Like i said, ive always been perculiar. Although at the time, i didnt know what that meant, nor was I aware that it was a problem or a taboo.
Unlike many women like me, i wasnt molested nor did i have any daddy issues. Quite the opposite. I grew up in a very loving home with stability.
It wasnt until i discovered porn that i knew what i was and what i liked. Upon my discovery of the greatest invention kninown to man, it became very clear that i was different.
I couldnt get off on a porn vid without it being a gangbang. The more guys and the more degrading, the better. Gangbangs became a new obsession of mine. I couldnt wait to get home from school to see a woman on her knees being called a whore and made to lick suck and swallow whatever was placed in front of her. If the woman seemed uncomfortable, that made me wetter than the niagra falls.
Pretty soon it became apparent that i couldnt just be a spectator. I had to become the star. So i spoke to the only peverted person i know who would even entertain my wild fantasies. I had a friend who loved sex just as much as i did and when i told her i wanted to bbe in a gangbang, she promised me she'd find me 4 of her friends aho would be down.
When the day drew near, i bought myself some nice lingere good smelling perfume and hooker heels. I got to the hotel room and either my friend didnt know how to count or word got around quick. I counted 11 guys. Different races and different heights. Before i could even get scared or back out, one of them came up to ke and said, your friend said you wanted to be a slut so we thought we'd accomodate. The laughter in the room was pulsing. He took my hand and led it down his pants.
When i said i needed a drink to soothe my nerves he said he'll take care of that. Hed give me all i could drink. There was another bout of laughter as he became serious and pull me down to my knees. With his pants down and his dick right in front of me, it was either suck or swim. So i sucked and sucked and sucked. Most of them gathered around me in a circle while others stood back commenting,admiring and touching.
When i finally sucked all 11 guys, some twice, i was allowed to get up and led to the bed. I could barely see from all the cumshots but i was in my element. My new friend who appeared to be the leader decreed that hed get first dibs. I was penetrated roughly but that shock wore off.
My moans were silenced by another dick placed in my mouth. This one was rough. He got off on gagging me and choking me. Safe to say we both got off on that cause i loved it all. I was able to look up once and realized that the other guy was moving and id soon be replaced by another penis. This one was a bit bigger but the strokes were a bit off. Maybe he was nervous.
I loved the fact that i had a group of men standing in line all waiting to enter my pussy. One of them told me to get up. I did as a was told. He laid down then asked my to ride him. Again, being the good cumslut that i was, i obliged. After about a minute i was told to hold still and it was then that the greatest feeling invaded me.
I was being double penetrated!! It was like finding atlantis. That feeling of being uncomfortably stuffed had me cumming in gallons. When the one on top came, it was seconds before the another joined. This whole time i was being double penetrated, my mouth was never left alone. I was still sucking dick, licking balls and given aasses to rim.
Words like slut, bitch, whore nasty and dirty were said to me couness times.
This lasted about an hour and i was given a break. I went to the shower to freshen up. Got my long awaited drink and smoked a bit of weed. Every once in a while id feel a hand slap my ass, grab a tittie or reach to finger me. That feeling of having your body groped at will was exciting. I felt like i was on lease. Meaning, do what you want with me and then return me when you have no use to me. My first friend, the one i met when i came to the door introduced himself as Alex. Said he liked my attituded and said i had a lot of spunk. Indeed i did . I told me hed like to invite me to special parties that he often threw. Id be doing the same thing but it might be with only a few guys. Some days it could be more. It would all depend. I agreed immediately. It was then that he told menid have to give him a blow job to seal the deal. I again got on my knees and deepthroated his penis and swallowed all the jizz that came out. The other men came out the woodwork and rememebred why i was there and the gangbang continued. I was once again led to the bed but this time they wanted doggy. On my hands and knees is when anal was introduced. Ive done it before of course but this was on a whole new level. I quickly adjusted to the feeling though.
I finally made it home at 5 in the morning. I have a job where im required to sit for long periods of time and that was a whole nother ball game. I felt like my pussy and ass were on fire. If i yawned, i felt like my jaw was about to lock. I felt like a virgin again and in a lot of ways, i was. This was my first gangbang. I had accomplished something that id set out to do since i was a little girl.
About a week later, my new friend alex called and asked if id like tohang out with him and a few of his friends. I told him id love to. We arranged to have him pick me up at 8 in my apartment. I did invite him inside where he fucked me right in the bathroom as i waa getting ready. With my lipstick reapplied, i went to get a new pair of underwear but was told those would just get in the way.
We drove to this nice lounge and met up with 2 of his friends who were seated at a booth. They were all perfect gentlemen and i got my whisky sour and glass of water. The whole time were there i waa fingered and fondled under the table. The men would take turn sitting next to me and reaching under my skirt.
When i thought i would explode with anticipation, Alex said it was tome to leave. I of course gave him head in the car on the way his jouse. He really had a nice place from what i saw but we didnt get passed the couch. I was told to undress and open my whore legs. I quickly did that. They took turn fucking me. I was creampied by allvthree and told to scoop the cum out and lick it. I loved the mixture of my pussy juice and spunk. When that was done i was told to clean my pussy juice off their cocks. Now, one of the men had never been rimmed before so i was told i had to give him a rim job so he could see if he liked it. My specialty when rimming is to suck the ass while putting my tongue inside the whole and while doing that i liked to jerk the guy off. Needless to say, i think he liked it cause he came in less than two minutes.
Next i was told that i was going to be double penetrated. I instantlt felt excited and turned on especially with the memory of my last dp. This time though, they said it would be double anal. It wasnt as nice as when it was in my pussy but i still liked it. Now that i think of it, i was triple penetrated because there was also abcock in my mouth.
When the guys finally went home, Alex invited me to stay over. Witgout even showering or washing up, he ate me out. He ate my pussy like it was the last meal on earth. Im sure he could taste the guys' cum but he didnt mind so neither did i. He also kissed me for the first time since i met him and again, im sure he tasted cum.
The next morning, he cooked me breakfast and drove me home with promises of more to come.
Always being an independent woman though, i knew i wasnt going to wait for his calls before i got into adventures of my own....
If you liked this story, let me know and i will write more MUAH... Thx for reading

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