Her blonde hair slipped off her shoulders. “This site doesn't sound that great.”

“It doesn't.” I frowned at the website. “Look at all the pictures of girls. Some of them have...cum on them.”

“Disgusting,” shuddered Becca. “Why would they let a man cum on them? It's such a waste of medicine.”

“Because they're bad. They all need to be spanked.”

“I don't think this is the right site.”

I read the small words beneath the application to submit a video. There were so many big words and lawyer talk. My eyes watered. “No. We need a site for naughty wives to post videos. Not ex-girlfriend. Janet isn't an ex-girlfriend. She's a wife. Like me.”

Janet was my bestest friend in the world. I gave her the bimbo serum yesterday, and now she was beautiful and pretty and busty and wonderful. We even licked each other's pussies. That was how wonderful we both had become.

I loved the bimbo serum Frank invented.

“What about me?” pouted Becca. “I'm not an ex-girlfriend or a naughty wife.”

“You're an employee,” I said. “That's like a wife. A temporary wife, because Frank can only have one wife. Right?”

“I think so. That would be...pol...pol...polgummy. And polgummy is bad.”

“Polgummy,” I giggled. “Yep, polgummy is bad. Real gummies are delicious.”

“We should get gummy bears!” squealed Becca.

I almost agreed. “No. We must find a hot wife site to buy yours and Janet's video. Our company needs money.”

Becca agreed. “As employee-wife, I need to do my best.”

I hugged her and kissed her cheek. She was a great employee-wife. It was a shame polgummy was illegal.

Becca carefully typed each key at once. “Hot wife video website.”

Links popped up. We clicked on the first one. Amateur Hot Wives Gone Wild. There were plenty of pics of busty women, each looking so wild as they writhed with younger man. Studs. I wanted to cavort with them. I squeezed my thighs together as my pussy itched hot.

I always had a hot itch now. Being beautiful had such a high price to pay. Now I wanted to be a naughty wife all the time.

“Look!” squealed Becca. “Submit a video.”

She clicked the link. We read through the page. “We're looking for the hottest, naughties, wildest wives and MILFs to show on our website. Cheating wives, cuckolding, interracial, or even with your hubby. If you got a hot ass and great tits, send us your video. We pay $500.”

“Wow, $500. I didn't know there was that much money,” gasped Becca.

The smart, sciency part of Alice buried deep inside knew different. “This is the site. We have to let Frank know.”

“Yes,” Becca giggled. Then her face fell. “But he's down in the sciency place. I'm not allowed down there. Frank's rules.”

“Well, I am a super-smart, sciency person,” I declared, standing up, my breasts jiggling in my robe. “I'll tell him the super-duper news!”

Becca clapped in delight. “So many people are going to see me modeling. She grabbed the remote and hit play. The videos, burned onto a DVD by the wonderful Gerard, had arrived in the mail today and we popped them in. Thanks to Gerard, a world-class photographer, Becca, Janet, and I had been turned into models.

Janet's video came on. Becca shuddered and shoved her hands beneath her robe to rub at her pussy as she watched my bestest friend model. Janet was so beautiful. Her tits bounced as Gerard excited her with his cock, making sure she was flushed and excited for her shoot.

My pussy clenched, remembering how much fun, and how naughty I was, for modeling. Frank had to spank me for it.

“Yes, yes! Oh, I love it! Keep exciting me!” moaned Janet from the speakers.

“I bet your husband doesn't fuck you this hard,” gasped Gerard.

“He doesn't! Oh, keep fucking me! I want to cum! I want to be the bestest model!”

I smiled at my friend. I wanted to join Becca and play with my pussy, but Frank had to know my good news. I gave a happy giggle, and sauntered off. My hips rolled as I walked, a natural sway I had gained with my new, curvy body.

I never wanted to go back to my dumpy figure. Being beautiful was super-duper awesome.

The sciency place was in the basement. I threw open the door and skipped down the stairs, my large breasts bouncing beneath my robe. I reached the bottom and came across Frank working in the lab. He had a pink solution before him, and he carefully added a drop of a blue one. The chemical flashed to red.

“I have super-duper, awesome news, honey!”

“What?” Frank asked, staring at the solution.

“We found a website that will pay so much money for the videos. $500. Can you believe it?”

“Damn,” Frank groaned. “I can't wait for a million horny men to jerk off to Janet. Her husband's such an asshole.”

I nodded my head in agreement. I didn't like Ryan, but Janet loved him. I frowned at the solution. “Is that per...per...perchoren hydrangea benzene?” I asked, stumbling on the hard words supplied by my super-smart sciency brain.

“Perchlorate-4-hydrazine-benzoate?” Frank asked.

I nodded.

“Yes.” He filled a syringe with the solution. He stared at it, then at me, his forehead furrowed. He was a handsome, sexy nerd. He always had a runner's build and kept himself lean and in good shape. I tried before the injection to be hot for him, but I never could shed the weight.

I was glad I was now.

Perchlorate-4-hydrazine-benzoate could be used to counteract the phosphate-3-fluoride-2-benzoid bonding with the tissue of the brain, whispered my sciency part. My heart beat faster. “A-are you trying to make me not a bimbo?”

“Temporarily,” Frank answered.

“Because the...hydrangea will break down quickly?” I frowned. “But...don't you like the new me.”

“It won't make you any less beautiful,” Frank quickly added. “It's're so different.”

“Don't you like the new, super-duper hot me?” I moved to him, opening up my robe and exposing my perfect, heaving tits.

“Oh, I love the new you,” Frank groaned. “I just thought, maybe, you might like to not airhead.”

“What's wrong with that?” I asked. “I don't have to think. It's so wonderful. I can just be beautiful.”

“I just—”

The door bell rang. Frank groaned.

“Who is it?” I gasped. “A package?” I licked my lips, remembering the special package the Black UPS man brought last time. So salty and creamy.

Frank set the syringe down. “We'll talk about making you smart later. Let's answer the door before Becca does something stupid.”

I giggled. “She can only do stupid things. She's a bimbo. That's what's so fun about it!”

Frank rolled his eyes and grinned. I was glad he wasn't being serious and talking about intelligence. Who needed it. I was plenty sciency smart without intelligence. So what if I couldn't say those hard words. They had so many letters. Why did words need that many?

I followed Frank up the stairs, bouncing with excitement. “Did you order anything?”

“Do you want to be naughty?” Frank asked.

“I like being naughty. Then you get to spank me.”

Frank chuckled. “Did you want me to spank you before you became a bimbo?”

“I don't know. I really...don't think I thought about sex much. Maybe. It's all...marshmallowy.”

This time, Frank snorted. “Not foggy?”

“Nope. Creamy, delicious, marshmallowy cream dribbled on my thoughts, smothering everything that's not important.”

“Mr. Frank, Janet and her husband are here,” Becca reported as we walked into the living room. The DVD was paused and the TV screen went black. I wonder why?

Frank chuckled. “I bet he wants to thank me.” He paused. “Just remember, Ryan's an asshole. And asshole's are bad.”

I nodded in complete agreement.

“An asshole's cum will reverse your bimboification.”

“What about Janet?” I gasped. “Oh, no, she planned on teasing her husband and having sexy times with him.”

“She's his wife. She's immune.” Frank paused, a grin crossing his lips. “But, I'll have to give her an exam. Just to make sure. You and Becca will have to sit with him and talk to him.”

“Oh, we can do that,” Becca giggled.

“And remember, medical procedures are strictly confidential. Janet will be so embarrassed if her husband finds out about the treatments.”

“You're right. I'm so glad you remember all these rules, Frank.” I gave my husband a quick hug and a peck on the cheek.



Ryan Sanders had a shit-eating grin on his face when I reached the front door, Janet pressed against his side. My dick ached, remembering Janet's mouth sucking on my cock. What a satisfying rush. Ryan was a jock. He always looked down on me for being a scientist.

A nerd.

And I had fucked his wife.

He was tall, athletic, a champion quarterback on his high school football team—something he was forever bragging about. His chin was chiseled, his eyes piercing blue. He was the epitome of manliness and he thought he was better than me.

But I had fucked his wife. It was hard not to smile.

“Frank, you fucking nerd, I have to buy you a cigar.” Ryan glanced at his wife. “You have struck gold, man. Gold.” His eyes flicked to Becca and my wife, hunger lurking in their depths.

I was glad I warned Alice and Becca. I did not want them fucking this man.

“I did,” I said, asserting myself. “I'm going to change the world.”

Ryan nodded. “Yes, we are. I want in. You need money for this. It can't be cheap. Let's be fucking partners. I owe you. The things Janet did last night and today. I didn't know there was a slut buried in her.”

“Ryan,” giggled Janet. “You shouldn't say those words.”

“Remember, babe, when I call you 'slut' I'm saying, 'I love you.'”

“Aww,” Janet and Becca sighed together.

What an asshole.

Ryan pulled away from his wife and clapped his arm on my shoulder. “Change the world, man. Damn, and you're already figuring it out.” Ryan glanced at my wife in her robe, devouring her tits. “We need to spread this shit, man. If it could turn Janet from a fat slag into a bombshell, I can only imagine what it would do to my secretary. Stephanie's already a knockout. She sucks a mean cock, but she's damn whiny. Your shot'll straighten her up and make her...compliant.”

I fucking hated this guy.

My eyes flicked to Janet. “And what does your wife think about that?”

“Ryan explained it to me, Dr. Frank. He told me he was about to divorce me for Stephanie because I was so ugly.” Janet beamed at me. “But you fixed me. Now I can be his trophy wife with Stephanie.”

“But polgummy is illegal,” Alice gasped.

Ryan snorted. “See, they're perfect. They'll believe anything. Janet's already my slut. She's insatiable. I might need Viagra to keep up with her.”

“There's the dick-medicine Miss Alice invented,” Becca giggled. “It allows Mr. Frank to have all the sexy times he wants.”

“You are a genius,” laughed Ryan. “Super Viagra and bimbo serum. We are going to be rich. You make 'em and I'll sell them.”

I grit my teeth. There was no way I was doing business with this asshole. I could see it in his face. He thought I was a clueless nerd, someone he would bully and run over. But I had fucked his wife. I was about to sell footage of his wife being a complete whore on the internet.

“Sure, I think we can work something out,” I grinned, my eyes flicking to Janet. My dick was hard. “But the drug is still experimental. I need to speak with your wife. Ask her questions, take her vitals, and make sure there are no adverse side-effects.”

“Right, right, don't need any lawsuits,” chuckled Ryan. He wasn't afraid of me being alone with his wife. He didn't think a nerd, even one in good shape, would have a chance of stealing his wife. “Slut, go with the doctor.” The asshole's eyes flicked to my wife. “I'll hang out here, talk with Alice, learn more about the serum.”

“I'm super smart sciency person,” nodded Alice, her hands on her hips. I wish she still wore her glasses.

“Come on, Janet,” I said to the busty, raven-haired, bimbo wife. “Time for your exam.”

She grinned and sauntered to me. I knew that smile. She was horny and eager to be fucked. Janet was wasted on that asshole. I wondered if there was something I could do. Some chemical or formula to mete out some much needed justice on the asshole.

Maybe with 6-iodine-perfluorate mixed in with Alice's male enhancement drug. That would do something nice. Turn the asshole into a wimp. That would be amusing.

Not as amusing as fucking his wife under his nose, though.

“I have an exam room upstairs,” I said.

Ryan gave a dismissive wave, smiling at my wife. Alice squirmed and gave me a worried look. “Just remember what I told you, honey.”

Alice nodded. “Yes, right. I won't forget.”

Hopefully, she wouldn't.

“Is there something wrong with me, Dr. Frank?” Janet asked, her beautiful face scrunched-up in worry?

“Maybe,” I told her. “So you need to do everything I tell you.”

“Of course. I like it when you exam me and give me my medicine.”

“Of course you do, you're a slut.”

Janet gasped. “You shouldn't say that. I'm not your wife.”

Right, Ryan told her being called a slut meant he loved her.

“When I call you a slut, since I'm not your husband, it means you're naughty, sexy, hot woman that loves to fuck.”

Janet beamed. “I do love to fuck. I fucked Ryan so many times. And the modeling yesterday. Wow, that was wonderful.”

“Yes, it was,” I agreed, opening the door to my bedroom. The bed was neatly made by Becca. “So, strip.”

“Yes, Dr. Frank,” she giggled.

Janet reached behind her to unzip her dress. It was a single piece of stretchy, gray material that hugged her delicious curves. It was obvious she had no underwear on beneath. In a moment, her large tits bounced out.

I grinned, reaching out to give them a squeeze. Her husband was such an idiot to let me up here alone with her. My fingers dug into her flesh as she wiggled out of her skirt, revealing her curvy hips and bare pussy.

Her tart fragrance perfumed the air.

“Well, you smell excited, that's always a plus,” I grinned as my fingers played with her nipples.

“You make me so wet, Dr. Frank,” she purred. “You always play with my body.”

“Ryan doesn't?”

“Wives only suck their husbands cock and lie still as he fucks them,” she repeated. “It's nice, and I cum, but he doesn't...examine me.”

I grinned. “His loss.” I pinched her nipples and a hot shudder ran through her. I grinned, rolling the fat nubs between my fingers. “Well, your sensitivity response is perfect.”

“Good,” she beamed, her hips shifting. “I don't know what that means, but it's super-duper awesome.”

“It means when I play with your nipples, you squeal.” I leaned over and sucked on her nipple.

She squealed.

I pushed her down on the bed. She moaned, her hand stroking her hips. I nibbled and sucked on her nipple, drawing it deep into my mouth while she moaned. The bed creaked as she shifted, her hands rubbing at my chest through my shirt.

“Does everything feel okay, Dr. Frank?”

“Just wonderful,” I said as I kissed over to her other nipple. I climbed her breast and nipped it. The wife moaned. Downstairs, I could hear her husband's loud, obnoxious voice as he vainly tried to seduce my wife and Becca.

He'd fail.

I nipped Janet's nipple, bringing another wonderful squeal as my hands slid up and down her side, savoring her creamy skin. Her husband was a fool not to love this body. She was hot and gorgeous, as perfect as Alice.

I kissed down her heavy breast, circling it, savoring every inch of her pillowy softness. She cooed, stretching out on the bed as pressed her tits against my cheeks and savored them. She smelled wonderful, freshly showered and slightly sweet from her soap.

“Dr. Frank,” gasped Janet as I kissed lower. “You're so ticklish.”

“That's good,” I grinned, lightly stroking her sides and bringing a squeal of laughter from her lips. “Now spread your legs. I need to examine your cunt, slut.”

“Slut,” she breathed. “I like it when you say that. Makes me feel so dirty and desired. I never felt like that before.”

“You never cheated on your husband before, either.”

“What?” she gasped, her eyes going wide as I kissed at her bare pudenda. “I would never cheat on Ryan.”

“Relax,” I grinned at her. “Of course you wouldn't. You're a good wife, and he's a bad husband that doesn't lick your pussy.”

She groaned as I licked through her tangy folds. My dick ached in my pants as my tongue swirled around her depths. I ran my hands up her stomach to squeeze her big tits as I licked through all her folds and flicked up to her clit.

“Oh, Dr. Frank, oh, yes, that's such a thorough exam. Oh, wow. Oooh, yes. Soo good. You make me feel all naughty.”

“That's the point of the test,” I grinned. “I have to make sure you can still cum like a dirty slut after Ryan touched you.”

“Oh, good, I like cumming,” groaned Janet. “I never came before yesterday. Now I cum all the time.” She clapped her hands together. “Cumming is the best.”

“Yes, it is,” I moaned in agreement. “So cum for me, slut.”

“Slut,” she gasped. “I'm your slut, Dr. Frank.”

My dick ached so hard. I licked harder, savoring the flavor of Ryan's wife's pussy. I worked my tongue in deep, eager to make her cum as I drank down all her juices. Her thighs tightened on my face, her hips heaving as she humped against me.

“I think...oh,'s working, Dr. Frank. Oh, you're making me fell naughty.”

The bed creaked as she humped against me. Her thighs tightened on my face as her delicious juices poured into my mouth. I drank them all down. I savored them on my lips. I drank the married woman's juices down.

“Oh, yes, oh, wow, Dr. Frank,” she panted. “You make me cum so hard. Better than my husband.”

“I am a professional doctor,” I told her with a smile. “Of course I know how to make you cum.”

I pulled off my shirt as she shuddered on the bed, then off came my pants. My cock jutted hard before me. I stroked my shaft as I stared at her beauty. Her eyes opened, fixing on my cock. She gasped.

“Dr. Frank. I don't need any medicine. What are you doing?”

“It's my examination tool,” I told her as I knelt between her spread thighs. “I have to probe your pussy and make you cum again.”

“Probe,” she giggled. “What a funny word.”

I stretched out over her. “Grab my probe and guide it into your married pussy.”

“Yes, Dr. Frank.”

Her words made my dick twitch. She grasped me with her soft fingers and pulled me to her pussy. She rubbed me up and down her pussy lips. I groaned as I sank into her hot, succulent flesh. My back arched as the raced out of my cock through my body.

I loved fucking Ryan's wife.

“Mmm, yes, Dr. Frank,” she groaned, her hips undulating against me. “Your probe fills me up. So good. You're thicker than my husband.”

“He has a small dick,” I groaned, drawing back my cock.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped. “Oh, so small. Not like your probe. Exam my pussy, Dr. Frank. Make sure my pussy is a-okay.”

“Yes,” I groaned, her hips bucking up into my thrusts.

Her hot, tight, married cunt gripped me as I fucked her. She was so wet. I leaned down, kissing her on the lips as we writhed together, her soft tits pressing against my chest. I slid a hand up to cup one, squeezing as I fucked her harder.

“You're wife's my slut, Ryan,” I growled under my breath. “She's my fucking slut!”

“I am,” gasped Janet. “Your slutty patient. Oh, yes, probe me Dr. Frank. So good. I'm going to cum.”

“Do it, slut.”

The bed creaked as I slammed into her. I wanted to send her home with Ryan with my cum dripping out of her snatch. My balls slapped into her as pounded her. She gasped and moaned beneath me, her pillowy tits rubbing on mine.

“Take it, slut!” I snarled. “Oh, yes.”

“Dr. Frank!” she gasped as she came beneath me.

Her pussy writhed. Her hot, married cunt spasmed about my dick. I wanted to flood her. To knock the bimbo wife up. My balls tensed. My body shuddered. I buried into her and growled as blast after blast of my cum poured into her.

Damn, it was hot cuckolding Ryan.

“Are we done with the exam, Dr. Frank?” gasped Janet. “I hope not. I'm having so much fun.”

I grinned at her. “Nope. Roll over. I need to probe your asshole now.”



“The exam sure is taking long,” Ryan said. “I thought it would be short.”

“My husband is a very thorough doctor,” I giggled.

Ryan's hand reached out and touched my thigh. My cheeks burned. He shouldn't be doing that. Giggling, I moved his hand away. “I'm not your wife. That's Janet, remember.”

“You're just as dumb as she is,” Ryan said.

“No, I'm a super-smart, sciency person,” I declared. “I invented the serum that makes Frank fuck me all I want.”

“So you're a horny slut.”

“Wife,” I corrected. “Horny wife.”

“I'm a horny slut,” Becca giggled, sitting on his other side.

“Yes, I bet you are.” Ryan looked around. “Can I tell you girls a secret?”

“Sure,” I nodded, leaning in.

“I'm an FBI agent.” His grin was so large. He was a very handsome man. My body tingled with excitement. I wanted to be naughty, but if he came on me, I would go back to being fat and ugly.

So I just squirmed instead.

“And do you know what FBI means?”

“Umm, Fed...federal?” Becca asked.

“Yes, Federal B-bureau of Investimigations,” I proudly said.


“It's not?” I sighed. “I was so sure I had it.”

Ryan rolled his eyes and muttered, “Dumb as a brick.”

I wondered what he was talking about.

“It means Female Body Inspector. At any times, I have the right, as an FBI Agent, to strip a woman naked and make sure her body is okay.”

“Wow,” Becca gasped. “I had no idea.”

“So, ladies, strip. I need to inspect those bodies.”

“Okay,” I giggled. FBI Agents were a type of cop, and you always had to obey cops.

Becca and I both stood up, untying the silk knots of our robes. I loved the robes. They were so short and made of silk, clinging to my body. My lush thighs were exposed and my large tits were always just about to spill out.

The cloth whisked as it slipped off my body, revealing all my curvy, sexy beauty. I popped into a model's pose, leg cocked, practically shoving my bare pussy into Ryan's face as I threw my tits forward. Blonde Becca did the same, her large tits heaving.

“Wow, just perfect,” Ryan said, reaching out to grope my tit.

A hot, wet thrill ran down to my pussy. I couldn't help moaning as Ryan inspected my tits. His grin grew. “Just perfect.”

He turned his attention to Becca, gripping both her tits. She shuddered as his thumbs brushed over her nipples. She squealed as he pinched her right one, then stretched out her tit. He let her nipple go and her boob sprang back.

“Perfect,” he grinned.

Then his hand slid down my body and shoved right between my thighs. I gasped as he rubbed at my hot, wet pussy. I groaned, shuddering as he stroked me. His fingers caressed my pussy. The pleasure tingled through me.

“You are juicy wet,” Ryan said as he pulled out his cock. “I never wanted to inspect you with my dick before, Alice, but today I have to. You're so fucking hot now. That nerd doesn't deserve a hottie like you.”

I stared down at his dick while he fingered my pussy. His digits were so thick, working in and out of me. I clamped down on them as I imagined his cock filling me, fucking me until I cum, and then he would shoot his—

“No!” I screamed in panic, pushing him away. He stumbled back onto the couch as I stepped back. “Your cum is poison.”

My foot stepped on the remote Becca left on the floor. I almost slipped. The TV behind me came awake as Janet's modeling movie played. Hot, wanton moans echoed through the speaker while she writhed beneath Gerard.

“Wait...” The color drained from Ryan's face. “That's Janet. When did...?”

“Are you done yet?” Frank asked on the tape. “I'm eager for a poke.”

“I'll fucking kill him,” Ryan snarled.

Fear seized me.

Ryan stood up, his face going red. “He fucked my wife. They both did. And now he's upstairs. Son of a bitch. Is he fucking her right now? I'll kill him.”

“No!” Becca shouted, and threw herself at Ryan. “You can't kill Mr. Frank. He's my employer.”

I needed to do something. But it was so hard to think. All my thoughts were covered in gooey, creamy marshmallows. I didn't know what to do. Ryan struggled with Becca, seizing the blonde and trying to push her off of him.

“I'll beat your head in, Frank.”

I needed to be smarter. I needed—

I bolted for the basement. Becca screeched behind me as Ryan raged. I pounded down the stairs and into the sciency place. I rushed to the table and inject the pink compound into my thigh. I gasped, my body shook, and...

...stared down at my body. The syrup goo vanished from my mind. My eyes narrowed. My gaze darted around the lab, looking at the chemicals, my mind racing through possibilities. I glanced at the formula I whipped up for Frank.

An idea popped into my head.



“Fuck my ass!” gasped Janet, her bowels clenching down on my dick as I pounded into her.

Becca screamed below. Ryan bellowed. What was going on? It was hard to think with Janet bucking into my thrusts and her bowels tight on my dick. My balls boiled. I fucked her harder, savoring the thrill of fucking Ryan's wife in the ass.

Footsteps thudded.

“He knows,” I groaned. My balls tightened. I should pull out. I should try to cover it up, but a reckless defiance filled me. I wanted him to see his wife be my whore.

“Tell me how much you love my cock fucking your ass, slut,” I growled.

“I love it when you fuck my ass!” Janet moaned as the bedroom door crashed open. “Your cock feels amazing in my ass.”

I stared at Ryan, the big jock that thought he was hot shit, as I came into his wife's asshole. I groaned, slamming my cock in deep.

“You motherfucker!” raged Ryan. “I'll kill—”

Ryan suddenly stumbled and swayed. He reached forward, grasping the doorknob. He shook his head, clearly growing dizzy, then crashed forward and snored loudly. Alice stood behind him, an empty syringe in her hand, her eyes were hard, serious.

“Frank, we need to talk,” she said, the bubbly, bimbo tone gone.

To be continued...

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