Bound tigether chapter 6(sorry for teh wait..teehee)

Bound tigether chapter 6(sorry for teh wait..teehee)

Surprisingly, she wasn’t in her cage or on the rack anymore. She was in a large room with no windows and a single door. She tried to open it, but it was locked and there was nothing around she could use to break the lock open.

She turned around and noticed the large bed in the middle of the room. It was made of dark, almost black, wood and the four posts on each corner were elegantly engraved. The drapes enveloping the bed were made of a rich black material and the sheets and pillow cases were satiny and black as well.

It was a completely private place. Nobody seemed to be around and she couldn’t hear a sound. She found that strange, though, since she’d grown used to the screams and pleads of other souls. There was always someone begging and screaming in agony, but not this time, not here. She couldn’t hear a thing and it was a relief. At least for once she could relax.

She considered sitting on the bed and even lying down on it, but immediately remembered what had happened when she’d lay down on the chaise lounge so she thought it wiser to stay away from the bed and sat on the floor instead.

She looked around and examined the room. There was a large mirror on one wall, a table with two chairs and a chest of drawers. They were dark too and had tasteful carvings as well. She approached the chest of drawers and saw some small bottles, combs and brushes on top. She picked one up and combed her hair enjoying the feeling. She smiled remembering all the times she’d done that in her life. She looked at herself in the mirror thinking how normal it all seemed...well, except for the fact that she was in hell.

She spent the whole day in that room and wondered what had happened to her torturer, not that she missed him in any way, but she wondered why he was giving her a break. After a moment, she brushed those thoughts off and decided to make the most of her alone time. She relaxed and after a while tried to find a way out of the room, but failed in all her attempts.

She was busy searching for hidden doors or passages that might lead outside the room and didn’t see him coming in. He locked the door behind him and greeted her “Hi, doll! Miss me?” She felt a shiver down her spine, stood still and remained silent. He sensed it and casually approached the bed and sat down.

He then went on to explain that it was his private room. There was no sleep in hell, but he had his own place to relax, think, or just be by himself. It was a privilege he’d earned. Alistair had let him have this place, just like he’d let him have her –of course, he didn’t say the last part out loud.

He patted the bed saying “C'mere, baby.” She looked worried and scared, but she complied. She walked towards him and stood next to the bed. “No, I don’t want you there. I want you here with me,” he explained moving towards the middle of the bed and patting it once more inviting her to join him. She slowly sat down, her back facing him. He then placed his hands on her shoulders and made her lie down next to him. She froze, her arms tightly pressed to her sides and her legs clamped together.

He was pleased with her obedience, and then he perceived the panic in her eyes and ragged breath. He shifted his body and lay on his side. He leaned close to her and gently stroked her hair. He then licked his lips and kissed her softly. She didn’t push him away or fight back in any way but didn’t cooperate either –she wasn’t exactly thrilled about being there with him. He noticed and wasn’t pleased at all, so he said in a commanding voice “Hey, I don’t want a cold fish. I know how passionate you can be, princess. Come on, kiss me back. Remember, you’re mine now. You agreed to it.”

She looked into his eyes and knew there was nothing she could do but obey. So, she nodded and parted her lips invitingly. They kissed deeply and when they broke the kiss, he saw her unshed tears. “No, baby, it’s ok. It’ll be good. I promise. You’ll enjoy things from now on.” He rested his forehead on hers and brushed his nose against hers. He didn’t know why, but she was really getting to him. He wanted her to enjoy things, to be least, as happy as you could be downstairs!

Ever since he’d met her, he’d tried to discover her sin, to know why she’d been sent to the pit, but he’d failed so far. That shocked and intrigued him at the same time since he’d become exceedingly good at finding out souls’ weaknesses and miseries. But he had nothing regarding her. He couldn’t smell a thing...and she seemed so innocent and sweet. He kept wondering why she was downstairs and even considered asking Alistair, but he knew that it would draw his attention to him and to the fact that he hadn’t made the offer in quite a while so he thought it better to keep his mouth shut and try and find out some other way. He’d only have to figure out new ways of doing it, that was all.

He held her in his arms and rested his head on the pillow next to hers. He caressed her softly and looked at her, enjoying the intimacy of the moment. She looked confused and frightened and thought that if she didn’t move or upset him in any way, then, she might get lucky and he’d leave her alone. He knew what she was thinking and tenderly caressed her as he whispered in her ear “it’s ok, honey, everything’s gonna be alright. I swear.” He was being loving and caring and she was totally confused.

“Say you’re my girl.”

“What?” she asked him frowning.

“Say you’re my girl.”

“I’m your girl.”

“Good. Now let’s have some rest, I had a long day, tortured several souls.”

The mere thought and memories of her own torture flooded her mind and she couldn’t help flinching. He noticed and immediately spoke reassuring words in her ears. He promised he’d take care of her and he wouldn’t let anybody lay a finger on her ever again. She seemed to calm down a little and then he held her tight in his arms, closed his eyes, and added “let’s relax for a while, ok, honey?”

She was astonished. He was acting as if they were a couple and it was pretty shocking, almost…disturbing. She’d never heard of anything like this before. He was her torturer, he’d done terrible things to her and now he was being all loving and protective and expected her to be what exactly? His friend…his lover? Those thoughts kept running through her mind and in the end she concluded that, at least, he wasn’t torturing –or raping– her now, and that the break was worthwhile so she just remained quiet, completely still, and waited. He stayed tangled up in her tenderly stroking her till it was time for him to “resume his duties” as he put it, and left her alone in the room again. As soon as he was gone, she felt relieved and sighed wondering how she was going to deal with her new situation.
She spent all day by herself and it wasn’t that bad. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all since she had the chance to truly relax and avoid the pain. She had no idea why she was being so lucky and felt terrified when she thought it might just be his way of messing with her head: what if he was giving her a break now, making her feel safe so that it was far worse when he resumed the torture? After thinking about it for hours on end, she decided there was no point in obsessing over it and tried not to think about it anymore.

As soon as Dean was done with his victim he went straight to his room. He couldn’t wait to be with her and got there in no time. He stepped inside and greeted her with a brilliant smile before walking towards her and hugging her tightly. She wasn’t pleased by any of it, she hated it –hated him, actually– but she’d learnt it was better to humor him so she hugged him back and he grinned, filled with satisfaction. He looked into her eyes and held her hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing her knuckles. He kept kissing her hand, his eyes never leaving hers, as he led her to the bed.

She then noticed the lust in his eyes and wanted to walk away from him, to put as much distance between him and her as possible, but she also knew it’d make him mad so she gave in and complied without protesting. He seemed extremely pleased with her behavior and said “Good. We’ll have a great time together, princess. I promise” and then whispered in her ear “it’ll be even better than last time.”

“What? When you left me hanging in mid-air and hurt me so badly?” she retorted with tears in her eyes and immediately regretted her words. The idea was to not piss him off and there she was saying these things! How stupid could she be? She looked at him terrified expecting the worst to happen and was shocked by his answer.

“No, I meant when we were together in the chaise lounge...remember? You were completely wrapped around me...writhing in felt so good...I swear I’ll make it even better this time.”

His head was down and he appeared hurt and remorseful and she frowned in disbelief. She hadn’t expected any of this; actually, she’d expected him to beat her up, cut her up or hurt her in some way...unless, of course, he was planning on doing that later. So, she swallowed the lump in her throat and followed him to the bed.

They both stood next to it, facing each other, and he brushed soft kisses on her lips while his hands glided down her back towards her waist. When he got to the hem of her shirt, he placed his hands to her sides and pulled it up saying “lift your arms, sweetheart”. She obeyed and he removed her shirt carefully.

He looked at her with prying eyes and unclasped her bra with expert fingers. He kept staring at her and licked and bit his lower lip. He noticed her uneasiness as she covered her breasts with her arms and he smiled. “Hey, I’ve already seen all of you, baby...and I enjoy looking at you so much,” he said in a low husky voice as he gently pushed her arms away and placed her hands on his chest. “Help me with my shirt now.” She undid the buttons with shaking fingers and helped him shrug off his shirt.

They were both naked from the waist up and he pressed their chests together. She felt the warmth radiating off his body as he ghosted his fingers along her neck and left a trail of kisses all the way down to her collarbone. She felt her skin shiver and couldn’t help remembering the mirrors, the chaise lounge, and how wonderful it’d felt having him inside of her. She remembered the rich velvet on her legs and his firm body pressed against her back and all that…pleasure. She immediately brushed off those ideas, reminding herself who he was, but not before he knew what she was thinking. He smiled to himself and thought “Oh, yeah, this is gonna be great!”

He kissed her again and skillfully unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants as he took off his shoes and socks with his feet. He then let his pants and boxers drop to the floor and kicked them away, and, in a matter of seconds, he was stripped naked.

He lifted her in his arms and gently put her on the bed. She lay there, completely still. He looked at her and, after a few minutes, he lay on top of her and kissed her sweetly. He suckled at her lips and continued kissing all the way down to her neck, and breasts. He lingered there for a while licking and sucking at her nipples while he cupped and kneaded that creamy perky flesh.

He felt her heavy breath and growing arousal and knew she belonged to him. She was lying still, fighting her own need to give in to him and kiss him back while her inner voice kept telling her it was wrong, wrong, wrong! He smiled to himself thinking again “Oh, honey, you’re fighting a losing’re all mine already...even if you don’t know it yourself yet.”

He continued kissing and licking her skin and moved south to her lower ribs and stomach. He circled her navel with his tongue and heard her sigh in pleasure. He then unzipped her pants, lifted her hips and pulled them down. Her panties came down with them and she was left naked and at his mercy. He looked at her hungrily and put his hands on her knees, then he proceeded to spread her legs and noticed that she was tense and trembling, and he immediately reassured her “Shh, relax, baby, you’ll enjoy it...I promise.”

She knew there was no point in fighting so she took deep breaths trying to calm down while he lay down and kissed the inside of her thighs. His kisses became more intense and he soon reached the sensitive spot between her legs. He kissed her folds and sucked them as he glided his tongue up and down her slit. She felt an electric jolt up her spine and cried out in pleasure. He went on kissing her as he worked his way up to her breasts with his hands and kneaded them. She then felt his tongue darting inside of her and her back arched off the bed in response. She threw her head back, moaning and breathing raggedly, her heart beating faster and faster.

Then, he rubbed his nose against her clit and sucked on it while he brought his right hand back down. He glided his fingers along her lips till they were wet with her juices and then inserted one finger. She bucked against him as he carefully inserted a second finger. “Gosh, she’s still so tight,” he thought. He scissored them and she cried out as he kept working his way inside of her till he found the spot. He stimulated it as he continued licking and sucking her clit and then she couldn’t hold it any longer. She cried out as waves of pleasure washed over her and felt the orgasm exploding inside of her. Her legs were widely spread and she was writhing and twisting as beads of sweat rolled down her body.

He continued stimulating her again, and again, and again, until she was completely spent, and then he lay down on the bed beside her. He stroked her hair and noticed that she had a dreamy gaze and was almost limp. He smiled at her and bit his lower lip while he whispered in her ear “See, doll? I told you it’d be good. It was good, wasn’t it?” She was still too far gone, and just looked back into his eyes, still out of breath and nodded.

She was barely recovering when she realized that she was still naked lying next to him, who was also naked, and that he hadn’t had any…release. She felt his lecherous eyes on her and couldn’t help panic from taking over. She stood up and took a few steps away from the bed and from him. He frowned slightly in response and patted the bed saying “C’mere, baby.”

His latest ministrations had felt good, actually way more than good, but the memory of their actual last time together was still fresh in her mind and she was filled with fear. He watched her and this time he commanded “Lie down!” but she remained in the same spot where she was standing, frozen, unable to move.

He wasn’t going to allow any of that, of course, she belonged to him, and she suddenly felt an invisible force lifting her in the air and gently placing her on the bed. She found herself lying on her back, her arms high above her head. She tried to move but it was impossible. That invisible power wasn’t hurting her at all, though; it was just keeping her in place. She then felt her legs being spread apart and her knees being pushed up till her butt was in the air. She looked around trying to figure out what he was up to while her heart pounded uncontrollably inside her ribcage.

He knelt between her legs and smiled. He had full access to her now and didn’t wait a second to bury his face in her. He gave long lazy strokes with his tongue, all the way up from the sweet hole hidden between her cheeks, which he was parting with his hands, to the fleshy folds covering her clit. He licked, kissed and suckled everything before him.

She was overly sensitive from his previous kiss, and she realized she was on the verge of another orgasm. Yet, she managed to gain some control of herself and begged him to stop. He almost laughed at her and replied in a low seductive voice “Oh, c’mon, baby, don’t say you don’t want it…you are all wet and ready for me.”

He immediately sank his face in her again and his ministrations became more intense. She was already shaking and tensing up when she felt his tongue making its way inside of her. She felt it twirling inside of her and pressing against her walls. It felt amazing and she couldn’t hold the moan that escaped her mouth “Pleeeaaaasssse!” She’d intended to beg, not to moan, but she was feeling more and more pleasure and she was quickly losing it. At that point, she didn’t even know if she actually wanted him to stop. It felt too good. Dean kept kissing, licking and sucking until it all became too intense and she came.

When the orgasm subsided and she started to gain some control of herself, she realized that the invisible force was still holding her in the same position. She was slowly recovering, still a little dizzy, but noticed that Dean had an object in his hand. She couldn’t see it clearly from where she was lying but it looked like a ring with two long ends attached to it: one was longer and thicker than the other and had some sort of ball or plug on the tip.

He saw her frowning trying to figure out what the object was and he gave her a cocky smirk as he said “let’s play some more” with a lustful look. Her breath began racing again and he added “don’t worry, I’ll share my toys with you…promise.”

He then took the ring and slid his member through it. He adjusted it so that it rested right after the head, and then twirled it carefully until its shorter end was facing upwards and the longer one downwards.

She saw what he was doing and panicked. She tried to move but the force was keeping her still. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move, not even an inch.

He looked at her reddened folds and noticed how tender they were from his previous kisses. He slowly glided a finger through them and confirmed his thought: she was completely wet and loosened up for him. His finger was slick with her juices and he ran it carefully between her cheeks and over the sweet hole hidden there.

He saw her squirming and growing aroused despite herself and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back much longer. So, he placed himself on top of her and nudged the tip of his length against her entrance. She could swear she felt him vibrating but she wasn’t sure, besides she was too busy trying to keep herself under control.

Next, he adjusted the ring so that the longer end found its way between her cheeks till it ghosted her pucker, and then he pushed it till the plug was inside her. She squirmed and worked her muscles trying to break free, to push it out of her body, but now that the plug was in place there was no way it’d come out unless he removed it…and he had no intention whatsoever of doing that!

As he slid his manhood inside her and began thrusting the plug was pushed farther in and the shorter end attached to the ring pressed against her clit, stimulating it. He gave long slow strokes at first taking in all the pleasure he’d longed for.

She immediately realized that she’d been right: he was vibrating. Apparently, it was due to the toy he was using: she could feel the vibration in both her entrances and her clit, she could feel it everywhere. With each thrust, the sensations were intensified and she soon felt wave after wave of pleasure ripping through her non-stop. She soon started panting and gasping for air, trying to beg him to stop, but every time she opened her mouth, the only sounds that came out of it sounded much more like “Aw! Ah!”

He couldn’t believe how good this was, she was writhing in pleasure under him, making those amazing noises and he could feel her muscles clenching around him. Her back was arched and her body had gone completely rigid and he knew for sure that she’d come…again. It only took him a few more thrusts and he was soon seeing starts as well.

He collapsed on top of her and stayed like that for several minutes. Then, he rolled over to the side and released his hold on her. She was still limp and boneless and didn’t even move or make a sound. He was very pleased with himself, and proud, and whispered in her ear “See? Told ya I could make it real good.” She was too exhausted to hear him, still completely oblivious of her surroundings, and simply lay there.

He looked at her once more, curled up around her protectively, and kissed her forehead. They stayed there naked resting in a warm embrace for hours and, for the first time since he'd been sent to hell, and perhaps for the first time in his life, he felt whole...and happy.

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