Three Can Keep a Secret if Two Are...Confused

Three Can Keep a Secret if Two Are...Confused

“It’s settled then. Tomorrow Ron goes to work, and sees what we have to work with.” said Kim as she snuggled into my chest, and I wrapped my arms around her.

It had been an emotional Sunday morning; first with the Russian and then sex with the two sisters. We were all a little tired, but we were even more hungry.

“Anyone for some lunch?” I asked

“I’m starving” answered Kim enthusiastically

I looked at Rachel, who seemed to be in another world.

“Rach? Lunch?” I tried again.

Rachel broke from her gaze into infinity, looked at me, and then Kim.

“What?” she said “Lunch? Ya, I’m hungry.”

“Are you OK?” I asked seriously

Rachel had never liked sex. Five years of marriage to her had driven that point home. Yet, as a reward for me agreeing to help her, she had just had sex with her sister, and let me fuck her in her virginal ass. She had a lot to digest and I was wondering how all this was effecting her.

“Ya, I’m fine. Just thinking about……everything.” she answered.

“So, how is…….everything?” Kim asked a little sarcastically.

“Everything” Rachel started emphasizing that first word. “is fine.”

I wasn’t sure why Kim was needling her sister. It seemed a little cruel, but Rachel did not seem the least angry when she answered. But, who knew the secret communications between sisters. They had grown up together, and I was an interloper in their world. A hungry interloper.

“Ladies, I’m hungry. How about I order in a pizza?”

There was universal agreement on getting a pizza. Not so much as to what should go on it. In the end, we settled on half pepperoni and half Canadian bacon & pineapple. Thirty minutes later we were enjoying our meal, washing it down with Fat Tire from my fridge. The discussion took the inevitable turn towards tomorrow.

“Ron, what you think the chances of you finding the right body, tomorrow?” asked Kim

“Tomorrow? I’d say they are pretty small. I’d be surprised if there were more than three unclaimed bodies down at the morgue. Of course if we waited long enough we will absolutely find one. The operative phrase is ‘long enough’. It could take years.”

“Years!” said Rachel, almost choking on her pizza. “I don’t have years!”

“Well, short of killing someone yourself, the only way is to wait” I said jokingly.

The sisters looked at each other for a fast second, but did not say anything. I suppose they passed one of those unspoken sister telepathy things; probably thinking “I hope it’s not long.”

“Once we get the body, then what?” I asked

Kim responded with Rachel following right after.

“We have to make dental x-rays to put into Rachel’s file, at Dr. Wilson’s office”

“We have to cut off the hands and get rid of those, so there is no way to use finger prints”

“And we should smash up the face, without messing too much with the mouth, so if the face doesn’t burn, they can’t make an ID that way.”

“And we should think about dyeing the hair the same color as mine.”

I was impressed. They must have been paying close attention when I was trying to talk them out of it.

“That all sounds about right to me, but you two are way ahead of yourself, even if we have a body in the morgue right now. First we have to figure out how to get it out, and to fix the paperwork so it looks like it was properly buried, or preferably cremated.” I said.

No one, including me, had an answer for that one. I am sure the ladies figured since I knew all the ins and outs of the morgue; that this problem was mine to solve. I had to agree.

“I guess I will give that some thought” I said, and then yawned.

“That was good.” I said motioning towards the pizza and beer “But, I think I’m going to lie down and think.”

“You mean ‘nap’” said Rachel knowingly

“Tuh-may-toe. Tuh-mah-toe” I grinned and headed for the couch.

Kim and Rachel headed towards the guest room to get settled in and I must have drifted off to sleep. The next thing I heard was Kim’s laugh coming from the kitchen. The fog of sleep started to lift and it registered that the sisters were sitting at my small kitchen table, talking.

“So do you think he will really do it?” asked Rachel

“He has to, for the plan to work.” answered Kim

“Otherwise, we will have to resort to Plan B.” said Rachel

I didn’t know what Plan B was. Maybe the girls had come up with one when I was asleep. So I chimed in sleepily, as I walked into the room

“Whhhhhhhat’s Plan B” I yawned out.

The girls jumped.

“Jesus! You scared me!” exclaimed Rachel a bit angrily

“Sar-ree” I said unapologetically

“I almost watched my sister tortured to death today. I’m entitled to be on edge.” Rachel snapped.

“Ya, I guess you are. I did mean to startle you.” I said a little sheepishly

Then her statement at being on edge and the laugher that woke me up bumped together in my mind.

“What was so funny?” I asked

“Huh?” said Kim

“Something must have been funny. You laughed and that woke me up.” I responded

Kim had a strange look on her face; puzzlement? That didn’t seem right. Confusion? Not really. Shock? Maybe, not quite. Panic? But it was gone before I came to a conclusion. Then her face got an amused look and she spoke.

“Rachel and I were sort of comparing notes and we started talking about boobs. Her’s and mine specifically. I figured Little Miss Perfect here, with the movie star looks has the perfect boobs and that you would think they are better than mine.’

Rachel looked at Kim with shock in her face. I guess she never thought Kim would repeat such a thing. But, then she softened and added her own bit to the story.

“And I said, that you are in love with her” saying ‘in love’ with an exaggerated sigh “and that you would think Kim’s were best no matter what.”

“So I suggested that we hold a contest with you as the judge” said Kim and started taking off her top.

I swallowed as Kim’s blouse slipped over her head and her braless torso was revealed. Kim had beautiful breasts. They were probably small C-cups, or large Bs. Brown pink areolas, on top of slightly pouting breasts. I can tell you from last night’s experience they were as firm as they looked.

I swallowed again and turned my eyes to Rachel. She unbuttoned her top and stood up. She let the blouse slip off her shoulders and on to the floor. Rachel was wearing a simple white bra, which she deftly unhooked and let fall to the floor as well.

Oh Fuck! I thought

You could tell they were sisters. From the neck down it was hard to make a distinction. Rachel’s were slightly larger; definite C cups, and maybe, maybe, had a bit of sag. It was hard to tell because Rachel was a little taller. Other than that; same pouting breasts; same brown pink nipples; the same nice round shape.

They moved so they were side by side, just a few feet from me.

“Well?” asked Kim “Who has the better boobs?”

“Yah, C’mon Ron. Who has the better boobs?’ echoed Rachel

Oh, Fuck I thought again. There was no way I would choose. I’m not the dumb. Hell, I didn’t think I could choose. But, my cock had an idea and whispered it in my ear.

“Ladies, there is no way I’m picking which of you has the nicest tits. But, I’ll bet you ten bucks, I can tell whose is whose, just by feeling them with my hands and mouth.”

Kim giggled. Rachel looked at me suspiciously and then said.

“Ten bucks, huh. Let’s make this worthwhile. You guess right I let you do me in the butt again. You guess wrong and I go get Kimmy’s strap on and I do you in the ass. See how you like it.”

“Rachel!” exclaimed Kim

Kim has a strap on? That was the first thing that popped into my head. What would she need that for? I guess maybe she wasn’t the little miss innocent I had always thought. The second thought was to wonder if Kim’s protestation was in my defense or at Rachel revealing something so private. I was getting to my third thought when Rachel interrupted.

“Chicken?” she asked with her condescending tone. The one she knew pissed me off.

She was still a bitch. But, how sure was I? I was pretty certain that I couldn’t tell whose tits were whose. They looked so much alike; that here was no way my less acute sense of touch could pick up a difference. What I was counting on was the ladies perfume. Rachel had worn Chanel 5, the little rich girl perfume, ever since I had met her. God knows what Kim wears, but it was not Chanel.

“Baaawk! Baawk! Baaawk! Rachel clucked. Kim giggled again.

“You’re on.” My pride answered for me.

Kim squealed with delight and ran off. I wondered if she was so confident I was going to lose that she went to get this here-to-unheard-of strap on. She returned rather quickly with a blindfold. I watched and she and her exquisite breasts bounced back into the room. I was mesmerized as they swayed and bounced, until they were directly in front of me.

“Hold still” Kim almost sang.

Then I was blind. The blindfold was a yard length piece of black cloth, about four inches wide. She tied it snuggly behind my head and I tried discreetly to take in her scent. This was going to be more difficult than I thought. The strongest scent was my own soap from the shower we had taken earlier. There was something faint underneath that, but Kim did not linger to allow me time to categorize it. I heard her leave my back and walk back in front of me, a few paces away.

“OK” Rachel began “One of us is going to come up in front of you. Have your hands up and we will guide them to our boobs. You can only touch our boobs and the area around them. OK?

“OK” I answered.

I heard movement and in my mind I pictured both ladies begin to walk around me, avoiding my extended hands. I could hear them do this for several iterations, and then like musical chairs, all of sudden they stopped. I felt warm hands take mine and guide them to their destination, one hand on each breast. There was silence.

I squeezed both breasts firmly, with my thumbs underneath. I could picture the firm flesh yielding to my machinations. I could feel the firmness of her breast. I slowly repositioned my hands until my thumbs found the nub and areola. I gently and slowly swirled my thumb around the edge, feeling the contrast of the rougher nipple verses the pale smooth skin of her breasts.

I was hard and my cock was distracting me. The pressure of the situation started to weigh on me. I did not want to be fucked in my ass; let alone by my ex-wife. I had to get this right.

I leaned in guiding myself to where my hands told me this sister’s pouting breasts had to be, and I took the nipple into my mouth and sucked on it deeply. I retreated just enough to concentrate on the nub, and I let my tongue take it, like I was nursing. My other hand fondled and squeezed the other breast aggressively.

I fought with myself to stop enjoying this and to focus on her scent and any familiar reactions. I picked up only my soap and nothing else. I was thinking I was in trouble, but I still had a 50/50 shot.

I switched breasts and began to tease her other nipple with my tongue. I dragged my tongue slowly around the areola, and flicked at her little nub with my tongue. I kissed it lightly and blew on it. Then I lightly took the nub between my teeth and bit it very gently. Rachel hated that and usually gave me some sort of warning. I felt this sister tense, but there was no sound or hard motion. I took the nipple into my mouth, sucking on it and trying to get it to constrict. I always had to work to make Rachel’s nipples get hard, and she always complained that when they did, it hurt. I was starting to think I had Rachel’s tit in my mouth.

I released her and said


I left my hand hanging in mid air as Sister #1 retreated and Sister #2 artfully placed her breast in my hand. I could feel that her nipple was already erect. Cold? Aroused? I could not tell, but I immediately began to squeeze it. I thought it felt a little firmer, but was that just my imagination? I paid attention to her other breast as well, using my thumb to rub the already erect nipple; to trace the outline of the little gumdrop, and feel it’s hardness, mirroring my own cock.

I could clearly picture what the breast looked like, with the constricted areola almost hiding the nub, sitting on top of the pale cream skin of her pouting breast and I lost myself in the thought. I mindlessly took her nipple into my mouth and gently chewed on the tight knot. This sister took in a breath, but there was no subtle pull, like she was trying to withdraw. I thought this was Kim.

My nose was no help. All I could smell was soap and maybe a little sweat. I sucked deeply on the tight nipple and squeezed the other breast quickly and firmly. I moaned into it and all at once I was convinced. I pulled back from the nipple I was sucking on and announced.

“These are Kim’s boobs”

I did not let go with my left hand as my right reached up to pull of the blindfold. I was rewarded with the sight of my left hand holding Kim’s breast. She was smiling. She leaned in and kissed me quickly, and then whispered in my ear, with a sense of excitement.

“Let me do it. Please let me do it. I want to do Rachel in the ass.”

I was shocked. The evidence was clear. I did not know this girl. Even though I had never considered watching one girl do another with a strap on, my cock leapt at the thought. I kissed her; she pulled back and whispered in my ear again.

“Pretty please. I’ll do anything you want, if you let me.” she had emphasized the word anything.

I got granite hard instantly. I just looked at Kim with obvious shock in my eyes.

“How did you know?” Rachel said with a combination of bitterness and wonder

I was not going to try to explain it too deeply, so I just said

“Rach, I’ve sucked on your tits many times. I just know them.”

Kim moved out from in front of me so I could see Rachel. She did not look as pissed as I thought she would. But, she wasn’t happy.

“Rachel, take off your pants so I can see that gorgeous ass I am about to fuck”

She glared at me, turned around and slipped her jeans and panties down. She was wearing slip-on flats, and she stepped out of them and her cloths, and stood there, naked, so I could get my eyeful.

“Now bend over the table” I said.

To my surprise, she did not argue, complain or even say a word. She just did it. Oh God, and the way she did it. I expected her to lay on the table, with her thighs against the edge. She pulled up well short of the table, bent at the waist, spread her legs past shoulder width, and placed her head and hands on the edge of my kitchen table. Her breasts dangled as invitingly as her displayed pussy and back door. My mouth had never watered at anything placed on that table. as it did now.

Rachel was offering me herself again. She was completely vulnerable; completely at my mercy. I was so hard it hurt. I took a deep breath. Kim was almost dancing with anxiety.

“Please!” she whispered hard “Please. I will let you do anything!”

She was almost in a panic. My cock was yelling at me to stick it in one of Rachel’s offered orifices, and to do it now.

“Kim, I really want to fuck Rachel, right now. God, look at her! Her ass is perfect and it’s right there for my taking.”

“You can have it another day! I promise! You can have mine, too. Right after I do Rachel! You can do anything; have me anyway you want! Please!”

Kim’s voice carried and Rachel heard her.

“What are you two talking about?” she asked.

“Rachel, dear. Kim is going to fuck your ass, instead of me”

She stood up and whipped around.

“What?! No fucking way!” she exclaimed

“Rachel” Kim started gently, but firmly, “This is what Ron wants. You lost the bet, now you have to pay up.”

“Fine!” she spat out and glared at Kim, communicating an unspoken insult

‘Fine?’ I thought. Rachel was giving up just like that? That surprised me, but my cock slapped me sideways as Rachel bent back over the table.

“Kim. You had better hurry. I won’t be able to help myself” I said as I looked longingly at Rachel’s bent over body.

She kissed me and was gone. I could not just sit here so I got up and walked over to Rachel.

“God, Rachel! You look so sexy!” I said as I rubbed her hip and ass

“Why are you letting Kim do this to me? Do you hate me?”

Rachel asked with a little emotion, and getting up to look at me. I couldn’t help but to look her over. Rachel has nice legs, but could use some sun. My eyes followed them up to flared hips, blond bush, and small waist. As my eyes lingered on hips I was tempted to spin her back around and fuck her.

“Well, she really seems to want to, Rach. She said I could do anything I want to her. That’s kind of hard to pass up” I answered truthfully, and feeling my cock strain against my pants.

She was silent for a second and said.

“Are you going to fuck her in the ass, Ron?”

I was past the point where anything could shock me today so I just answered.


“Will you make her eat me when you do? And don’t tell her I said that?” she continued.

So, I was wrong again. That did shock me. But, I gathered myself together.

“Rachel, are you gay? Because it would explain a lot if you are.” I mused

“I don’t know. Maybe. I liked it when Kim was doing my pussy and it didn’t really bother me to do hers” she answered plainly.

“Will you do this for me? she asked again

I nodded.

I’m not sure what I was about to say next, as a still half-naked Kim bounded down the stairs carrying what had to be a strap on harness, and what looked like a veterinary syringe. The dildo was not as large as I thought it would be. It was maybe seven inches long, and didn’t look much thicker than my own cock.

“Hey! Why isn’t she still bent over the table?” Kim asked accusatorily

“Easy, Kim.” I said with a half laugh “Are you a little anxious? And for that matter, what the hell has gotten into you?” I said more seriously.

“Don’t you like it?” She said poutily looking first at me, and then Rachel. “You have two naked women doing your bidding. You want us to stop?”

My cock slapped me in the mouth and I was instantly silent. Kim walked over to me and kissed me with one long, deep kiss, and pulled back. I felt her hands on my back, and then another set of hands was undoing my pants.

“Do you want to get Rachel ready for me, while I get this thing on? Kim said holding up her rig.

“Ready?” I asked

Then I put two and two together on my own. She handed me the specialty syringe and a bottle of Astroglide. About that time my pants fell to the ground. I picked them back up, turned, and saw Rachel grinning, seductively. I was not used to that.

I quickly got myself undressed, as Rachel bent back over the table, once again offering more of her than she ever had in her life. I knelt behind her, and began to tongue her little starfish as my hands reached under to find her dangling breasts. I squeezed both of them, feeling their weight in my hands; her now erect nipples, and how they yielded to my touch. I took a breath, and then used them as handles to pull her ass into my face.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh” Rachel sounded with an intake of breath.

I made my tongue as rigid as I could and probed Rachel’s backdoor as deep as I could, flicking it up and down, working my way in. I squeezed her tits, trying to work out some of my own sexual excitement.. Even though my cock was free, it ached with need. I decided Kim would have to wait for just a few moments, and I stood up.

I got directly behind Rachel, positioned my cock, and pierced her tight pussy with one steady push. It felt incredible as her wet pussy parted and accepted my invasion. Rachel had always been tight, and I felt goose bumps appear. Rachel jumped, startled.

“Ron! What are you doing?” she said. But it was obvious what I was doing.

“I want you to rock back and forth. Rachel, I want you to fuck me” I said with closed eyes and a just two steps from heaven.

She began to push back and forth, doing the work, while I tired to load the syringe. It was very difficult work as I could not focus on what I was doing. Her pussy fit me so well. It squeezed my cock, milking it with each stroke. My breathing increased and my cock was screaming to pound Rachel’s pussy with all the force I could muster.

I lubed my thumb instead, and pressed it slowly into Rachel’s little rosebud. Once inside, I worked it in all the way and began to move it in and out, thumbfucking her.

“Oooooooo” Rachel moaned out softly.

I couldn’t tell if it was my thumb or cock that was getting her excited, but she was rapidly bringing me close to orgasm, and I pulled my cock out. My thumb followed. I was barely in control. I took all my will to stop. Only the thought of taking Kim in this same position stopped me.

Undistracted now, I was able to load the syringe, and lube it up. I positioned the rounded head at Rachel’s tight entrance, and pushed gently. It was smaller than my thumb and went in easily. I slowly fucked her ass with the wand and then let it cum in her ass. I saw her anus tighten around the syringe as the cool liquid filled her bowel.

I turned to see Kim, smiling. My gaze drifted down and I saw that she was now naked, except for her strap on harness. I must say it did nothing for me; seeing a woman I had fantasized over with a penis. So I moved quickly out of the way to let Kim have her fun.

Kim stared at her bent over sister with a hungry, lustful look. She took the Astroglide and used it to messily ready her appendage.

“Be gentle, Kim” I warned.

I was concerned. If I came across a lion with that look, I would expect to be lunch. Kim nodded her head and the just stared at Rachel’s offered ass. She stepped forward, and with out hesitation put the tip of the soft dildo against Rachel’s little bung hole.

“Wait!” Rachel said tensing and jumping immediately.

“She’ll go slow.” I said soothingly, and eyeing Kim, who nodded.

Rachel relaxed and Kim started to push, slowly. It looked huge against Rachel’s small opening. Rachel’s ass resisted for a full beat, and then yielded all at once. The dildo’s realistic looking head popped in and Kim stopped.

“Owwww! Stop! Please wait! Please, Kim. It hurts.”

“I’ll wait Rachel”

Kim said softly, evenly, like she had all the time in the world. But her eyes burned with hunger. Kim held perfectly still and I moved over to kiss Kim, hoping to help quench her thirst. She eagerly accepted my tongue and she kissed me viciously. I mauled one breast as I tried to avoid jostling her.

After just a few seconds I felt Kim start to push in to Rachel and I had to watch. Kissing and fondling Kim might have dissipated a little of her sexual tension, but it did me no good. This whole Kim-with-dick-fucking-Rachel thing was turning me, and I genuinely had not expected that.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” Rachel groaned out

Kim kept going until she was half way in and stopped. Rachel was breathing hard.

“Wait!” Please! Please, Kim!’

Kim said nothing. She was still on fire and barely under control. Her eyes blazed and her hands had Rachel’s hips in a death grip. I was genuinely worried she was going to rip her sister’s ass apart. But she held steady until Rachel said’

“Ok. Go slow, Kimmy. Please go, slow”

Kim pushed again, not slow, but not any faster, either. Kim had not taken her eyes off Rachel’s violated hole and watched as her dildo disappeared completely in she sister’s ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh.” I head Kim moan

Rachel panted out a few groans and then Kim started to pull back slowly. Rachel was able to tolerate this easily. But, I saw danger approaching.

“Relax, Rachel. You have to relax.”

With that Kim started back in, more urgently.

“Ohhhhhhhh” Rachel groaned, but the pain did not seem too steep.

“Rub me, Ron! Please, rub my pussy” Rachel said through her pain.

Another first. But, my rock hard cock was anxious for me to participate somehow. I got on my knees and found her pussy with my forefinger. When I put my finger inside I could fell Kim’s dildo vibrating. I worked two fingers up inside and began to finger fuck her dripping pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh” Rachel groaned again, but this time it sounded like she was enjoying it.

Kim had found her rhythm and was thrusting in and out at a good pace. I watched as Rachel’s ass squeezed the cock, gripping it like it could not let go. My own cock was begging me to let it take Kim’s place.


Kim let out a groan of her own, and I thought her rig must be set up in a way to give her pleasure, too. Her face showed pure ecstasy as she plunged in and out. I was working Rachel’s pussy as hard as I could and she voiced her pleasure for us.

“Okay! Okay! Okay!” Rachel breathed out “Okay! Okay”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! All…..all…almost...” Kim exclaimed and then

“There!” she screamed and drove her cock as deep as it would go into Rachel’s ass.

I waited for the scream from Rachel, which did not come. She just added an extra emphasis on her next noise.

“OH-kay! Faster, Ron! Okay! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she was breathing out and then I felt her pussy tighten and her body tense.

”Yesssss” Rachel screamed as her own orgasm took away all other sensation.

Her orgasm lasted longer than any I had ever given her and then she relaxed. I looked at Kim, who was trying to refocus her eyes.

I was incredibly frustrated. My cock was harder than reading Chinese, and both women were enjoying their post-coital bliss. I had to release some of my tension. I backed Kim out of Rachel as I kissed her hard and grabbed one breast, kneading it roughly.

“Get that thing off!” I ordered “I’ve got to have you!’

“Ok, baby. It will take me a minute”

Kim said trying to ease me back. I reluctantly allowed this and turned to find Rachel. She had stood up and was stretching her back after being bent and pounded. I took two steps towards her and I saw her eyes go wide.

I engulfed her with my arms and mouth, kissing her deeply, and finding her firm breast. I kissed her as hard as I had kissed anyone and was kneading her breast roughly. Rachel resisted for just a second and then began to mold into me. My free hand dropped to grab a handful of the ass that I had just watched being violated. She made a noise into my mouth. Pain? I was not sure. I wasn’t sure I cared. But I did pull back.

“Do me, Rachel! Go down on me! I commanded.

She complied immediately, getting to her knees and taking my cock into her warm mouth. She molded herself to my cock and instantly got into a slow back and forth rhythm. I fought to go faster, my self control nearly gone. I grabbed the back of her head and tried to force her into a faster pace. But Rachel resisted; her lust, the lust for her sister’s tongue, was driving her to control me. She managed to ease me back down a notch..

Kim came over and we began to kiss, deeply, but more slowly. I was kissing one beautiful sister, fondling her breast, as the other took my cock deep into her mouth. With effort, I pushed Kim back and said.

“I want you to eat your sister while I fuck your ass, Kim” I said lustfully and forcefully.

Rachel heard this and if she was planning to act like she did not want this to happen, that part of the plan slipped her mind. She got up, and I swear she almost ran to the couch, and got into her take-my-pussy position. I kissed Kim hard and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and kneaded, squeezed and pulled them apart. I was working my self back into frenzy. I pushed her back and towards the couch.

“Bend over and make your sister cum” I told Kim.

Kim did as she was told and for God knows how many times today, a beautiful woman was offering me the orifice of my choice. I quickly and shakily loaded the syringe and put the bulb on Kim’s forbidden hole. She seemed almost not to notice as I slipped it in to her little ass, buried it to the hilt.

“Oh, God! Kimmy! That feels so good!” Rachel breathed out

I was becoming mad with my own lust. I lined myself up, and plunged into Kim’s pussy with no preamble or hesitation.

“Oh!’ Kim exclaimed not expecting to be fucked in the hole.

Her ass was still filled with the syringe and I used it to fuck her ass, as my cock filled her silky hot tunnel. My goose bumps returned as I pumped Kim’s love tunnel, feeling it grudgingly part as I drove in, and milk me as I pulled back. God, I was so close to cumming. I had to stop. My cock screamed at me to keep going. ‘Take her pussy! Pound it!’ my cock urged. I resisted. On the next push in, I inject her with the lubricant and then exited both of Kim’s openings.

I slowed my breathing and let my throbbing cock ease itself back from the plateau. After a couple of heartbeats, I was ready. I touched Kim’s small hole with my cock and she started.

“Go slow, Ron. Please. I’ve never done this before”

That excited me, as for some reason I had not expected a second virginal ass. But, I was too close to the edge to speak, so I just pushed. I pushed as slowly as I could. Kim’s tight little hole resisted. It was like trying to push my cock into a mattress. But then it gave all at once and I breeched Kim’s outer ring, popping inside. I felt a splash of pleasure jolt me and I shivered in anticipation.

“Oww!” Kim squealed. “Wait for me, Ron! Please!”

“Don’t stop, Kimmy!” said Rachel seemingly oblivious to the assault on Kim’s other end.

I paused long enough to hear Rachel’s moan signal that Kim was lapping at her pussy once more. I could not wait any longer. I pushed again, fighting the nearly overwhelming tightness of Kim’s tight ass; fighting the urge to thrust with all my might to find the bottom of Kim’s incredible ass. My cock went deeper into her bowel, as I fought to not rip her in two.

“Owww! It hurts! Kim said

“I’m sorry, Kim” I said less because of the pain I was causing and more because I could not stop.

I shivered again and kept pushing. Her ass was squeezing my cock so hard I didn’t think blood could get it. I held myself back and pushed as slowly as I could. I was shaking with the need to just ram my cock deep into Kim’s bowels. I eased myself deeper and then bottomed out. I shivered with pleasure and anticipation.

“Oh!” Kim said startled again.

“Kimmy, please…” Rachel said longingly

I stood there feeling my cock being squeezed and then I pulled back. I had my hands on Kim’s hips and was kneading her firm flesh trying to dissipate some of my built up sexual angst. Then I locked my hands to her hips, pulled most of the way out and pushed back deep into her bowel with one long, unbroken, push.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, Kimmy!” Rachel exclaimed.

I think she came, but I did not care. I cared only about me. As I bottomed out again, I heard Kim moan lowly.


It was hard to tell if that was from pleasure or pain. But, it sounded like a starter’s pistol to my cock and I began to pump Kim’s tight hole. Each in thrust I felt like I was splitting her in half, carving my way in. I drove harder.

“Ohh! Ohh!” Kim said as by hips banged into her ass.

Harder. Faster. My lust was driving now. I had given in and released all control. My animal instinct was forcing me to pump Kim as hard and fast as her body would allow.

“Oh! Oh! God! Ron! Easy, Ron!” Kim cried.

I felt Kim shift so she could get her hand to her pussy and I knew she was trying to rub some of the pain into pleasure. My eyes moved up and I saw Rachel, just lying there; her legs still splayed, but she was spent, and unmoving.

My reservoir of lust was filling with each slap of my balls on Kim’s pussy. The tension was building and spurring me to go even faster. I watched as my cock disappeared into Kim’s small little hole and the reappeared, sending a jolt of pleasure each time.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Kim kept time with my thrusts

I was getting close. As the beast inside screamed to be fed, I pulled Kim into me as I began to slam deep inside her with each thrust. I was desperate to release the pressure building. The sound of our bodies meeting was a loud staccato; Slap! Slap! Slap!. If I had a clear mind I would have been concerned about tearing Kim or breaking my own cock in half. But, I was not. My only thought was to fill Kim’s bowel and to do it now.


I screamed as I felt my balls tighten and I drove in hard. locking my hips into Kim’s, trying to go another inch deeper as I began to fill Kim’s bowel with my seed. The tsunami of pleasure hit me like a hammer and points of light burst in front of my eyes and I felt light-headed.

I heard nothing. I saw nothing for what seemed like a minute, but had to have been just seconds. Then my senses started to reengage and I became aware of how tight I was pulling Kim into me. I let my breath out and began to relax my grip on Kim’s hips.

“Oh, Wow!” I said with my first breath. “Kim, are you OK?”

I was unsure if I had hurt her or not. I had not been in control for several minutes now. As my hearing retuned, I noticed that Kim was breathing hard. I don’t think she was crying.

“Ahhhhhhhh.” She monaed out “I’m fine. I was cumming”

I was out of it. I had not even noticed. My cock softened quickly and oozed out of Kim’s ass, along with a lot of white goo.

“Kim, THAT was the best sex of my life.” I pronounced

Kim eased her self up from the couch, turned slowly, stretching out the kinks, and then draped her arms around me. I pulled her in for a post-coital kiss and a gentle hug. I was still trying to get my senses back to normal. In the back of mind, I knew that ‘normal’ was a word whose definition had just been thrown out the window.

I glanced in Rachel’s direction. She had gotten into a sitting position and looked deep in thought.

“You OK, Rach?” I asked

Her face changed as she eased herself into the present and answered me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking.” She said a little absently.

“I noticed.” I replied with no hint of amusement.

I was reasonable sure I knew what she was thinking about. Kim had turned to look at her sister, but did not say anything.

“I need a shower” said Rachel

I was thinking that would be a good idea for all of us, again. But, Kim stopped me with a glance and a shake of the head. Rachel had not noticed, and she got up and headed upstairs, naked and seemingly oblivious.

“Ooooooh” Kim said like she had bit into a sour ball. “ I need a Kleenex or something”

I did not have to ask for what, so I walked over to the kitchen and got a warm, wet dish towel.

“Do you want me to do it?” I asked

“Didn’t you get enough?” she countered

I just grinned as she took the cloth and took care of her personal hygiene.

“Is Rachel OK?” I asked

“I’m not sure. I kinda think she discovered something about herself.” Kim answered


I said deep in my own thoughts, and then another question burst into my mind and drove Rachel’s sexual confusion out of my mind.

“Kim, I’m thinking right now that I don’t know you very well. What was that all about?” I asked motioning to her discarded strap on harness. “Why do have such a thing?”

“About that. This wasn’t exactly the way I envisioned telling you. I’m not like most girls. I like both guys and girls. I’m bi-sexual.”

Kim said it quickly, like she was pulling off a band-aid and searched my face for a hint of how I was going to take it. That revelation should not have shocked me, but it did. I mean I had had the evidence bent over my own couch just minutes ago, but the stark reality of having it spelled out made it all too real.

“Kim, I had no idea. Have you done this before?” I asked just beginning to get my arms around it

“Never with a guy.” She began. “You know Karen and Sharon?”

“Yeah, the sisters at your party yesterday.” I said remembering them clearly.

“Well, they’re more like step-sisters and they are both gay. They kind of showed me the ropes, so to speak.” She ended, a little embarrassed.

I was not quite sure how I felt. I have nothing against gay people. Live and let live. As far as bi-sexuals; I always thought they were a myth. I never believed that they existed. I thought they were just stories on XNXX and such. I had never expected to ever be in a sexual situation like today.

“Are you disgusted with me?” Kim asked with just a touch of resentment in her voice

“Of course not. But, it’s a lot to take in, especially given the graphic exhibition.’

And then another question jumped into me head

“And why were you so hot for Rachel? You practically raped her.” I had to ask

Kim shook her head.

“I told you. I’m bi. I think she’s as hot as you do. I’ve wanted to have sex with my sister ever since I was old enough to know what sex was. When she made that bet and mentioned my toy, I couldn’t control myself.”

I guess that made sense. I was still more than a little confused. I was also tired, sweaty, and getting a little hungry, again. I need to think about this some.

“Let’s call for Chinese” I said changing the subject.

“OK.” Kim said more excited than the statement warranted. “I’ll go see what Rachel wants”

And she was off. Those sisters had almost the same ass. They were near perfect hearts when they bent over, and they swayed so seductively when they walked away. I stared as the naked Kim followed her sister’s path upstairs to the bathroom.

The next 35 minutes had Kim shower and then me. She had suggested that we take one together. I was tempted and thought I should if for no other reason than to make her feel better about her revelation to me; but I wanted time to think. Both Rachel and Kim are very distracting.

I finished my shower, dried off, and threw on some sweats. As I was coming downstairs I caught the beginning of Kim and Rachel arguing.

“Dammit, Rachel! That was so dumb; telling Ron about my strap on. You might have fucked up everything!” Kim said angrily, but trying to keep her voice low.

“Well, I’m sorry!” Rachel started in a voice that did not sound like she was sorry at all.

Both ladies heard me coming and stopped talking.

“My ears were burning” I said with a grin “Were you talking about me?”

Rachel said nothing. Kim looked cautiously at me, wondering if I was being sarcastic, covering up anger, or if I was in a good mood.

She shouldn't have worried. The shower had done it’s job. I felt great and it had given me enough time to think things through. I was just fine with Kim’s sexual orientation, as long as we kept within a few boundaries that we would have to discuss. But, that would come later.

I walked over, pulled Kim in tight and kissed her while I grabbed her ass. I was being intentionally lecherous, trying to tell her, albeit crudely, that I still thought she was hot. I broke our embrace, looked into her slightly startled face and said.

“We’re good. You and I need to talk a few things through, but I think we will be fine.”

Kim beamed.

We ate, watched some TV, and went to bed. I have a king size bed that I was used to occupying alone. But, sharing it with two lovely ladies was not going to cause me any distress. They both agreed, at least for tonight, and we went off to bed. There was no more sex that evening. The reality of what tomorrow portended drove any amorous thoughts out of my head.

I did not sleep very well and I kept having weird dreams; alternating between odd and repulsive sexual situation with one sister, the other, both, Karen and Sharon, and even some unknown guy. The strap on seemed to play a role in most of these dreams. Tasha was in a few of them. But she only watched. Like I said it was weird.

The other dreams centered on trying to get a body out of the morgue. They were disjointed and had not basis in reality. Things like the janitor helping me, but only if I promised not to tell his mother. Or Dr Syygo catching me and saying he would let me go if he could spank me. And the weirdest; me trying to fax a dead body to my computer at home. The weirdest past was I was concerned about getting the body out of my computer.

I woke up early and tired. Since I wanted to check the morgue to see what we were storing I got up. I went through my morning routine, and left the sisters with just a peck on the cheek and a quick “I’m going to work”. Kim pulled me in for a more meaningful, but sleepy kiss, and then snuggled back under the covers.

I was so jealous of those blankets; laying across two beautiful women, touching their naked bodies; being pulled in tight to them; conforming to their soft curves, and I need to focus. Didn’t I get enough sex yesterday? My semi-hard cock did not seem to think so. I sighed and walked out of the room.

Forty minutes later I was at work, settled in, and had determined that my boss was not in. The actual files for our morgue denizens are in Dr Syygo’s office. But, I have access to the electronic information, because I do so much of the paperwork. You don’t pay a doctor six figures to be a clerk.

I soon discovered that we had 12 total bodies in the morgue. Nine of those were normal; all with names and would be heading to a funeral home or crematorium at some point in the immediate future. The other 3 were all Jane Does. One was elderly; Dr Syygo estimated age at 55-70. She was out. The second was a young, white adult. But, she was 200 pounds. The third was black and likely in her 40s. None of these were a good match for Rachel.

I decided to check the other nine, just because they were here. And, of course, the third one I looked at was 30 years old, 110 pounds, and Caucasian. She even had blonde hair. She was likely a perfect match. I would have to look at her, but that wouldn’t be a problem. The problem was she had a name and a family. If she disappeared it would not go unnoticed.

Then I noticed that the she was slated for cremation. Cremation was becoming more common, especially as $10,000 funerals have become almost normal, but for a young woman, it was still fairly rare.

An idea began to take shape as I recheck the information on the Jane Does. I needed to mull this over.

To be continued……

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