Lovley sisters

Lovley sisters

As a teenage girl, I was very horny, but I kept to myself. When I was 16 years old, my sister was 13, and when together, we got along very well. My sister Christina and I looked very closely alike. In fact, when my sister surpassed puberty, we could pass as twins, even though we were three years apart.
We both lived with our parents, who were also close to each other. We lived quietly, and by that, I mean we were close to ourselves with our sexual lives. Once everyone else in my house was asleep, I would turn off my lights, crawl under the bed, and gently rub myself off. I did this because my room was the only one in the house that did not lock.
When it came to orgasms, I was subtle. Of course, if you were watching me, you would know I was having an orgasm, but I never moaned, and I tried to keep my breaths under control. This was to ensure that no one ever caught me masturbating.
Anyway, this happened one day in the winter, close to the middle of January. It was a Monday and we were supposed to go to school, but when we woke up, the roads were too covered with snow to go anywhere, so they canceled school for the day. I was particularly relieved because I had a big test in English that day.
We lived in South Carolina, USA. We usually did not get too much snow, but if we did, it was not more that a couple of inches. Well, this day we managed to get 8 inches over night and it was still falling.
I went about my business doing things that I normally would have done on a Saturday. I ate some breakfast, and continued upstairs to take a shower. In the bathroom, I turned the water on and then stood in front of the mirror. I took my pajamas off and looked at myself in the mirror. I barely had C cup breasts and a nice hourglass figure. I was proud of my body, even though I had never shown it to anybody else at this point.
Then, when I was in the shower, I shaved my pits, legs, and my pubic area. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, but shaving my pubes made me feel sexier. Once I was finished with my shower, I put some clean clothes on and ascended to my room.
My room was the only room that was upstairs in the house; so it was usually coldest in the winter and warmest in the summer, due to poor ventilation since the house was build in the 70’s.
The rest of my day was filled with talking to friends, walking around in the snow since we normally did not get that much of it, and watching television.
Later, after dinner, the snow had stopped falling and it began to fall as freezing rain. Within a few hours, the electricity went off. This was not very fun now that it was dark and there was absolutely nothing to do.
Christina and I went on to the back porch to gather some firewood my father had cut down the day before. The heater was not working; we could already begin to feel the house become cold. We shook the snow off, placed them in the fireplace, and lit them with a lighter and some old newspapers.
We watched a movie and a half on my mother’s laptop until that died. Upon the laptop dying, Christina suggested that we go to bed, and I agreed. I walked up to my room, opened the door, and said, “Hell no.”
It was far too cold in there for anyone to sleep. I asked my mother if I could sleep on the pull out bed that was in the couch since there was a fireplace in that room, and mine was far too cold.
She said that I could and Christina asked me if she could say with me since her room was cold too. I said, “Yes, but I know your room is surely not as cold as mine.” I had slept with my sister before and I never have had a problem, so I did not see why this time would be any different.
We each went back to our own rooms to get our pajamas. My pajamas usually consisted of a t-shirt with no bra and panties on. However, I was sleeping with my sister, and it was cold. I ended putting some sweat pants on and a t-shirt.
When we returned to the living room, our mother told to sleep well and that we needed to put the fire out before we go to bed. “Fine,” I said. My mother left the room and my sister and I sat on the couch bed and chatted about several things until we were ready to go to bed.
I went to put the fire out, until I realized I did not know how to put a fire out. So I just threw some water on it and hoped for the best.
We both crawled under the covers and started to go to sleep. I was laying there for a while and then had to used the bathroom. So I stood up, trying not to wake my sister, and went and peed. When I finished, I came back into the room and lied down.
Then, my sister asked a question that seemed so profound, that I never would have thought of asking anyone else. “Do you masturbate?” she asked. I was shocked as I should have been, but I was unable to respond for a minute. The fact that my little sister knew what this was and was asking me about it.
The next thing I said did not answer her question, but it seemed to thrive the conversation. I said, “Where did you learned something like that?” “A few friends at school told me about it,” she replied.
I thought to myself, “What am I going to do about this situation.” Amid the confusion and the thoughts of my wayward sister, I noticed that I was slightly being turned on by this. I asked my sister, “Do you know what it is?”
She said that she did and that she just wanted to know if I did it or not. I told her I did, and from there, the conversation became a sexual discussion of the entirety of my life. We exchanged information with each other that I never thought would leave the lips of my mouth.
We told each other the first time we had an orgasm, how we learned, what we most often use, how we sit, and the list goes on. I was becoming increasingly wet from this conversation. I never knew that my sister was this kind of girl. Then again, I did not know that I was that kind of girl either.
Then, out of nowhere, I got this strong urge to ask her something. “Do you want to do it together, you know, in front of each other?” It was one of those things you say without really know the eventualities of the statement. I thought that she might refuse and I would be embarrassed. But, I could see the contentment in her eyes.
Wondering what I had gotten myself into, we both slipped out bottoms off, and then our panties. Worried about our mother coming in, we stayed under the covers. We decided to finger each other until we came.
I was a bit nervous, but I went ahead and slipped my right hand over her crotch. I felt her hair in between my fingers. Then, I stuck two fingers inside her vagina, which was wet and warm. I noticed her left hand moving to my recently shaven crotch. She said, “ooo,” because she had never seen or thought about shaving her own vagina.
She stuck her fingers inside me and it felt marvelous. I had always wondered what it would be like for another person to finger me, but I never thought my sister would be the one to do it.
We both began to move our fingers to pleasure the other. I was stunned by the way it felt for her to be fingering me, but also how different it felt to finger her. Her vagina became more wet as did mine. Our fingers began to move faster. Usually, I kept quiet while masturbating, but this time, it seemed hard not to let my breaths become deep and loud.
We continued to finger each other until I could feel that waive coming. I knew that I was getting close. I began to feel my legs tremble, as the wave of pleasure grew closer. Suddenly, it hit like a bullet penetrating its target. I squirmed and breathed deeply as my sister continued to finger me through my orgasm.
Once I was settled down, I noticed the same begin to happen with Christina. She lifted her knees and squirmed so much I could not keep my hand where it belonged, so she took over. She let out a soft, tender moan as her breaths were slowing down.
I still did not believe that this was happening. My sister of all people, fingering me as I fingered her. I had never envisioned or fanaticized this but I was sure glad it happened. We turned to each other, smiled and giggled, then put our pants back on and went to sleep.
I woke up in the morning wondering if this was merely a dream. I did not want to ask her because if it never really happened, then that would make it feel weird. But the dream felt so real, and, eventually, the matter came up a few hours later.
She told me that she actually enjoyed what happened last night and that we should do it more often. I was surprised and willing.
Even though we were always and still are straight girls, we like to do this on the occasion that our parents were out. It is something that I will never forget; it will be one of my best memories from my teen years.

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