Dad's Mind-Controlled Daughters Chapter 6: Best Daddy's Mother-Daughter Consult

Dad's Mind-Controlled Daughters Chapter 6: Best Daddy's Mother-Daughter Consult

Dad's Mind-Controlled Daughters

Chapter Six: Best Daddy's Mother-Daughter Consult

A Belt Buckle Mind-Control Story

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2021

Notes: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

“The doctor's running a little bit behind,” the nurse said as we sat in the waiting room of Dr. Sharma's office. She was my daughter's OB/GYN. Since they were all pregnant, they all had to go see her. But never at the same day, of course. Dr. Sharma was too busy to get them all in at the same day. I had been here two days ago with Sarah and would be back tomorrow with Janelle. It was my youngest daughter, Tonya, who was here for her checkup.

Four months in and she was just starting to show. She had the beginning of her “baby bump” as my daughters liked to put it.

“How much is a little?” Tonya asked, the eighteen-year-old girl sitting beside me in a pleated skirt and a tank top that molded to her round breasts. They were looking plumper as her pregnancy progressed. Sarah, my middle daughter, still had tiny tits but her older and younger sister were growing bigger and fuller boobs.

“Oh, forty-five minutes,” the nurse said, almost mumbling.

“What?” my daughter gasped, squirming. “But... but...”

“Sorry,” she said. “These things happen especially with the last few appointments of the day.” The nurse glanced at the mother and daughter sitting beside us. “Sorry, it'll be longer for you two.”

“I knew we came too early,” the mother said. She sat beside me, a brunette woman in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, a wedding ring gleaming. She was a busty woman. A MILF. I rather enjoyed married women and their daughters. The girl was eighteen or nineteen, petite like Sarah. She looked nervous. Her first gynecologist visit? “Sorry, Molly.”

The girl just shrugged and stared at her phone.

“Ugh,” Tonya moaned, squirming beside me. She wore her blonde hair in her usual pigtails, her blue eyes squeezing shut. Then she stood up. “Well, if that's how long we have to wait, we have time to fuck, Daddy.”

“Oh, sure,” I said.

No one would object. Thanks to the belt buckle's magic, people just accepted that even a good dad could have sex with his daughter, and the best dad, me, could fuck his daughters wherever he wanted. No one would bat an eye. I had enjoyed my daughters in some very public places. They were eager for it.

I had been scared the first few times, but after four months with this power, I had grown used to it. So I just smiled at the mother beside me when she glanced over at my daughter undoing my belt buckle. The woman returned a polite smile and a nod.

“Oh, gonna enjoy my daddy's dick!” purred Tonya. My belt buckle rustled open then she attacked my jeans. In moments, she had my fly open and reached into my boxers.

Already hardening, I swelled to my full girth in her hand. She pulled me out. The woman beside me let out a small gasp at my size. She shifted, a touch of color in her cheeks as Tonya stroked me, a look of pride on her face. A smug delight in my size.

Then she released my cock and grabbed the hem of her tank top. She peeled it up, exposing the slight curve of her pregnant belly, and then her round breasts popped out. Her nipples were a little larger and a darker shade of pink. Her pigtails swayed as she threw her t-shirt down.

“Skirt on or off, Daddy?” she asked. “I'm not wearing any panties.”

“Off,” I groaned. “I love seeing that bald twat sliding over my dick.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“Such a well-behaved daughter,” I heard one of the other waiting women say.

My Tonya was very well-behaved. All my daughters would do anything I told them to, even things they would have been huffy and annoyed to do before this all happened. Now they all did their chores without complaint. No, they did them with a smile, happy when I would praise them.

Tonya slid her skirt off her hips and let it fall down her sleek thighs. She kept her pussy shaved, her bald twat gleaming with her excitement. A landing strip of golden curls led to the top of her cunt. I breathed in her tart aroma, savoring the incestuous scent.

She straddled me, just squeezing her thighs into the chair around me. She grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy. She leaned down and let it slide into her cunt. I groaned at the feeling of that. It was amazing.

“Goddamn,” I groaned as she swallowed inch after inch of my dick. “I love your pussy, honey.”

“I love your cock, Daddy,” she whimpered as more and more of her pregnant pussy slid down my cock.

It was heaven having one of my daughters' twats around my dick. They all felt so amazing. I loved them all. Janelle, Sarah, and Tonya were all so important to me. And they were all pregnant with girls, the magic, I suspected.

She bottomed out on me. My hands grabbed her ass. I squeezed her butt-cheeks and then groaned as she slid up me, her cute tush flexing beneath my fingers. The pleasure of her pussy massaging my cock soaked through my nuts and my body.

Tonya impaled her cunt down me. My daughter rode me with that forbidden twat. I was the only one that seemed to remember incest was wrong. The only one not under the spell of the belt buckle. I groaned, savoring this delight. My daughter's cunt worked up and down my dick.

“I love your cock, Daddy!” Tonya moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that's such a big and thick dick.”

The nurse called for the next patient. A middle-aged woman who glanced at us and gave us a warm smile. I grinned back at her as I enjoyed my daughter's pregnant pussy sliding up and down my dick. I had performed the most taboo act in the world and bred my daughters.

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned. “Work that pregnant twat up and down my dick. Mmm, yes, yes, you're hungry for your daddy's cum.”

“Always!” she moaned, her blonde pigtails dancing as her cunt slid up and down my dick.

She held me tight with that silky cunt. It was amazing. My face contorted with delight. I savored her riding me with that naughty cunt. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock. I climbed closer and closer to cumming in her.

Closer and closer to spilling every drop of my cum into her pussy. It would be amazing. I shuddered and groaned, the ache building in my nuts. I loved this, the pressure in my balls swelling and swelling with every second.

“Damn,” I groaned. “Goddamn, that's amazing. Tonya, honey, work that cunt up and down my dick.”

“Yes, Daddy!”

The woman beside me shifted, watching. “You have such a well-behaved daughter.”

“Thanks,” I groaned. “She used to be a brat, but now...”

“Now I love my daddy's cock and just want to make him happy!” Tonya moaned. “He's the best daddy ever!”

“Mmm, I can see how much you love him,” said the woman. “My Molly would never have sex with her father, let alone in public.”

“My dad can change that,” moaned Tonya, her pussy gripping me. “He's a specialist in daddy/daughter relationships. He can get any girl to fuck her daddy. He's the best dad ever!”

“I believe that,” the woman moaned, her jeans pressing tight. Her large breasts rose and fell in her shirt.

I glanced at Tonya. She winked a blue eye at me.

“God, I love you,” I groaned.

“Daddy!” she squealed in delight and then kissed me on the mouth.

Her boobs rubbed into my chest now as she worked her cunt up and down my cock. I shuddered, loving her cunt squeezing about my dick. She felt amazing. I loved every moment of it. It was so hot to feel. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest as she worked more and more of that cunt up and down my shaft.

I moaned into the kiss, my balls tightening with a load of cum. My daughter's tongue danced with mine, her rump flexing beneath my fingers. Her cunt squeezed about my cock. She held me tight. She massaged me with that amazing cunt of hers. She felt so awesome about me. I shuddered, her cunt squeezing tight about my dick.

The ache grew at the tip. Her pussy massaged the crown of my cock, bringing me closer and closer to erupting. Closer and closer to spurting all my jizz into her body. I would pump her full of all that cum in me. It would be incredible. I shuddered, loving every second of it, The ache built and built in my nuts.

I broke the kiss and groaned, “Damn, Tonya.”

“Daddy, Daddy, are you going to cum in my young pussy?”

“What do you think?”

“That you're the best dad ever!” she moaned. “You're going to give me all that jizz in the world.”

“See, Molly,” the woman said to her daughter. “That could be you and your father!”

Molly didn't answer while I just groaned, savoring the delight of Tonya's cunt working up and down my dick. She felt so incredible. I shuddered, savoring that wonderful delight of her snatch bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

I gripped my daughter's ass tight then started pumping her cunt up and down my dick. I worked her up and down my shaft, her pussy squeezing me. She moaned, her boobs rubbing into my chest. She nuzzled into my ear.

“Daddy, I want you to cum in me,” she moaned. “Flood my bred pussy. I want to be dripping in cum when Dr. Sharma examines me.”

“God, yes,” I groaned as she slammed her cunt down my dick. “Cum on my cock, Tonya. Let me feel that little pussy going wild.”

“Yes, Daddy!” she moaned.

My daughter impaled her forbidden cunt down my dick. I groaned as she took me to the hilt. I squeezed my eyes shut as she held me tight. Then her pussy went wild around my cock. She squealed into my ear as her climax washed through her.

I savored that cunt writhing around my shaft. The silky massage of my daughter's cunt around my cock sent pleasure reaching down to my balls. They grew hotter and hotter as her silky flesh massaged my dick.

“Daddy, Daddy, cum in me!” Tonya howled, throwing back her head. “Flood my bred cunt with more of your seed. Yes, yes, yes!”

I groaned and erupted.


Pleasure shot out of my dick and basted her pussy. My cum flooded my daughter's spasming depths. Her silky flesh rejoiced, convulsing harder around my dick. My balls emptied themselves as the rapture slammed into my mind.

I growled through the bliss of erupting into my youngest daughter's cunt. I pumped Tonya full of my spunk. I spurted over and over into her twat. The pleasure pummeled my mind with ecstatic blows. I snarled as I hit the peak.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” my daughter moaned, her pussy rippling around me. “Mmm, you're the best. The absolute best daddy ever.”

“Thank you,” I groaned, panting.

She smiled at me.

My daughter nuzzled in and kissed me. Her hot lips worked on mine while her pussy rippled a few more times. A spasm or two of delight. I groaned, loving every second of it, my body blazing with the high of cumming in her.

Then Tonya broke the kiss and glanced over at the woman. “Hi, I'm Tonya, and this is my dad. He's Mr. Daniels, and you are Missus...?”

“Janet,” she said. “Janet Loves.”

“Well, Mrs. Loves,” Tonya said and reached over to her purse. She pulled out one of our cards and thrust it over. “As you can see, we are consultants in the very problem your daughter is having.”

“'Best Dad's Daughter Services,'” Mrs. Loves read, her eyes scanning over it. “'Showing young girls how to love their daddies!' Huh. I didn't know that was a service.”

“There was a niche, and Daddy fills it,” my daughter said and giggled, her pussy clenching down on my dick.

“Normally, it's $300, but it seems we have time,” I said. “I can give you and your daughter a free consultation.”

“Yes, we have to have your participation, Mrs. Loves,” added my daughter. She knew I liked fucking the married MILFs. That I got off on cuckolding their husbands. “Without it, I'm afraid, it won't work. Your daughter just won't love her daddy the way he deserves. She'll miss out on this wonderful bonding opportunity.”

“Oh, no,” said Mrs. Loves. “What do you need for me.”

“Well.” Tonya gave me a big grin. There were several ways to get a girl interested in sex with her father. Most involved fucking her mother in front of her. “Nine out ten girls want to lick their daddy's cum out of their mommy's pussies while their daddies are fucking their cunts.”

“Oh, my,” Mrs. Loves said, her thighs pressing tight. “You mean, she'll have sex with me, too.”

“Daddies love watching their little girls eat out their wives' pussies and vice versa,” my daughter purred. “You know, guys dig that lesbian stuff. Your husband is no exception. So, what do you say?”

“Um, sure,” Mrs. Loves said.

“Then we'll do some roleplay,” I said. “You can demonstrate to your daughter how to eat a creampie by devouring my daughter's pussy, and I'll stand-in for your husband. I'll fuck you in the cunt so your daughter will have a creampie to devour from your pussy and see how amazing it is. Then, when you go home tonight, you and your daughter can give your husband a big surprise.”

“You're going to... fuck me?” Mrs. Loves asked, her eyes flicking down to where my daughter's pussy engulfed my cock.

“Yep!” Tonya rose off my dick.

Mrs. Loves bit her lower lip as she watched more and more of my big cock emerge from my daughter's cunt. With a loud plop, Tonya popped off and clapped a hand over her pussy. She sat down in her seat, boobs jiggling.

Mrs. Loves's hazel eyes grew glossy. “I'll... I'll do it. For my daughter, of course.”

“Right, right,” I said, letting her have her little lie.

“Mom,” gasped Molly. She was a brunette, too, a younger version of her mature mother.

“Oh, honey, it's for you and your father to be close,” she said as I stood up. A few of the waiting women glanced at my cock, shifting in their seats.

“Mrs. Loves,” I said, holding out my hand to her. “If you would.”

She swallowed and then took my hand. I helped her stand up, her boobs having a nice bounce beneath her t-shirt. I grabbed the hem and pulled it off of her. She shuddered as I worked it over her breasts. She thrust her arms up in the air.

Her daughter squirmed as she watched, looking shocked that her mother would do this. I grinned at her and winked, pulling off her mother's top. I tossed it down on my vacated chair. A gray bra held Mrs. Loves large breast. It was a simple but not plain cut, gathering her boobs into a nice cleavage.

“Mom,” Molly objected again as my hands slid around her mother's sides, following the bra band.

“Honey, he's a professional,” Mrs. Loves said. Her hand grabbed my cock, stroking up and down my wet dick. “Yes, yes, he's clearly very skilled at this. Don't you want to reward your father for being such a good provider? A wonderful daddy.”

“I mean...” Molly squirmed. “It's just... I'm not... It's scary.”

“It's really not anything scary,” said Tonya. “It's amazing. Having your dad's dick in you while you lick his cum out of a mother's or sister's pussy is awesome. I lick Daddy's jizz out of my two older sisters every day. I love it. You will, too.”

I unhooked the bra, Mrs. Loves's hand sliding up and down my cock, her hazel eyes staring down at it with hunger. I pulled the straps off her shoulders and down her arms. She had to let go of my dick to take it off while her large tits came into view.

I couldn't help but grab them. I fondled them, loving the feel of another man's wife. I kneaded Mrs. Loves's tits as she moaned. Her hand found my cock again, her palm sliding up and down the slick shaft.

Her touch felt amazing on the tip.

“Mmm, you're going to help your daughter see how amazing fucking her daddy is,” I groaned.

“Oh, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Mmm, please, please be an amazing stand-in for Tim.”

Tim... I smiled. “Gladly. Just pretend I'm your husband and enjoy yourself.”

“That'll be hard,” she groaned. “To pretend you're my husband.” She squeezed down on me, her eyes so bright.

“Mom,” whimpered Molly.

“Just watch, honey,” she moaned, my hands kneading her big tits. “Just pretend it's your father fucking me. Pumping me full of his cum so you can lick it all out of me while he fucks you.”

“But, Mom,” Molly groaned, looking around.

“It's fine, it's fine,” the mother purred.

“Yes, yes, fine,” I groaned, squeezing her boobs. “No one minds you learning how to be a perfect daughter for your daddy.”

“Yep,” Tonya said.

I slid my hands from Mrs. Loves's boobs and sank to the floor before her. She groaned as her hand slid off my cock. Then she licked her palm, tasting my daughter's tart cream. I attacked the fastener of her jeans. They popped open. Her zipper rasped down. She had on teal panties. The type that came in a pack of colorful underwear.

My wife, Mary, would buy those packs before she passed away.

I pulled Mrs. Loves's jeans down her thighs as the nurse called for another of the waiting women. I glanced over at her, and the nurse just smiled at us, not saying a word of objection. My belt buckle's power was supreme.

With her jeans bunched around her ankles, I hooked her panties. I kissed at her stomach as I pulled down her panties. I followed them, smooching down into her bush. Her curls spilled over my face. They felt wonderful on my features. I smooched lower and lower, the curls spilling over my lips and cheeks.

I found her pussy lips.

I kissed right on her clit.

She groaned as I did that, tasting her tangy juices. She groaned as I licked her, shuddering. Her big boobs jiggled over my head as my tongue lapped through her married folds. The taste of her was exciting. My dick throbbed.

I licked through her married folds, savoring the tangy flavor of her pussy. I stroked through her folds, loving the silky texture against my tongue. She shuddered, her boobs jiggling over my head as I lapped at her flesh.

“Mr. Daniels,” she groaned. “Oh, wow.”

“Mmm, you have a delicious cunt, Mrs. Loves. I hope your husband appreciates it.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned.

I thrust my tongue into her married depths, loving the flavor of her. It was an exciting delight. I fluttered my tongue through her folds. I licked and lapped at her, caressing her. She tasted so good. Just delicious.

My tongue swirled about in Mrs. Loves pussy. Her ticklish curls massaged my face. My dick throbbed as I devoured her. She moaned, her boobs swaying above me in such a wonderful way. I would fuck her cunt hard. She would cum and cum and cum.

I would savor cuckolding her husband.

“Daddy,” Tonya whimpered. “We have to give Molly the lesson.”

“Yes, yes, I'm so wet,” Mrs. Loves said. “I need you to pump my pussy full of cum.” She shuddered. “For my daughter, of course.”

“Of course,” I said, winking at her.

Mrs. Loves trembled. I pulled my lips from her pussy and stood up. I stepped out of the way. She sank to her knees and bent over. Tonya scooted her rump right to the edge of the chair, her hands rubbing at her little baby bump. The position seemed to enhance the curve of her pregnancy.

She looked so happy as she gazed at me, her round breasts jiggling. I grinned back at her, loving the sight of her happy smile. I winked at her. She grinned back at me with such impudence, her eyes twinkling.

Then she gasped, “Mrs. Loves! Ooh, ooh, lick my daddy's cum out of my pussy. Yes, yes, just like that. Ooh, wow, that's good. That's sooooo good! I love it! I love it so much!”

“Uh-huh,” Mrs. Loves moaned, wiggling her rump. “Oh, Molly, just imagine me licking your cunt clean of your Daddy's cum.”

Molly watched us, her cherubic face red. She squirmed, looking uncomfortable. Her pussy must be getting all sorts of itchy. Wet and aching for a cock. Her daddy's cock. I couldn't wait to fuck her and show her the delights she would have with her father.

I fell to my knees behind her mother, my cock slapping down into Mrs. Loves's plump rump. She moaned, her brown hair spilling over my daughter's thighs. She feasted on my little girl. She licked that cunt with hunger, devouring Tonya.

“Oh, that's it, Mrs. Loves,” moaned Tonya. “lick all my daddy's cum out of my pussy. Mmm, just lap that tongue through my folds. That's it. That's so good.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, sliding the tip of my cock down Mrs. Loves's butt-crack, moving lower and lower to her married pussy. “Eat her. Devour her.”

“It's so good,” moaned Mrs. Loves. “Oh, Molly, this is delicious. Cum in pussy... I had no idea. Me and you are going to be licking your dad's cum out of each others' pussies.”

“Mom,” whimpered her daughter.

She still squirmed, looking so cute as I brought my dick to her mother's bush. Those silky curls spilled over the crown of my cock. I groaned at that ticklish sensation. Then my dick pressed into the married woman's hot folds. She moaned into my daughter's cunt.

Mrs. Loves was so eager for my dick. So aching for my big shaft. I teased her, sliding up and down her folds. She groaned, her head moving. I groaned and then I pushed against her cuntlips. Her labia spread over my dick.

“Oh, god, yes,” Mrs. Loves moaned as I slid into her cunt. “That's so good! Yes!”

I sank into her pussy. I groaned as inch after inch of my dick vanished into her cunt. It was such a silky paradise. I groaned, loving every moment of sliding into her. I shuddered, my dick throbbing and aching. Her cunt swelled over me. She engulfed me with her married twat.

I bottomed out in her. I groaned at the feel of her snatch wrapped around me. She was so amazing. She felt so incredible. I groaned, loving every second of her snatch clenching about me. It was amazing. I shuddered, savoring that delight.

I drew back my hips. I shuddered, loving the way her cunt gripped me. That hot pussy held me tight. I thrust into her cunt. I plunged away at her pussy. She shuddered, her twat gripping me with that hot flesh.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, pumping away at her twat. “Fuck, that's good!”

“Oh, Mr. Daniels,” Mrs. Loves moaned, her pussy squeezing about my dick. “Oh, stir me up. Fuck me like my husband does with that big dick!”

“Fuck her, Daddy!” my daughter moaned, her eyes so bright and wild.

I grinned at her, thrusting my dick hard into Mrs. Loves's cunt. Her daughter watched, eyes wide, her cherubic cheeks red. She squirmed more, rubbing her hands on her jeans. Her mother moaned into my daughter's cunt, feasting on Tonya.

My daughter squirmed. Her round boobs jiggled as she moved. Her hands rubbed at her baby bump. She caressed over her flesh as she whimpered. Her passion echoed about us. I loved the sounds she made. They were so exciting.

I thrust away at Mrs. Loves's cunt. Her plump rump jiggled from the impacts. She moaned louder, her cunt clenching down on my cock. My hand stroked her body, caressing her silky skin. She felt so delicious beneath my touch as I worked higher and higher.

I brushed her boobs.

Seized them.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh, god, squeeze them like Tim does. Oh, Molly, imagine that I'm eating you out and you're watching your father fuck me.”

“Mom,” whimpered the girl.

“Yes, yes, it's so awesome!” Tonya moaned. Her hands slid up her baby bump to her round tits. She grasped them. “Oh, Molly, your mom's tongue is so deep in my cunt. She's licking out all my daddy's cum. Just every drop.”

“So good,” Mrs. Loves moaned, her cunt squeezing down on my dick.

I groaned, savoring the silky delight of her pussy clenching down on my cock. I pounded her so hard, slamming my dick to the hilt in her married depths. Her hot flesh clung to me. My hands squeezed her boobs. I kneaded them.

They felt so wonderful in my hands. Like Janelle's big boobs or my Mary's. I missed my wife, but I had my daughters. And right now, I had Mrs. Loves's naughty cunt. Her pussy clenched down about me as I fucked into her.

“Oh, my god,” she moaned, her voice muffled by my daughter's pregnant snatch. “Oh, yes, yes, ram that big dick in me. Getting fucked feels so good.”

Molly watched on with her wide, hazel eyes.

I winked at her as I plowed her mother's cunt.

Tonya's whimpers grew louder and louder. Her body trembled. She scrunched up her face, her head tossing. Her fingers dug into her boobs. She moaned, climbing towards her orgasm. She would have a big one.

It would be awesome.

I slammed my big dick hard into Mrs. Loves, wanting the hot wife to make my daughter explode. The married woman moaned into my daughter's cunt. I pictured her tongue lapping through Tonya's folds, brushing her clit, teasing my daughter.

“Mrs. Loves!” my daughter gasped. “Just keep doing that. I'm going to... to... Yes!”

My daughter squealed and bucked. She came, her head tossing back and forth as she climaxed. Her moans echoed through the waiting room. She bucked and shuddered, her face scrunching up from the bliss of her orgasm.

“Mrs. Loves, you naughty mommy!” Tonya howled.

“Goddamn,” I groaned. “Drink my daughter's cunt cream. Molly, that will be you real soon.”

“Yes!” Mrs. Loves moaned, her pussy clenching down on me. “Oh, God, this big dick... Yes!”

Her flesh rippled and writhed around my dick. Her flesh convulsed. The feeling of it was amazing. I groaned, savoring that wonderful cunt writhing around my dick. The passion of it was amazing. The pleasure of it was awesome.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing in her convulsing pussy. Her married flesh sucked at my cock with hunger. I pumped away at her, my nuts tightening. She brought me closer and closer to cumming. I squeezed her tits.

“Cum in me!” she howled, her pussy writhing around me.

“Cum in her, Daddy!” Tonya grinned at me, her face flushed.

“Yes!” I buried to the hilt in Mrs. Loves and erupted.

My cum pumped into her cunt. I flooded her with my seed. My balls emptied themselves into her. I spurted blast after blast of cum into her snatch. I flooded her over and over again. She groaned, as I did. I flooded her with my jizz.

“Flood me with all that spunk!” she moaned. “Molly! Molly! I want you to lick me clean.”

“Yes, Mommy,” whimpered Molly.

I groaned, firing more cum into her mother's cunt. I spurted blast after blast of jizz into her. it was incredible to feel. It was fantastic. I loved every second of it. My cock erupted again and again into her pussy.

“Fuck,” I groaned, spurting a final time. I felt dizzy from the lust. I savored the passion of this moment. “Goddamn, that's great.”

“Molly's turn!” my daughter squealed.

I pulled out of Mrs. Loves's cunt and stood up, shuffling my feet. I still had my jeans and boxers bunched around my ankles. There was only one more woman waiting to see the doctor beside us. She glanced at my cock and shifted, her cheeks hot.

Mrs. Loves stood up and sat down in the chair beside Tonya's. The married woman kicked off her jeans and panties, losing her shoes in the process. She parted her legs, my cum leaking out of her pussy to stain her brown pubic hairs.

My daughter bounced out of her seat and darted past me to reach Molly. She grabbed the girl by the hand and pulled her to her feet. I smiled as my naked, pregnant daughter cupped Molly's face and kissed the girl.

I groaned at the sight of Molly stiffening. My daughter's lips worked against the girl. Tonya wiggled her hips, her plump rump jiggling. She broke the kiss after a moment, leaving Molly licking her lips and looking confused.

“Oh, you're going to love this,” cooed my daughter. “My daddy is amazing at fucking barely legal girls like us. He took my cherry. He's the best daddy in the world. It's on his belt buckle.”

“He does seem... amazing,” Molly said, squirming.

“That's right!” my daughter cooed. “Now, we just have to get this off of you.” She grabbed Molly's t-shirt, blue and with a unicorn prancing before a rainbow on the front. The girl thrust her arms up, her cheeks so red.

Her shirt popped off. Tonya tossed it to the chair and grinned at the white bra the girl wore. It looked delicious on the girl's frame. She was petite and adorable. My daughter pushed up the cups and exposed the little mounds.

“Cute titties!” Tonya squealed. She massaged them and then ducked her head down and suckled on a pink nub.

Molly gasped, her hazel eyes widening. I grinned, knowing the delight of my daughter's sucking mouth on my dick. Holly shuddered. It was no doubt her first time having a girl suckle on her breasts. The cutie shuddered, her face contorting from the pleasure created by the suckling.

My daughter kept massaging those tits, loving them. Tonya was skilled at getting a girl ready for me. All my daughters were. They were just amazing that way. I was a lucky man to have three awesome girls. Even if I never had the belt buckle, I would be happy.

“Oh, wow,” the girl whimpered and pulled off her bra without unclasping it. Her brown hair fluttered. She tossed her bra on the seat. “That's... that's... Nice.”

Tonya popped off her lips. “Your daddy's going to love these nipples. Right, Daddy?”

“Yeah,” I said as my daughter sank to her knees.

It was my turn to love those nipples as Tonya unfastened and unzipped Molly's fly, I leaned down and nuzzled my lip into a nub. My cock throbbed as I suckled on the girl's nub. She whimpered as I did, her face contorting with delight.

I suckled on her, nibbling and licking. She had such a wonderful feel in my mouth. I savored it as I suckled on her. She whimpered and groaned as I did it. My tongue danced around her nub. She whimpered and groaned, her moans echoing through the waiting room.

Clothes rustled. My daughter stripped the girl's jeans and panties off. Molly rocked from side to side as Tonya worked, stepping out of her clothes. I kept suckling on her nipple. I loved the texture in my mouth, my tongue swirling around her nub and caressing her areola.

Then she gasped.

I pulled from her mouth to see that my daughter had her face buried in the girl's brown-furred muff. My daughter licked at Molly's pussy. The girl whimpered, her face contorting with delight. My dick throbbed.

“Oh, wow,” Molly said.

“Mmm, she's got a cherry, Daddy,” my daughter reported.

“Good,” I said.

“And she's soooo wet.”

The girl squirmed, looking so embarrassed. “I just... I mean... You were...”

“It's okay to be wet,” I said. “To be excited. That's only natural. You're a young woman who needs to be fucked by her daddy. I'll stand in for him, okay?”

“Okay, Mr. Daniels.”

“Oh, honey, you're going to love it,” Mrs. Loves said. “And you're going to love licking my cunt, too!”

“Okay, Mommy,” the girl whimpered. “This is all so... so...”

“I know,” the mother said, a big smile on her lips. “It's okay to be scared, but also excited. He's going to take good care of you.”

“Such good care,” my daughter purred.

Molly shuddered as my daughter kept licking at her virgin pussy. Tonya's blonde pigtails swayed as she feasted. Molly arched her back, her little titties quivering. The eighteen-year-old virgin looked so sexy. My dick throbbed.

Tonya pulled her mouth from the girl's pussy and hopped to her feet. She grinned at me and then kissed me. Molly had a tangy pussy, too, though her flavor wasn't as strong as her mother's. Fresher. I loved them both.

“Okay, Molly,” Tonya purred when she broke the kiss. She grabbed the girl's hand and tugged her over to stand before her mother. “Just kneel before your mother.”

Molly drew in a deep breath then she knelt before her mother. The girl swallowed, staring at her mother's pussy leaking my cum. Tonya hopped onto the chair beside them, grabbing the metal armrest. She watched with excitement, her blonde pigtails and round tits quivering.

“Wow,” Molly said.

“That's it, baby,” Mrs. Loves purred, her large tits rising and falling. “Just start licking Mr. Daniels's cum out of my pussy. Pretend it's your father's. He's a good daddy, isn't he?”

“Yeah, he is, Mom,” she moaned and pressed her face into her mother's cum-matted bush.

I groaned as she did that, her cute ass wiggling at me. She was a virgin. Normally, I would pop her cherry, but her father wasn't paying me to do this. As I stared at her cute tush, which had a nice plumpness to it, I decided to let Mr. Loves enjoy her cherry.

I'd break in her asshole.

Mrs. Loves moaned as her daughter feasted on the creampie I left in that married pussy. It was so hot watching the wicked sight. My dick throbbed as I pressed the tip, drenched in the mother's cunt cream, into Molly's asshole.

I slid it down her crack until I found her sphincter. She froze as I nuzzled into it. She lifted her head and threw a look over her shoulder. Her pink lips had my cum and her mother's cunt cream smeared over them.

“That's not my... my...” The girl blushed.

“Ooh, my daddy's preserving your cherry,” Tonya said. “For your daddy, but he still has to fuck you to let you experience this joy. So, anal! Don't worry, you can take it.”

“Can she?” Mrs. Loves asked, staring at me. “You're bigger than Tim.”

“She'll be fine,” I said, winking at her. “Molly, honey, relax and enjoy my cum in your mother's pussy. I'm the best dad in the world. I know what I'm doing.”

“Yes, Mr. Daniels,” she said and obeyed like a good girl.

She pressed her face back into her mother's snatch. Mrs. Loves relaxed and then groaned, her big boobs heaving. Tonya flashed me a naughty grin as she knelt on the chair beside them. I winked at her as I pushed my cock against Molly's virgin asshole.

The girl's tight sphincter resisted my cock. She felt so amazing as her anal ring slowly parted. Her velvety flesh slid over the crown of my cock bit by bit. I pushed harder. She moaned into her mother's pussy, her asshole surrendering to me.

I popped into her bowels.

“Mr. Daniels!” she moaned.

“Go, Daddy, go!” cheered my daughter, her round breasts bouncing.

I sank into Molly's asshole. Inch after inch of my dick vanished into her bowels. I groaned at the velvety tightness of the eighteen-year-old girl's virgin sheath. I shuddered as the hot friction massaged the tip of my cock.

Pleasure rushed up my shaft to soak my balls. Another orgasm. Another burst of pleasure. I loved teaching young girls how to fuck their fathers. I was so good at it. The pleasure swelled in me. It was fantastic.

“Damn,” I groaned as more and more of my cock vanished into her bowels. “Goddamn, that's great. You feel amazing.”

“Oh, Mr. Daniels,” the girl moaned. “Oh, wow, that's so good. That's amazing. You're sliding into me. Wow.”

“I know,” I groaned, savoring the pleasure of this moment. I bottomed out in her asshole, my crotch pressing into her rump.

“Mr. Daniels,” she moaned, her asshole squeezing about my dick. “Oh, wow, that's so good. Mmm, you feel amazing in my butt.”

“God, you took that cock like a champ,” moaned Mrs. Loves. “You're going to have no problem with your father's.” Her hands pressed on the top of her daughter's head, pushing the girl's face tighter into that mommy-snatch. “Eat me. Lick out all of Mr. Daniels's cum.”

“Yes, Mommy!”

I gripped the girl's hips and pulled back. Her asshole clung to my dick. She moaned into her mother's pussy. The sounds she made were so exciting to hear. I loved them. I savored them as I pumped away at the girl's asshole. I fucked into her hard and fast. I buried my dick to the hilt in her bowels. Hard strokes that would have her gasping and moaning.

She would explode.

I thrust away at her. I fucked her with passion. I slammed to the hilt in her bowels. It was amazing to do. Her flesh massaged me. I loved the feel of her asshole as I pumped away at her. She moaned into her mother's snatch, her head moving, her brown hair shifting.

“Mr. Daniels,” she whimpered.

“I know,” I groaned. “Goddamn, I know. You're going to cum, aren't you?”

“Yes,” she whimpered. “You feel so amazing around me. Oh, wow. Oh, that's so good.”

I smiled and thrust into her cunt. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried into her again and again. She moaned, squeezing her cunt around my dick. It was amazing. I loved it. I thrust away at her. I fucked her with passion. I buried into her hard and fast into her anal sheath.

She groaned, her bowel squeezing down around my cock. She held me tight with her asshole. That wonderful anal sheath held me tight. I groaned, burying into her again and again. My nuts smacked into her taint. I loved the thuds they made.

“Mr. Daniels!” she groaned.

“Ooh, fuck her, Daddy!” Tonya whimpered, her boobs jiggling.

“Yes, yes, fuck my daughter's asshole!” Mrs. Loves moaned, her hands gripping the back of her daughter's head. “And lick out all that cum. Yes, yes, get that tongue deep in me! Ooh, yes, yes! That's so amazing!”

“Feast on your mother,” I grunted, hammering the girls' amazing bowels.

I slammed deep into her sheath. I plunged to the hilt in her, loving the feel of her bowels wrapped around my dick. My dick buried to the hilt in her. She felt amazing. I just loved the way she squeezed about me. Her asshole felt so amazing.

Her mother's boobs shook. Her head tossed as she climbed towards her orgasm, coming closer and closer with every moment. It was such a hot delight to witness. She arched her back, her moans echoing through the doctor's office.

“Ooh, Daddy, she's about to cum,” moaned my daughter. “Look at that MILF. She's going to cream her daughter's lips.”

“Yes!” Mrs. Loves moaned. “Yes, yes, I am.” She arched her back, her boobs jiggling before her. “That's it. Just... Just suck on my clit. Oh, honey, yes!”

The daughter moaned, her suckles loud.

“Fuck,” I groaned, thrusting into Molly's bowels with heard strokes. “Goddamn, that's great! Make your mother cum!”

“Yes!” howled Mrs. Loves. Her body heaved. Her boobs bounced and jiggled. She shuddered, her passion echoing around us. “Drink my pussy cream, honey. Oh, yes, yes, Molly! Oh, god, you made me cum!”

I slammed into the girl's asshole as she feasted on her mother's snatch. I plowed into her with hard strokes, loving that tight, underage asshole squeezing down on my dick. I shuddered, thrusting harder into the girl's bowels, my balls slapping into her taint.

I hurtled towards my orgasm. I gripped her hips, buggering her with powerful strokes. Her bowels swelled the pressure at the tip of my cock. I shuddered, hurtling towards that amazing delight. I groaned, my face twisting with the bliss.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mrs. Loves moaned. “Cum on his cock, baby! Cum on Mr. Daniels's huge dick!”

“Mommy!” the girl squealed, her bowels clamping down on my dick. “Yes!”

Her bowels spasmed around my cock. It felt incredible. I groaned, loving the way her flesh rippled and writhed around me. The heat surged through me. I groaned, burying into her asshole, loving the massage.

“Mr. Daniels!” the girl moaned.

“Cum in her, Daddy!” whimpered my daughter. “Just fire all that jizz into her!”

“Yes!” I growled and erupted.

I fired spurt after spurt of spunk into her cunt. I basted her with my jizz. It fired out my cock over and over again. It was amazing to feel. To enjoy. I groaned, spurting into her over and over again. It was fantastic.

I loved it. I savored it. Every last second of her bowels convulsing around my spurting dick was amazing. I basted her asshole with my spunk. I unloaded everything I had into the eighteen-year-old girl's bowels, the pleasure hammering my mind.

Stars burst across my vision.

“Fucking hell, yes!” I growled as I fired the last of my cum into her pussy.

“Oh, Mommy, I want to fuck daddy!” Molly moaned. “I want to fuck daddy and lick his cum out of your pussy and all that wonderful stuff.”

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Daniels,” moaned the hot wife. “Mmm, that was an amazing lesson.”

“You have my card if you ever need a refresher course,” I said, winking at her.

She shuddered and nodded.

“Tonya Daniels,” the nurse called.

“That's me!” squealed Tonya. She hopped off the chair and grabbed her clothes. “Hurry up, Daddy! Let's go see our baby!”

“Just a second,” I panted, ripping my dick out of Molly's asshole and standing. I yanked up my jeans and boxers. I zipped up and my naked daughter clung to my arm, bursting with excitement.

“Mmm, that was a wonderful way to spend forty-five minutes,” my daughter cooed. “We helped another daughter and you fucked another wife. Such an amazing daddy.”

I winked at her, loving this belt buckle.

To be continued...

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