Little Broken Toys_(1)

Little Broken Toys_(1)

Lucy stared down at her brother sitting at the kitchen table and pouring a steady stream of maple syrup over the pancakes in front of him. She was always amazed how such a scrawny boy was able to eat so much and not gain any weight. “Are you even tasting that, Sammy?”

He looked up at her, cheeks full like a squirrel, and nodded.

She couldn’t help but smile. It was times like this that she had to remind herself that he wasn’t her baby brother anymore. At 20, he was a young man with the mentality of a pre-teen. Stricken with a mental illness, Sam’s autism left him with a long list of phobias, an aversion to touch, poor social skills, among other things. A gifted savant, however, the boy who was never supposed to achieve anything in life had proven himself a very talented author, a true genius of words. When he sat in front of his computer, he drifted into another world, becoming an entirely different person that manipulated sentences into art, forming a new life. And now, people all over the nation saw his picture along with a fabricated biography on the back of their hardcover novels.

Lucy brushed a strand of her shoulder length hair back behind her ear. She watched her brother with interest. Exhibiting the same sandy blond hair and sea foam green eyes, the resemblance between them was almost uncanny. He was dressed nicely, if inappropriate, sporting a dark three-piece suit. Sam had always been like that, doing and wearing whatever he wanted and not caring what anyone else thought.

“Finished!” He dropped his fork in his plate and pushed it away from him.

Lucy placed a hand on his shoulder and felt him recoil. “How was it?”

Sam’s face flushed and he lost all enthusiasm. “Fine.”

His sister smiled kindly and calmly removed her hand. “Good. Look, Sammy, I want to clean around your computer before you start writing. Do you think you can load the dishwasher while I do that?”

As his color returned to normal, he gave a slight nod. “Of course, Luce.”

Lucy knew better than to think he would actually complete the task. At one point or another he would get distracted by something. It seemed the only time he could stay focused was while he was writing.

She walked into the living room where Sam had his station near the couch. Loose-leaf paper was scattered all around the monitor with about half a dozen pens left out of the holder she bought specifically for him. She sighed, picking up the writing instruments and putting them where they belonged. Being careful not to disturb the papers, she took a dry cloth and wiped beneath them, picking up more dust than she would’ve imagined had been there. She swiped down the monitor and computer tower itself under the desk.

Curious as to the state of the desk drawers, she opened one and paused, staring in disbelief. The suggestively posed nude model adorning the erotic magazine was something she would never have believed could’ve wound up in her house. But Kayden Kross, sucking seductively on one of her fingers, was proof otherwise. Not realizing she had been holding her breath, Lucy exhaled quickly. Her little brother who would remain a child mentally had somehow come into possession of these skin magazines.

One by one, she pulled them from the computer drawer, stacking them next to the monitor. It seemed each publication she removed seemed more vulgar and improper than the last. By the end, she counted 11 magazines covering everything from teenage girls to sado-masochism. Lucy felt as if there was a great weight on her chest. Sam had seen these without anyone to explain what he was looking at. She felt like blaming herself for not watching out for him.

Lucy backed away from the computer desk and swallowed hard. “Sammy? Can you come over here for a minute?”

There was no response, but she could hear the shuffle of his Converse sneakers on the kitchen’s tile floor. Within seconds, his thin frame came into view through the archway that connected the kitchen to the living room. With long strides, he closed the distance in no time.

His eyes met hers, shining with innocence and naivety. She sighed. This had to be resolved, regardless of any embarrassment that might ensue. “Sammy, I was cleaning out your computer desk.”

She paused, hoping he would step up and make the first move by bringing up the porn. But no such luck. He stared back at her, waiting for this to go somewhere before he lost attention.

“And while I was sorting through the drawers, I found these.” Lucy turned back, picking up a couple of magazines and holding them out for him to see.

Unexpectedly, he snatched them from her grip. “They’re mine.”

Lucy blinked rapidly. That wasn’t the response she was expecting. “Sammy, do you know what these are?” She pointed at the ones remaining on the desk.

Sam walked past her to the desk, being careful not to touch her. He set the two magazines he was holding with the others. Running a hand over one of the covers, his brow furrowed, but he didn’t reply.

She sighed again and joined him by his side. She pointed a finger at some teen in pigtails with polka dot panties clutching a teddy to her bare chest. “Sammy, this is pornography. Do you know what that is? It’s images of men and women—“

“—fucking.” He finished for her.

“Samuel!” She had to stop herself from smacking him upside the head. It wasn’t his fault that he had no social filter, but it was still shocking to hear her baby brother swear. “That is not appropriate language.”

He turned his head, not quite understanding what he did wrong.

She exhaled sharply before continuing. “Men and women making love, or having sex, Sammy. It’s perfectly natural and something that people who are close enjoy doing.”

“Do you?” His question came almost before she completed what she was saying.

Lucy shifted, not wanting to lie to him. “That’s a personal matter, you don’t ask people that.”

“Oh.” He shifted his gaze back to the magazines. “But these people don’t find it personal. Others photograph them and publish it. Yet they don’t seem to mind.”

“Yes, but those people do it for money.” She was glad the conversation shifted from her.

He flipped the cover of the teen magazine, looking at the pig-tailed girl getting banged by two men. “So are they having sex because they love each other or for money? It can’t be both.”

Lucy was unsure how to answer him. She often forgot that Sam could be very perceptive when he wanted, which was usually at the worst times. “The thing is, Sammy, they would only do these sorts of things with people they trust and care about. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I guess.” He closed the magazine and straightened the stack. Putting both hands on the desk, he leaned forward and braced himself up. “I love you, Luce.”

“And I love you too. Now can you tell me where you got the pornography?” She put a hand on his back, noticing that he didn’t flinch like usual.

With one swift motion, he pushed off the table and cupped his sister’s face with both hands bringing her close and kissing her passionately on the lips. His fingers trailed down her jaw line, finding her chest. He pressed himself closer to her.

Lucy was taken by surprise, not entirely sure what was happening. This couldn’t be her brother, the man who didn’t even want to hold someone’s hand, being so intimate. She pulled away, taking a few steps back. “Sam! What are you doing?!”

He looked puzzled. “We love each other, don’t we? Why can’t we do what they’re doing?”

“Because that’s not something brothers and sisters do!” She tried not to raise her voice, but she was still recoiling from the shock.


She threw her hands up in the air. “Because it’s not right! That’s why.”

“But you’re the only person I love. Who else am I supposed to be with?” He took a step towards her, but stopped within arm’s length.

Lucy sighed, suddenly stung by her own words. Her little brother just wanted to grow up and find love. But did he really understand what exactly love entailed? “You’ll find the right girl, Sammy. You’re still so young, just be patient. After all, this isn’t the sort of things you take lightly.”

The look on his face nearly tore her apart. As far as he was concerned, his heart was broken. She remembered the feeling of being turned down and knew it was never pleasant. Managing a sympathetic smile, she tried to bring back the earlier subject of the source of all of this trouble. “Look, I really need for you to tell me where you got the magazines. I won’t be mad.”

Sam gently shook his head.

She knew that he couldn’t have bought them himself since she kept his picture ID in her purse. They had to be given to him by someone, but he hardly knew anyone besides her. “Sammy, please tell me why they gave the pornography to you.”

He opened his mouth to speak, but hesitated and remained silent. He was still hurt.

Lucy couldn’t help herself; she hated seeing him in pain. She moved forward, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. He remained stiff, not relaxing. Sam was never comfortable with touch, but rather than holding his breath, she noticed his respirations were fast and shallow. His fists clenched tightly as her warm body was pressed closely to his. Realizing she was exacerbating the situation, she slowly let go.

She spoke softly. “I need to know why you have the magazines.”

Sam tried to smile. “Because I had no whack-off material. He said imagining what was beneath your underwear couldn’t compare to seeing real tits, pussy, and ass getting fucked. And he was right you know, Luce. I’ve actually written stories about some of the pictures I’ve seen. Do you want to read some of them?”

Lucy’s mind was swimming with thoughts. She didn’t know whether to yell at him for swearing again, feel embarrassed for letting him see her in her panties, or surprised that he was writing erotic stories. But she knew now that it was a man who gave him the porn. “Can you tell me his name?”

“No.” The answer was short and abrupt. “Stop asking me, Luce. If I tell you, he’ll stop giving me the magazines.”

Ending the conversation, Sam picked up his stack of magazines and returned them to his drawer. Lucy knew that he didn’t intentionally hide them, but the desk was just a secure place to put them so they wouldn’t get lost. He didn’t feel the same sense of humiliation that most people would feel to have their porn stash discovered and so would feel no need to keep it hidden.

“Luce, you aren’t mad at me, are you?” Sam sat on the edge of his desk, the papers crinkling under his weight.

“Of course not. It’s normal for boys your age to have those sorts of things.”

“I’m not talking about the porn. When I kissed you and touched you. You were angry. Why?”

“I wasn’t mad, Sammy.” She could feel her cheeks flushing as she remembered the incident. “Just surprised.”

“Why?” He looked so innocent despite the risqué conversation.

Her whole face felt hot. “Because we’re siblings. And people who are related don’t do that.”

Sam looked back at her innocently. “And if you weren’t my sister, we could have sex?”

“But I am your sister and no hypothetical question will change that.”

“Couldn’t we pretend that you weren’t? My magazines make things up all the time.”

“No, Sammy. It’s not happening.” She crossed her arms, slightly annoyed by his persistence. “You’ll find the right girl, someday.”

His smile faded. “Oh, I see. Can you tell me what it’s like at least?”

Lucy closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. “Please don’t ask me questions like that. It’s awkward.”

“Why? It’s just a question.” He stood back up. “Or have you never fucked someone?”

“Samuel! Language!” Her eyes snapped open. “Look, it’s just something I’m not comfortable speaking with my brother about. So just drop it, okay?”

He rubbed the back of his head, tousling his messy hair. “Well, you’re with Alex now. And then there was Joey. And the boyfriend before, what was his name? Tyler, right? You liked him, I remember. So why wouldn’t you go to bed with them?”

“Please, just let it go.” She put a hand on her hip.

“Did you ever give them head? Or fuck more than one at a time? Take it up the ass? Have you even been with another girl? Played with toys? Use whips and –“

“Oh my God!” Lucy interrupted, trying to not yell at him. “Are these all things you’ve seen in those magazines?!”

Sam shifted his weight. “Some of it.”

“And the rest?”

He shrugged. “Just stuff I heard.”

“From the same person who gave you the porn?” She could feel her face becoming flushed from his personal accusations.

He ignored her. “So will you answer the easy question now? What’s sex like? Or I could always ask more humiliating things. You know, you’re cute when you’re embarrassed.”

Lucy let out a sigh, feeling defeated. “Yes, Sam, it feels good. Is that what you want to hear?”

He scoffed. “I could’ve figured that out for myself. The look on those girls’ faces while they’re having an orgasm kind of gives that away. I want to know what you do and how it really feels.”

This wasn’t going where she expected. Part of her just wanted to walk away, but she could feel some sick, nagging desire to tell her little brother all of her dirtiest secrets. She leaned back against the couch just a few feet from him. “There’s really no way to explain how it feels.”

“Compare it to something.”

She swallowed hard, forcing herself to continue. “You were given those magazines so you would have material to masturbate to, right? Well, imagine the feeling when you’re touching yourself only three or four times better. It’s like a tickle that you don’t want to stop.” Her cheeks felt like they were burning. “That’s really the best way I can describe it.”

He nodded once. “And what sort of things do you do?”

“I’m not adventurous, Sammy. Most of those things you mentioned I would’ve never even have thought about doing.”

He appeared dissatisfied with her response. “You’ve never given a blowjob?”

“Well, there’s that, yes.” Lucy could feel herself getting wet. She would never have imagined speaking about erotic things with her brother and it somehow excited her. “And I’ve been tied up before, but that was something he wanted.”

A smile crossed his face and he took a step closer to her. “Do you ever play with yourself?”

There was a moment of hesitation before she decided to indulge him. “Some nights after I tuck you in and make sure you’re asleep, I will.”

Another step. “Do you use toys?”

“Oh, God, no. I could never bring myself to buy something like that.” She shook her head quickly.

He stopped his advance, evidently disappointed. But a coy grin manifested on his features. “I could help you, you know. I saw pictures.”

“No, Sammy. Nothing sexual.” She suddenly stonewalled him.

“Can I kiss you again, at least?” His face looked so pleading.

Lucy averted her gaze. This was wrong. She knew it, even if he didn’t. But still. Who was to know? And was she avoiding it simply because she was afraid she might enjoy it? She looked back at him. “Fine, but just once. Got it?”

She had assumed that once he put his lips to hers and felt intimate human contact that he would balk and quickly pull back. She was mistaken. His hands found the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her soft hair and drawing her even closer to him. He was tentatively kissing her at first, testing the boundaries, before his tongue began to probe her mouth. Lucy’s eyes snapped open at the intrusion, but slowly surprise gave over to pleasure as her eyes gradually closed again. For never doing this before, her brother was a natural. He knew exactly how much tongue to use, when to caress, when to suck.

Slowly, one of his hands freed itself from her hair and began to move down her neck, her clavicle, and stopped as he reached her breast. With cautious movements he began to grope and tease her. She moaned into his mouth and he took this as a sign to continue. Venturing farther south, he reached the hem of her shirt and slid his hand underneath, running his fingers along her fair skin. Not letting her bra impede him, he moved under it to grab hold firmly of her breast. With forefinger and thumb he pinched her nipple, eliciting yet another moan from her.

Lucy by this point was already pressed against the couch with her brother using his own weight to keep her pinned there. Feeling him touch her so inappropriately was firing up her sex drive and she subconsciously began to grind against him. His member was rock hard by now, straining against the fly of his slacks. Lucy yearned to touch him and hold him as he embraced her, knowing in the back of her mind that this was entirely wrong.

She brought a hand up to his chest and tried to push him away. Reluctantly, he broke the kiss and stared down at her with sad eyes. He knew that she had done what he asked and more. “Thank you, Luce.” His voice was hushed.

A hundred thoughts were plowing through her mind, but none more than how much she wanted her brother. She couldn’t help but feel like a pervert as she ruminated over the many things she could teach him. “I thought you wanted to know what if felt like, Sammy.” She asked slyly.

His eyes narrowed as if he was unsure if this was actually just a trick. But as Lucy reached forward and began pulling off his blazer, his eyes lit up. Shrugging off the jacket, he began to unfasten the buttons of his vest with eager, fumbling fingers. For once, he cursed himself for dressing in so many layers. His sister pushed his hands away and began to unbutton him. With the vest soon undone, she moved onto his white dress shirt. As each button came undone, his pale, gaunt chest became more and more exposed. With his free hands, he pulled on his tie, loosening it and sliding it over his head.

Finished with his shirt, Lucy straightened up and pulled her own purple polo over her head, revealing the lilac colored bra underneath. Reaching behind, she deftly unhooked it and tossed it into the pile of clothes that was forming on the floor by their feet. Her now exposed B-cup breasts had captivated her little brother’s attention. “Are they just how you imagined them, Sammy?”

“Better.” Sam instinctually went to reach for his groin to pleasure himself.

“Let me.” Lucy pushed his hand away and slowly, teasingly pulled at the zipper of his slacks. As she unzipped, she could feel his cock pushing against the blue plaid boxers he wore beneath. With both hands, she pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees, exposing what she so eagerly wished to see. He was surprisingly an impressive length, leaving Lucy in awe that this was what her scrawny, younger brother was hiding all these years. She marveled awhile longer, before dropping to her knees in front of him. “You’ll like this, I think.”

Putting her lips to the head of his penis, she tenderly began to kiss, working her way around. Sam stared down at her intently, mesmerized in her every movement. Lucy slowly started to lick, first the tip, then up and down the shaft. His eyes rolled up and he tilted his head back as he moaned in pleasure. The sensations were unlike anything he had ever felt before. She giggled at his reaction and this just spurred her further. As if challenging herself, she began to deep-throat him. He inhaled sharply and then seemed to forget how to exhale as her entire mouth engulfed him. Lucy held herself in that position for several seconds before releasing him to take a gulp of air. She repeated that pattern a few more times before deciding to move on to something new, ensuring that she kept his attention focused on her alone and what she was doing to him. Taking one of his balls in her mouth, she sucked gently before shifting to the other. While her tongue caressed his scrotum, her right hand began stroking him faster and faster. He began breathing in rapid succession. “Oh God…” He murmured.

With each moan she emitted, the subtle vibration sent a tingling through his genitals and a gentle pressure began to form in his testicles. His sister could feel his dick began to throb and she knew that she had to stop before he couldn’t contain himself any longer.

Lucy let go of him and stood back up. This was it. “Are you ready, Sammy?”

He struggled to catch his breath. “For what?”

“What you wanted, of course.” She began unfastening her own skinny jeans, sliding them over her supple hips and wiggling them down to her ankles. She moved to her matching light purple panties and slid them down too. Revealing her bare pussy, Lucy slid her middle finger between the creases, rubbed a little, and then taking her finger back out, sucked her own juices off it.

Her brother’s eyes grew wide.

She bent down seductively to untie her tennis shoes, before carefully stepping out of her jeans and panties, then pushing them all aside. “Lie down, Sammy.”

He did as told, lying down on the carpet beside the pile of clothes, using his own blazer as a pillow. He proceeded to kick off his Converse, slacks, and boxers. Lucy knelt back down, this time straddling him. Grabbing hold of his cock with one hand, she guided it to her moist entrance and slowly inserted the head. She held her breath as she slowly settled down on her brother’s dick, feeling it stretch out her tight cunt. It was almost too much for her to handle. She squirmed around, trying to fit it all in. Her vaginal walls pulsed as they tried to adjust to his size. She listened to her sibling moan again as the warmth and pressure overwhelmed him.

As she came to appreciate and enjoy the immense thing filling her up inside, she was eager to feel the pressure and friction that would ensue. Starting off slowly, Lucy lifted her posterior until she could feel the head of his cock just about to exit, before sliding back down. Her movements gradually began to pick up speed as she rose and fell on his dick, moaning in intense pleasure. She could feel herself beginning to reach her peak. Her pussy began to tighten and her legs started to tremble and give way as she came all over his cock. The lubricant made it that much easier for him to slide in and out as she regained her senses and was able to start grinding him again.

Lucy, for a brief moment, contemplated stopping. This was wrong. It wasn’t bad enough that she just took her brother’s virginity, but now she was cumming harder than she ever had with any of her other boyfriends. How could such an unthinkable, godforsaken act feel so good? But, still, she might as well finish what she started. Inwardly smiling, it spurred her further. The wetness the siblings shared only increased their gratification. She cried out in intense pleasure, tightening her cunt around his cock as she tried to attain another orgasm.

Suddenly, he put both hands on her hips and stopped her. “Wait, Luce,” He said between gasping breaths, “I want to try something else.”

She smiled, breathing heavily. Lucy didn’t like being stopped before reaching that euphoric state, but she would do anything for her little brother. “Of course, Sammy, whatever you want.”

“Can you stand up?”

Lucy did as she was asked. Her knees were wobbly and she could feel her body shaking all over. She watched as Sam quickly got to his feet, seemingly unfazed and eager for more. His eyes studied her naked form, taking in her beauty. With one hand, he stroked her thigh, moving over her buttocks and squeezing her ass cheek, before giving it a smack. She giggled. “Ooh!”

This couldn’t be her brother. He had never been intimate with anyone in his life, yet he acted as if this was a practiced routine. This went beyond anything he could’ve read in his magazines. How many nights did he lie there at night fantasizing about this sort of thing?

“Bend over the couch, Luce.” His tone was playful.

His sister leaned over the back of the sofa, bracing herself with both arms. She wiggled her bottom at him invitingly. She could play the game too. “Come on, Sammy.”

He grinned and slowly began to caress her side, hip, and thigh. Running one hand up her inner leg, he paused just as he reached her warmth. Running his fingers along her slit, he could feel the moistness coat his digits. Just as his sister had done, he brought his hand up to his mouth, sucking on his fingers. The taste was sweeter than he would’ve imagined. He felt his dick twitch as he sampled his sibling’s smell and flavor.

Not wishing to waste any more time, he moved in behind Lucy, putting his cock just at her entrance. Skillfully maneuvering, he managed to slide his entire length in. Both of them gasped in the satisfaction that resulted. Looking back over her shoulder, she licked her lips beseechingly, urging him to continue. Jumping on the opportunity, Sam took hold of her hips with both hands, pulling her bottom towards himself as he thrust inward.

“Oh my God!” Lucy’s head collapsed on her arms as she reveled in the ecstasy.

Her brother was impelled to go faster and harder. Each time he plunged into her brought forth a wave of excitement for both of them. Sam was enthralled with watching, almost unbelieving that he was actually fucking his sister, and that she was honestly enjoying it. He gave her ass another smack, leaving a red handprint on her bottom.

He finally got sick of the shirt and vest he was wearing, so he struggled out of it while still trying to keep rhythm. He casually tossed them aside and proceeded to hump her with more vigor. With each thrust of his long shaft, his balls slapped against her clitoris, providing a much needed stimulation. Lucy began to moan louder, clearly reveling in the satisfaction he was providing. “God, Sammy, don’t stop.”

But as he maintained his enthused thrusting, he began to feel the familiar pressure rise up. Ignoring her request, he stopped, pulling out and clutching his dick. He wasn’t ready for this to end just yet. “Get on the arm of the couch.” He told her.

Still trying to catch her breath, she followed his order. Without his hands holding her up, her legs felt weak and she felt as though she might fall down at any moment. But she quickly regained her composure enough to move. She rounded the end of their sofa and sat down, leaning back on the rest of the arm for support. Sam didn’t squander a moment. He followed her around the couch and took up position in front of her.

“I want you to fuck me hard.” Lucy now demanded of him.

He could feel his heart beat faster as he heard her issue her command with such vulgarity. The sister, who he had never heard swear in his life, was now asking him to do what he had wanted to do for years now. Touching her shaven pussy with one hand, his other groped the underside of her ass, lifting her up to meet his stroking. Inserting a couple of digits, he began to finger-fuck his sister. She gasped and panted, squeezing her vaginal muscles to tighten around him. This just urged him on. He put in another finger and began going at her even harder, exploring the interior of her pussy. With his thumb, he rubbed her clit.

“Oh, Sam…” She moaned.

His fingers probed every inch of her and he struggled to get them as far up as he could get. It was so warm and soft. But as he thrust his digits in and out of his sister he felt her convulse and rock her hips up to meet him. She let out another long moan as she came hard on his hand. He was relentless, continuing to trigger her G-spot as she released the clear, sweet fluid. “Oh, fuck, Sammy…”

He finally took his fingers out, and rather than suck them off himself, put them in his sister’s gaping mouth. She eagerly licked her juices off him, rubbing her clit with her own hand to keep up the stimulation.

Sam removed his fingers from her mouth and pushed her hand away. With fresh slickness, he put his cock back into place, Lucy letting out a gasp of surprise as she had to adjust to his size again. Grabbing both sides of her hips, he slid her bottom off the arm of the couch, supporting her lower weight.

She began panting as he thrust in deep. “Harder!” She gasped out.

He didn’t hesitate. Sam began going at her more intensely, fucking her until she cried out his name over and over again. “God, Sammy, I want it deeper.” She begged.

His actions became more pitiless as he went at her as hard as he could. The entire couch was shaking now and he could swear the neighbors next-door could hear her screaming out. But that didn’t deter him. He might never get this chance again and he fully intended to take advantage of it.

Lucy arched her back, pushing her clit into his shaft as he came down mercilessly. She could feel herself climaxing again and she squeezed on his cock. She didn’t want to push him out, but she couldn’t help but constrict against him. It felt so good. Still, he didn’t let it faze him. He paused in his motions, trying his best to stay inside her. The pleasure it brought her was even more intense as her brother didn’t falter.

As her orgasm came to an end, Sam again began thrusting even deeper. He could feel himself reaching her cervix and the feelings it provided both of them was intense. He was unsure if her screams were of pleasure or pain, but he decided to keep going until she told him otherwise.

Sam could feel himself building up. “Luce, I’m going to cum…” He panted.

Her eyes widened and she tried to talk between gasps. “Sammy, you have to pull out.”

But he didn’t listen. He started to pick up speed, thrusting faster and faster. Lucy put both hands on his chest, weakly trying to push him off, but to no avail. Sam picked up her bottom, arching her up to meet him as he slammed down on her.

“Sammy, no…” She moaned.

He bit his lip hard as his cock pulsed inside her, shooting stream after stream of cum. Lucy gasped and her eyes rolled back as she came with her brother. Her small cunt tightened around his dick, leaving his semen no where else to go. Bit by bit, his seed spilled out of her, even as he remained deep inside.

Without saying anything, Sam bent down to kiss her. She returned the action, silently forgiving her sibling. After the kiss ended, she gazed up at him with her soft green eyes. “No one can know about this, okay?”

Sam nodded, still not quite understanding the repercussions of his indiscretion. His sister felt guilty, but he certainly didn’t. He reached out to stroke her cheek. Lucy had always wanted an affectionate brother: one that she could hug, dance, and touch. But due to his autism, it hadn’t been possible before. She wondered if all of those needless years of therapy could’ve been avoided if she had just fucked him.

How could she think like that? What sort of sick pervert had she become? After all, who knew what kind of toll this would have on their relationship from now on. Maybe he’d expect this to become a regular thing. Or maybe someone would find out, like her boyfriend. Worse yet, she might end up pregnant.

No, there was no point in getting paranoid. He knew this was a one-time deal, she was on the pill, and no one would believe Sam even if he did tell someone what had happened this morning. Everything was going to be fine. Except for the incestuous knowledge she now held.

Slowly, he pulled out of her, more cum trickling out as he did so. As if nothing had transpired, he straightened up and walked over to his clothes to begin getting dressed.

Unbelievingly, Lucy scooted her butt back and sat on the arm of the couch. “Seriously, Sammy, you have nothing to say?”

He tightened the knot of his tie and smirked. “Sure, what’s for lunch?”

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Under his desk

He hired me three weeks ago. A job for which I am grateful but completely unqualified. But then I am young and asian, and he is older and white, and in the course of my duties (and yeah, also in the course of my snooping) I've discovered the metric-fuck-ton of porn on his hard-drive featuring young asian women. I'm far from put off by this. I mean don't get me wrong, I have no desire to fuck my way to the top, and also I'm painfully aware of the whole white-man asian-girl power-dynamic cliche. But taking all that out of the...


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My little sister Lily, Chapter 2: Lily’s first lover_(0)

The sun came into the bedroom and I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I looked down beside me and there was my little sister. I got on my phone and ordered us breakfast then pulled her into my arms. She woke up just a little and rubbed my chest as she laid there. Her hand slowed as she fell back asleep and I played with her long brown hair with the blue gray tips. Soon the doorbell rang and I slowly slid out of bed. When I returned she was sitting up, stretching. The blankets were around her hips and...


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Abby’s Erotic Assignment

I had been at my middle school for several years and had built up a reputation of challenging my students intellectually, especially in the area of dramatic literature. Many students went on to a city-wide high school that was exceptional . . . even noteworthy nation-wide. One of those students . . . Abby was by far my favorite. She had actually spent her elementary years in Canada and the education she received was outstanding. Although the situation I am about to describe . . . took place when she was 14, I had the pleasure of having her for three...


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Down on the farm_(3)

There is very little sex in this story. The story talks about sex but it doesn’t go into the details that a lot of you want. Over 17,000 words; 34 pages long. I am not a farmer nor have I ever spent a single day working on a farm. Please don’t nit pic the details of this story and tell me, ‘that’s not the way it’s done on a farm.’ Down on the Farm Edward Johnson stood on the front porch of his family’s two story farm house surveying the surrounding countryside. The first rays of sunlight had just lit up...


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My Name Is Colton

My name is Colton. This is a story I'm not sure I should tell anyone. It's partially because I know what happened is wrong and it's partially because I did not do anything about it. It started on a regular school day. My friend Steve had been talking about a video game he got for his computer. I was kinda the poor kid in school so I did not have a computer or games. He offered to show me so I walked home with him. When we arrived at his house he let me know that his parents would not be...


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Waves Part Two

Coming too once more, this time I the very hospital that I was in yesterday morning when this investigation started. The difference now a nurse in a uniform that definitely was too tight on her was holding my left wrist, checking my pulse. Noticing i’m awake “Well detective Gorwin we were wondering when you come back!” dropping my wrist and recording my pulse onto the chart she picked up. “Doctor Cole will be in soon to check on you herself!” Great I thought a chick doctor that’s all I need right now, considering I just lost two chicks as partners in...


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