My downward spiral to a becoming a slut. Chapter 3

My downward spiral to a becoming a slut. Chapter 3

The next day I was surprised when I got a call from Lisa the girl who had made varsity cheerleader as a sophomore. She told me that she and a group of kids were going down to the lake and asked me did I want to come along. I thought about it and decided I could use a break from Scott and decided to take her up on it. I told my mom who then checked with Lisa’s mom and with sun screen and my swimsuit and a bag lunch I headed to Lisa’s since her mom was going to drive us. We got dropped at the lake and headed down to the swimming area. And there I was with most of the popular kids from the high school. I had been there less the 20 minutes when someone grabbed me from behind. “Hi baby,” said Scott’s voice. “Hi”, I said still aggravated with him and he heard it in my tone. “It’ll be okay baby, just wait and see you’ll have a good time,” he said and I realized he had arranged for all this. I was mad for a little while but I realized I could either make myself miserable or just try to have a good time.

It wasn’t very long before I was having fun playing volleyball which I enjoyed since I was pretty good at it. Scott made a point to be on my team and before long he was complimenting me and even setting the ball for me to spike. He joked around with me more and wrestled with me some and soon was kissing me in front of what seemed like a quarter of the kids that were going to be in our school in the fall. I finally let go of my anger and let myself have fun. When he wants to Scott can be such a responsible guy and I was very surprised that HE made sure to keep me in sun screen the whole time we were there. He put it on me three times to my surprise.

Someone brought a bar-b-que pit so I didn’t have to eat my sack lunch. Instead there were hotdogs and hamburgers and chips and plenty to eat. One thing I realized is that being part of the popular bunch meant you could get away with things and I was shocked to see a cooler of cans of beer. But my peers even had the smarts to keep it a secret by having soda brand coozies to keep the sodas camouflaged. The cops came right by our group and saw nothing but red and green and white coozies on can drinks. I’m sure they thought they were only sodas but there we were all drinking beer with not one of us old enough to do so. I started to realize that the popular crowd lived by a different set of rules. The scary thing to me is that I found that I liked being part of that and started to think I was better then everyone else just like they did.

The one thing I have to say is that Scott again was right, this was a very special day and I had a wonderful time. I had become part of the in-crowd, the group my sister and all of her friends would have killed to be part of and well I hadn’t killed to be part of it, just ummm sucked a few cocks, and drank some cum. But I tried not to think about that part of it instead I loved my new popularity. In fact by the end of that day I think there were 20 or more kids who knew my name. Kids who at the end of last school year would have had no idea who I was and now not only did they not know of me as Sherri’s little sister instead it was Scott’s new girlfriend. So I was treated like royalty by everyone even the most well known girls. By everyone except Sara who looked at me with distain. I have to admit I felt bad for her but I wasn’t about to give him back to her. Funny though, just a little of me wondered had she ever been pushed to suck his friend’s cocks. No sooner then that question came to my mind I quickly pushed it out again and tried to enjoy the glorious day.

Scott drove me home from the lake and I hoped my mom wouldn’t notice so I decided to have him drop me off at Lisa’s and I would walk home from there. On the way there he then asked me had I thought anymore about his lovemaking proposal. Before I could protest and tell him why I didn’t want to do that he said quickly, “Think of it this way Tori if you’re with both Mike and I you’re not violating your rule. You’re not supposed to be alone with me, but you will not be as Mike will be there with us. And I’m sure it will be the most memorable first time any girl could ever have. I don’t think too many girls have given up two virginities at one time to two such terrific guys. Think about it!” And with that he kissed me goodnight. And I did just that it was all I could think about.

The next day Scott called me in the morning and invited both me and even Sherri to go to a mini race car track. He told me lots of the kids were going and that we were invited to come along. It didn’t take me much convincing to get mom to let us go and Sherri was very excited. Even more once we got there as she saw so many of the popular kids. The mini car race place looked really fun. The cars are a little bit bigger then go-carts and look like little race cars. Scott of course greeted me with a kiss as soon as I got there. We each got a game card and you use that to track what all you do and to pay for everything you do. Then at the end you pay up for what you have done. Scott first took me to the line to race and before long I was sitting in one of the race cars hearing the instructions from the guy running the races. One of the instructions was that you were not supposed to run into other cars. The guy explained that these were NOT bumper cars and if it was determined that you were bumping intentionally you would be kicked out. A few seconds later we were off to the races. Now I have to admit, not having driven any type of car before I was pretty pathetic at the beginning. Scott started behind me but it wasn’t long before he passed me. I struggled around the track learning to steer and when to slow down or speed up. Even Sherri passed me up. It wasn’t too long before Scott even passed me. Soon the race was over and I came in second to last only ahead of one girl about 9 years old. Mike laughed at me but helped me from my car. Somehow he convinced me to get back in line to take another race. This time I was surprised when he pulled me to a car with a driver and passenger seat. I quickly told him he didn’t need to do that but he told me he was going to teach me how to drive.

This time I started doing better as Scott taught me the importance of where to drive on the track, how to make corners better and when to slow down. He told me that in these cars you didn’t really need the brake until the end of the race. Before long with his advice I was doing pretty well and finished in the middle of the pack. For the next race again Scott returned to driving a car of his own. And I got to start at the front, just purely decided where you are in line, but I was driving great, and was in the lead. At two laps to go, my crap boyfriend, tapped the side of the right rear of my car causing me to spin out. I got turned completely backwards and went from first to worst. I was so, so mad at him for breaking the rule and I know he did it on purpose but he couldn’t stop laughing. He did apologize but it still left me steaming because I would have actually won that race. It still had been a lot of fun.

Besides the cars the place also had video games and even mini golf. So we went to play some of the other games. Mini golf was really fun too, the only problem is don’t play against a star jock. I think Scott is good at every competitive thing there is. He’s not a bad teacher as he was coaching me on the mini golf but it does get frustrating when he just wins every time. Even the video games he seemed to be good at everyone. At least better then me. The place even had a snack bar and we had pizza there it wasn’t too bad. After lunch we raced a few more times and played more games. What I really liked is that my sister did not beat me in any other races. I even caught up to her from way behind in one race. One other thing Scott figured out is that some of the cars are faster then others. So he started watching the races and then helped me get in line in a place and coached me which car to try to get into. I was very proud to be always towards the front of the pack. My last few races I finished ahead of all the other girls.

After one of my races, Scott came and grabbed me and took me back towards the games. I thought he was taking me to play video games again or maybe mini golf. But instead he took me just past the last video game and opened a door without a sign. It was some sort of janitor’s closet with mops and buckets and cleaning supplies. I started to talk, “What are we. . . .” But before I could finish he was kissing me. He was really into it and kissing me passionately and I was so overwhelmed by it that I didn’t realize he was pulling at my clothes at first. He had my blouse unbuttoned and half off my shoulders before I realized it. Within seconds of it being off he had my bra off. He then tugged my skirt down and hooked my panties too. “Scott, nooooo, we’re in a public place,” I protested. But he just finished undressing me saying, “It’s okay baby I just need to see you.” We made out for a while before he pushed on my shoulders telling me, “Kneel.” I wasn’t really happy about it cause it smelled like chemicals but it had been two days since we had did this so I just knelt and immediately started opening his pants and taking him out and started sucking his cock. I felt a little ashamed being naked in the janitor’s closet giving head to my boyfriend. But I guess this was the cost to being the girlfriend to one of the most popular boys in school. I could tell it had been two days since he got to get off because it didn’t take too long before he came. As usual he held my head tight for a few minutes after and then I was horrified as I heard a set of footsteps.

He let go of my head and kept a hand on my shoulder and this guy I had never seen before walked closer. “Baby this is Jose, he’s a friend of mine and I need you to suck him off too, okay,” he said more as a statement then as a question. Jose stepped in front of me and already had his cock out. “Open,” Scott commanded, and against my better judgment I did so. I felt so, so ashamed, here I was completely naked and this guy I never met appears out of nowhere. Not only that he moves in front of me with his cock already out in his hand. Jose was not huge or anything I guess of the cocks I had seen so far he was average but he was very aggressive at moving his hips. He moved them very fast and for once I was kind of glad Scott was holding me from behind. He thrust so hard and fast it actually helped having Scott support my head and back. But then he did something that totally caught me off guard, right before he came he pulled his cock out of his mouth and stroked it two more times with his hand, as I was so stunned by this I just watched until I saw why he did this. His cock then began to squirt his cum right at my face. I barely got my eyes closed in time and tried to turn my head but Scott held me firmly and said, “Its okay baby, let him cum on that pretty face.” And that’s exactly what was happening. Jose shot 4 times squirting me from my forehead, to my nose to my chin. It felt so gross and I had to keep my eyes tight. When he must have been finished I felt Scott’s hands slide down my arms till he had a hold of my wrists. I felt him then gently pull them up behind me bending my elbows. Once he had them behind me he was able to hold both wrists with one hand. I then felt him lean forward I guess to look at me cause he then said, “Wow that looks awesome Jose, you gave her a nice facial.” A minute or two passed before I felt him reach up his finger and carefully wipe cum away from my eyes. “There you go baby you can open your eyes,” he said with what sounded like a smile on his face. “God you look beautiful,” he continued. “Let go,” I protested. “Not yet baby you look too beautiful. I then saw him lift his cell phone up and take a picture. “NOOO Scott,” I protested upset. “It’s just for me baby, its just for me,” he said putting the cell phone away. I couldn’t believe this had happened. There I was totally naked and my own boyfriend got me to give a guy I never met a blow job. I was so, so ashamed. Just s I was thinking about that Jose nodded his head at Scott I guess saying good bye without words and I saw Scott do the same. Then he walked out through the door. Scott carefully kissed my lips just a little peck. “God your amazing. I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” he said shaking his head smiling at me. “Scott let go of me,” I begged looking at him upset. “Not unless you promise not to wipe your face yet. It needs to dry a little more,” he replied kissing my lips quickly again. I watched him reach up a finger to my face and smear a thick place of cum around. “Taste it, baby,” he said pushing his finger into my lips. I got a quick nasty taste of Jose’s cum before jerking my head to the side. “Now don’t be a bitch Tori, relax its okay, I love you more then anyone in the world,” he said. I hated this because I was so angry at him yet then he said something like that. I didn’t know what to think of my boyfriend.

“Tori, I want to give you something very special but to do so I have to let go of your hands, if I do I want you to promise me one simple thing,” he said continuing on, “When I let go I want you not to move, to let me give you my gift first, I want you to not wipe your face for two minutes, then if you still want to wipe it off you can. Will you do that for me and trust me for two minutes?” I thought about what he was saying and I was still upset he was even asking me this but I also wanted him to let go and he didn’t seem to be doing so. I nodded wanting him to let go of my arms. “Promise,” he asked? I nodded again. “Say it,” he added. “Okay I promise,” I replied. “Just two minutes,” he said showing me his watch. “Then if you don’t like my gift if you want to you can wipe,” he continued. I nodded again. He then slowly let go of my arms and stepped back in front of me. He then reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box, a jewelry store type of box. He opened it up showing me a black silk choker with a single pearl hanging from it. “This choker once attached on the back of your neck represents my never ending love and dedication to you. It represents a continuing circle without an end like my love for you. This pearl belonged to my grandmother and I promise you has a high value it is a real pearl from the sea,” he said. As he said this he pulled the bottom of the inside of the jewelry box out and under it was a little piece of paper. He continued, “This is an appraisal of that pearl from two days ago, it’s worth $950 and I want you to wear it for me as long as you are willing to be my girlfriend.” As he said this he leaned in to put it around my neck. Right before attaching it he asked me, “Do you accept this as a representation of my unending love for you? As long as you wear it, it means you will do everything you can to make me happy and that I will stay exclusive to you.”

I looked at him stunned fighting back tears not really sure what to say. His arms still around me behind me holding it he then asked, “Well?” I let out a little giggle realizing I left him there like that with his arms around me, I wanted to answer verbally but couldn’t because I was afraid I’d cry so I just nodded. With that he hooked the choker in place. Then pulled back his arms and smiled at me. “I love you,” he said softly. My mind was spinning and I almost forgot I was still there completely naked, with cum on my face and yet my heart felt so close to him so in love. He then reached up and rubbed a place in my hair. Then he walked to a shelf and picked up a broken mirror. He brought it in front of me and I was able to see the pearl hanging from the black choker around my neck. I also could not see any cum showing on my face it was just a little shiny. He picked up my clothes and began to help me dress. He then picked up the jewelry box and the paper putting it back in his pocked and as soon as that was done he pulled me by the hand out through the door. We barely were back in the game room when we ran into my sister.

“Where have you been, I’m ready to go,” she asked? My heart was pounding wondering if she could tell cum was on my face. “Sorry we were walking around outside,” I replied. “Well can we get going,” she asked? I looked at Scott. He nodded and said, “Yeah just let me take care of the bill.” He then pulled his player card out and put his hand out for mine, I handed it to him a little surprised having brought money to pay for my own games. Then he really surprised me and put his hand out for Sherri’s player card. “You don’t have to do that, “she said. To which he replied, “I want to,” and flashed her his handsome smile. “Thanks,” she said handing him her card. I waited there by Sherri just half watching Scott. He walked over to the register and I ALMOST didn’t notice the person behind the counter. Then my eyes went there completely and I even stepped that way just a bit. The cashier was Jose. I watched stunned. Scott handed him the player cards and Jose swiped them into the computer. Then he nodded at Scott, who waived by and turned and headed our direction. I kept starring trying to think if there was anyway that maybe Scott had handed him a credit card but I never saw it, nor any cash. “Alright all taken care of,” he said as he got to us and took my hand and started heading towards the door. Sherri must have thought nothing of it and out the door we went. Scott kissed me goodbye at our car and headed to his own. I couldn’t help wondering what paid for our games. That was my thought to keep me awake that night.


Scott ended up working the next couple of days a lot of hours so I actually had a few summer days all to myself. Sherri seemed happy that she got to spend the day with lots of the popular kids and since she was with me and Scott they treated her pretty nice. When I thought about the public side of my relationship with Scott I felt so good about myself. Here I was just going to be a freshman, and the senior starting varsity football quarterback was my boyfriend. Wasn’t his girlfriend supposed to be the head cheerleader or something, not a new skinny freshman with braces on her teeth. What I kept having to push out of my mind though were the things I had been doing privately with my new boyfriend: sucking his cock, swallowing his cum, drinking his pee, sucking his best friend’s cock, swallowing his best friend’s cum, and then over time sucking three other guys cocks. From just the short amount of time since I talked to him at the pool I have gone from sweet innocent who had never even French kissed a boy to a girl who had now sucked five guys’ cocks. I shuddered as I thought about it. But was that the price of being his girlfriend. Was this what it took to be the quarterback’s girlfriend.

The days seemed to pass so dreadfully slow and I had to admit that he had be so consuming my life. I hardly remembered what it was like before Scott and honestly I was a bit embarrassed cause when I thought of it I remembered being so much less mature riding my bike with my girlfriends talking about hot movie and TV starts. Living in fantasy land that if we ever met any of them they would give us the time of day. Actually they would probably be just like Scott wanting the same grown up types of things. I was a little nervous when my mother noticed me wearing the choker every day. She asked where it came from and again I decided to tell the truth since lies are so much harder to explain. I did tell one little white lie about the pearl probably not being anything other then costume jewelry knowing he had told me and shown me it was real. Thank goodness she didn’t seem to make too big a deal of it.

I was a little surprised when my mom told me that I had permission to go out Friday evening with Scott, Mike and Lisa. I was not only surprised that I found this out from my mom but that Lisa and Mike were going to be with us. She had set an 11:00 PM curfew for me and he promised her I would be home on time. Scott called me later that day and I asked him what I should wear and he told me to dress very casual, jeans and a shirt. But to not eat lunch and be over to his house by 4:00 PM.

Friday couldn’t come fast enough and I made sure to get to Scott’s house on time. He took me up to his room and I was stunned when I saw what he had for me up there. The reason he told me to dress casual is that he had gotten me a dress to wear. And Oh my God that dress. It was like a prom dress, red with lots of sequence, halter top with a strap going around my neck plunging into a low V in front, the V going all the way to the base of my chest, the back was bare all the way down to my waist and the hem was only a few inches below my butt. He had a brand new pair of sheer to top nude pantyhose and 4.25 inch matching red pumps. I tried everything on and it fit well. The heels were higher then any I had ever worn and murder on the feet but I didn’t mention it at all. Shortly after I had tried on my outfit Mike showed up sure enough with Lisa in tow. Her dress was much more conservative, light blue fitted around the bust with sketti straps and it came down a least a little closer to mid thigh. I could tell she was very excited to be there and that made me that much more excited too.

Scott had arranged a black SUV to pick us up with a driver, not quite a limo but very nice. We went off to the five star hotel in town and went to its fine dining restaurant. We received very beautifully printed menu cards but not to order from just showing us the four courses of dinner we would be eating. They seated us in a private room off the main dining room and the service was unreal. I was surprised we were served a bottle of wine I’m not sure how he pulled that one off but it happened none the less. I do have to admit I love wine as it made me relax very quickly. We had arrived at the restaurant at 5:00 PM and dinner lasted two full hours. I didn’t want the meal to end and I wondered why we had come here quite so early since I had till 11:00 PM it didn’t take me too much longer to figure it out though. After dinner Scott and I went a separate way from Mike and Lisa which caught me by surprise. Scott was walking around showing me around the hotel and then headed us to a private elevator. The elevator only went to the top floor and I was feeling cold and nervous as we exited it and went to a door and Scott opened it with a key. He surprised me even more when after opening the door he picked me up and carried me inside using his foot to close the door behind him. He set me down and kissed me passionately for a while. Then he walked me over to a balcony and opened the balcony door where we went outside. The sun was just setting and I was stunned at the view from the balcony. We kissed and made out on the balcony for a while too. Then he whispered something in my ear that made me more nervous although I didn’t know what to say or do in response. He whispered, “Its time, okay?” and then hugged me firmly.

I knew what he meant by this but oh my God I was so scared I really didn’t know what to do. We kissed a bit more before he took my hand and walked me back inside through the living room into the bedroom part of the suite. I was startled and about jumped out of my shoes as we walked into the bedroom and I looked with my peripheral vision there sitting in a corner on a chair only in a white hotel bathrobe was Mike. “I don’t know Scott!” I said so, so scared. “It’s your mothers rule and it will make it very special I promise.”

My mind was racing, I had certainly had conversations with my girlfriends about sex and all. Some girls I knew were doing anal, to avoid the risk of pregnancy but no one I knew had ever mentioned nor do I think would have thought of having a guy in both places at once. I had heard that the big negative to anal was that it could be painful and of course most girls first times at intercourse are also painful. So what did it mean for me to have it all happen at once. While I was doing all that thinking Scott was getting undressed down to his boxers and I realized that other then in his swimsuit it’s the most of him I’d seen. “It’s gonna be alright baby I promise,” he said to me softly starting to unfasten the dress at my neck. Before I realized it that was at my ankles and he was working the pantyhose down, then pulling off each pump then the hose off my feet and I was completely naked.

The bed had already been turned down and I have to say he picked a really nice setting for this but I just was so scared. He folded the bedding back just a bit more then lifted me laying me on the bed. He got in behind me and as I watched him do so, I felt the bed shift on the other side and felt Mike get in as well. I started to turn my head to look over at Mike but Scott caught my chin before I did and kissed my lips again. “Just pretend its just us baby,” he said kissing me softly again and I felt Mike get in close behind me. I was laying on my side facing Scott with Mike behind me when I felt Scott’s hand go to my butt cheek and pull. I then felt something I knew was Mike’s cock push against my butt and end up at the hole. My heart was pounding in my chest. Scott then lifted my top knee up bent and moved closer too until I felt his cock touch against my sex. I kept my leg where he’d positioned it and I felt his hand go down and move his cock up and down my sex. Soon I felt my lips down there part and felt him touch the entry to my womanhood. He kissed my lips one more time softly then I heard him say one word, “Push.” He was talking to Mike but before I fully realized that I felt painful pressure at both my openings. “Push,” he said again as both their cocks had just gotten firmer against me on the first, the second however made both my holes open a bit and I let out a grown of pain. “Push,” he said again and this time I let out a loud groan as I felt penetration in both places, it really hurt. “It’s okay baby just try to relax, try to let us inside you,” he coached and said the word again, “Push.” This time I let out a sob and it felt like I was tearing down there and I’m not so sure I wasn’t as the two cocks stretched both tiny holes sooooo much. I felt Mike from behind put an arm down onto my tummy and Scott put one around my back and without words again I felt them both push inside me. I felt like I was being torn wide open, just as I didn’t think it could be worse Scott said one word, “Now,” and both of them pushed hard against me. I felt like a knife had just been pushed up inside my sex and like a steel pipe had just gone up my butt not fully realizing Scott had just popped my cherry. I didn’t even realize how loud I screamed with that thrust but Scott told me later he was afraid someone would call the police. In a slow rhythm they both continued to push against me working deeper and deeper into my body. I realized I was crying but that never slowed them at all. They just kept pushing every couple of moments until it felt as if both there hips were against mine. Scott shocked me even more as he rolled me on my back on top of Mike and as he did so he was able to get his arms under both knees lifting them up to almost my shoulders. He then pushed down hard with his hips shoving deeper inside me and pushing me harder on Mike pushing him deeper inside my butt. I then felt them start to move their hips stroking their cocks inside my body. I was no longer a virgin of any kind. I think they were trying to go slow and gentle but it hurt so much I’m not sure it would have mattered I felt all but torn in half but they kept moving their bodies inside mine. “Your amazing and I love you,” Scott said as I felt our bodies bounce on the bed.

So this was it, the thing that everyone makes such a big deal about. And here I was not with one special guy but with two guys my boyfriend and his best friend. For some reason my boyfriend wanted me with two guys at once. So here I was wanting to be so grown up, with two older guys inside me at the same time. Then I felt their intensity growing and the pace increase. And suddenly Scott was pushing harder against me which forced me against Mike harder. His hands slid down my legs from my knees to my ankles and then he pushed them to the bed pinning them up by my head and harder he pushed. I was then stunned as I felt Mike squirt inside my butt feeling his cum squirt into my bowels. My mind realizing for the first time there was no protection like they had lectured at school over and over to use a condom. But my boyfriend’s best friend sprayed his fluids into my body deep in my butt hole. Scott’s next several strokes just made him squirt that much more as I felt him squirt 4 more times. My body tensed thinking about protection more and the possibility of pregnancy as I was about to say something to Scott it was too late as he squirted his seed into my unprotected womb. Five full strokes, pumping five full squirts deep inside me. On the last he pushed his body hard onto me like he pulls my head into him when he cums in my mouth but this time all his over 200 pounds of body weight pushing hard against me. He held us there like that and I could hardly breath, feeling them both so deep still inside me. The pressure in my butt lessening some but I could still feel him inside me. Finally he let off some saying, “You were wonderful baby I love you with all my heart.” Even though the pressure let off he still held us there like that a bit longer. Then finally he rolled back on the side pulling me with him. I felt both their cocks withdraw. Mike got out of the bed first going to the bathroom leaving the door open I heard him pee. When he came back into the room I started to get up to go do the same but Scott grabbed me, “Not yet baby I want you to hold it as long as you can, keep it inside you.” Mike got back into bed behind me and Scott told him to hold me as he then got out to go to the bathroom to pee. When he came back I told him I really had to go so he walked with me into the bathroom and gently guided me onto the toilet. He kissed me as I peed which felt very weird. Then I wiped and he picked me up and carried me back to bed as we got there I saw my virgin blood on the sheets and it made me feel kinda sick but Scott just put me down there anyway. He crawled back in too facing me towards him and they both cuddled close to me. We all laid there till about 10:20 PM and then got up. Scott had a bag sitting under the dresser and pulled it out. In there were the clothes I had warn to his house including some of my panties. Mike put the robe on and headed into the other room. Before he dressed me he had me sit on the edge of the bed naked, I didn’t realize why till it was too late but he pulled out his phone and took a picture of me sitting on the bed with the sheets with my virgin blood. He then dressed me first before dressing himself. Then Scott got dressed and picked up our belongings. We then headed out of the room to the private elevator. We walked outside and the SUV was there waiting for us again. The driver opened the door and Scott and I got into the back. He held me close and smooched my cheek and told me again he loved me. Mike teasingly also said, “I love you toooooo,” and made smoochy faces at both Scott and I. The car dropped me off first but before I got out Scott asked me to breakfast at his house at 8:00 AM. I told him I’d see if I could, he then kissed me goodbye and good night. I made it home safe 20 minutes before my curfew. I made a point to say hi to my mom so she’d know I was back and she asked if I had a good time. I told her I had, not wanting to talk long scared to death my face would give away what I’d done. I went to the bathroom to go pee again and glad that I had as I was still bleeding. I put in a pad and put on my pajamas and turned on my music and laid on my bed. I was no longer a virgin and had lost two in one night. I wasn’t real sure what to think of myself but I tried not to think too much except for his words, “I love you.”

Continued in chapter 4


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The Aftermath 5

Jim had been pacing for an hour now, after destroying their invasion fleet, they'd set out after the only remaining ship of the Krang fleet. Mary and Amber had watched him almost the whole time Jim if you don't sit I am going to knock the shit out of you, I can't take much more of your pacing, Mary almost snarled. Jim quickly sat in the command chair trying not to look at Mary, sorry Mary I hate this waiting, I have nothing on tap to do nothing to work on, you know I hate being idle. I realise that Jim...


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Abby’s Erotic Assignment

I had been at my middle school for several years and had built up a reputation of challenging my students intellectually, especially in the area of dramatic literature. Many students went on to a city-wide high school that was exceptional . . . even noteworthy nation-wide. One of those students . . . Abby was by far my favorite. She had actually spent her elementary years in Canada and the education she received was outstanding. Although the situation I am about to describe . . . took place when she was 14, I had the pleasure of having her for three...


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The Girl Behind the Wall

I was in my second year of college when I met her. Kacey lived in the dorm next to me, but I'd never seen her. I only knew her by the name on the door and what I heard that first night. I sat in my bed getting ready to go to sleep. By bed was pushed tight up against the wall, and thats when I heard it; a soft sexy little moan from the other side of the wall. I brushed off the first sound but as I heard the second, a bit louder and longer I began to imagine...


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Sister Fun (Pt1)_(0)

Clubbing in the city isn’t so bad you tell your friends when they keep asking why you do it, ‘Why do I do it?’ you ask yourself for the tenth time as you and you sister stand on the crowded platform waiting for the tube home. Both dressed in skirts that are almost too short for decency and tight tops, your sister has always complained that you don’t wear a bra ever, your breasts firm large and almost falling out of the lower cut neck line. 11pm and you can’t believe how many people are still travelling, you see her jump...


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Bug Chasing - Cruising For AIDS

It was hard for me, at first, to understand why I felt this way. I loved the way I craved bareback cock in my faggot asshole, I loved how much I wanted every cock that fucked my gay pussy to empty load upon load of hot, gooey, molten cum deep inside my throbbing and aching man pussy. But wait, that wasn’t what I was having trouble understanding. What happened was, as I began my cock-riding career back at the tender age of 14, it was the early 70’s, still some of that free love, drugs, sex and all that still wafted...


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Where's your father, Alicia Mead asked her daughter Nancy, I'm getting awfully tired of trying to keep track of that man!?! The last time I saw him was up in the bathroom, Nancy replied while pouring herself a glass of orange juice, he was scrubbing the floor around the toilet!!! He should have been done with that long ago, Alicia said irritably, if I find out he's been screwing off, I'll make him wish he damned well hadn't!!! Aw, take it easy on him, mom, Nancy said between sips of juice, he's doing the best he can, after all, you're pretty...


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