Sexual Encounters of a Young man- 26 – First Night of sex with Rupali

Sexual Encounters of a Young man- 26 – First Night of sex with Rupali

Sexual Encounters of a Young man- 26 – Threesome with Rupali & Manavi.

The story is by one of my friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about threesome with Rupali & Manavi

The story is by one of his friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner for the company which has organised this fashion show.. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about how he become a Sugar Daddy of Two families

Maanvi and Rupali started to give him food every alternate month as he got stomach upset due to outside food for long and on one fine morning when she went there to give him morning Coffee on seeing his erect 9 Inch cock while he was asleep and she was lured into sucking it and then while bathing she fell in bathroom and Montu Kumar treated and helped her and then fucked her.

They were facing problems to find a safe and secluded place for regular fucking afterwards so one day he fucked her in the Garden at a lonely place and then on a friday night they decided to go to Terrace and he fucked there all night including Maanvi’s first anal. and then he fucked a russian blonde virgin in hotel swimming pool.

Then he enjoyed a accidental oral sex with his other neighbour lady Rupali and while answering my query on his introduction to the world of sexual pleasures he narrated his first sexual encounters. and then started to narrate his sexual encounter with neighbour lady Rupali

In the last part 25 you have read

This had turned out to be so mind boggling. The movie got over, and they both got up, left the seats. Rupali felt as if she was "enlightened". It was as if she was under darkness all along, and now with Montu Kumar in the back row of a movie theatre led her to "light." It seemed so symbolic, she had entered the theatre a shy, introverted housewife, who had hang ups about sex, she was now walking out, more "sure and confident" and "enlightened" about the pleasures of sex.

They took their car and went home. They were quiet on their way back to home. Rupali li's inside still flushed with dampness of mixed cum of her. Montu Kumar and she kept thinking about what had happened. She was a shy and introverted housewife.

Rupali thought about this on their way back to home in Car what happened was an experience worth remembering. In fact, it was an experience in three parts


Now Further

In the pre-interval phase she was too scared, nervous, and did not even have the courage to resist. She was too scared to draw attention to herself or create a scene, and as such put up with his advances. He took advantage, and she allowed him to do though she had choices of avoiding it. Though she was scared, and did not want it to happen, by allowing it to continue, she had given her tacit approval. She had initially "tolerated "his advances till he pulled her hand on his cock and began to fondle her breasts. Her reaction after that was more of "reluctant curiosity" till it started getting better, and till he began to fondle her breasts, and then it was again "reluctant pleasure." That he was gentle, not crude or rough, helped her ease up, and put up with his uninvited advances. It was more of passivity and fear that she allowed him to pull up her sari, petticoat, blouse and bra, and fondle her breasts, pull up her bra to suck on her breasts, but which later turned into "reluctant pleasure." Of course, getting an orgasm was an ultimate experience by Montu Kumar that too in a public theatre.

Though it was extremely enjoyable, She was still in a state of confusion, and in that mental state, she had masturbated him as well, in the back of her mind at that stage was both curiosity to see him ejaculate at the same time to get it over, and done with.

At the interval stage, she was willing to accept this as one of the unfortunate exploitative situations of life and putting herself more to blame.

After interval, the situation developed once again. She was more confident and assured now, and the earlier hesitancy disappeared. What they did this time was truly amazing. This time around, she did not feel that she was being taken advantage, but rather it was far more participative and mutual. It was as if she had discovered the pleasure possible and had no hang ups anymore. It somehow did not seem to matter that he was much older than she was. The pleasure and the passion were paramount for both.

She enjoyed every moment of it. That she had a husband too did not seem to matter at all. When Montu Kumar said, "I love you," she had no hesitation in saying the same to him, and she too said, "I love you" not once but two or three times. That it was a risky act in a public place which also did not seem to bother her, and the passion that was latent in her took over. Now, she had enjoyed every moment of sex with Montu Kumar in afternoon at her flat and in Theatre. She had allowed him to insert her pussy with fingers, and inserted his cock in her mouth in afternoon, caress and fondle her breasts, and even to open her panty, open her bra to lick, and suck on her nipples. He had opened her petticoat and panty to masturbate her, not once but three times, which was very pleasurable. He had even licked her cunt as well, which was heavenly. For that matter, she had willingly caressed, stroked his cock, masturbated him, had performed oral sex, had willingly sucked his cock not once only in afternoon, but twice in theatre, even tasted and swallowed his semen. But the circle was completed when he fucked her. It was surely mind boggling to say the least. She felt so complete, liberated and confident now.

She could have taken this in a "negative "manner to curse her luck for years. It had opened a whole new vista in her life. They dropped out of car a few yards away from Apartment, which was dark and decided to walk.

She stared deeply into the eyes of Montu Kumar and said, "As long as you are with us in our floor, I would like to be your lover and wife despite having a husband. Would you accept me?"

"Yes, my dear, from this moment, you are my loving wife. "Montu Kumar said and planted a hot kiss on her lips. and told her I want to spend tonight with you. It will be our Suhaagraat as the coming Monday (tomorrow) was a holiday.

Suhagraat is a very important ritual in Indian Marriages. Suhagraat is a significant ritual in the life a newly wedded couple in the Indian subcontinent, refers to the first night when the marriage is consummated. The bed of the newlywed couple is decorated with flowers, which are believed to bring sweetness to their relationship. This is an important custom followed in Hindu and Indian marriages. The tradition also extends to Jains, Buddhism, and Muslims.

The female members of the bridegroom's family customarily guide the bride to the decorated bedroom where she waits for her husband's arrival—optionally, with a glass of milk. The couple's bed is decorated with roses, jasmine and rajnigandha flowers. It is traditional for the groom to wait outside with the relatives and family for some time before he joins the bride in the decorated bedroom. The bride supposedly waits for her husband behind a veil ("ghoonghat". The husband slowly takes the veil off to reveal the bride's face in a ritual called "Muh Dekhai" i.e. showing of bride's face. and Then they both enter into their first sexual intercourse. after marriage.

It was 9.30pm when they reached the Apartment.

Montu Kumar told Rupali that he wants Rupali in Suhagrat room in his favorite SUHAG-JODA with best possible makeup and jewelry, so please wear it and sit in the Suhagrat room like as shown in films and serials. At 10.30 PM when after everyone slept she started the Suhagrat preparation and after doing full makeup and putting up all bridal jewelery she entered in specially decorated Suhagrat room. Rupali sat on double bed spreading her very big lehenga in broadest circle around her. Lehenga and sexy Blouse were of bright red shining Silki Jari fabric and Odhni (Chunri) was of self designed red transparent fabric. Rupali adjusted her Odhni for a GHOONGHAT. After some time Montu Kumar entered in room and said to Rupali “I want to talk you something very special and necessary for our future life. But I want to talk with you in lying pose keeping her head in your lap, may I”. So he lied on her well spread lehenga keeping his head in her lap. Then he said Rupali “listen, I am very sex-loving person and have very strong appetite for sex.

He slipped some drops of a special medicine in the glass of milk which flared up the sexual drives and he drank some milk himself and gave rest of the milk glass to Rupali. which she drank happily. Then he continued to talk with her. The medicine started to have its effect.

As you are her very loving darling beautiful wife so you shall never refuse for sex. Moreover I will try all possible variation in fucking with you so you should be ready to give Rupali your best cooperation for this purpose. Please always keep me fully satisfied in sexual act only this much I want from you on this special night..” Rupali said “I am your darling life partner so I will give you her best co-operation and will keep you always satisfied with in all your fucking practice and sex fantasies. Please tell now what I have to do.”

He said “I am so sexually excited seeing you that first of all I want to fuck you, after that we will talk further.” He opened his payjama and said Rupali “This is your pleasure giving sex tool which will give you always a unforgettable and amazing Fun. Please hold it in your hand and play with it.” Rupali did so, his Cock was erected like iron rod, She saw that with curiosity because that the tool for fucking pleasure. Rupali took his Cock in her hand and pressed that. Rupali gave some fine gentle strokes to his stony hard Cock, and he screamed with pleasure.

He said that he will do his first fuck in her full sexy gorgeous traditional wedding dress of Lehenga Choli without removing any ornament. Rupali rose from bed and kissed his Cock, in return he kissed her pussy. He Kissed her lips for some time and he then made Rupali lye on bed on her back and placed a pillow below her buttocks to lift her cunt upward, then he arranged her lehenga up above her thighs uncovering her genital organs, he widen her legs and applied some scented oil on the lips of her cunt and after placing his Cock on the opening of her cunt he gave a violent push. His tight iron like rod buried deep into Rupali piercing and widening the walls of her tight cunt.

Rupali felt pain due to the force of mighty push of his big Cock. She asked him to stop for some time. He stopped and keeping his Cock inside me, began to kiss and lick her lips, cheeks, neck etc. His one hand was messaging and squeezing her breasts over the blouse fabric. After some time he started giving strokes of his rock hard Cock in her cunt first slowly and then violently.Her pain has gone and was getting an unparallel fucking pleasure, which she never thought or imagined before. They both were moaning. After some time he ejaculated in her cunt and she also felt that very experience of sex which is called orgasm and ecastassy. He lied on her body idle, and asked Rupali to insert her tongue in his mouth. She did so and he sucked her tongue for about 10 minuts.

After this intercourse Montu Kumar remained lying on her body for nearly 15 minuts. Then he withdrew his Cock from her cunt. That was wet with his semen. He observed that her vaginal canal was also filled with his semen. So Rupali did not get up for the fear of dripping his semen on her costly Lehenga and causing stains on it. She asked her Montu Kumar to give her Handkerchief from her purse. Keping the handkerchief on her cunt she rose and rushed to toilet with Montu Kumar… There she washed and cleaned her cunt with soap and water and also wiped off the Cock of Montu Kumar. After coming back her Montu Kumar asked Rupali “have you pinned your stole or chunri(Odhani) with some sari pin”. Rupali said “yes, do you want to make me naked”. He said “ Yes Now, I want to remove your clothes but not jewellery from your beautiful body” She unpinned her chunri from her blouse and he pulled away her chunri from her body making her bust open.

Now Rupali was only in Lehenga and low cut open Red blouse. He slowly started to remove her cloths. First he untied the laces and removed her blouse, then untied the knot of her Lehenga, due to its weight lehenga fell down on the floor. Then unhooked her red bra and with a notorious smile she threw these all garments on Montu Kumar . Rupali was naked now but wearing only jewels . He asked her to walk naked in the room for some time. Rupali was now in only in her heavy jewellery JHUMKA, Mang-teeka, one heavy necklace, kangans, Hathphool and Payal. He sat on the bed and asked her to lye in his lap. She did so. Caressing and fondling her breast he said “ Rupali , my darling you made me very satisfied in fucking I am happy with your cooperation in sex. I am lucky to find you as loving wife. I was dreaming a wife like you.” Rupali said “this is her pleasure also; I will keep you always satisfied in sex”

His Cock was oozing precum and her Cunt was also wet due to high excitement. He placed his Cock on the orifice of her cunt and catching her slim waist gave again a violent push from behind. His Cock buried in her cunt upto its end and she felt as if his Cock is reaching upto her heart. Actually his Cock went so deep in her cunt that it was touching her UTERUS. He was highly excited so he kept giving violent pushes.

And soon they reached to climax and felt HIGHEST OF ECASTASSY. Now his Cock was shooting out his semen in spurts and spurts into her cunt. Now she laid on bed on her stomach and keeping his Cock in her cunt her Montu Kumar also laid on her. They both were breathing high. After about 10 minutes they calmed down and became separated. We both were so satisfied which we never felt before. They fucked again and again till the morning

In the Dawn they laid on bed hugging each other, she was lying on him. they licked and kissed each others again and again. It was 6.00AM now so she changed to normal sari blouse and became normal as usual.


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