Tits got banng bang

Tits got banng bang

Once again I bring you the written copy of a more recent interracial adventure. Just like before, I love receiving mail from all of you and if you don’t get a reply from me the first time, hell, write me again. A little background for this story: It happen one night last summer.

I was on my way home from club-hopping (my hubby was away for the week - training). About ¼ of the way home, my car started acting up and finally gave out on me. Using my cellphone and a phonebook from a near-by gas station, I called around to see if any repair shops were open…but at 1am I was out of luck. I then called around and found a 24-hour towing service. A very deep, gruff sounding voice said that he would be around in about 30 minutes to get me. All I could do now was wait.

Just as he promised, a tow-truck pulled up about 30 minutes later and a heavyset older black gentleman got out and came over to me. I learned his name was Donald (figured it out by looking at his name tag). Donald spoke with me, laying down my options as he went to work getting my car up onto the trucks flatbed. I could tell from Donald’s voice that he was the guy I spoke with on the phone. As we talked I noticed that he was giving me the ‘One Over‘. I was wearing a tube top (no bra), a mini-skirt (showing LOTS of leg), thongs, and a pair of heels. I decided to use his interest in my body to my advantage.

“I’d really like to get my car fixed tonight. I’m ready to pay ANY price,“ I told him as I crossed my arms under my breasts, pushing up on my 36Bs and making my small amount of cleavage look better.

“Well now, you may be able to convince me to call in some favors“, Donald answered. “Let’s get into the cab and determine a price.”

With my car now secure on the trucks flatbed, I followed Donald up into the cab of the truck. He reached for his CB’s handset and looked at me. "Well lady, just how important is it that you get your car fixed tonight”, he asked me.

My answer, was to put my head in his lap and start undoing his fly. I soon was pulling his semi-erect cock out of his boxers as we drove off. I began to kiss up and down the dark shaft with my red lips. As I did this, Donald’s cock stiffened and he began to moan. Once Donald was fully erect, I swallowed all 9 or 10 inches of him and began to bob my head up and down. Donald was trying to fuck my mouth by raising his hips, but this made it hard for him to drive. He was forced to endure whatever sexual torture I had planned for him. As we drove on, I began to nibble on Donald’s shaft and knead his balls. I could hear him talking on the radio to folks between moans, but I was too busy enjoying my serving of darkmeat to care what was being said. I started flicking my tongue across Donald’s throbbing black cockhead, while my creamy white hands tugged and squeezed on his fat balls. Donald was beginning to moan a lot and was having problems controlling his hips. I knew the pressure was building for him. I inhaled his black cock deep into my married throat and began sucking it harder and faster. I swirled my tongue around his cockhead and shaft.

"Oh ya miss. That's right. Use that white tongue on my black cock," Donald told me.

I began to suck harder, increasing my suction on his cock. He hung up the handset and let out a loud groan, I knew his load was building up. Donald moaned again and began to breath a little faster.

"I'm going to cum miss. I going to cum in your slutty white mouth”, Donald told me.

At the last moment, Donald took one hand off the wheel and pushed my face deep into his crotch. As he did this, I grabbed the base of his black cock with my creamy white hands and began to jack him off as I continued sucking. Donald’s orgasm shot his nigger jizz deep into my throat. I could feel the thick juice trickling down into my stomach.

We soon stopped and I was told when had reached our destination. It was a single bay repair shop in a slightly run down neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown. Donald informed me the mechanics should be arriving soon and for me to hang out in the waiting area. The waiting area turned out to be a small room with a card table, four chairs, and a TV. I must have dozed off, cause the next thing I know I hear the hood to my car being slammed. I looked up to see Donald walking in with 2 other black man. Both were tall, slim, with athletic builds. Donald introduced them as Nick and Mike. A bit of small talk was made before they informed me that the car was now running again and asked how I planned to pay. I told them I could pay half the bill now, but would have to wait for the bank to open to pay the remainder. They agreed to that, but they asked how did I plan on compensating them for working after-hours and coming in at 2am. Donald was grinning from ear to ear and I knew exactly what was going on. I pulled down my tube top, baring my small round, firm 36Bs. I gave them a good shake and asked, “Will these do for starters.”

Mike approached me and backed me up against the wall, while Donald and Nick watched. I began to run my fingers through his hair while he began kissing my forehead, nose, and lips. I sucked and bit on his lower lip, before he thrusted his tongue into my waiting mouth. His hands ran up and down my body, making sure to get a good handful of my white sexy ass. As Mike continued feeling me out, Donald and Nick removed their shirts, getting ready to join in on the action. I was now rubbing Mike’s earlobe, as he worked his tongue in and out of my mouth. He ran his tongue down my neck and across my throat. His tongue then slid down to my tits, as he began licking away at my hard nipples. I managed to get his shirt off of him and ran my soft white hands across his black athletic chest. The attention he gave my tits made me purr with delight. By this time Donald and Nick had completely stripped and were stroking their black monsters.

I pushed Mike away from me and went over to Donald and Nick. Mike struggled to strip quickly as I got on my knees between Donald and Nick. I wrapped my small white tits around Nick’s thick black member and began to jack him off. I knew Nick was loving the feel of my creamy tits because, he laid his head back and began moaning, "Ohhh yaa. Ohhh yaaa. Use those tits. Use'm".

I wasn’t able to reply to Nick, because by this time Mike was now totally stripped and standing next to me. He seemed a bit upset that I had abandoned him and decided to fix the situation. He did this by grabbing my head and turning it to face him, still allowing me to massage Nick’s throbbing cock with my tits. With me now facing his fully erect and VERY hard 10 inches, I looked up at Donald. I licked my lips, blew him a kiss, and engulfed all 10 inches of Mike at once. Mike must not have expected me to deep-throat him so soon, as he groaned loudly and his legs buckled for a moment. “Holy shit…this white chick is a talented cock sucker“, Mike announced to all of us between moans.

Nick was still pumping his cock back and forth between my tits and the look in Donald’s eyes told me he was ready to join in. As my head moved up and down Mike’s shaft, I let one of my tits go and slid the free soft white hand around Donald’s hard black cock and started playing with it. Nick reached down with one hand and held the free tit in place, so his tit fucking could continue. I closed my eyes and listened to Nick talk about how good it was to fuck my tits; I listened to Donald moaning as I jacked him off; and finally I could hear Mike groaning over the slurping sounds of his hard black cock getting a good sucking from my married white mouth.

I was totally lost in the pleasure of being a white housewife servicing 3 black cocks at the same time, when a loud groan and Mike’s hands grabbing my head snapped my attention back to him. With both of his hands digging into my hair, he was furiously jack hammering his cock in and out of my mouth. He had me sucking on him, like a starving baby would a bottle. Nick now started moaning and groaning loud and fast. Donald’s body was jerking hard and I was yanking on his shaft as hard and as fast as I could. Mike began to moan, "I'mmmm....going to.....cummmm".

With that, he yanked his cock out of my mouth with a loud "POP". His black seed began squirting out of his cock in thick loads. He shook his cock side to side as he orgasmed, his nigger jizz cascading down into my hair and onto my face. The feeling of his warm cum dripping down my face totally got me going. I started jerking on Donald’s cock so hard, I thought I was going to end up pulling it off. Donald by this time was shuddering uncontrollably and his moaning was nothing but sounds of pleasure, "I'mmmm.....cummmm.....innnggg. Unnhhhh."

Donald’s back arched and stayed like that for a few seconds. Cum shot all over both me and Nick. I had it all over the side of my face and tits. Nick’s hand holding my tit and part of his waist was covered in Donald’s cum. Nick was now breathing faster as he increased the pace of pumping my firm white tits with his thick black cock.

"My turn….to…..cum," was all Nick grunted, before a stream of sperm erupted from his black cock, firing his load up at my chin and throat. As Nick stepped back from me, jerking on his cock, I watched as his black love juice fired onto my tits. Once he was done, I went about cleaning up the mess I had made. I licked up all the cum that was still on their cocks and like the black cock loving slut that I was, I swallowed it all.

"Guess we’ll have to find out if this slut is as good at fucking as she is sucking”, Donald said, as he started to move the table out of the middle of the room.

As Nick pitched in by moving the chairs, Mike wasted no time. The moment the center of the room was clear, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the floor with him. As he worked on inserting his semi-erect cock into my pussy, he began kissing me all over my face. I glanced up to see Donald and Nick stroking their cocks, before I looked back at Mike. His dark hands were beginning to feel all over my creamy white breasts. He cupped a tit in his hand, twirled the nipple between his fingers for a moment, before devouring it. I moaned with enjoyment as I felt his black rod stiffen in my married white cunt. As Mike’s cock began pounding my pussy faster, I found myself moaning louder. Mike was totally lost in my tits, kneading them and licking my nipples every now and then. He buried his black face into my white cleavage, licking and sucking all over my tits. Along with my moans of pleasure, I was soon begging for more, like the black cock loving whore I was. "Ohhh yes. Lick my white titties, suck my white titties, fuck my married pussy."

Mike was too busy eating my tits to respond verbally. But the jack hammering of his cock in and out of my pussy told me he heard. Nick was fully erect in within a few minutes and silenced my moans by thrusting his cock into my mouth. I was feeling like a slut in heat, as I heard my pussy juices squishing about as Mike’s black missile continued its assault on my white cunt. I found myself burying my face in Nick’s crotch as I struggled to swallow as much of his cock as I could. I heard Mike start to groan, then I felt his body tense up and his cock explode in my pussy. His orgasm pushed me over the edge and I found my hips bucking and gyrating as I had my first orgasm of the night. My orgasm only made my Jungle Fever burn hotter, as I sucked away on Nick’s cock. I could tell by the way he acted and the noises he was making that this married white whore was sucking his studly black cock real good. Mike slipped out from under me with his limp cock and I soon felt Donald’s thick cock getting shoved up into my cum filled pussy. I continued slurping away at Nicks cock as Donald used long, hard, deep strokes to fuck me. The slow hard strokes and the thickness of Donald’s cock soon had me on the verge of another orgasm. I was bucking so hard that every buck or two it felt like I was actually sitting upright. I began to breath faster. I cupped my tits, pulling on my nipples. I was now bucking faster, and moaning onto Nick’s cock, which was now buried to the base of the shaft in my mouth. I was ending up in an upright position more often. I could hear my slurping of Nick’s cock getting louder and quicker. All of a sudden, I skyrocketed into an upright position - I was orgasming again! At about the same time Nick started yelling, "Cummmminnngggg, Cummmminggggg."

My body was convulsing and writhing on top of Donald, as Nick emptied his steady flow of black seed into my mouth. Mike (who seemed to never go totally limp), got on his knees behind me, grabbed my slim white hips with his dark hands and rammed all 10 inches of his dark meat into my tight white asshole, not even waiting for my orgasm to stop. I felt my body fall back onto both Donald’s and Mike’s cock at the same time. I was still breathing fast and my body was still shaking. Nick shocked me by grabbing my head and ramming his limp cock into my mouth. Within a few minutes, all 3 black cocks were hard again and pumping my white holes in unison. Donald’s cock would enter my pussy, pushing me forward, driving Nick’s cock into my mouth, as Mike‘s cock slid partially out of my ass. As I sucked on Nick’s cock, I rubbed and pulled on his balls. I could feel his cock growing stiffer in my mouth with every movement of my red lips up and down the dark shaft. I could hear Donald groaning as he quickened the pace of pounding my cunt. Mike was ramming away at my ass - my hips still bucking from my last orgasm. Donald’s body began to tense up and I knew he was close to cumming. I latched onto Nick’s cock, applying tremendous suction. He forcefully grabbed my head to keep his black cock buried in my white mouth, as I bounced around from the poundings that my ass and pussy were taking. Donald was pistoning his dick in and out of my pussy, when he gave out a huge moan and shuddered hard. His cock erupted in my cunt, spewing his cum like a volcano blowing lava. Just as Donald orgasmed, Mike grunted loudly and yanked his cock out of my ass. He sprayed his warm, sticky jizz all over my creamy white ass cheeks and lower back.

But these guys weren’t done with me. Nick pulled his cock out of my mouth, got me up onto all fours and positioned himself behind me. I looked backed and begged like a cheap white married whore, "No. No. Please no more…”

Nick looked at Donald and Mike, who had come around to the front of me and started whacking my face, cheeks and chin with their limp cum and pussy juiced covered cocks. I knew they wanted more of me, and this thought made me want more of them. So I surrendered to the lust of Jungle Fever and yelled out like the black cock loving slut that I am, “Oh fuck - YES! YES! YES! Feed this white slut your meaty black cocks."

Nick responded by rubbing his cock up and down my wet pussy lips, before thrusting his dark shovel into my creamy asshole. Donald grabbed my head and stuffed his semi-hard cock into my mouth, as Mike stood off to the side stroking himself. Donald quickly got hard again by rocking his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth. My pussy was very wet, and my juices were running down my legs. Nick began to finger fuck my pussy as he continued drilling deeper into my ass. His fingers made a 'slurping' sound as they entered and exited my pussy. Donald was fucking my mouth furiously. I could hear myself gobbling and slurping away at his cock, as his balls slapped my chin. As I choked Donald’s black cock deeper and deeper into my slutty white throat, he started moaning. Nick used this as some sort of sign, and grabbed my waist and drove his cock all the way up into my ass. Once totally in me, he began pounding away, his balls were getting wet from slapping my wet pussy. Donald was humping my face and moaning faster. He began to shake a little as I sucked away on his cock like a cheap slut. Nick reached up under me and used one hand to tease my clit, while using his other hand to tease my nipples. I could feel his rough black hands against the soft white skin of my breasts. Donald suddenly let loose a deep growl. He yanked his cock out of my mouth and shot his stream of cum totally into my face. He quickly stroked his cock, as he staggered back from me firing more of his black jizz into my hair and onto my back. Nick began to fuck me harder. I was soon moaning and shaking, before I knew….I was orgasming again. Nick was fucking me so hard, that some of Donald’s cum was flying off of me. Within moments, Nick was orgasming. His warm cum filled up my anal passage as he continued to empty his load into my whorish white body.

"Ohhh God! You guys are a great fuck!", I panted. "Before you use this slut anymore, I would like to take a little break.”, I said as I tried standing up.

Mike would have none of this, as he was now full erect and had a load left for me. He forced me to lay on my back on top of the card table. With my head hanging off of one side, he quickly shoved his hard cock into my mouth. Like the good little white slut that I was, I began sucking away. I felt his fingers begin to rub my clit, before they began probing into my wet pussy. I started to deep throat him. He was now finger fucking my pussy and I found myself moaning all over his cock. I felt more and more fingers pressing deep into my cunt. I could feel my forth orgasm building as I realized that Mike was fisting me. I began forcing my hips up, helping his fist slide into my pussy. He responded by forcing his hips down, driving his cock deep into my throat. Soon my mouth and pussy were being fucked by the same guy. I grabbed a hold of his black ass cheeks with my soft white hands and rammed his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt him start punching and jabbing away at my pussy.

“Ya that’s it man. Make that slutty white bitch cum.“, I heard Donald and Nick say.

I shuddered and ograsmed again, my body bucking and shaking. As my body went limp from all the abuse these 3 black cocks had applied to it, Mike orgasmed. I struggled to swallow his streaming cum. I managed to swallow most of it, but as I gagged, some of his black seed poured out from the corners of my red lips.

All three of them left the room, leaving me laying on the card table, covered in and filled with their black seed. It took at least 5 minutes for me to regain my strength. I got up and was putting my clothes back on when Donald reentered the room. “The boys and me think you’re a fine fuck miss. We’d all like to let you know if you ever need any work done on your car, we can offer you a great deal.“

I smiled from ear to ear, cause I knew I would be needing their “services” again soon.

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