Defend yourself

Defend yourself

It was three in the morning when the phone started to ring. “Hello?” John said half asleep. “John? It’s me Mary!” Mary was John’s girlfriend at the time. “What’s up? Do you know what time it is?” Mary voice started to tremble a little. “It’s Alex. Something has happened.” Of course when it comes to Alex the drama queen there is always something ‘happening’. Alex, by the way is Mary’s close friend, a transsexual friend. Mary always hung around some strange people but if you live in California, everyone tends to be strange.

“What is it this time? Did she have a bad ‘chi day’? Or did some one make fun of her dress?” If you haven’t guessed yet John really didn’t care for Alex. Alex was your typical ‘California’ tranny model. You know the type, big hair, big boobs and an attitude that was bigger than then the fore mentioned. But for some reason John’s girlfriend loved her. John guessed because they have known each other since, well since forever.

Mary’s voice began to tremble. “She had a fight with her boyfriend” John sighed “And that required you to call me at three?” Mary then began to cry and John thought to himself that something was truly wrong.

John found my self at Saint Mary’s hospital at four in the morning when John saw Mary outside smoking. When John got close to her, he saw that she had been crying. “Are you ok? You look like hell!” John asked. Mary didn’t even look up at him. She just walked into his chest and began to cry. “It was horrible!” She said between sobs. “Alex and Charles were fighting about him seeing another person, so Alex told Charles to get his shit and leave.”

Charles was this skuzzy guy that Alex was dating. Both Mary and John tried to tell Alex that but she would listen.

“So what happened?” Mary turned in my arms so she light up another cigarette. “That bastard left alright but then he came back. He flew into the house with a baseball bat and began to beat her with it!” Mary’s voice shuddered “I tried to stop him but I couldn’t!”

“Where is the son of a bitch now!?” John’s voice filled with anger. “The police have him in jail” Then his concern turned to Mary. “Are you ok? Have you been seen by the Doc?” John started to scan Mary for any injuries. “I’m fine” Mary said with a touch of guilt in her voice. “I’m fine.” Then she began to cry.

Later that day the doctor told John the extent of the damage. “Well your friend had both ocular cavities broken, seventeen teeth shattered, her mandible was broken in five places, and her skull was cracked.” John stopped the doctor before he went further. “Is Alex going to make it?” he simply asked. The doctor looked at his chart and let out a deep sigh. “She will make it but she will need extensive surgery to rebuild her face.” Then he leaned into the doctor “Will she suffer any brain damage or lose of mobility of her arms and legs?” The doctor looked around as if someone was listening and leaned even closer to John and said. “I really don’t know at this time. There was so much swelling and blunt force trauma to her head.” Then the doctor sat upright and coldly said “There is a ten percent chance of brain damage and twenty five percent chance of some mobility lose. In any case your friend has a long way to recover.” Then the doctor pardoned himself and walked away. John thought to himself this is going to be hard on Mary and then he went into Alex’s room.

When he got inside the room John saw Mary holding Alex’s hand talking sweetly to her. “Mary.” he softly said. “She is asleep.” Mary didn’t even look away from Alex “I read somewhere that if you talk to someone that has been badly beaten they well recover faster.” And with that John stood quietly.

About a year had passed and thing where changing for the better. Charles was convicted of attempted murder and got a life sentence. Alex had many painful, but needed reconstructive surgeries but in the long run it was to her advantage. It gave her more of a female appearance and since it as reconstructive surgery, her insurance covered it. There was no visible brain damage except for the fact she was still Alex. And there were only some slight mobility issues in her right hand. The doctor told Alex that even that would go way in time and with some therapy.

One night Mary and John were lying naked in bed together. Her soft but firm 5’2” frame was nestled against his 5’11” body and I felt her soft 36 D breasts heaving against his chest as she started play with his cock “John could you do me a big favor?” Mary said in her ‘I’ want something stupid from you voice. John responded in his ‘I’m not going to like this’ “What?” voice. “You know that Alex has some issues with her hand?” Even though he was enjoying the special massage he answered with a skeptical “Yes.” Then she asked “Do you think you could teach her some Kung fu at you shop?”

John owned a small dojo in town where he taught Judo and some other military style of self defense. “Sure” he said as Mary play with his cock faster. “She can sign up for one of my classes and start next Monday.” Mary then slide down the bed kissing his body along the way. “Could you teach her private lessons?” She said right before she started nibbling on his balls. John’s body stiffened up as he breathed out “Sure, those lessons cost $400.00 a month.” Then Mary stopped and smiled at seductively. “Do you think you can cut her a deal? I mean she still has a lot of hospital bills and legal cost” Then she started to lick the back side of his now throbbing cock. “Ok for her $150.00” Mary then said “I was thinking something a little less, say maybe free?” John sat up in bed and looked at her like she had just lost her mind. “Free? Are you mad!?” He said. “Please!” Mary said in a little girl’s voice “I’ll make it worth you while.” He then look up and said “Sweet heart I don’t even really like Alex. I mean I don’t hate her but for free!?” Then she took his entire cock into her hot mouth and looked up at him with her emerald green eyes. John let out a loud moan as she bobbed up and down his shaft. “I must be going crazy” he said “I will train Alex for free but only until her hand gets better!” Mary stop sucking on his cock long enough to thank me then began to slowly crawl on top of him.

Her pussy was wet and tight. When he put his cock in her it felt like fucking silk. John always loved when she was on top. He could watch her tits bounce up and down and feel her pussy juice drip onto his balls. Mary always knew how to get her way with him. And she knew exactly how to make John cum. Mary grinded her pussy hard against him. Then she would bounce up and down on John implying herself with his cock. A few moments like that was all it took.

“Oh God!” Mary cried. “I’m going to cum!” John couldn’t take any more so flipped Mary onto her back and placed her legs over his shoulders. “Yea baby Fuck me” Mary yelled. John forced every inch of his nine inch cock inside of her, trying to split her in half. Mary moaned even louder with each thrust. “MMM you are so wet!” John said. Then Mary started to cum again this time she squirted! John began to feel his cock swell bigger as it does every time he came. “I’m going to cum” He screamed. Mary quickly threw John on his back and placed her mouth around his cock. “Give it to me baby!” she demanded. “I want your hot cum!” With those words John felt his cock explode and he began to cover Mary’s sweet face.


“Nine o’clock” John thought to himself as he knelt before his shrine. John always meditated at his Buddhist shrine at his Dojo when he found himself getting mad. John looked at his clock on the wall. Nine fifteen it said, Nine fifteen! “Maybe she got caught in traffic” He thought to help ease his soul. “That must be it” John felt better with that thought.

“Hi” can the voice of Alex. “I hope you like coffee!” John turned on his knees to see her with to cups of coffee from the local Starbucks. Alex was standing in the front door way of John’s Dojo. She was wearing a very form fitting red jogger’s outfit, which John suspected that was never ‘jogged’ in before. She stood 5’9 and maybe was 150 pounds. John guessed that her measurements were 36’DD 34’ 36’? Maybe, 37’? Her hair was a golden brown color and neatly done in a French braid that extended passed her shoulders. If John didn’t know about Alex’s little secret, he would have never guessed who and what Alex really was.

John smiled “We don’t Have time for coffee” He was trying to be nice. “Alex looked at him funny and said “What do you want me to do with them?” “Put them down so we can start training” Then Alex’s eyes grew big “Do you know how much this cost!?” And with that John knew it was going to be a long day.

“I suggest you change out of your sweats and put this on.” John said as he handed Alex a Ghee. Alex looked at the garb. “These look like pajamas” Alex snorted. “Trust me they are not pajamas”. Then Alex’s face furrowed up. “They don’t feel very comfortable!” John sighed to himself then he stood up and began to walk towards Alex. “They were not made to be comfortable they were made to withstand fighting.” At this time John was standing mere inches from Alex. “But they smell funny!” Alex complained.

John quickly reached towards Alex and grabbed her sweat jacket and placed his leg between her legs and just behind her left foot. In one quick movement he had removed Alex’s feet from the ground and filled the empty spot with her back. The sound of Alex’s breathe escaping her lungs filled the Dojo. Then Alex felt the nylon fabric of her jacket lay across her face.

For a moment Alex thought that she had a broken back but realized she could feel her feet. A good sign she thought. Then she heard John’s voice calmly say “Now please put on the Ghee. The changing room is in the corner. Oh, and Alex, don’t forget to bow when you come back in.” John went back to his shrine and knelt. Alex got up slowly and staggered to the changing room thinking this is going to be a long day.


“Where’s John?” Beth asked Mary from the bed. “I have him teaching Alex how to be a ‘fighter’” Mary almost laughed from the bathroom. “Hell Alex couldn’t even fight as a man let alone as a woman!” She continued. “So how much time do we have then?” Mary came walking out of the bathroom wearing black thigh high stocking, a red silk corset with oriental designs on it and matching panties. “We have all day” she answered Beth.

Beth had been lying on the bed in her black garter belt and stockings with nothing else on waiting for Mary to get dolled up, for what they both called lipstick day. While waiting, she slowly caressed her smooth bare breasts, teasing herself for what was going to happen. Beth as almost the same size and build of Mary but stood about and inch taller. Also Beth had Jet Black hair with steel blue eyes. Once Mary came out of the bathroom she rose to her knees. “Are you sure?” Beth asked again. “I mean I would hate to get caught. We really should do this at my place.” Beth again said. “Beside if you really don’t like this guy, why do you keep him around?” Mary Said one word “Daddy” Beth already knew the rest of the story.

Mary’s daddy was a God fearing bible thumper that condemned and form of homosexuality, hell she had a hard time keeping the fact hidden from ‘daddy’ that john was a Buddhist. “Come on Beth, you know what would happen if daddy found out.” Beth sighed in acknowledgment. “You would lose you inheritance” Mary said “Right and neither you or I want that to happen.” Beth still felt uncomfortable with being at Mary’s house. “But still why can’t we just go to my apartment?”

During Beth’s vocal concerns were being said, Mary had traversed the distance from the bathroom into Beth’s arms. “I like the danger” Then Mary’s red lip kissed those of Beth’s. Mary slowly pushed Beth backwards onto the bed probing her mouth with her tongue. Beth submitted to the passionate kiss and let a soft muffled moan.

Mary broke her kiss and began to lick Beth’s nipples. Mary felt Beth’s nipples become stiff, so she started to nibble on them. Beth’s moans became louder with each bit. “Oh God I love we you do that!” Beth moaned. “Good” Mary said with a smile. “Then you will love it when I do this to your hot box!” Mary kissed her way down on Beth, occasionally biting.

Once Mary’s mouth had reached Beth’s pussy, she took her fingers and played with her lips. Mary thought how pretty Beth’s pussy was and how she could spend all day just fingering it. Which Mary had liked to do anyway?

Beth’s breathing had become more ragged as Mary played with her but had almost stopped when her clit had been licked! “Oh damn!” Beth let out “Don’t stop!” Mary had no intention of doing.

Mary could taste Beth’s juices become more pungent. It tasted sweet coming from her shaved pussy. “Do you want a taste little girl?” Mary asked. “MMM Please” Beth begged. Mary crawled back on top of Beth and plowed her tongue deep into her mouth.

While Mary’s and Beth’s tongues danced with each other Mary took Beth’s left leg and place as far back towards Beth’s head as possible. Once her leg as securely placed back, Mary began to rub her pussy against Beth’s. Both of then were wet and filled with lust. Beth looked up at Mary begging not to stop which was not going to be possible for much longer.

Mary began to feel more wetness from her pussy and that all too wonderful feeling of orgasmic contractions. “Oh! I’m going to cum!” Mary’s eyes rolled back. Beth’s pussy also felt her pussy begin to quiver. “Wait for me!” She demanded! Both ladies grinded each other with faster more deliberate strokes until both could no long hold out. At that moment both yelled to god and to each other as wave upon wave of contractions filled both.

After a short while of laying beside each other gasping for air Beth looked over at Mary. “Let me know when you are ready for round two” Mary laughed.


Every day for five days a week Alex came to John’s Dojo for the past six months and just like in those old ‘feel good’ movies a bond had started to form with John and Alex. Alex still showed up late but had become a good fighter and student and John leaned not to be so anal and on occasion enjoyed a cup of coffee instead of his tea.

It was five past nine when Alex came into the Dojo “You are late.” John said from his kneeing position in front of his shrine. “I know” Alex said “But they had a sale on coffee today” John turned 180 degrees to face Alex “A sale?” He said in disbelief. Alex already knew the punishment for being late and immediately began to do her pushups. “If you are not going to be strong, punctual and wise; then you must be strong” That was the Mantra that was said to Alex ever time she made a mistake. John then said something that surprised Alex.

“I will tell you what Alex. If you can knock me off my feet today, we well drink your coffee.” Alex smiled “Are you kidding?” John simply shook his head no. “Warm up.” John said. “Let me know when you are ready” Alex began her warm up routine.

Mary had finished putting on her make up and strapped a 12” dildo to her waist. “Are you ready sweet heart?” She asked Beth. Beth was on her knees beside the bed, naked and wet. “Yes Ma’am!” she replied. “Good girl” Mary said with an evil smile. Then she walked towards Beth and placed the rubber cock in front of Beth’s lips “Then suck my cock little girl!”

Beth felt Mary’s ‘cock’ press against her lips and Mary’s soft hands grab her head. “MMM Baby you look good with my cock in your mouth!” Beth looked up at Mary with those steel blue eyes and caused Mary to become extremely wet!

“I’m ready!” Alex said. Her Brown eyes were no longer soft but hard and tempered. Alex had gotten herself into her warrior’s mind and John could only think ‘she must really want her coffee’. John conducted the formal bow to each other and with one word “Hajime!” The fight was on.

Alex came to John hard and fast. She started with a series of punched and kicks all with the attempt to cause John to be off balance. John countered with blocks and back stepping. “Good!” John yelled at Alex “But not good enough” Alex smiled “Then I guess you won’t find this good enough either” Alex went down quickly and went for a simple leg sweep which surprise John. John jumped out of the way and landed behind Alex. There he spun around and kick Alex in the back sending her head over heels. Alex had become a good fighter and rolled back onto her feet, turned and smiled back a John. “How was that? She asked. John said “Not bad” but deep in his mind all he could think was ‘Damn, I think this is not going to be easy’.

While Alex and John fought, Mary had found herself in her own fight. Mary had at this time gotten Beth to be bent over with her hands resting on the bed. A hand full of Beth’s hair was wrapped in Mary’s hands as she eased her rubber cock into Beth. “You want it!? Don’t you whore!?” Beth looked over her shoulder “Yes” Mary smacked Beth’s ass. “Yes what!?” Beth replied “Yes Mistress”

Mary took the rubber cock, still wet from Beth’s oral service, and shoved it deep into Beth. Beth let out a loud yell due to the size of the dildo “Hurt bitch!” Mary asked “Yes Mistress! Please be easy!” Beth cried. “Don’t worry little girl, it well feel better in a minute!” Then Mary thrust the rubber cock deeper into her.

As Mary fucked Beth she felt the textured end of the dildo rub against her clit. “Tell me you like it whore!” She demanded of Beth. “I love it Mistress please give me more!” Mary liked being in charge. It made her feel superior to all, more superior than John, more superior then Beth but more importantly more superior then daddy. With Beth bucking against her and feeling her clit being rubbed she asked Beth “You want it harder?”

“Harder!” John yelled at Alex. “You can not hold back! Come at me harder!” Alex came at him with a rolling kick that was only blocked by a mere inch. “Good!” John screamed! John loved when some one could give him a good challenge. “Come on bring Alex!” Alex rolled back from the blocked kick and got back on her feet again. “You want it harder!? You well get it harder!” John knew this was going to be fun.

Alex came at him with a spinning round house punch but fooled John. Half way through the punch she stopped dropped to her knee and punched John squarely in the solar plexus. That would be that only punch she would connect that day but for her it was enough. John stepped back and with a half smile said “No more mister nice guy. Now I’m going to give it to you!”

“Give it to me!” Mary screamed at Beth! “Give me you cum bitch!” Beth was still bent over the bed being fucked from behind by Mary. “Yes Mistress!” Beth bucked wildly as she came. “Good girl, cum for your Mistress!” Mary watched as Beth seemed to cum her very life out of her wet pussy.

“Now it’s my turn!” Mary said. “On your back!” She demanded of Beth. This, like a good little girl, she complied.

“Get off your back girl!” John said after he threw Alex with a hard shoulder throw. Even though Alex’s fighting skill has improved John could tell that she was tiring out and would not last longer. “I will not quit!” Alex said then she lunged at his neck trying to put him a chock hold but John as the faster of the two and had placed her in the chock hold instead.

Slowly Alex’s air was being taken away from her and she felt the darkness come to her. “Keep fighting!” John’s voice echoed in her ears. His voice seemed to go farther and farther away with each passing second. Then there was darkness. Shortly Alex smelt coffee. “You have a little something on your face” John said pointing to some lint on Alex’s cheek.

Alex looked around and realized that she was lay face down on the mat. “How long was I out?” John laughed a bit. “About a minute or two.” Then he helped her up and handed her a cup of coffee. “Here” He said “You deserve it” Then John noticed the big bump on her head. “But you didn’t deserve that.” John came in close to Alex to look at her. “Well I don’t see any brains so that’s a good sign.” Alex furrowed her brow. “Funny” then she touched her head “You try and kill me and make me deformed” John smiled “If I wanted you dead you wouldn’t be complaining about your head” Then John said “Still, I should take you to my house. I have ice and some pain killers that should help”

Alex stood up then staggered a bit “Whoa! I feel liked some one just fucked me up!”

“I’m going fuck you up all day whore!” Mary said to Beth as she straddled her face. “But first I want you to eat my pussy!” Beth took her tongue and parted Mary’s lips and drove the tip of her tongue until it danced circles around Mary’s clit. “That’s it little girl eat my pussy!” Then Mary started to grind her slit into Beth’s face. “You are going to drown when I’m done with you!” Beth licked Mary’s clit until Mary had but some much force that she almost couldn’t breathe. Mary fucked Beth’s face calling her a whore the whole time. Then, without warning, Mary started to cum! Mary’s pussy contracted so hard that caused her to squirt pussy juice all over Beth’s face and the bed. “MMM Take it you whore!” Beth fought to keep from being drowned in Mary’s juice but Mary kept grinding until she was damn good and ready to stop.

Alex and John arrived at the house about twenty minutes after they left his Dojo when he noticed the strange car in the driveway. “I wonder whose car that is.” He asked Alex. “Someone you know?” Alex shook her head no. “I have never seen it before.” John figured it must be on of Mary’s friend then looked at Alex. “Well I guess we well unravel that mystery we get inside.” John said as he unlocked the front door.


Sounds of hard core sex could be heard throughout the house. Alex felt John tense up and saw rage began to brew in his eyes. “John?” Alex said in a calming voice. “Maybe it’s a porno or something!” Alex was grasping at straws in order to calm him down. “Mary doesn’t like porno” John said in a cold voice. Then he proceeded to walk towards the bedroom. Alex froze for a moment fearing the worst.

As John got closer to the room he heard Mary call to God and talk dirty to her lover. “John can’t fuck me like you do!” Those words ripped deep into his soul. John then thought Karma be damned he had the full intent of killing the son of a bitch! John then burst through the door then came to complete stand still when he saw the love of his life, not only having an affair, but having it with another woman.

John felt like someone crushed his heart the he felt light headed and fell to his knees. “I can explain!” Mary said in panic. Beth quickly grabbed her cloths and left Mary. “John! Please let me explain!” Mary began to plead. “Get out” John said coldly. “Just get your stuff and get out.” Mary’s look went from fearful to dominating. “Who are you to tell me to get out?” “Who is he?” Alex answered “He is the guy that kept you safe. He is the guy that would do anything for you. He is the guy you should have thanked God for having! That is who he is!” Alex’s voice was filled with anger when she spoke to Mary. Then Alex calmly said “He is a man of honor and decency a type of man that will do nothing to harm you.” Mary looked at Alex “Are you going to do his fighting!” she said in a sarcastic voice. “Me!? No. I will just give daddy a call.” Mary’s eyes grew large and she said no more.

Two weeks had past and John’s Dojo was closed. Gone on vacation is what the sign said on the door but Alex knew better then that. Alex thought to herself “It is time to get John over this.” So she went home to prepare for that night’s events.

It was nine o’clock when John’s doorbell rang. John let it ring a few times then he heard Alex’s voice from the other side. “Don’t make me kick this door down John!” John took a deep breath and went to the door. “What do you want?” John asked. “To come in” Alex replied. John opened the door and went right back to the couch he was sitting at. When he sat down he saw that Alex was wearing knee high stockings, red plaid mini skirt, and a white blouse that revealed a black bra. Her blouse was unbuttoned to show her lovely breasts.

John on the other hand looked like he had not bath in a few days and was wearing boxer shorts that looked even worst. “Damn boy when was the last time you bath?” Alex cold already guessed what the answer was. “What do you want?” John said gruffly. “I want you to get over Mary” Alex simply said. “I’m ok if that is what you want to hear.” John replied. “Bull!” Alex said as she placed her hand on her hip. “Listen, John. I need to know if you are truly ok. I couldn’t forgive myself if you did something stupid. Especially after all that you did for me!”

John finally looked at Alex and said “Thank you.” Then he asked do you mind if we don’t go anywhere and just talk?” Alex smiled “That would be fine.

Time had gone by and before Alex or John knew it was four in the morning. “So are you ok then?” Alex asked John. “Yea I do feel better. Thanks” Alex knew he was telling the truth. “Good. Then go take a bath! You smell like hell” Alex jokingly demanded. “I guess I am a little gamey.” John said with a smile. “If you want you can go home or stay here” John offered the option to Alex. “I’m stay here until I see that you are bathed!” John did a simple bow then went to the shower.

John came out of the shower with a small towel wrapped around his waist. “Better?” He said to Alex. “Lets see. It is time for inspection!” She said with tease in her voice. John stood at the position of attention as if he was at boot camp. “Hum lets see.” Alex moved closer to inspect John. “You don’t smell like ass any more, so that is good.” Alex continued her inspection. “I can also tell you brushed your teeth. Good.” Then Alex stopped in front of John. “You missed a spot shaving!” “What!?” John said. “You are full of it.” Alex looked at him in surprise. “Are you arguing with me?” “And what if I am” John barked at Alex. “Well if you are I’m going to have to teach you a lesson” John laughed “Didn’t you try that.” And before he could finish his sentence he found his feet were remove from the ground and his back fell on the carpet of his bed room. The next thing felt was Alex on top of him pinning him to the ground. “I’m sorry” Alex sarcastically said. “What were you saying?” “OK you win I will shave.” Alex and John started to laugh. Alex never got off of John, she just sat back placing herself onto his hips.

There was a bit of silence when John finally spoke. “Well from this angle you look nice.” Alex was a little taken back by the compliment. “Thanks. I was going for the bad school girl look.” John’s cock started to grow ridged with Alex on top of him. “Oh!” Alex realized what was happening. John turned red and began to apologize. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. I mean you do look really nice and.” Alex interrupted him. “Don’t be embarrassed. I actually take it as a compliment. But I’ll get off of you.” John placed his hands on Alex’s hips. “Please don’t.” Alex’s heart skipped a beat and she began to feel her cock to grow. “Are you sure?” Alex said. “You know I’m not a woman.” John rose off the ground and placed his lips close to hers and said. “It doesn’t matter.” Then he pressed his lips against hers.

As their tongues danced in each others mouths both John and Alex wrapped their arms around each other. John felt her cock escape from it silk prison and lay against his belly. It was an odd feeling he thought but he did like it.

Alex felt John’s hot cock against her ‘pussy’ and began to rock her hips back and forth to make it grow more, which it did. John became filled with lust and he broke the kiss off then he pulled Alex’s blouse open to expose her silk cover breasts. Alex let out a moan of approve which caused John unhook the bra that Alex was wearing. Once her double D’s were out he nibbled on her now erect nipples. “Oh God!” Alex yelled out.

John then slid his hand under Alex’s skirt and felt of her cock. It was hot, hard but yet soft. He gently pulled on her cock causing her to whimper and moan. “Oh John your cock is so big!” Alex said “Please let me have it!” John first pushed Alex back then he was able to lift her on to the bed. He quickly found some lube in the bath room and rubbed it on his cock.

When he returned to the bedroom he saw Alex lying on her back with her skirt still on around her waist. Her cock was fully erect and she caressed slowly. “Oh John please come over here” John though his cock was going to rip in half due to how excited he was. He crawled on top of Alex and began to run his cock inside of her. Alex’s eyes widen as John went inside. Both of them let out a soft moan.

Once John had his cock inside of Alex he leaned in and kissed her deeply. Each of them stole each others breathe while there lips were locked. Alex moved her hips against John ever faster thrust and she felt her cock being rubbed against both hers and John’s bellies. The sensation was almost too much!

John loved the way Alex had wrapped her legs around his waist. It almost felt to him that her legs were doing all the work and he was merely along for the ride. As he looked down at Alex’s face he had become aware that he might actually love this person. Her beautiful eyes looked at him with such depth and compassion how could he not. Alex also looked at John and felt the same.

Alex soon felt the tip of her cock begin to become ultra sensitive and her balls twitch, “I’m going to cum!” She yelled. Alex grinded her cock harder against John’s belly, John notice and pushed back on to her. “Oh baby!” Alex yelled “Please give it to me” John felt the same twinge of the on coming orgasm building in his balls. “I can’t hold it!” John’s face filled with the look of desire. Alex’s faced mirrored that of Johns when she began to cum between hers and John’s bellies. Once Alex started to cum John lost it and started to fill Alex’s ass with his hot load!

Both Alex and John thrashed about making long, load moans of pleasure before john rolled off Alex. Both lay silent and Alex got scared. She realized what they did and feared that she just ruined a friendship. So she took a deep breathe and ask John “Are we ok?” John looked over at her and replied “I don’t know. I mean we didn’t use a condom and I’m afraid I might have gotten you pregnant!” Alex laughed and then kissed him.

Well as we all know time heals all wounds. Alex and John had become partner not only in love but in the Dojo. Mary’s farther found out, thru anonymous mean, her interested in girls and was promptly sent to a convent. It was that or no inheritance.
Alex and John were kneeling in front of the Buddhist shrine meditating before the days classes when John said “We should send Charles a thank you note.” Alex opened on eye “Why do you say that?” John leaned over and kissed her on the cheek “Because if it wasn’t for him, we would have never ended up with each other.” And with that he stood up walked to the Dojo’s door to start the day’s class.


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The Anniversary Reunion - CH 2

I made my way back down the hall and went looking for another beer. After what I had just been through, I needed one. My head was swimming with confusion. I had just been blackmailed into fucking Aunt Edna. And while it was certainly pleasurable, I found the whole thing to be kind of weird and kinky. Then it hit me… What about Heather? My mind raced with thoughts of whether I should tell her what had just happened. What would I say when she went looking for her panties? How could I explain what happened; that I had gotten caught...


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Rich boys love 24

When i went into havreys house we sat and walked about things harvey was making it sound like we wasnt going to last much longer then he asked me how much longer do you think we will last i was so shocked and upset by the question he just asked me i walked out of his house and i drove home. on the way home harvey must have called my cell aleast 5 times but i kept my eyes on the road and let my phone go to voicemail. when i got home i went on my twitter and i was...


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Where's your father, Alicia Mead asked her daughter Nancy, I'm getting awfully tired of trying to keep track of that man!?! The last time I saw him was up in the bathroom, Nancy replied while pouring herself a glass of orange juice, he was scrubbing the floor around the toilet!!! He should have been done with that long ago, Alicia said irritably, if I find out he's been screwing off, I'll make him wish he damned well hadn't!!! Aw, take it easy on him, mom, Nancy said between sips of juice, he's doing the best he can, after all, you're pretty...


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Vatsyayana Kama Sutra Part 2, Chapter 5 : Sexual union by On Biting, and the means to be employed with regard to women of different countries

Biting is only natural during sex. It is part of the sexual process. One of the partners could bite himself/herself while having sex and this would be out of sheer pleasure that she/he is getting, while having sex. Another reason for biting during sex is that one of the partners might enjoy biting the other partner while having sex. Yet another reason for biting while having sex is that one partner might enjoy the pleasure/pain of being bitten while having sex and so the other partner is trying his/her best to please the other partner, by biting him/her while having sex...


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Learning the Lifestyle Pt 4 - Tattoo Turn-ons

They changed the bedding and Michael showered then got dressed. Next Michael put the dirty sheets into soak in the machine and then they were on their way. By this time, Silk was starving. Michael took the keys and so Silk just naturally let him drive. He took her by her apartment to get another shirt to wear since her other one was missing a few buttons. She changed her outfit and met him back at the car. He took them a truck stop diner and watched her face. He was pleased to note that she seemed perfectly comfortable. Some of...


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What VCR?_(1)

I have had my eye on Eric since he started tending bar at the restaurant I worked at. We’d had some casual conversations, but nothing that seemed to lead anywhere. It was frustrating as hell. I wanted him bad, and I was determined to have him.   Thursday was an early night for both of us. I worked the lunch shift so I would get out of there about 6 and Eric got off at 10. I asked him if he knew anything about VCR’s since I was having such trouble getting mine to work properly. I told him the picture...


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