Professor Gumbert

Professor Gumbert

The lecture hall was full of idle students doodling in their notebooks as Professor Gumbert droned on about the technicalities of psychological basics and how the fathers of psychology paved the way for the better community of this generation.

Gumbert wore thick-rimmed glasses that seemed to attach themselves to his bulbous tipped nose, his large hands clasped beneath his behind as he paced the room. His gray eyes fell on the students with faint interest as he speculated which ones would drop out by the end of the next semester.

Many of the girls had a considerable amount of skin showing against brightly colored clothing, the smooth swell of their breasts and cleavage pronounced as a each girl slumped over her work. After years of seeing so many available skin on display for his pleasure, Gumbert was unmoved by the displays.

Every few semesters a single girl would stand out from all the rest with her magnificent endowments, the slant of her cleavage leading ones eyes from the bottom of her neck straight down to the curve of her calf, all connected with the fluid movement of her walk. Being a seasoned professor, Gumbert could spot one of these creatures with a busy glance. He knew his lecture was boring, and that he could do the speech in his sleep, and that was why he always chose that specific oratory for the very first day of courses: now he could drone on about the thoughts of Sigmund Freud while scoping the group for his beloved Aphrodite.

There was no telling where in the room the beauty may be, but Gumbert knew that he would find her before the half of the speech was out. As if he were reading a book, the scholar began his search at the left side of the room. His search had brought multiple failures accompanied with secret evaluation with almost a quarter of his speech complete. Gumbert couldn't stop his heart from giving a pang of unhappiness of his empty efforts. Still focused on his task, Gumbert continued to talk and search, studying the inattentive face of his students.

His practiced speech was near to its end when he saw the most beautiful girl of the room sitting near the most top right corner of the lecture hall. Her black hair was falling out of a messy band of bright red, the poof of her hair creating a loose bun that rested on her crown.

Gumbert smiled a little as the gorgeous creature started when she realized her professor was staring at her. Her flexible tongue shyly slipped across her full, pink bottom lip as her brown eyes were shaded by her fluttering lids. A smudge of dark shadow accented the edge of her eyes, popping against the brilliant darkness of her mascara, the contrast of such deep colors against the pink hue of her mouth. The girl couldn't have been more than nineteen and he found that she was absolutely glowing in her innocent discomfort of being watched; Gumbert was smiling as he finished his speech with a light heart given by his fulfilled efforts.

The first assignment was written on the board to barely audible huffs of indignation followed by paper ruffling as they were being torn out and flipped. Some students took a digital photo of the board and proceeded to not pay attention to the class while the other students listened intently to the lesson introduction. When Gumbert had finished his second speech, the undergrads started to leave.

Aphrodite was at the back of the que to the door and Gumbert felt lucky for this. Throughout the class he had been pondering about what she was doodling or thinking about. At times the aging man had to take a deep breath so he could stop imagining that the young vixen was adjusting herself to stop her pussy juices from staining her seat.

He saw that she was straggled behind the herd and made the decision to jump through the window of opportunity. With creaking joints, Gumbert stood up from his chair and strolled to the bottom of the stairs so he could meet up with this semester's Aphrodite.

“Hello young lady,” he said with a sound of arrogance. Aphrodite looked up in shock, more tresses framing her face. Her red cardigan hung below the dark denim of her jeans held up by her dark brown belt that neatly held her white button-up.

“Hi,” she answered bluntly, momentarily forgetting her manners and unaware that her professor wanted to plant his mouth on her exposed cleavage. “I’m Lexi. Is there something you wanted to talk to me about sir?” the young student queried with fidgeting stature.

Gumbert wetted his lips, allowing his eyes to look at the small swell of her belly just above her belt before allowing her an answer. “It looks like you were following the lesson rather fairly Ms. –”


“..Ms. Michellie. I must admit that you seem a bit young for most of my students,” hinted the professor, making it seem as if she were in trouble. Gumbert didn’t bother to give a thought of how the girl may react and was astounded to see a lovely blush of anger grace her cheeks as water gathered at her corners.

Her reaction made her a sight of untouchable beauty but he panicked at the tears. The overactive tears made his nerves go numb. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. I know that the first day is rough, but it’s nothing to cry over,” Gumbert amended to his student, attempting to voice concern.

Lexi smeared her shadow when she wiped her tear away. “No, no: you’re fine. I know I look young, I mean I only turned 18 a few months ago. My hormones are just acting up from my pregnancy. Almost 3 months in, I am!” the teen offered as she dabbed a crumpled tissue against her skin.

“Well, congratulations,” Gumbert exclaimed, hoping that the Aphrodite wouldn’t be hesitant to cheat, if she did have a beau. “Your fianc?s a lucky man.”

“I have no fianc?I don’t even have a boyfriend! The father wasn’t ready to be a father. I don’t blame him either; the condom breaking wasn’t his fault.”

Silence covered the two for a few awkward seconds as Lexi sniffled. For a girl smart enough to get herself into college, she was completely oblivious to the middle-aged man that couldn’t keep his eyes off the plunging neckline that led straight to the tight fitting jeans.

Lexi heaved a sigh before heading down the stairs, ready to get to her next class. Thinking quick, Gumbert stopped her and asked her to his office. Without even asking the reason why he wanted to see her, Lexi agreed and followed him to a back office.

“It’s a shame you’ve no male counterpart to help with the child. Of course, there is always time for you to find someone new. I suppose it’s a horrible grate on your nerves,” spoke the professor as his target made herself comfortable in one of the chairs.

Her gaze glimpsed at the clock, “Uh, yes. The hormones make my mood swings worse by a tenfold. It’s interesting to go from dizzying nausea to the horniness of a campus slut.”

The two chuckled as Gumbert thought of his Aphrodite being a slut for him. A small tingling in his pelvic region turned into a continuous buzz of lust, his shaft beginning to lengthen.

“Being the campus slut is supposedly a fun life,” he commented nonchalantly, taking his seat behind the desk. Her fidgeting to his comment didn’t go unnoticed, the specific swivel of her hips allowing him to think that she was adjusting her moistening cunt because of his speculation. Small bumps arose where Gumbert assumed her nipples to be, confirming his suspicions.

“I heard from a friend’s older sibling that it was. Admittedly, the thought can excite me when my mood swings turn to lust,” blushed the young mother-to-be.

“Ever thought of dabbling in the lifestyle?” Gumbert’s brows raised at the question.

Lexi’s eyes widened as she felt the underlying proposal of his query. She had not felt the throws of a passionate night sparked by the touch of a man for almost 3 months now and she was going crazy for a desire to get fucked. She was now thinking of the last fuck she experienced and now she was imagining her professor in the place of her last lover.

With juices flowing from her pink crevice, Lexi shrugged in attempt of making the idea seem normal. “I haven’t really thought about it,” she said.

Her nipples had hardened even more now, the bumps clearly visible from his position. Now, her pussy was so wet that she was constantly moving about in her chair, a new blush tinting her cheeks.

“Well, would you ever consider trying it? A sexy woman like you would certainly have an easy time of finding volunteers,” he grinned at her.

“Sir, are you suggesting that you would be one of those volunteers?”

“Only if you want a good grade in this course, Lexi.”

The teen couldn’t believe this was happening to her, but she saw it as the perfect opportunity to relieve her pent-up horniness. Without even thinking about it, Lexi stood up and dropped her purse to the ground, clunks reverberating in the room as she pulled her cardigan off her shoulders. In another minute she was unbuttoning her shirt.

Her flush skin glowed in the light of his office as Gumbert didn’t bother to hide his staring eyes. His gaze outlined the inner curves of her plump breasts, judging that the mounds were perfectly fit for his hand.
Gumbert lounged in his chair as he watched the girl make her over the desk to him, the sway of her hanging breasts mesmerizing him. His trance was upset by her slim hand tugging at the zipper of his pants, the huge tent of his erect cock getting in the way. The length of his shaft fully erect, bobbed at its freedom before it was clasped into Lexi's soft hand.

He let his eyes close with a smile on his face with the first few strokes of her palm, the feel of her skin on his warm rod making him harder. It wasn't long before her painted lips were wrapped around his girth, the wet warmth of her throat slathering his throbbing dick with her slippery saliva.

Lexi's hot, wet mouth pleased Gumbert's shaft, her tongue expertly rolling around the tip. His hips were pumping into her mouth as his moans started to rise. Her dark locks were now unraveled from her messy bun and hung down her back in large curls.

"That's it you pregnant little slut, suck my fucking cock," Gumbert spat at his student. "Fucking work for that grade." A small tugging on Lexi's scalp made her become aware that his hand was entangling itself in her hair. It was now the work of his hand that made her head bob up and down on his stiff member.

"Ooh yes you horny cunt. Mmm get that cock down your throat you stupid whore." Gumbert was hissing at her through clenched teeth, the onslaught of an impending orgasm bubbling up inside him.
His throbbing cock synced with her juicing cunt, her spasming walls going crazy as her tongue flew over his sensitive shaft. She knew that his overly throbbing rod was the tell-tale sign of his beginning orgasm. When the first rope of cum shot the back of her throat, Lexi eagerly sucked harder, allowing herself enough room to gulp down the delicious liquid down her throat.

After numerous shots from the tip of his cock head, Lexi kept sucking the still hard cock of her aging professor; even if she had wanted to stop sucking his dick, she couldn't because of his pushing hand. For minutes, she kept at her job of sucking his cock, successfully pulling her bra and belt off her body. When a fresh load of cum was making the middle of his shaft, Gumbert pulled the girl off his crotch and made her stand nude in front of him.

The nude form of his Aphrodite glowed in the sliver of sunlight in the office, her swelling breasts flowing into the curve of her growing stomach and spilling down to her slimming legs. Deliberately, Gumbert cupped his strong hand around her damp vulva. Sweet girl cum slicked the palm of the professor's hand as he softly ground into her slippery mound.

Lexi cooed and sighed with pleasure as her teacher pleasured her lonely cunt. She widened her legs to allow his thick digits to enter her tunnel and massage the velvety inner walls of her pussy.

Once two of his fingers were inside her warmth, he pushed them in and out, rubbing her walls gently. With only a few strokes of his penetrating fingers, Lexi started to bounce and roll her hips, wanting more of his fingers inside her.

"I know you like that," he whispered hoarsely before licking her hard nipples. "Tell me what you want Lexi."
No answer was made for a few moments as Lexi enjoyed the feel of his fingers filling her lubricated gash. "Oh, please," she begged through her pants, "Please drive your cock in me! Please let me bounce up and down on your cock Mr. Gumbert."

Gumbert grinned at his student and pulled his fingers out of the tight cavern of her privates only to slap her erect clit. Lexi gasped at the slap and moaned as her professor's hand landed on her throbbing clit again and again.

His other hand gripped his cunt-hungry cock and pulled her wide hips towards him, her knees falling to straddle his waist. Their slippery crotches rubbed against each other, her drenched slit opening to hug the tip of his cock. Her depths sucked his cock inside and the two moaned in unison.

Lexi rolled her hips as her professor slapped his hand against her ass. The globe of her ass jiggled with her every bounce, with his every slap the jiggles multiplied. Their hips rocked back and forth against each other, the young girl’s swollen tits bouncing happily with every move.

Gumbert groaned as his hands pulled Lexi’s body down onto his cock. Their juices filled the room with a scent of sex, some of their mixture flecking the crotch of his trousers. Some of Lexi’s youthful juices slipped from her proud clit and onto the front of his shirt, the rub of her sensitive bud making her moans become more frantic.

“Oh, Professor Gumbert! Your cock feels so good in my tight cunt! Mmm get m my pregnant ass to come all over your dick,” the young girl begged with frantic as her body bounced harder, getting his length deep enough to feel her cervix bumped by his tip.

His mouth clamped onto her pink pebble of her tit while his hips bucked harder into her welcoming crevice. With just three more thrusts, Gumbert released a fresh load of his sperm into her pregnant womb. Mighty spurts erupted from his orgasm, the couple’s genitalia ground together with a fever of passion
Lexi’s walls massaged and milked her professor’s cock with gusto, her own orgasm triggered with the jabbing ropes of his cum. Cum went down Gumbert’s still cock and covered his skin with her love juices, her tense body spasming against his slumping shoulders.

The two stayed slumped against each other, catching their breath. They held each other close, the scent of sex still lingering about them. For a brief time, the two were close friends who had shared a strong connection; that connection was broken when they felt Gumbert’s wet cock slip from Lexi’s hole.

After his slip, the rest of the time seemed to melt into a blur. In what seemed to be seconds, Lexi had wiped herself free of cum, pulled all her clothes on and gathered her belongings. Another second gone and the student escorted herself out of the office, leaving her professor to fix himself before going out to his next lecture

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