Abby’s Erotic Assignment

Abby’s Erotic Assignment

I had been at my middle school for several years and had built up a reputation of challenging my students intellectually, especially in the area of dramatic literature. Many students went on to a city-wide high school that was exceptional . . . even noteworthy nation-wide. One of those students . . . Abby was by far my favorite.

She had actually spent her elementary years in Canada and the education she received was outstanding. Although the situation I am about to describe . . . took place when she was 14, I had the pleasure of having her for three years as a student. During this time, a trust was built not only towards me, but her parents encouraged me to continue to work with her on the side on special projects.

Perhaps because her body was changing, she began to take a physical interest not only in boys her age, but in me as well, which I was soon to discover on a special weekend I will never forget. After class one day, she said she was interested in the “Erotic Escapades and Pleasures in Theater.” I was of course surprised, and secretly delighted. Then she gave me a typed outline that brought me pause in part as it stated:

“Sexual arousal (also sexual excitement) is the arousal of sexual desire, during or in anticipation of sexual activity. Male arousal will lead to an erection, and in female arousal,, the body's response is engorged sexual tissues such as nipples, vulva, clitoris, vaginal walls and vaginal lubrication. Mental stimuli and physical stimuli such as touch, and the internal fluctuation of hormones, can influence sexual arousal.” As I finished reading, I couldn’t help but look directly at her breasts and could see underneath her blouse two stiff nipples attracting my attention. Was this a gag or for real I wondered.

For her part, she had been looking at the front of my pants as I read her outline and of course a partial hard-on was now growing. Not wanting to dampen her interest . . . whatsoever . . . I asked:

“So have you been looking things up on this topic and do you want to work on finding out more about them or what exactly is your endgame?” Of course mine was to have her strip naked and play . . . show me yours.

“There are a bunch of things I found on Google,” she said . . . “but I only did my research when no one was home,” she admitted. “Things get pretty kinky when you put in phrases like, “sexual arousal” and “sexual desire.”

“I’ll bet,” I said and then trying to keep my role as her teacher I shared:

"Well, there are only many themes in human erotic thought...and

they've been writing dirty stories forever. The origins basically lie in a guy's horniness...he just likes to read dirty books and watch dirty pictures, don't you think?"

"Guys?" she asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Come on, Abby! You know. Guys . . . in mankind. Don't go sexist on me. You know I've strong feminist beliefs, but I'm not going to tip toe along some line of political correctness."

Holding out her hands in mock surrender, Abby laughed and replied, "Okay, okay, Mr. C . . . just kidding. I know guys can get VERY horny. Besides, that's not the point. The point is . . ." and she stopped . . . still looking at the erection in my pants. I waited for a few seconds and then said:

" Abby . . . what is the point?"

"If you'd just let me finish . . . the point is” and she paused again for dramatic emphasis, "The point is," she said again, "I’m sure . . . You're the one with sexual experience. I'm just a student . . . who wants to learn a lot more about this subject. Let’s just call me an enthusiastic and ready to learn amateur."

For a girl who thought of herself as an amateur (amateur what?), Abby sure knew how to dress to get my attention. Probably it was her slender body and small breasts. She didn't have little-girl nipples, I can tell you that, for they seemed always to be visible, poking at her blouses and shirts. Lately, there were times I was sure she wasn't wearing a bra. I suspect she never did. I paid special attention to details like that.

At that moment, looking at her across the table in my office, I felt like the experienced lecher. The genuine teacher part of me was on the up-and-up, but my "other side". . . my libidinous or extremely naughty side . . . was thinking how nice it'd be to get this girl naked and experiment with some of her feelings for me, which I knew existed.

“So where do you want to go from here?” I asked looking over her outline and especially at the words . . . nipples, vulva, clitoris, vaginal walls and vaginal lubrication.

“What if we get together tomorrow . . . and continue to explore this topic. My parents are leaving for the cottage this evening, and they won’t be back until Sunday. For the first time, I talked them into letting me take care of myself. Of course they will be calling from time to time . . . but that should not be a problem, even when you are at my house.” As she spoke, I continued to watch her tits under her shirt, but managed to raise my eyes when she finished.

“My schedule is wide open. I remember where you live from when I took you and Becca home last week. So what time do you want me to be there,” I asked.

“Let’s get going early . . . how about 9:00,” Abby suggested.

“I’ll be there. (pause) I was just thinking . . . to give us a head start . . . and I want you to write a couple terms down . . . (and I waited until she got a pen out of her purse and found a scrap of paper) I want you to do at least a Google search on these topics: autoeroticism . . . and I will wait until I see that you have the words copied down . . . . sexual fantasy, (pause) erotic fantasy, (pause) pearl necklace, (pause) cunnilingus (pause) and fellatio. When I arrive, I will need you to share what you have found.

Abby wrote down the final term and then looked up at me.

“But it sounds so I’m doing all the hard work."

"It’s just that I want you to know all about those terms before we begin. Feel free to click on the images option of everything as well in Goggle or whatever search engine you will be using. When I arrive, I will expect a full report on what you have learned. Make sense? I asked.

“Can’t wait to get started,” she laughed. I left the building and remained naked all night in my apartment, with my cock liberally coated with Vaseline. Although I wanked . . . I deliberately did not shoot in hopes I would have more than enough cum the next day with Abby.

Remaining Stiff at Her House

I arrived exactly at 9:00 the next morning. Abby answered the door and she was wearing a short skirt and a tank top that left no doubt she was not wearing a bra. She offered a quick tour of her parent’s house which ended with her bending over to grab some books on a shelf and some papers on a low coffee table. Her short skirt rode up the back of her thighs, giving me an enticing view of her slender tanned legs. What were her panties like, I wondered? Was she wearing panties?

Gesturing toward the overstuffed chairs in the study area, I said, "Let’s work here. The light is good and it's quiet."

I was beginning to feel like some outsider in her living space but at the same time, although we hadn't said it yet, the undercurrent was strong and unmistakable. There was more going on here than just her research.

We'd been silently flirting ever since I had arrived. I told her with my eyes what I thought about her body. And she told me with her body what she thought about my eyes. The Dance. How long was it going to take before we went beyond our student-teacher relationship that so far included the boundaries we have always had with each other?

“So let’s hear what you were able to find on the vocabulary words I gave you,” I began. She immediately took out an iPad and focused on the first set of terms I had given her. She brought up what she had found and began to read it to me:

“Let’s start with sexual fantasy. A sexual fantasy or erotic fantasy is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person's sexuality and can create or enhance sexual arousal.”

“That’s a perfect text book definition, but let’s just put it in your own words. I like that you group together sexual fantasy and erotic fantasy, because they are really the same thing. What might be a sexual fantasy that let’s say girls have.” Abby put down her iPad momentarily and looked directly at me.

“I think we need to set some rules before we continue. One rule must be that neither one of us will pass judgement on the others comments. In other words, when I give you a sexual fantasy I have . . . or I think many girls have . . . it’s just that . . . my erotic fantasy. Fair?”

“Very fair. And although I might share your thoughts, I won’t think less of you for saying it. So let’s go back to my original question, what might be a sexual fantasy girls have?” I watched her first be relieved when I said I wouldn’t judge her, but then a bit of embarrassment as she began to relate her fantasy.

“This could be when I am with a guy or it could be if I was in a room of guys. My hands are tied behind my back, and I am kneeling down and have been stripped topless. The boy is naked, and he has a long cock. He continues to slowly walk around me, rubbing his shaft all over my face and up against my breasts and especially my nipples.” When she stops, she deliberately watches my own cock that is now pushing outwards against my grey cotton men’s shorts. I debated upon wearing boxers or not and elected to do so. As a result, my erection was even more taunt against the fabric. A smile appears on her face as she looks up and waits for my thoughts.

“Very erotic Abby. A bit kinky but not over the top at all. Just like you . . . I prepared some things last night as well. I wrote down in most cases examples of the words you had to look up. What I want you to do, is to read them out loud to me.” Passing a typed paper to her I said: “This is an erotic fantasy I wrote up for you . . .” I said handing it to her. “It’s not too long . . . go ahead and read it.”

Abby quickly looked it over and began: “I kiss my way back up to your lips, and you grab my head, throwing your lips on mine, pressing your tongue into my mouth, my hand makes its way back down your thigh towards your knee, and goes back up on the outside of your skirt this time, running up over your thigh and waist, and up between your breasts, again touching uncovered skin.”

“We are both breathing heavy now, you’re almost panting as we kiss sensually. For the first time, finally reaching your beautiful breasts, I grip your right breast in my hand . . . at first gently squeezing and rubbing . . . using my thumb to traipse over your erect nipple.” (Abby pauses for a moment to look up at me. I have been monitoring her breast, and her own nipples are now at full extension). She begins again:

“Tracing small circles around your areola, feeling your body react to my touch . . . I move across your chest to the left breast and do the same thing, gripping, rubbing, and squeezing with a bit more gusto than before, starting to lose myself in our lust and passion. My hand, having its own desire reaches the bare skin at the V line in your top and slipping underneath the edge . . . I move my hand closer and closer to your bare breast and stiff pink nipple.”

“Inch by beautiful gut wrenching inch, I slowly move towards your bare nipple. My fingers finally reach your erect bud, feeling each bump around your areola before actually touching your nipple itself. I work my fingers around your stiff bud and then taking it between my thumb and index finger . . . gently pinch and twist your bare nipple. You begin to shake with pleasure.”

“I again kiss my way down your neck, nibbling for a moment, then continuing down over your collar bone, licking and tracing, tasting and nibbling my way to your breast. I use my hand and pull the top over your right breast, exposing it to the night air and my waiting mouth.” Then she stopped and looked at me. I waited a few seconds and then said:

“What do you think?” I waited and she began.

“Most girls would truly love that fantasy. Usually girls think guys are just ready to pull out their cocks and use them as quickly as possible, but that was the opposite of those types of thoughts. I have to admit, I am a bit wet from sharing it.”

“What’s the next word you have, Abby?” I asked . . . fully knowing what it was ahead of time.

“Pearl necklace.”

“And what were you able to find,” I asked excitedly.

“Speaking of kinky . . . this one pretty much caught me by surprise. Of course in its innocent definition, most girls would love to be given a pearl necklace by their boyfriend. But since this assignment was all about sexual fantasies, I found a pretty good deion of what it is . . . so here goes: A girl probably gets naked or at least topless . . . lies on her back . . . and sensuously rubs some oil or lube between her breasts.”

“Next, the guy who is naked places his stiff cock between her titties, and begins to run his shaft between her breasts. The article said that if the girl pushes her titties close together from the outside . . . it creates friction as he rubs back and forth until he begins to shoot cum. He directs his cock up towards the girl’s neck and he continues to shoot jism all around the neck. The article also said that if you really want to send him over the edge, the girl should lick the tip of his penis each time he thrusts forward towards her mouth. That’s about it. I found a 2-minute video, if you are interested, Mr. C.” I could not believe what she had just said.

“I’m always interested in watching things . . . aren’t you?” I asked. She immediately turned red, probably hoping that I did not want to watch the video.

“I guess so,” she said.

“Let’s watch it together. Come on up here and sit next to me and bring your iPad.” Abby was surprised by the invitation to watch it with me, but joined me on the couch. In the video, she had found a girl about her age who seemed in a hurry to please her boyfriend. There was not much talking, as she quickly took off her blouse, bra, shorts and finally her panties. She was hairless, which I enjoyed watching. She laid down on the floor and looked up at her boyfriend, whose cock was both very long and ready.

She had a bottle of baby lotion and she rubbed it all over her titties. The guy straddled her chest and soon had his cock in between her tits. The girl pushed her small breasts together the best she could as his shaft began to travel in between her titties.

“Give me a necklace”, the girl whispered but her words were cut off as the guy’s cock entered her mouth. For the next several minutes you watch his cock move back and forth between her tits and stopping in between her lips. Then all of a sudden the guy starts to moan and he grabs his cock in his hand and begins to spray shots of cum all around her neck. Finally, he stops . . . reaches for his phone and takes pictures of his handy work and the video stops.

During the video, I covered my boner that was obscenely sticking upwards. I did not want to scare Abby, because it’s a mighty long one.

“That word must have been kinda like one of your erotic fantasies, huh?” she kidded watching me cover myself.

“You found a perfect little movie to show what a necklace is all about,” I said. Then from who knows what place, I asked, “Do you masturbate, Abby?”

Her eyes widened for only a moment and then with a tiny smile, she said, "Yes. Why do you ask?"

"Tell you what . . . let me ask the questions. And then you'll have your chance. Are you wearing a bra right now?"



Barely heard, "Yes." There was a touch of color in her cheeks. She shifted a little, but didn't break eye contact.

"Abby, this is a test. It's important that you trust me, that you do what I request, no questions. You don't have to do anything, of course, but if we're going to have

a close working relationship, it's important that we break down unnecessary barriers. Understand?"

After a slight hesitation, she replied, "I . . . I guess so."

“Okay. Give me your panties."


"Give me your panties. Can you understand what I am asking?"

"Yes, but..."

“Abby, we're not voting on this. There's no debate. I asked for your panties. Just skin out of them right now and hand them to me."

Suddenly standing, she slid her hands up along her thighs, hooking her thumbs into the elastic of the pink, brief panties she was wearing. I could only see the sides of her thighs and hips and the pink of the panties' waistband where she'd hooked them. The crotch remained hidden. Then I began:

“I believe there is merit of flat-out-no-coy-games sex as having greater erotic impact on people. As a result, I want you to follow my instructions from now on. We are going to live out our erotic fantasies together.”

She looked at me and began to slowly push her panties down and I took a big breath, not realizing until that moment that I'd been holding my breath to see if she would follow my instructions. Bending, she pushed them down below her knees and then, one hand on the couch for balance, she lifted one foot, then the other, as she worked her way out of her panties.

Holding them between one thumb and her forefinger, she leaned towards me, handing them over and then sitting back down.

She smiled and asked, "You like girls' panties, Mr. C?"

"Um . . . yeah . . . but mostly I like these panties . . . because they are yours.”

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm pleased that you like them."

"I suspect there aren't a half-dozen guys in the world to whom you'd step out of your underwear for and hand them over. I love the erotic intimacy of such surrender."



"Yes, a lot less than a half dozen. In fact, I can't think of anyone else who I would want to have my panties off for right now."

“I appreciate your thoughts, but let’s continue your investigation. I think we skipped over “auto eroticism”. She turned slightly towards me . . . somewhat embarrassed that her skirt might be open enough for me to look down at her pussy.

“What I found was “sexual gratification obtained solely through stimulation by oneself of one's own body. Or really masturbation. I already told you, I masturbate . . . Mr. C. Do you?” she teased but I noticed she was becoming daring in her questions.

“Absolutely. I would say almost daily.”

“And who do you think about, when you jack off, Mr. C?”

“Sometimes pictures I have collected or porn I have watched; sometimes even students I have in class.”

“Ever think about me, when you shoot your load?” She asked boldly.

“Absolutely. In fact, last night I stripped down naked and thought about you a lot. I even got out last year’s yearbook and jacked along as I looked at your pictures. Who knows . . . maybe today we will take some more pictures of each other . . . to help us when we visit our erotic fantasies.”

“Do you have pubic hairs,” I asked.

Shaking her head, she murmured, "I shave myself."


“Yes,” she admitted.

“I like it that way. Let’s continue. I think one of your best features, Abby, is your

butt. You've got a lovely butt. Show it to me, please."

There were lots of ways she might respond to this request . . . including clothed and unclothed or not at all. If she decided to expose her behind to me, I wanted to give her freedom of expression. Abby had the curious habit of looking at me, as if making up her mind, and then suddenly acting. Again, she stood quickly and turning away from me, she placed one foot on the couch and bending slightly, pulled the hem of her skirt up over the hip of her raised leg. The smooth curve of her bent leg blended into her tightly rounded buttock. I could see the bottom part of the crack of her butt and the under surface of her other buttock.

This girl has style, I realized. She instinctively knows that the partially uncovered body is more provocative than the completely exposed one. Then she surprised me again. Dropping her foot back to the floor, she turned full away from me and bent way over, flipping her skirt up over her buttocks. With her feet planted about a foot apart, I had a perfect view of her bare pussy lips pooching out between her thighs. Just as rapidly, she spun around and with her hands on her hips, asked, "Well?"

I was at a loss for words. All I could see in my mind's eye was the curve of her buttock and the crease of her pussy between her legs. I was numbed with my own desire. I told her the truth. "You've got style, Abby, and you're sexy as hell. I truly love your sweet little ass, and that damp intersection between your legs!"

Sitting again, she asked, "Is it my turn now?"

"What do you mean . . . your turn?"

"Yes, my turn . . . my turn to ask you things. We're in this experiment together aren't we?" Without waiting for a reply, she rushed on, "Oh, I know you probably want me to do the things you want . . . you want me to be your little sex slave, don't you? Sure you do, you big stud . . . and I just might! But first, I've got some things I wanna see, okay?"

Shit, I thought I was in charge here. Actually, I really knew that I enjoyed her assertiveness. Dominating someone completely, without resistance, carried a limited charge . . . and that wore off quickly for me. I loved the

give-and-take of "the game."

Regaining my composure, a little, I spread my hands and said, "That's fair. What do you want to know?"

With a surprisingly throaty voice, Abby answered, "Oh, I'll find out what I want to know in due time...but right now, I want to see your cock. Is it hard? Show it to me, Mr. C. "

Momentarily startled, I smiled to myself and thought, 'Turnabout is fair play.' As if looking around for it, in an exaggerated fashion, I leaned over and looked between my legs. "Hmmm, nothing here but my hand."

"You're getting warmer. Keep looking . . . its very stiff right now," she teased.

Wondering how I might best wrap this package, I opted for the blatant. I stood and slowly slipped my fingers into the waistband of my shorts, I skinned both

my boxers and shorts down to my ankles and stepped out them. Straightening up,

I cupped my balls in my right hand, as if to free them, and then let them fall as I stepped right up in front of Abby.

Of course I had a hard-on. It had been getting stiffer . . . ever since I smelled the fragrance of her panties. Now it sprang up, almost painfully erect, bending slightly to the left.

Abby's eyes were large and slightly crossed, trying to focus on my pecker right before her nose. She wet her lips and leaned in closer.

"Kiss it, Abby."

Surprisingly, she didn't pause. With her right hand she took it like one might take a javelin. She closed her eyes and opened her lips slightly as she dropped her mouth to the head of my cock. I thought she might give it a chaste peck. She didn't. Instead, she tongued the tip of my cock as she kissed it passionately.

With her mouth open she looked up at me, slowly drawing back the tip of her tongue from my cock, pulling a line of spittle from my shaft to her tongue. Then, licking her lips, she asked, "Does this give you any ideas about the excitement of the eroticism in theater?"

"As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about one of your next words . . . fellatio.”

Completely surprising her, I stood over my shorts and pulled them back up to my waist . . . leaving the boxers on the floor. “You gave me a little sample just then, but I have another little snippet I typed up for you to read to me. Are you ready?”

“I guess so,” she said, probably pissed off that I had covered my erect cock . . . but reaching over and looking at the second sheet I had made available for her. She again sat next to me and began reading:

“My fingers unbutton your pants, slide the zipper down, parting them for the first time. As I ease down your pants, you see my erect cock for the first time. I run my fingertips over the entire length, from head, down the shaft feeling each and every vein, ripple and inch of your hardness and how excited I am to have it in my grasp. I wrap your hands around your shaft, my thumb running softly over the tip spreading the moisture of pre-cum oozing from it over the entire head making my fingers slide ever so smoothly as I encircle the head.”

“My lips touch the head of your cock and I gently kiss it, then my mouth opens, and my tongue very slowly flicks at the tip tasting the lubrication escaping from the slit. You groan at the touch, and look up at me and I tell you how good your cock tastes and how much I want to swallow your cum. I engulf your cock around the tip. The feel of me sucking your cock is completely driving you wild. I start sliding up and down on your cock, my lips moving further and further down to the base.”

“I start sucking really fast and I can tell you are getting very close to cumming. You grab the back of my head and thrust your hips upwards. I can feel your cock starting to pulsate . . . feeling it continue to grow in length as you get ready to explode your cum into my mouth. I tighten my grip on your shaft, as I circle just the head and almost immediately, you start shooting spurt after spurt of your hot juices into my mouth. Muffled moans began to escape your mouth as you continue to shoot your cream down my throat.”

“Whatya think,” I asked.

“Very arousing . . . especially with that slightly hidden cock of yours still on display,” she confessed.

"Look at me, Abby!"

"Yes? I am."

"I can see your nipples. Are they cold or excited?”

"Not cold," she murmured, looking down at her breasts. Then, trailing a fingertip across the prominent bulge, "Must be the other."

"Pull your shirt up. Show me your nipples."

Abby stared at me again. I knew she'd show me, but wondered if she'd balk. "I just don't understand the order of this assignment," she said as she slowly pulled up the front of her tank top. Pausing with the shirt bunched about the tips of her breasts, I could see the lush lower halves of her breasts and a portion of her areola.

"Continue," I said, my voice low but even.

"How much further?" She asked.

"Everything." Then, in one smooth motion, she pulled the shirt over

her head and off her arms, dropping it to the floor. "Like


"Yes, just like that. You see, Abby, one of the recurrent themes in Eighteenth Century Western European Erotic Literature was voyeurism and masturbation. You can see how they'd go together, can't you?"

"You mean, like you-do-it-and-I-watch?"

"More like a variation of you start and I watch...then we both do it.


Abby pulled her legs up and swung around, facing me. She pulled her heels up and let her knees fall open as she jammed her skirt between her thighs.

"I've never..." she began, but I cut her off.

"Partial nudity...partial more provocative than total nudity. So I want you to leave your skirt on. But pull it up a little. Show me your trim job."

"I probably shouldn't tell you this, but...when I trimmed myself this morning, I was wondering if you'd get a chance to see it."


"This!" And she pulled her short skirt up above her thighs. Her pubic hair had been trimmed shorter and shaved on the sides, producing a broad vertical wedge ending right above her clit. Similarly, her labia outer and inner lips were clean shaven, and, with her legs draped apart, were pulled partially open. Her 14-year-old flower was opening, the labia menorah swollen and wet, converging to her half-hooded clitoris that sat atop her pussy as an overripe, erect, girl-prick.

She leaned forward and looked at her crotch. Dipping her finger into her open pussy, she ran a finger from the bottom of her slit to the top. I pulled my shorts off again, adding them to the puddled shirt on the floor and, falling back, facing her, I ran my hands into my crotch. Cupping my balls in one hand, I held the base of my cock in the other as I looked into her eyes.

"This is what's it's all about, Abby. Sex. Perhaps not the strongest drive, but right up there after air and food and shelter, don't you think?

Easing a finger, then two, into her pussy, she answered,"Mr. C, right now I'm not thinking about anything, except that I'm horny. You have made me VERY horny. And I wanna get off!"

For the next several minutes the only sound was the slapping sound of flesh on

flesh mixed with the increasingly wet sounds of sex. Without trying, we'd matched each other's rhythm, the primal beat of masturbation. My eyes moved from her eyes to her breasts, back to her eyes and down to her fingers, busy on

her pussy.

At the first hint of an impending orgasm, I'm able to hold it there, suspended on some heightened plateau of pleasure. But if I slip farther into that pleasure, it

slips away from any ghost of my control and runs away, downhill with increasing speed and I erupt all over her living room.

I didn't even try to sustain it. The pleasure was too strong. Lurching to my knees, fisting my cock, my intention patently clear, I leaned over Abby. And she whispered:

"Yes! Me too! I'm gonna come...gonna come. Ungh ...ungh. Come with me...cum on me! Give me a pearl necklace and shoot the rest all over my titties," she said, widening her legs even further, thrusting her pelvis at me.

Over the top. The molten heat of my orgasm gathered force deep to my cock and with the classic sudden eruption, spurted out, once, twice, a third. Then a weaker fourth dribble as I fell back on my heels, spent. I looked over at my favorite student . . . and she was now covered with my spunk. A truly beautiful sight.

Soon it was time for a shower and much more entertainment!

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A Teacher's Release

**This is a work of pure fiction and a new story for me. Not part of any other series. I hope you like it. Sorry I was away for a couple of months and thank you to everyone who sent me PMs asking me to start writing again. I assure you there will be more All for Mr. Redman and Yukio's Adventures. Special thanks to (Not in a particular order): Spread1, Shotgun82, Clitpleaser12, rdwyier, Feazko, kakatz, JetiJah, workingman, stillagood1, guilz87, thickhead, TT, Ghostrider939, BadInAGoodWay, Ed W, and doug1953, creative thinker, charlie33851, Matillie97, EL TORO, Shadowreaper267, Bldg436, deeppenetrator, perverted1, Dr. Goodsex, WetLust...


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Rich boys love 24

When i went into havreys house we sat and walked about things harvey was making it sound like we wasnt going to last much longer then he asked me how much longer do you think we will last i was so shocked and upset by the question he just asked me i walked out of his house and i drove home. on the way home harvey must have called my cell aleast 5 times but i kept my eyes on the road and let my phone go to voicemail. when i got home i went on my twitter and i was...


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The Weekend (Part 2)

Second part of my first story. This is my first go at it, so forgive any errors or mishaps. This chapter things get interesting! If incest isn't your thing, don't read on. Chapter 2: Misbehaving. I made my way upstairs, my parents having just left. Well, if I'm stuck here, I'll just have to get high. I thought to myself, grinning as I took two steps at a time. As I made it to the top of the stairs, Danielle was just coming out of her room. She was dressed to go out. I couldn't help myself from thinking Damn. She...


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Tender Love II

Introduction: To fully understand and appreciate this story please read Part I of Tender Love. Sorry it took so long for part 2, my Father passed away and I was distracted. The young Latino woman lay on top of my naked form with my rock hard dick still wedged between the lips of her pussy, as if I were a human dildo for her pleasure. I could feel her hot love juices beginning to cool as it dripped from the sides of my thighs. She rested from the powerful climax she had just experienced from rubbing her clit against my cock...


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Sister Fun (Pt1)_(0)

Clubbing in the city isn’t so bad you tell your friends when they keep asking why you do it, ‘Why do I do it?’ you ask yourself for the tenth time as you and you sister stand on the crowded platform waiting for the tube home. Both dressed in skirts that are almost too short for decency and tight tops, your sister has always complained that you don’t wear a bra ever, your breasts firm large and almost falling out of the lower cut neck line. 11pm and you can’t believe how many people are still travelling, you see her jump...


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