Momma's Girl 2

Momma's Girl 2

Robyn gritted her teeth and let the unwashed Mexican behind her push his greasy cock inside her. His hands grabbed onto her hip fat so she couldn’t go anywhere as he forced himself deeper. Her head swayed back and forth as she let him fill her again and again. He was pretty big and she knew it was only a matter of time before she got off again. Closing her eyes in shame, she listened to the men around her. They were saying some pretty vile things about her and what they were going to do to her once it was their turn. How did she end up here again?

It had only been a couple of months since the “incident” with her mother. She had gotten drunk and let her mother manipulate her into taking a couple guys back to their condo in Mexico. She was a happily married woman and so was her mom! She tried to blame it on the booze but also knew she couldn’t count the number of times she had cum that night, mainly because she blacked out at some point and didn’t remember what happened for the rest of the night. It was easily the worst thing she had ever done. She loved her husband very much and feeling really guilty about the entire situation, she returned from the trip and made every attempt to fuck his brains out at every possible moment. It started as guilt and it did make her feel better, but she soon started to feel bored with their sex. No matter what they did, she just didn’t feel the same excitement. She tried not to think about it, but whenever she wanted to cum, she would think about that stranger fucking her raw on the floor while her mom serviced some other guy in the other room. She would cum immediately and then pretend that she hadn’t just done that. She was in such denial! She was too sweet to have done those filthy things and she wasn’t sick and didn’t like seeing her mom be fucked like that. She didn’t like being dirty.

A couple months had passed and the only evidence of her indiscretion was twenty pounds she had gained from the buckets of ice cream she had eaten to make her feel better. Luckily for Robyn, most of her comfort food just went straight to her ass giving her more curves than ever. She never spoke to her mom about that night either. It was like it only existed in her mind and she was certain that her mom had to be just as embarrassed as she was.

Ironically, her marriage was facing some hard times as well. Her guilt caused her to eat more and although her husband denied it, she felt that he didn’t find her as attractive as he once had. They both joked about her big ass, but it wasn’t just her tits and her big, juicy booty that got bigger. He would go out most nights now, leaving her at home and when he got home he was too drunk to want to fool around. Pretty soon it had been over a month that they hadn’t fooled around. This was causing a lot of tension and they fought constantly. Robyn tried to be reasonable, after all, even if he didn’t know it, she was the one who had cheated and now it was her guilty conscience that had made her eat. Still, she knew she still looked good. Her legs were long and aside from extra meat around her middle, she knew she was still a catch. In fact, more guys were commenting on her big, round ass all the time now. It was unrealistically big!

So when her parents invited her and her husband down to the condo for the weekend, she decided it would be a good idea to go. She needed to put the entire night behind her and she would be going with her parents and her husband, what could be the harm in that? Even when her husband decided to stay behind and work, she still felt with her father there it would be safe. And while she thought it would be nice for them to get away for a while, she was also glad to get away from her husband and get some space.

She drove down and parked in front of the condo on Friday night. Her parents were already three sheets to the wind by the time she got there. It wasn’t so bad, although hugging her dad hello on the very same spot she had been spread open and pounded on all fours on was pretty surreal. She kissed her mom and her dad cranked up the music, pushing a drink into her hand. Her parents were social drinkers, (any excuse to have a party), and ever since Robyn was legal drinking age they were eager to kick back and party with their little girl.

After several drinks, they were running low on tequila and if someone didn’t go to the liquor store soon, they would close and there would be no morning drink to help their hangovers. Robyn’s dad was going to go, but it soon became clear that he wasn’t in any condition to go anywhere. In fact, by the time her mom and her were walking out the front door, her dad had already passed out on the couch fast asleep.

They walked down the street the local liquor store laughing at her dad passing out so early. It had been the perfect evening until they turned the corner of the liquor store and saw a car full of local boys leering at them. Robyn became self-conscious immediately. She wasn’t wearing anything slutty, but both her mom and she were pretty hot regardless and Robyn’s dress was cut up the side of her thigh which suddenly felt much more revealing than it had only a moment ago. It was a long dress, but it hugged her new big ass and she knew that Mexican guys liked big asses. Her mom was no better. Her skirt was so much shorter than Robyn remembered it being in the house and her mom had a fat ass! She was pretty fit for a mom, but having two kids is going to give you a big ass. The guys were whistling and saying things in Spanish and although some part of her found the attention flattering, she was more scared at the moment. This is exactly what she had hoped to avoid on this trip.

Lucky for her, her mom ignored the boys and they went inside to buy the booze. She felt so much better as they perused the isles looking for what they wanted. It wasn’t until she was standing in line and paying that she noticed her mom was gone. She grabbed her change and headed outside. Sure enough, her mom’s standing next to the car, laughing and flirting with the men inside. A couple had already gotten out and one of them was grabbing her ass.

“Okay mom, I’m ready. Let’s get going.” She hoped her mom would simply say goodbye and leave, but she knew it was unlikely.

“Actually, I was thinking we could go to a party. These guys are going to a party and they want us to come. I think it’d be fun.”

Robyn couldn’t believe this was happening again. She knew she didn’t want to go, but again, in her drunken state she rationalized that she simply couldn’t leave her mother alone. And she knew her mom would go with them even if she didn’t. She ignored the feeling of excitement she had deep inside her and pretended that she didn’t just think about how it might be nice to get laid.

“Alright, I guess we could go.”Her mom flashed her a wicked grin and got into the backseat between two guys. Robyn had to get into the front, but the guy sitting in the passenger seat didn’t offer to get out and she had to squeeze in awkwardly over him as he offered his help with a hand on her ass, squeezing it gently. “This’ll be fun.” She said unsure of herself.

They sped off into the night, no one speaking because of the loud music blaring from the speakers. Robyn was going to try and make the best of this. She tried to listen to the music and forget about where she was, which was difficult. The guy next to her offered a sip of his beer. She accepted to be polite and knocked it back. One of the guys behind her made some kind of comment and laughed. Robyn turned around to see her mother’s hands on the pants of the two men she sat between, rubbing their obvious hard-ons. She gave Robyn a naughty wink and Robyn turned around, embarrassed. She didn’t dare look back for the rest of the trip, but the guy driving adjusted his mirror so he could see what was going on in the back seat better and Robyn’s fears were confirmed when the guy whose beer she drank smiled at her and gestured with his hand to his mouth that her mom was blowing one or both of the guys in the backseat of the car.

She didn’t dare look back! Was her mom really sucking cock two feet behind her? She strained to hear any kind of noise over the music that might indicate that it was true. Her stomach turned in that awful way that only happened when you knew you had just gotten yourself into trouble. How did she let this happen again? And all of a sudden she realized why she had gotten in the car. She was going to fuck a stranger tonight like she had done months ago! She shifted in her seat and realized how wet she was just trying to hear her mom servicing one or both of the guys in the back seat! She let the alcohol come over her and wondered who she was going to fuck tonight! Neither of the guys in the front of the car was particularly attractive and both were closer to her mom’s age. Her head was swimming just thinking about whether she should reach down this guy’s pants and start sucking him like her mom! She pretended there was no doubt her mom had a mouthful of dick right now. She couldn’t! Luckily for her she didn’t have to make that decision.

They pulled up at a small house and piled out of the car. Robyn couldn’t tell whether her mom had serviced either man, but they were certainly friendly and headed straight inside. The house was dirty and it was obvious that whoever lived here was dirt poor. She realized that wherever else they were now, they were also in the middle of a ghetto. She was offered another beer and she took it. Then everybody left her to go inside. She realized that she could walk away if she wanted to, and she did want to, but she had nowhere to go and she now knew that she wanted to fuck tonight. She couldn’t deny it.

All of the guys had gone inside and she stood alone outside looking at the door, knowing how stupid this all was. She cracked open the beer and put most of it away quickly like liquid courage and slowly walked up to the front steps. She heard voices inside that sounded loud and happy drunk. She waited a moment, finishing the last of her beer and throwing away the empty can before opening the door and going inside.

The living room was small with a couple couches and a little TV in one corner and a short hallway that seemed to lead to a bathroom and a bedroom. The kitchen was attached to the living room and it was pretty packed. There about twenty Spanish guys standing around, playing video games and drinking. She scanned the room looking for her mother, but she only recognized one guy, the one next to her in the passenger seat.

In the light she could get a better look at him. He was early forties or late thirties and he was balding and sporting a pot belly. He looked strong and his arms were covered with what looked to be homemade tattoos. Maybe from jail, Robyn thought. Still, he was the only face she recognized from the car, so she walked over.

He smiled wide and she saw that he was missing a couple teeth. He was clearly glad she decided to come inside although truthfully, where else could she go? “Where’s my mom?” She thought she already knew the answer, but had little else with which to start a conversation. She saw the closed door to the bedroom as she came in.

He laughed at this. “Your mother? She was your mother?” Robyn nodded immediately aware that there were no other women present. “I think she went in the other room with Bernardo and Raoul.”

He waited to see her reaction, so she tried to play it somewhat cool and sort of innocent. She knew what was going on in that other room; her mom was finishing what she’d started in the car. The room was pretty crowded and Robyn tried to make small talk. He handed her a drink and she obliged.

As the men pressed around her in the small room she knew there was no way out now. So when somebody's hand found its way onto her ass, she pretended that she didn't notice. She kept on drinking and making polite conversation. It wasn't long before she could hear her mother moaning from the other room. Again she pretended that she didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, taking another drink and smiling. Her mom sounded like she was getting pounded now and her panting and screaming showed her appreciation. Robyn started to get really flush in the face. She could pretend she didn't hear her mom getting plowed in the next room, but everyone else could hear it. A second hand joined the first one on her ass and gave it a little squeeze. The guy she had been talking to, had now decided that they knew each other well enough that he could grope her as he talked. She was thankful that she was in a room full of people. She could put up with these guys copping a feel, but as long as she was in public, she wouldn't be in any danger of this guy going too far.

She didn’t think she could fuck such an old man or one that was not very good looking. Plus with her mom in the only bedroom, it really only left her the bathroom which, given the state of the living room, would be filthy and Robyn couldn’t see herself taking a guy into the bathroom.

As her mother begged for more in the other room, the guy in front of her decided to slide his hand from her ass to her hip to find the slit in the dress that cut up her leg. As his fingers drifted down her leg she couldn't help but get wet. She put back the rest of her drink and it went straight to her head. God she felt so bad!

She knew it was wrong to be so turned on right now, but she also knew that at any moment his hand would slide up her thigh and discover just how bad she was. His hand inched upwards until it felt the damp patch on her panties and then wasted no time in pulling them aside and exploring her deeply. His stubby, rough fingers worked her clit and pushed inside her dripping hole. She grabbed his beer and finished it off. She didn’t know what else to do.

Everything was becoming very surreal! What do you do in this situation? She heard her mom asking for someone to cum on her face in the other room. She couldn’t get any wetter! She was so sick! He was disgusting to her, but that repulsion had a sickening attraction to it, like she loved how wrong it would be. His hands were working her fast now and she responded in a low moan and opening her legs for him. She knew that the other people in the room had to know what was going on; there was no way to hide it.

Everything was blurring together and time seemed to stand still for her. When she looked down she saw two big hands rubbing her tits through her shirt. It didn’t really occur to her for a moment that they were her tits!

The guy she had been talking to, that was now quickly bringing her to her first orgasm of the night, started licking her neck. She responded by breathing harder and letting him. She couldn’t believe she was letting them do this to her! Like a whore, she seemed to have no shame. Well she did actually feel shame, but she wasn’t doing anything about it. In fact she knew that she would let them do anything at this point and she desperately wanted to be in another room and away from this crowd.

As if on cue the guy moved up to her ear and whispered discreetly, “Do you want to fuck now, mami?”

Thank god! She did and nodded her agreement. For a moment she thought she was going to cum in front of all these people. But it made sense; now that he knew she was horny, he could take her into the filthy bathroom or out to the car and have his way with her. She was repulsed by him and by herself that she wanted this to happen. She imagined being bent over the sink and fucked roughly from behind or sitting on the back of the toilet while he defiled her.

But he didn’t take her right away. Instead he said, “Say it out loud and I’ll fuck you like you want, baby.”

She didn’t understand, but he was really working her clit and was really close now, so she complied, saying, “I want to fuck, please.” It was exciting to be so demeaned.

“Say it loud enough for people to hear you.” She didn’t understand, she didn’t want to attract attention to herself while she was being fingered in the middle of the room. So she stayed silent.

He yelled out for the room to be silent. Everyone turned to look at them, his hand rubbing away under her dress obviously. “Chica here, wants to tell you something.”

Her face went red as every face in the place was either looking at her or down at the hand in her dress working away. She was already breathing hard and this new humiliation was going bring her to cum faster. She could be humiliated a little I guess as long as it got her out of this room so she could cum in private. “I want to fuck.” She looked at the ground when she said it. The room seemed to be happy with that and they all said dirty things and she soon realized what she had done.

Two rough hands ripped her dress open, extending the slit up her thigh all the way until they ripped through the end seem and the dress was pulled from her. More hands pulled her thighs apart and she sluggishly realized that she was open to the whole room but didn’t know what she could really do about it.

Her panties were pulled aside and his rough fingers moved across her quivering sex so fast now, she knew she couldn’t stop what was about to happen. There were hands up her shirt now, exploring her chest and groping her savagely and hands down her legs and hands pushing her own hands down the front of pants. She was almost there and she realized how good this was going to feel; just giving in. This was just what she needed right now. It was hard to believe, but ever since that one night she cheated on her husband, try as she might, she couldn’t get that feeling again. She fucked her husband so many times, on the floor, hard, on her knees and it was never the same thrill. She wanted to cum.
She spread her thighs apart further, displaying her sex to the room. Several of the men in front of her already had their pants off and were stroking themselves.

“Faster.” She whispered. The hand plunged two fingers inside her and started working them in and out of her hard. She arched her back and grabbed onto the hard cocks that lived in the pants she was feeling out. She came, twisting her body and making little animal noises to the room’s delight. She was going to let this all happen she decided. Fuck it. Whatever they wanted.

And that’s how she got here. She came and two men flipped her over, bending her over the little table. She could feel someone’s cock at her now sloppy pussy, so she pushed back against it. It was bigger than she was expecting so she hesitated for a moment, but two big hands grabbed onto fistfuls of hip fat and drove the giant pillar further inside her. For her part she just let him, being a rag doll for his pleasure. She was going to be a filthy slut tonight.

Once fully inside her, (she bit her lip as he forced the last inch into the deepest parts of her sex) he started rhythmically pumping her. Even though his hands were clamped onto her hips, she could feel her ass bouncing back and forth. She flexed her hips to help it move and listened to the other men yell shit about how fat her ass was. She gushed! Many of the compliments weren’t even flattering, some of them said she was a fat fuck pig or a rich, white cock whore and she realized that she actually felt like she deserved it. She made her ass clap as it slapped against her partner’s beer gut. He started slapping her ass and pulling on her hair, riding her like an animal. She came again quickly and then the line up started.

Each man took a place and she in turn took a man in her mouth and in her pussy while her hands tried to stroke random cocks. She didn’t feel like she was very good at managing it all at the same time, but she also didn’t feel like she needed to be. The men inside her simply fucked to finish themselves off and cared little whether or not she came too. She did cum though, numerous times. She tried to focus on servicing the cocks in her mouth. If she stopped moving her head back and forth, getting swept up in her own orgasms, the men would simply fuck her face and she didn’t want to gag!

After a few men had shot their hot, sticky loads deep inside her pussy, one of the men said something in Spanish that she didn’t understand and suddenly several rough hands were holding her down so that she couldn’t move. She didn’t understand why they would need to do that when she was already giving them everything they wanted, but soon she felt a cock rubbing up against the entrance to her pussy and then moving up to push the slippery head against her ass. Immediately a look of panic was on her face. She didn’t usually let her husband fuck her ass and she wasn’t very practiced at it. She struggled a little but couldn’t move. Suddenly an ugly man’s face was inches away from hers.

He smiled a toothless smile and said, “They say you are too sloppy now and they want to open your asshole.”

Robyn looked afraid from the bluntness of his words, but she couldn’t form words.

He looked at her and smiled gently, “What did you think would happen tonight, chica? Just relax, okay?”

“Okay.” She couldn’t believe the words came out of her mouth and suddenly his mouth clamped around hers and his tongue was in her mouth. He tasted nasty, but thought that he must be tasting cock and cum.

The cock at the entrance to her ass pushed past the ring and started to piston inside her. She tried to scream but her mouth was already full. The pain was only momentary and she was soon filled with a sickening feeling as her guts were pummeled. She could sink no lower. She was actually turned on by this! She let go of one of the cocks and reached down between her legs to start rubbing herself to completion. The man in front of her said, “Good girl,” and replaced his tongue with his cock. She tried to bring him over the edge quickly as a thank you of some kind. What for? She wasn’t sure, but she was now open for business in three locations. As she fell into rhythm, the hands holding her down lifted and she was able to fuck her ass against the cocks while they stood still.

Someone yelled out something about wanting to play with her tits and so Robyn got up of her own accord and flipped over for them, laying back down on the little table, tits up, and spreading her legs open again. Another cock stepped forward and filled her as she smiled like a horny devil. A hand pulled her head backwards and it hung off the edge of the table and Robyn experienced a first as a cock was pushed straight down her throat!

The angle of her head made it easy for cocks to slide down, but they also went much further than she was used to. It took a few minutes for her to control the gag reflex. She loved it! It felt so degrading! Slobber and cum ran down her face as each man fucked her throat and she couldn’t see much with their balls hitting her in the face. One by one, each man would grab her tits and fuck her face until they came and Robyn only had one job; trying to breath.

She didn’t know how many guys she had fucked or sucked but she was beginning to think that some of them were taking seconds. Her pussy was so sore now. Fucked raw, she grew to love her ass-fat being slapped so that it jiggled and her nipples being pulled. Every degrading gesture actually made her feel good and the only response she could think of, after feigning shock and surprise; was to fuck enthusiastically and suck even harder. She rarely smiled. This was still scary and she was breathless and cumming constantly with her face screwed up, twisted in harsh ecstasy as each orgasm became more extreme. She was starting to hope that they might get their fill of stretching her womb sometime soon and just fuck her ass loose. She imagined it so loose that she couldn’t close it and that made her cum again. Filthy slut, she thought. Her pussy was so sensitive now that she could barely take it and she was wondering if they’d keep fucking her until she passed out.

She got her wish. As she lay on her back again, she tilted her head back to let one of the bigger guys and rape her throat for a second time. Her face was still sticky with the first load he deposited and it matted her hair now.

Grabbing her legs, various random hands pulled her legs apart for the room to see. Robyn waited for another cock to fill her as she tried to focus on her breathing as the thick dick slid back and forth over her tonsils. But instead of another brutal attack from hard cock, a gentle tongue crossed her lips, giving her the shivers. Quickly going to work, the tongue worked its way around her tender sex, licking and nibbling and sucking it back to life. Robyn moaned loudly and the guys cheered. They loved that she was getting off on the gang bang. Whoever was working her over was good at it too, and soon there were fingers probing into her two and three at a time while her clit was being flicked. She was so raw and sensitive at this point that it was almost torture, if it didn’t feel fucking great, that is! She started losing herself as another orgasm started to build and forgot about breathing for a moment. It took all her concentration to grab the air she needed while her throat was being fucked stupid. And in that moment she lost her orgasm.

The hands at work on her didn’t slow down though and Robyn was deeply in love with this tongue now as it pushed her and caressed her so expertly toward the brink again. This time she let go of one of the cocks she had been stroking and reached down blindly between her legs to force her assaulting stranger to eat her pussy harder. She mashed the face into her twat and groaned in ecstasy as she neared completion!
The cock in her throat pushed home one last time and threw up its seed into her stomach and all of the men cheered, laughing. The random cock pulled out and she dribbled cum out of her mouth looking around at the room full of men who had just fucked her six ways from Sunday. They loved that she was getting off again and she felt completely validated. Her big, fat ass had just satisfied and entire room full of hard cock; each one draining itself into her, probably hoping to get her pregnant. It was disgusting, but she felt so wanted, despite the weight she had put on or that her husband wasn’t as interested lately, she was getting off for the hundredth time tonight.

As she peaked and she could feel her body tense as it rounded the bend, she lifted her head to look down at the person tongue fucking her quivering mound. The men all laughed and cheered again and she knew she had crossed the line. She grabbed the hair of the woman eating her pussy and pushed her mother’s face harder against her slippery fuck hole; covering her mother’s face with cum and juices and then threw her head back and accepted how perverted she was. Robyn had never cum so hard or so long in her entire life! In fact, she was pretty sure that the booze had gotten the best of her and that her eyes must have rolled into the back of her head and she passed out, because the next thing she remembered was her mother on top of her, kissing her and her kissing back; their tongues working their way into each other’s mouths. Suddenly she was being fucked roughly and then it stopped. Then again she was filled and then it stopped again! She quickly realized what was going on. Someone was switching back and forth between her mother’s pussy and her own. They were taking turns being sloppy fuck holes and being egged on by all of the men watching, telling them to kiss and how filthy they were. Robyn was out of her mind and she immediately knew that this party wasn’t over by a long shot! And she made a decision in that moment to throw away all common sense and give in to how horny she was and every bit of randy, revolting, obscene bit of debauchery she was offered!

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