Destiny As a Vampire

Destiny As a Vampire

So I'm definitely an amatuer writer, but this fantasy has been on my mind lately. I felt the best way to indulge in it was to get it out on paper, so to speak. Keep in mind, I was writing this more for myself than anything, but I felt like I should share it, in case any one else enjoyed it. This is only the second erotica story I've ever written, so please, go easy on me. I'd love constructive criticism or comments, and if I get positive feedback, I'll consider a sequel, or series, or whatever floats my boat. Oh, and sex doesn't come until the end of the story, so if you're looking for a quickie, you won't find it here. Without further adieu, enjoy.

Do things really go bump in the night? Marissa found herself constantly asking this question. She had always told herself not to let her imagination get the best of her, but nights where she walked through the shadowy streets alone or found herself looking over her shoulder before going to bed, she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. In all honesty, the idea of the things that lurked in the dark fascinated her. Yet, it terrified her at the same time. Ever since she was a child, she found herself being drawn towards the shadows; something was so enticing about them. Whenever she went to her father about these strange feelings, she noticed how he visibly tensed, how his face hardened and his fists clenched. She never understood why he became so uncomfortable, or even at times angry when such a topic was brought up. Every conversation about this ended the same way. Her father ended up crying behind his closed bedroom door. (She couldn't go to her mother about these things, because she had passed away when Marissa was only a few days old.) As she grew older, she became more sensitive to the way he reacted. She figured something must be wrong with her. So she stopped asking, just for his sake. But soon she would find out.

Marissa stood in front of the mirror, tucking a strand of her messy blonde hair behind her ear. She had never particularly appreciated her appearance. She had light curls that framed her face, a pair of hazel eyes that she wished were blue and a decent body. She stood at about five foot six, had long legs and a torso to match. The only feature she felt blessed with was her chest. She was definitely not lacking there. But as she applied some finishing touches to her makeup, all she was worrying about was having a good night. At 12:00, she would turn 18. Despite her age, her friend Nicki had planned to take her out to a club, with the use of fake ID's of course. Just then her phone buzzed; a text from Nicki: "Here. Ready to party?" Marissa smiled at her phone and sent a quick reply before turning to leave the bathroom. She flicked off the switch, sending the bathroom into darkness. As she walked through the door frame, the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand up. Sensing that something was not right, she slowed her steps and turned her head, looking behind her. She saw nothing in the darkness, yet felt an electric pull towards it. Her eyes fluttered closed and she took in a deep breath, 'I'm losing my mind" she muttered to herself. She gave her head a light shake, trying to clear it. She continued down the hallway, ignoring the feeling she was getting. Making sure to leave at least one light on, she grabbed her bag and left out the door, all the while ignoring the urge to walk back into the darkness. These urges had been getting more and more intense lately. She was worried that something might be so wrong with her that she needed to see a professional. As she walked towards Nicki's car she thought how that may be her only solution, but then again, what would they tell her? She did not have a phobia of the dark like some people did; she was drawn to it... no, connected to it. She had never felt so strongly about something. It was as if she belonged to the darkness...or whatever was in the darkness. In fact, as she laughed with Nicki, she had to conceal the glazed look that overcame her eyes. Her whole body felt a pull so powerful that it ripped the air from her lungs. She gasped for air and placed her hand over her chest in shock. That had been the strongest sensation she had ever felt. She swore she heard the darkness talking to her, calling her. She quickly covered her little incident with a cough, hoping Nicki didn't notice. She glanced over, and when she realized her friend had still been laughing as if nothing happened, she sighed with relief. Marissa spent the remainder of the drive watching the shadows around the streetlights as they passed on the road.

Once they arrived at the club, the girls easily got in and headed for the bar. They ordered a few rounds of shots, straying away from those typical girly drinks. A few guys had offered to buy them some of that fruity shit, but they waved them off.
"Losers," Nicki muttered as she rejected yet another group of guys. Marissa giggled and rolled her eyes. "No pussy shit for us!" Nicki hollered as she held the last shot glass in the air. Marissa clanked her glass against Nicki's and replied with an enthusiastic "Hell no!" as they tilted them back and slammed them down on the bar. By then the two were feeling pretty good and decided to hit the dance floor. The bass was vibrating against their feet and as the alcohol clouded more of their brain, the flashing lights around them became fuzzy. Some of the guys that had tried to buy them drinks took advantage of the situation and cut in, bumping and grinding with the tipsy girls. Marissa gave in to the music, letting her hips sway to the beat and the sound fill her ears. Nicki followed suit, also loving the mix between the alcohol and the music. They danced for a while, occasionally a new guy would cut in, taking the place of the guy before him. Marissa looked over and rolled her eyes as she watched two guys basically fist fighting to get behind Nicki. Nicki gave Marissa a thumbs up and winked, obviously enjoying the entertainment taking place behind her back. Just then, Marissa felt the guy behind her pull away. She expected the next one to jump in like they had been doing for an hour now, but no one came up behind her. Confused, she looked back. Now, instead of one of the bar creeps standing behind her, stood the most peculiar looking man. He looked to be in his early twenties and he had jet black hair, spiked on top and a little longer on the sides. As the colored lights flickered over him, Marissa's eyes wandered over his body. He was tall. Very tall. He probably stood at six foot two. She also noticed that strange clothing he wore. Normally she would roll her eyes and write the man off as some pathetic emo kid who probably cuts his arms for attention. But as she looked at his long leather coat, his popped collar and his dark-as-night jeans, she couldn't help but appreciate how perfectly the style fit him. But it wasn't his clothes that caught her attention. It was his eyes. A small smirk formed on his thin lips as Marissa's eyes widened. Staring back at her were eyes so blue that they appeared to be glowing. If she had been close enough, she would have seen that they were dark blue in the middle with a light blue ring around them. A lump caught in her throat as he closed the distance between them. She meant to step away, but her feet were frozen in place. When he approached her and gently placed his hands over her hips, pulling her to him, so felt electric shocks run through her body. She inhaled sharply, looking down at the light skin on his hands, the hands that had just sent electrifying sensations through her. As they moved in what seemed like slow motion, everyone else on the dance floor disappeared. In that moment, it felt like they were the only two in the whole building. She was in such a trance-like state, she barely noticed his head come beside hers. Her eyes darted to his face. She memorized his features, his pale skin, his strong jawline, his lips. His lips seemed to be stuck in a evil smirk, a smirk that said he knew something she didn't. When her eyes reached his, she nearly fell over. His eyes were glowing even brighter. They held each other's stare for what seemed like hours. But as he broke their gaze and slowly dipped his head down, she panicked. He leaned down and placed his lips against her neck. She felt her body freeze with fear or anticipation, whichever came first. As she swallowed hard and closed her eyes, she felt his teeth graze her sensitive skin. Her stomach tightened and she felt him smile against her skin.Then he gently nipped her neck with teeth much sharper than Marissa thought they should be. But as she gasped and opened her eyes, he was gone. Marissa looked over at Nicki. Before her was her friend giving her a thumbs up and winking. The two drunk idiots were still fighting behind her. Marissa's gaze dropped to the floor, completely confused. As she concentrated on the lights roaming the tiles, she realized that whatever had just happened, happened within seconds... or maybe time stopped. Whatever happened was weird. She was sure that she had just danced with that strange man. But the situation in front of her said that no time had passed whatsoever. She let her eyes close, replaying the memories that had just happened before her. She pictured him standing behind her, his arms clasped behind his back. She saw his sexy smirk, the smirk that held secrets that Marissa was dying to uncover. And his eyes. His eyes that burned with a fiery power. She reopened her eyes and looked around her. She was sure he had been here. And she was sure that it was time to leave. Marissa moved briskly towards the door, leaving her friend calling after her. Her brain was in such a frenzy. She fast-walked home, her mind scrambling for some sort of logical explanation. But nothing came. She was so confused. Her brow furrowed and her face tightened as she focused on moving one foot front in front of the other. She gingerly reached up and ran her fingers delicately over the area his lips had been. Her skin tingled and the memories of his electric touch filled her brain, almost knocking the wind out of her. She could still almost feel his lips against her neck, which made her scrunch her face in even more confusion. Then from behind her she heard a deep chuckle. She stopped abruptly and stared straight ahead, too afraid to look behind her. Her breathing became rapid and her heart beat against her chest. She felt a presence approaching behind her and in a split-second decision, she took off. She jumped out of her heels, leaving them behind. Feet padding against the cold ground, she didn't dare to look back, she just bolted towards the direction of her house, which was now in sight. When she reached the last block, she noticed the streetlights flickering and going out as she ran by them. Each pole she passed sent them plunging the street behind her into darkness. She pushed her legs even harder, her hair whipping behind her. Nearing her front door, she sprinted over the walkway and almost fell on her front porch. She quickly recovered and hauled the front door open, slamming it behind her just as quickly as she had opened it. After turning the lock she slid down against the door until she sat on the floor, her back leaning against the cold wood. Her chest rose and fell quickly, trying to take in air. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, attempting to slow her heart rate. "I'm really losing my mind' she muttered into the empty house. She pressed her face into her hands and shook her head, trying to make sense of the situation. Her peace didn't last long though, as the one light she had made sure to leave on went out. Her head snapped up, her eyes immediately attempted to adjust to the complete darkness surrounding her. She took a deep breath and shakily got to her feet. "Alright! Enough of this!" she screamed into the dark. "I know you're there! And I don't know what you want with me, but I'm done avoiding you. Now come out and face me like a man!" she threatened. The air grew still around her and she momentarily wondered if she had made a mistake. She had provoked whatever beast lay waiting in the darkness. Just as she had asked, two blue eyes appeared, staring at her from across the room. She gulped and took an involuntary step back. With each step she took back, the eyes took two steps towards her. She backed away from the figure until her back pressed against the wall. She awaited in fear, yet anxiousness as the figure closed the gap between them. It moved so close to her that she could feel its breathe against her face. She turned her head away and squeezed her eyes shut all the while her chest began to rise and fall again in utter nervousness. When moments passed and nothing happened, she cautiously opened her eyes and turned to look back at the figure before her. But the very second she looked into the blue orbs before her, she felt a haze take over her mind. Immediately her eyes clouded with sleep and she felt her muscles go weak as her body began to slide to the floor. Just before her eyes shut and sleep overcame her, she felt two cold, albeit, strong arms catch her before she met the ground. Then everything went black.

All she saw through her blurry vision was the dim hallway. She noticed the brick walls damp and dripping with water. There were torches burning against the wall every ten feet or so. The air was thick with moisture and she wondered if they were underground. She felt those familiar arms around her back and behind her legs, carrying her. She looked up, but only saw a black outline. The haze overcame her mind once again and her eyes became to heavy to keep open. The only sound was that of his feet stepping through the puddles on the stone floor. As they neared their destination, Marissa noticed that it was becoming warmer. She could hear a soft murmuring of people and felt the fabric of a curtain brush against her skin. But her senses were cut short as once again she was pushed into unconsciousness.

When she woke, the soft texture of fur greeted her cold body. She instinctively grabbed for it and pulled the blanket over herself. She stirred, tossing her head back and forth on the pillow, trying to come back from the abnormal sleep she had been forced into. Her eyes slowly opened, meeting the warm glow the candles and torches spread across the room. She pushed herself into a sitting position and took in the scene before her. The walls were the same from the hallway, but the dampness wasn't as severe here. There was a crackling fireplace to the right of a curtained doorway. Spread out across the floor and bed were fur rugs and blankets and a couple of plush chairs also covered with blankets were to the left of the bed. "Hello?" she quietly called out. Silence greeted her in response. She pushed the blankets back and slid out of bed. She looked down and noticed that she was wearing a deep red night gown, but all other clothes of hers were missing. Her bare feed padded against the stone floor as she approached the fireplace. She tucked her hands under her arms, keeping herself warm. On the mantle, she noticed pictures. Looking closer, the pictures looked to be at least 100 years old. She was surprised at the great condition they were in. But at closer inspection, a gasp left her mouth. In each picture was a man who identically resembled the man from the club. It was then that she remembered everything that happened. The memories flooded her mind and as if on cue, she felt the presence of a body behind her. She sheepishly turned around, but kept her eyes on the floor, too afraid to look at the man before her. She noticed he still wore the dark jeans from the club and although she only looked at this small sliver of him, she could tell he was muscular underneath his clothing. She didn't understand the feeling that overcame her. It was as if some unseen force was trying to take control of her eyes. Though she was trying to keep her eyes on the ground, she felt a power like no other force her eyes upwards. She didn't understand how it happened, but now she had no choice but to look into the eyes of the being before her. By the smug look on his face, she figured it had been his doing.

"Hello, Marissa." His words rolled over skin like silk and he smiled at the visible effect he had on her.
"Who are you?" She nearly whispered in the presence of someone obviously not human. When he had spoken her name, she had shivered at the sound. His voice was pure seduction.
He chuckled in response and paused briefly, directing his attention to the ancient pictures behind her. "We have much to talk about", he said as he offered his outstretched hand to her. Marissa glanced at his hand wearily, unsure if she should take it. But when she looked back into his eyes, she felt a pull so deep insider her that she found her hand meeting his without a second thought. He grinned devilishly at her and placed her arm in his as he escorted her out of the room. They passed through the curtain into a room that Marissa considered a living room, for lack of a better term. In there was another fireplace in the front of the room. Towards the back was a bar, stocked with liquor bottles, all of which were in different languages. Surrounding the fireplace were many plush couches and chairs, all of which were overly covered in blankets. The decor resembled the bedroom in the fact that there were no windows, there were stone walls and floors, candles and torches, and a heavy accent on dark colored fur rugs. He led her to the couch in front of the fire and instructed her to sit. Marissa watched as he moved very gracefully to the bar and poured two chalices with a red liquid, which she assumed was red wine. He returned to the sitting area and held the cup out for her to take. She sipped it and held back a cringe at the bitterness. He sat in a chair across from her, observing her every move.
"So are you going to answer my question now?" She asked almost sarcastically, staring down at the deep red liquid in the cup.
He simply continued to look at her until she had no choice but to break her concentration on the drink and meet his eyes.
"Where would you like me to start?" He said mischievously.
"Who. Are. You?" She restated, punctuating each word.
His intense stare never wavered or faltered as he answered her.
"I am Derek.'
There was a long pause as he awaited her next question.
"Why am I here?" Marissa asked nervously, unsure of the answer she was about to receive.
Derek exhaled slowly, but never lost an ounce of his obviously confident and powerful demeanor.
"Because you belong to me now," he replied, his eyes glowing strongly at each word he spoke.
Marissa opened her mouth to bombard him with more questions and to insult him for referring to her as an object and treating her as if he could possess her.
Expecting this response, he simply raised his hand and poured a power over her that immediately ceased all outbursts coming from her mouth.
"I will explain this to you and you will obey me. Do you understand?' He spoke. Marissa simply nodded her head, feeling completely dominated.
"I am Derek. Lord of the Vampires. I have seen more days than you, your father, or your grandfathers grandfather. I'm the most powerful so it would be wise of you not to challenge me,'
"Do you know my father?" Marissa asked, obviously disrespecting the orders he had just given her. He let it go and smirked, "You have spunk, little one. I knew I made a wise choice..."
Marissa looked on intently as the entrancingly handsome man in front of her explained,
"I do know your father. I knew your mother as well." Marissa tensed at his reference to her mother.
"You see, before you were born, your parents accidentally came upon the existence of my kind. I promised to spare their lives if they kept quiet.' Derek continued, still holding Marissa's eyes.
"Of course, like any human, they didn't keep their mouths shut and had to pay the price. I told your father that if he did not heed my warning then there would be....consequences." Marissa felt the tears swelling in her eyes as he explained the story she already anticipated the ending for.
"I warned him that if he spoke of us that he would lose both of the women in his life. After you were born, your father had told some people of his encounter with me. They didn't believe him of course, but either way the price had to be paid. That night I visited your house. I took your mother's life." The tears were streaming heavily down Marissa's face at this point. She wanted to rip her gaze away from him, but he was using his power to keep her exactly where she was.
"But when I saw you, something dawned on me . When I say I am the most powerful, it is because I have power that you will never understand. When I saw you, I realized you were meant to be mine. I saw potential in you to rule with me, to be my mate. No other being, human or immortal, has radiated with that sort of potential. I claimed you that night. I told your father that you would have until your 18th birthday. Then you would be mine." He stood in front of her as he finished his speech. He pulled back the power and Marissa's eyes immediately flicked away and she buried her face in her arms. Her sad demeanor didn't last long though, because she was quickly up on her feet, the cup crashing to the ground while she attempted to punch him, kick him, scratch him, do whatever she could do to harm him.
"You killed my mother! How dare you touch her!" She screamed through tears
"And if you think you own me, then you have it all wrong!" She spit out at him.
He gripped her wrists firmly, but not enough to hurt her. He didn't even flinch against her flailing arms. He simply pushed his power over her, rendering her motionless. He stepped closer to her, placing his hand on the small of her back and pulling their bodies tightly together. He brushed the hair away from her neck with the tips of his fingers, causing her to shiver and causing goosebumps to cover her skin. His breathe flowed over her skin and her crying slowed, mostly taken over by heavy breathing. He very lightly placed a kiss on the spot where her shoulder met her neck. Marissa squeezed her eyes close, trying to ignore the immense pleasure his touch was causing. It was unlike any other. She had been with other boys before, but Derek's power obviously created a whole new level of sensations. When his tongue darted out, she had to suppress a moan. His fangs lengthened and he nipped her skin hard enough to leave a mark, but he didn't break the skin. Despite being frozen by his power, Marissa felt mostly frozen by the situation taking place on her neck.
"Soon you will be marked as mine, forever." he whispered against her skin. "And soon you will realize this was your destiny." As the last word left his mouth, he released his power on her and she would have slid to the ground, had he not caught her under he arms. She looked up at him, dazed and with swollen eyes. He looked back at her solemnly, yet humor danced in his eyes. It was then that voices echoing from a tunnel in the room drew their attention away from each other.
"Time to meet the clan." Derek said, once again tucking her arm in his and leading her down a cool, pitch black hallway. The only light was a flickering at the end, which was the next room. As they pushed past another curtain, Marissa was stunned at the sheer size of the room. It appeared to be a common room. The ceiling was done with elegant architecture and a chandelier hung from it. Once again there were numerous places to sit as well as fur rugs. There were old pieces of furniture and a bar stocked with foreign liquor. But the room's impressiveness did not hold her attention for long, because quickly she realized there were glowing eyes staring at her from almost every position in the room. Her chest tightened in nervousness and as if sensing this, Derek's arm wrapped around her waste, pulling her against him. She still wasn't comfortable with being around the man who had killed her mother, but while menacing eyes roamed every inch of her body, she would rather be at Derek's side than anywhere else. She looked wearily around the room.
Derek's voice almost startled her as he boomed, "This is Marissa. I know you all have been expecting this moment for a while. She is your destined leader. You will treat her with the same respect you give me, for she will rule at my side." Marissa nearly fainted at the responsibility he was putting on her shoulders, but as every head in the room bowed, she felt Derek's power keeping her standing. He led her through the crowd as they parted a path for them, all the while they looked on in curiosity of the human. He motioned for her to take a seat in a very royal looking chair, but it was nothing compared to the chair he sat in next to her. She allowed herself to let out the breath she had been holding and relax. She scanned the room and counted 30 people..or vampires, whichever they prefer to be called. One of them, she noticed, was walking in their direction. He approached Derek and lowered himself to one knee, holding a large chalice up. Derek took it and dismissed him. He lifted the glass to his lips and took a few sips, his fangs descending and his eyes lighting up brighter. Marissa watched in fascination and horror. She realized that the consistency of the liquid was thick, much thicker than wine. The red fluid in the cup was blood. Derek noticed her staring from the corner of his eye and simply extended his arm, offering her the cup but not turning his head from watching his people. Marissa stared at it in surprise. "Does he actually expect me to drink this?" she thought. But as the cup remained in front of her, she realized he was serious. She shakily took the cup from him and paused briefly to look at it. She lifted it to her lips and let it slide into her mouth. She was expecting an iron flavor, a very gross texture. But instead she tasted a sweet flavor. In fact, it was the most refreshing liquid she had every drank. She hadn't realized how thirsty she had been. She took another greedy sip, savoring how it satisfied not just her taste buds, but something deep inside her. She didn't understand it, because she knew she was still human. After taking a couple more messy sips, she looked at Derek for answers. She felt like she should be disgusted with herself, but nothing had ever tasted so good and she felt an intense longing for more.
As If reading her thoughts Derek answered, "It is because you are the Chosen One, Marissa. I did not just claim you out of pure selfishness. The Fates have deemed you worthy of this position. It was your destiny. Maybe you will learn to understand that..." He explained thoroughly. She set the cup down, feeling too uneasy to drink anymore. Thoughts were racing through her mind. Marissa wondered how her father would be holding up right now.
"I will turn you tonight' Derek announced, breaking Marissa away from her thoughts. Her eyes widened and a gasp caught in her throat.
"Wh...wha..what?" she stammered. Derek simply continued to look forward, maintaining his stern appearance. Now the thoughts rushing through her head went from zero ninety.

The rest of the day...or night, Marissa couldn't tell since there was no sense of daylight, was spent with Derek. He escorted her around the tunnel system, introducing her to the elder vampires of the court, all of which bowed in her presence and he explained to her the responsibilities she would hold. Marissa was so overwhelmed. She couldn't go through with this. She couldn't die. She refused to be turned into a monster, no matter what these so called "Fates" said. She wouldn't leave her father and she wouldn't belong to anybody. She had to escape.

It was when Derek excused himself to take care of urgent business that she made her move. She had been semi-conscious when he carried her in her, so she she prayed that she could remember how to find the tunnel. The common room had cleared out, so she easily ran through a tunnel that she had noticed a draft coming from. Her eyes were definitely not those of a vampire, so she ran blindly, following the breeze and feeling her way along the wall. She heard the slap of her feet against the wet ground and hoped there was no one around to hear her. It was when she saw a light up ahead that she doubled her speed and ran with all her might, hoping it would be the outside world. As she neared it, she came into an opening. It was a round cave surrounded by torches and her stomach dropped as she realized she was at a fork. There were two tunnels for her to take so she allowed her pumping adrenaline to choose and sprinted down the left one. She ran through the darkness for such a long time that she wondered if she should turn back. But as she continued to run, she realized she heard voices coming near her. Her heart stopped and she decided that she would go down the other tunnel. As she skidded to a stop, she turned around and collided into the wall. But the so called "wall" was a very angry Derek. She screamed as his blue eyes illuminated in the darkness. she quickly stepped back, creating distance between them. She continued to back up, not exactly sure what her plan of action should be.
"You can't have me!" She screamed, deciding to reason with him
"I don't care what the 'Fates' said, you have it wrong. I'm not a possession and I won't be forced to live with and be turned into a monster, because of my parents mistakes!" She was yelling desperately at him, her voice echoing down the tunnels. The fact that he simply stood there, motionless, expressionless, is what ticked her off.
She spun on her heels and made to run in the opposite direction of him, but he immediately held up his hand, freezing her in place. He made a spinning circle with his fingers, effectively forcing her body to turn back towards him. He flicked his wrist, motioning her to come forward, all sense of her disobedience gone, though he could see the fight in her eyes. As she reached him and looked into those menacing eyes she felt the familiar fog cloud her mind. Blackness consumed her and she felt all sense of hope leave her body as his arms wrapped around her possessively. She wasn't going anywhere.

She awoke in the same place she had yesterday. She lay on top of the bed, surrounded by fur blankets. Only this time her hands were tied to the bed by rope. She pulled against her restraints, scratching her skin.

"I wouldn't do that, little one. Your skin is so delicate, you're going to hurt yourself" Marissa searched the room for the source of the voice until she found him sitting in a chair in front of a fireplace. The flames danced over his pale face, making him look even more severe than usual.
Marissa became angry, "Derek, let me go! I already told you, I don't belong to y..." before she finished her sentence, he was at her side. With his speed, he stopped the words from even leaving her mouth.

"YOU BELONG TO ME, WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE IT. I OWN YOUR SOUL." His face was dangerously close to hers now. "You. Are. Mine." He said firmly before he pressed his lips to hers passionately. He placed his hand behind her neck, possessively pulling her closer into the kiss. Marissa couldn't help the lust that rolled through her in waves. With the flick of his wrist, the rope snapped and he pulled her up, breaking the kiss. He held her face centimeters from his.

"You can no longer deny the destiny that the fates have given you. There is no running from it. You belong to me. You have from the moment you turned 18." He once again kissed her, his want for her growing. Marissa felt the deep pull within her and gave into it. She moved her hands over his coat and unbuttoned it. He helped her slide it off his shoulders, all the while not breaking the kiss. She ran her hands down his muscular chest, pulling a growl from him. He quickly kicked off his pants and his cock sprang free. Marissa let out an involuntary growl at the sight of it. It was about 8 inches long and she couldn't help but reach out and stroke it, needing to feel him. He grabbed the back of her head and roughly pulled her lips to his, groaning into her mouth. He pushed her backwards onto the bed and ripped the nightgown off with ease. She shivered at the cold air, causing her nipples to harden. He placed fiery kisses along her neck and trailed them down, occasionally swirling his tongue over her skin and eliciting a desperate moan from her. As he sucked her left nipple, he squeezed the right one, rolling her nipple gently in between his fingers. He nipped it gently with his teeth, sending electric shocks through her body. She arched her back as he roughly kissed down her stomach and to her thighs. He swirled his tongue along the inside of both her thighs and placed gentle kisses on her pussy. He looked up at her, making her beg for more.
"Derek, Ugh, please!" She said breathlessly as she looked back at him, pleading.
He shot her his devilish smirk and licked the entire length of her slit. She screamed in pleasure and arched her back, pressing his face farther into her pussy. He rubbed her clit with his thumb and slowly swirled his tongue around her entrance, teasing her. He started to move his tongue in and out of her until he was fucking her with his tongue. She moaned loudly and tangled her fingers in his hair, pressing his face into her.
"Mmmm, fuck, Derek. Ugh!" She moaned his name
He couldn't handle anymore, so ignoring her groan of disappointment when he sat up, he positioned his swollen cock at her entrance. He leaned down and placed his lips next to her ear.
"Are you ready?" her asked seductively, but she knew he was asking in more ways than just one. She took a deep breath and nodded her head.
"Please" she whimpered.
"There's no escaping when I start.." He growled into her ear. He kissed the side of her neck and ran his tongue along it until his lips were positioned over the spot where her neck met her shoulder. Marissa gripped onto his strong arm with one hand and tangled her fingers into his hair, preparing herself. He slammed all the way into her as his fangs pierced her skin. She screamed loudly and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in as deep as he could go. As he began to pull back, he began to drink the blood from her neck. He slammed in full force and she gasped as she pulled his hair and dug her nails into his back. He growled in response and began thrusting harder, pushing a high-pitch moan from her with each thrust. She turned her head, exposing more of her neck to him. He groaned at her submission and fucked her as hard as he could. He ran his tongue over his mark, closing the wound. He gripped her hips, pulling her into him with each thrust. He was gaining more stamina from drinking her blood and he plunged deeper and deeper into her. Marissa's breath began to get shallow and she threw her head back in pure ecstasy. She bit her lip and looked into his glowing eyes. Nothing had ever felt this good. His big cock was pumping in and out of her with such speed and force that she thought she would pass out. Every touch and kiss he gave her sent waves of pleasure through her body. She was basically squeaking each time he pumped in and out of her. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her breathing sped up and she squeezed her eyes shut as a a scream ripped from her lungs.

As the most powerful orgasm of her life rolled through her and he nipped where his mark would be on her neck and whispered into her ear. "Mine."
She gasped for air as she felt that the powerful urge inside her was content. The pull she felt towards the dark was appeased and now she just felt pure bliss fulfilling her destiny.
As a second orgasm hit her, she arched her back, pressing her chest to him. She pulled his head down until his ear was next to her mouth.
Sensing that he would cum soon, she whispered in his ear back, "Yours."
He moaned and kissed her roughly, nipping her lips with his teeth. He began thrusting into her so hard that the sound of their bodies slapping together echoed through the room. Marissa dug her nails into his back and bit down on his shoulder just as he had done to her, even though she didn't have fangs yet. This pushed him over the edged and he groaned and pumped into her until his seed filled her. Marissa sighed happily and reached down to stroke his softening dick. He gave her one more lustful kiss before pulling out.

He wrapped a blanket around her and watched as his bite began to turn her. She felt the utter exhaustion overtake her.

"Sleep, my little vampire. You need the rest for your transformation" He ordered.

He leaned down and pressed his nose to her neck, taking in her scent. His nipped his mark, proud of his work. As he pulled back and looked into her tired eyes, he saw the green of her eyes begin to glow before they shut and her transformation began.

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