The Greys (Chapter one)_(1)

The Greys (Chapter one)_(1)

My name is Jude Grey.
I'm 17 years old 5'11 maybe 6'0 now.
I have Powder blue eyes, dark black-brownish hair. I have very detailed/chiseled features as people tell me. This year is my senior year of Highschool, and it's barely starting out, I'm very involved in sports and staying active. so I'm Fit, not too big I'm muscular, but slim at the same time also im somewhat tan. I'm 1 of 6 children.
my Step older brother Christian He has dark brown hair its almost as dark as mine his face is chiseled, but not as detailed as mine he's fit and slim he's into sports just like me his eyes are green and he's around the same height as me and is also 17 years old everyone thinks were fraternal twins. my younger Sister Lisette who is the only sibling in this house that is related to me by blood, has long expresso colored hair, and dark blue eyes, her hair is straight with slight waves here and there, it's also very long but thin, I don't really check my sister out, but I would say her breasts were about a c cup, her ass is very perky she's also very slim, she's short about 5'4, shes 16 her skin is also slightly tan she's very pretty
I have a step sister Avery, she is 15 and is Christians blood sister, she's also very pretty, she has mid length curly blonde hair that she gets from her actual mother, and light green eyes, her skin is also a light tan too, she's about 5'2 and very curvy, her tits look like they are about a b and her ass isn't anything too die for I also have two adopted sisters. Demi who is 16, we were close when we were young. she is Moroccan and Brazilian, she is MUCH tanner than the rest of us, she has long dark black curly hair that goes up to her waist maybe even past it. Her eyes are a bright blue - grey with a hint of gold and green her tan skin and her dark hair make her eyes pop even more, her body is very slim but athletic, her but is perfect not HUGE but not to small either, it's very cute and perky, her stomach is flat and tight her tits are a B maybe a C cup, they are very tight and perky, her skin looks baby soft shes about 5'4 and unbelievably beautiful every where we go she turns heads. and Jordan who is 13 is adopted too, , she is just your average little girl, her curves are barely coming in, her eyes are brown, her hair is dirty blonde she's 5'0 her skin is kind of pale, she doesn't really fit in like the rest of us, my Mom married My step father, Gordon when I was 2 years old, so we've all grown up together, Jordan was adopted when I was 2 and Demi when I was 5 so we were all pretty much raised as a family. At least that's what my parents wanted.

So now that you know all about my siblings.

Here is my problem, My younger sister Demi, I'm Inlove with her, that's sickening right? I mean I know she's adopted but I have known her since she was a baby, we were raised together.
She's just so beautiful, I think about her everyday, even my girlfriend Kylie looks like her, blue eyes dark hair (dyed of course) because I told her too, she gets fake tans she's just not as beautiful as Demi shes no where near demi and I don't even enjoy the sex... Unless I think about Demi.

I try to act like the average older brother, irritate her, ignore her, be protective, stuff like that but... I just want to be with her that's all I want.. I love Demi Grey more than anything in the world.

It's December, so of course it's Snowing in New York.

During the holidays, all of my family visits one another and my family decided we'd be hosting the get together.

We waited outside our huge 3 story mansion for our relatives to arrive, I looked over at Demi, she had on Brown moccasin boots, tight sky blue skinny jeans, and a knitted sweater that fit her perfectly it was tight yet baggy on her tight little body. She had a beany on her head and her thick dark curls came hanging beneath it. All the way down to her tight little Ass. I looked at her face, her perfectly threaded eye brows, her cheek bones sculplted into perfection and her lips were naturally pink and full, she has big almond eyes, and long eye lashes, she's just perfect.

As I was staring at my little sister, I realized the snow in my hand was freezing, she turned and realized I was staring at her so I panicked and threw it at her. She looked at me surprised then glared at me. And I threw another one.
"MOM, Jude won't leave me alone!" She yelled, her voice was so cute.

"Jude leave your sister alone," my dad said, well step dad but he's my dad.

"I'm not even doing anything" I said innocently. I noticed my little sister Jordan looking at me, Jordan is starting to act really weird i don't know what's up with her.

Avery was talking to Demi as Usual and Lisette was in her own little world on her phone. "Jude!" I turned around and a ball of snow hit me in the face. I looked to see Christian laughing at me, I picked up a ball of snow and threw it at him. He fell on the ground laughing and I kept throwing them at him. He got up and tackled me into the snow. We wresltled in the snow for a little but till my mom yelled at us. "Boys will be boys hun" my dad said laughing.
I turned to see Demi laughing at me. "What's funny?" I asked

"You're covered in snow!" She giggled. Nows my chance to mess with her. "Why don't you hug me then!" I spread my arms wide and ran after her she screamed and laughed and ran. I chased her around, and She threw snow at me I laughed and threw it back at her suddenly, I see Jordan pic one up and hit me in the face, I felt instantly pissed off. Something was in that ball a rock maybe, "You're bleeding!" Demi gasped running up to me! My head started to hurt and I could feel something cold running down my face. I looked over to Jordan, who had no expression on her face. "What the fuck Jordan, why would you do that!" Demi Yelled, while holding my head in her hands, examining me everyone started to yell at Jordan for what she did to my head, and she ran into the house not saying a word.
Mom started panicking at all the blood I had lost, and Demi took me into the house to get the first aid kit and told her shed take care of me, I sat down on the toilet while Demi got out the supplies, she made me take off my jacket and shirt. Since it was covered in blood. I noticed her staring at my Abs every now and then.
She took a wash cloth and cleaned my cut on my head.

"It's not that bad the bleeding stopped, you feel okay Juju?" I looked at her shocked, she hadnt called me JuJu since she was about 2 or 3 when she couldn't say Jude.
It made me feel tingly inside for her to call me juju.

"I'm fine" I smiled at her.
She kissed my forehead. "Don't get hit by rocks again I nearly had a heart attack!"

"You! Why?" Demi rarely speaks to me now

"Because I got scared I thought you were seriously hurt. And you acted so out of it I thought something bad was going to happen to my Juju..." I pulled her into my lap. And kissed her cheek.
"Nothing is going to happen to me okay? Don't worry" i looked into her eyes and rubbed her chin softly she smiled at me I turned to see Jordan peaking around the hall looking at us, Demi looked at her too, and Jordan ran away. "What's up with her lately ?" Demi asked, I rested my head in her hair and wrapped my arms around her. "No idea sis" I kissed her again, this time at the corner of her mouth, she blushed. "We should go downstairs so mom doesn't think you died." She stood up. "Well lets go." I smacked her butt as I stood up. It was a bold move, I never touched Demi like that. She didn't say anything she just giggled which was a good sign.

We made it down stairs and everyone was here, Friends of family, cousins aunts uncles grandparents. I got never ending compliments on how handsome I have become, everyone said I am UNBELIEVABLY handsome, I believe it. I get my way all the time because cause of my looks....
So did Demi. No one would stop talking about her beauty

One of my cousins brought his friend along and I noticed him trying to flirt with Demi it instantly pissed me off, I walked up to them.

"What's up?" I asked smiling at Demi.
She gave me the 'save me' look.

"Nothing bro, were talking do you mind?" The friend of my cousin said, I don't know his name, he has brown hair and brown eyes, he's about 5'10 not too muscular he looks lazy.

"Yes I mind"

"So do I can you leave?" He snapped

"Jude can stay" Demi said smiling at me.

"Whatever" the boy walked away.

"Thank you, he kept trying to get my numer and I was so irritated!"

"Wanna go somewhere quiet?"

"Yes!" She yelled.

I took her outside to the back yard and we sat on the swings.

"So, what's up?" She said grinning at me.

"What's up with you being all nice to me all of a sudden?"

"I can't be nice to my big brother?" She gave me a sad look.
"You can but you're never this nice.."

"Maybe that should change shouldn't it?"

I smiled at her.

"You have a face for a smile, you're so handsome Jude, sometimes it's unreal how handsome you are...." She whispered. I moved closer to her on my swing. "You're beyond gorgeous you know that?" I was looking at her lips. And I saw her look at mine. I kissed her chin.

And she looked at me shocked but wanting more, but something else caught her attention her beautiful bluish eyes moved towards the 2nd floor window, I looked up to see Jordan staring at us. Then she ducked.

"Maybe we should go inside." Demi said nervously.

"Okay." We both got up and I walked behind her and put my arm around her waist pulling her close to me, her lower back grounded against my dick through my jeans in the process, I could feel my dick starting to stir, "Jude what are you doing?" She asked nervously

"Just trying to keep warm" I whispered into her neck and I could feel her body shiver. I kissed her under her ear, and she pulled away from me, she looked confused. But she smiled at me.

"You okay?" I asked grinning at her.

"Yeah I'm fine"

I put my arm around her and we joined our family in the house, the whole night, me and Demi exchanged smiles with one another. It seemed as if we were flirting but the family didn't notice.

It was now around midnight, and everyone went to their hotels some relatives stayed the night.

I couldn't stop thinking about Demi, and my grinding against her, I decided to go up to her room, I krept up the stairs and reached her room.

She was asleep in her bed I closed the door behind me and locked it. And pulled a chair up to her bed and watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. I ran my finger down her face and her eyes flickered open.

"Jude? What are you doing here?" She whispered.

"I couldn't sleep" I whispered back.

She scooted back in her bed, and raised her blanket. I climbed in and faced her. I looked into her eyes and rubbed her face. She scooted closer to me, and slowly ran her leg between mine. I could feel my dick starting to stur in my shorts.i guess she could feel it too. She looked down at my cock ithen back up to me. Her eyes questioning me. Asking if she can touch, I nodded slowly, and I felt her hand go down and feel my hard-on, I scooted closer to better her reach, as she felt me up, I moaned a little.

"Jude" she whispered
Before she could say anything else I kissed her on the lips. She looked into my eyes asking why, "I've been wanting to do that for years..." I whispered into her neck.

"We shouldn't.."

"I know... I know you don't feel the same but I just had to kiss you." I whispered.

"I never said I didn't want to Jude.." I looked at her shocked, and she pulled me on top of her.

"Jude, I've wanted you for the longest time, I think about you every night.. I wasn't sleep when you came in, I just was so surprised that my wish came true." I kissed her again. "I love you Jude." She moaned into our kiss.

"I love you too"

We made out for what seemed like hours, she started to spread her legs open, and I grinneded into her her through our clothes and she moaned slightly.

"I want to lose my virginity to you Jude, but I'm scared." She whispered, i never thought my sister wanted to have sex with me Ever.

"It's okay... We can take it slow, you don't have to lose it tonight"

She but her lip and nodded" I slipped my hand into her panties, I rub my finger down her slit, before I knew it my hand was soaking wet with her juices.
"You're so wet for me baby, tell me you want me" she started to breathe heavily "this- is - so - wrong" she gasped, with a smirk on her face I couldn't control my words anymore I was so turned on "but it's so right baby... I want you to make me cum, you wanna know where?" She shook her head "right here" as I said it I slipped my finger into her pussy, and she squealed it was the cutest squeal ever. I started to finger her slowly, and rub my thumb against her clit, she started to moan softly. "Do you like that, baby?" I whispered into her ear as I started to finger her faster . "Yes" she gasped and her body tensed up, i could feel her pussy tigghten against my finger, her moans started to get louder, and her hips started to grind against my hand "OH MYYYYY GOD" her body started to twitch I could feel her cum run out of her pussy and all over my hand, she held onto me catching her breath. I have my baby sister we first orgasm it made me feel guilty but proud I pulled my hand out of her pussy and sucked my fingers. She looked at me in disbelief and I just smiled at her.
I slipped off my boxers and my shorts, she slowly schooted out of her panties, I looked down to see the most beautiful pussy I have ever laid eyes on, it was small, and tan but pink , and all ready wet, I kneeled between her legs. And lifted her legs up on to me, and slowly rubbed my hard dick against her slit, she let out a quiet moan. I had to fight everything in me to not shove my dick into her wet cunt.
She lifted her shirt off her head revealing her tits to me, I couldn't take the rubbing anymore, I slipped the head of my dick into her pussy, I did little shallow strokes into her pussy careful to only let the head in and not go any further she started to moan louder this was it. I was fucking the only girl I have ever really wanted I was fucking Demi, "Jude, go all the way in" I stopped and looked at her in disbelief "do it! Please fuck me Jude!" She yelled. "Um it might hurt you..." I warned. "baby, I don't care, I've wanted you for so long and now I have you just do it" I shoved in a little father “FUCK.” She stopped and squirmed a bit.
“Just relax baby” I slowly began sliding my dick in and out of her, leaving it in for a few seconds each time, letting her adjust to my girth. She was so wet, she was practically squishing. I gradually worked my way up to her hymen. When I felt the resistance, I backed off a bit.
“Here it comes.” I warned her. She looked into my eyes and licked her lips, then bit her bottom lip and nodded I pushed I deeper and I felt her Hymen tear
“Oh fuck!!” She gasped. I could feel her pussy pulsating around my dick, buried deep inside her. She shut her eyes tight "don't move" I told her and she listened, after a few mins of laying there inside her. "Are you ready?" She nodded i thrust in deeper and
her pussy started getting tighter and wetter around my cock, and I loved every second of it
She started to whimper a little. “Oh God, you’re huge….. oh, go slowly.”
I started to use shallow thrusts, only putting about half of my dick in her, before bottoming out every few strokes and rotating. The first time I did that, she gasped and wrapped her legs around my waist. The second time. she dug her fingers into my ass cheeks. "Harder Jude! Fuck me!" She screamed and I did just that, I started to slam into my sisters virgin pussy, over and over again, she screamed at the top of her longs "oh Jude, JUDE FUCK! I'm cumming don't stop!" I felt my balls tighten as they slammed against her pussy. "I'm cuming too! Fuck" I yelled, after a few more pumps i pulled out and cummed on her stomach I collapsed ontop of her both of us trying to catch our breath . "That was amazing sis" I said as i kissed her neck. "I can't believe I lost my virginity..." She whispered. I looked at her face her eyes were starting to water, I sat up and pulled her into my lap, "don't cry baby girl.."

"Do you love me Jude? Do you? Is all you wanted from me was to FUCK, do you even care about me? You're my brother!"
She said she wanted to do this I didn't understand, but she was only 16, and it probably just dawned on her that she's not a virgin anymore, I am her brother, and it's my responsibility to make sure my sister is okay physically and emotionally, I didn't think about how this would effect her, I have a girlfriend and she's my sister my parents would never allow this relationship, but it's best I tell the truth.

"You were just a baby, when mom and dad adopted you. I remember that day perfectly, I asked mom if I could hold you, I sat on the couch and she put you in my lap, I was only two years old but when you looked into my eyes I felt something, and everyday since then I have felt something, way beyond sibling love, you were my baby, and you still are, I think about you everyday Demi, I think about being with you, marrying you holding you, I want you and I feel guilty about taking your virginity if I hurt you, i apologize I had no intention of doing so" she nodded and whipped her tears. "Demi, I'm inlove with you." She looked at me and froze, tears started to role down her face again and she smiled and wrapped her arms around me. "You don't know how long I've wished for those words to come out of your mouth." She whispered.

I kissed her and Layed down beside her.

I woke up, in my bedroom sweating, and breathing hard, it was just a dream....
How will I face Demi now that I've had a dream like that..

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