The amazing life of toothpick (first 3 chapters with fix grammar)

The amazing life of toothpick (first 3 chapters with fix grammar)

The story of toothpick

My name is john Tucker and in all the years of my life, I have no history of romance. My sweetheart is my right hand. Why you ask? Because I have a big problem, well I guess you can say a small problem (pun intended). You see I was born with a small dick. How small you ask? I’m 18 in my last year of high school, and my dick is the size of a toothpick. Hence I got the nick name toothpick growing up. I mean everyone calls me by this stupid ass nick name. My best friend, the first girl I ever liked, and even the teachers. Yeah my life sucks. My mom would always tell me women don’t care about a man penis size, but how a man uses it. (Bullshit) I would say to myself as my mother went on, while my sister laughs her fat ass off. So I will tell how you my life had went from bad to fucking awesome, all because of one website. Yeah I don’t believe it either but seeing believes, well in this case reading believes.

‘John wakes up damn it” I heard in my sleep. “If you don’t wake up I’m going to eat your pancakes.” I finally open my eyes only to see my older sister Sara. “What do you want Sara? Can’t you see I’m sleeping?”
‘Just wake the fuck up already toothpick. Mom told me to wake you up” Sara said in a sassy tone, knowing that it would irritate me as she left my room. “Yeah fuck you fat ass” I said quietly because I knew she would kick my ass if she heard me.
I got dress and went down stairs, and to my surprise my childhood friend Ashley was at the table eating.
“Oh look who finally woke up it’s the star of the show toothpick himself.” While she was stuffing her face with pancakes “Shouldn’t you be over at your own house eating?” I ask while fixing my food.
My mom butted in “You should be glad a cute girl like Ashley comes and get you every morning.”
(Yeah right I know the only time she pick me up in the morning, is when she needed a ride to school since I have a car.) As I was pouring my orange juice I notice Ashley getting up. Usually I wouldn’t really pay any attention to what Ashley had on, but something was different about her.
She was wearing make up and her hair done. You see Ashley was like a tomboy growing up so I always seen her as how should I put this in a nice way a guy friend with tits. You see she would always have her dirty blonde hair in a pony tail. Was always wearing cargo pants or jeans so this was a little surprise to me seeing as I always seen her as a 5’6 110 pounds tomboy. But today she was wearing a skirt.
“Hey you; are you going on a date or something tonight Ash?’
”Oh you mean this. My mom made me dress up today because were going out tonight.” I was a little relived to hear that for some reason. We ate the breakfast and left.

When we got to the school it was the same as always I put my bags in my looker, grab my books and went to class. Classes went by as usual then the lunch bell range. Hey John do you want to get lunch with me today Ashley ask with a smile. No I can’t today I have to do something for Mrs. Hancock.” Trying to make up a quick lie as fast as I could. She the said with a force smile “oh ok then I guess we have to get lunch another time together.”
I grab my stuff and left. You see I couldn’t bring myself to tell Ashley I was being bullied by some other kids in the school that knew I had a small dick. ’Hey toothpick over here” A girl called out. “Did you bring my money today toothpick?” This girl name Angela said. ‘No I forgot it today. I will have…” Before I could finish she punch me in the face, and knock me on my ass. (You see I’m only 5’8 127 pounds and this beast for a girl stands 5”10 and about 200 pounds.) Then two other girls appear out of no where. ‘Drag him into the bathroom” she barked. After dragging me into the bathroom she told them to take my pants off.

“Wow it’s really as small as they say it is.” I wanted to die at the embarrassment that I felt. She laughs and told the girls to hold me down. She then climbed over my face and pulls her panties down. “What are you doing?” I ask sacred of what was about to happen. She looks down at me and said. “I told you to have my money today. Since you can’t pay me my money you’re going to be paying me back with your body.”

I couldn’t struggle the girls were holding me down with all their force. Angela then said “you better make me cum if you want to live today.” She then sat her entire nasty as pussy on my face. I refuse to eat her out and I guess the gorilla notice because she punches the shit out my gut. Then said with a stern voice “Eat my pussy out until I cum or I will beat the living shit out of you
I was scared so I ate her pink pussy the best way I could since I was a virgin. I guess I wasn’t doing so well because soon she started to give me instructions on how to work my tongue.
Pretty soon her hands were locked on the back of my head, and my mouth was getting flooded by her juices.
Then I heard form one of the girls “look Angela he’s getting hard” She look at my hard on and said “Sandra suck him off!” My cock was soon engulfed in a wet warmness that I immediately recognized as a blowjob. Then from the same voice again this time with my cock in her mouth said; “So this is a real cock! It’s so small I can rap my whole tongue around it.”
Soon Angela clamps my face hard between her hot pussies; and started to buckle on my face.

I needed air was all I could think. Then she stops with a quick pause ;( I guess after getting the orgasm she wanted) and got off my face. Then said while trying to catch her breath “That felt what’s next I know now I want a taste of your cock. Sandra stop you got him wet enough.’

The girl stops and works her way up to my face and started to lick off all of Angela pussy juice, mix up my tears off of me.

I felt the head of my cock rubbing against her clit. With all her might this 200 pound gorilla slam her whole body down on my dick. It hurt since I was on the bathroom floor. She let out a loud moan. “This feels really good!” she then started to move her hips. She reaches in to her bra and pulled out her dd size tits and told the girl who was still holding on to my arms to suck them.

“Yes! Yes! Oh God yes I can feel it. I’m Cumming.” she let out as she moaned.
Then her pussy got real tight. She started to move faster. This time she let out a roar “Fuck! I’m about to cum I can feel it. I’m Cumming.” I could feel it to I was about too bust a load. She went up one more time and with all her might slam down and clamp down on my dick with every last muscle her. I came and by the looks of it she got to have another orgasm.

After me few minutes she got off me and said. ‘Fuck that felt too good!’ she pulled up her panties “Hey Toothpick that wasn’t too bad. Who would have thought that little thing you call a dick could get me off?
Well no biggie just makes sure you have my money next week or well have to play next week to. Shoot I don’t mind no matter how I look at it I win both ways.”

She threw a towel on me and said ‘Clean yourself up lunch is about to end.’ Then left

All I could do was lay there and cry after they left. All I could think about was the ugliest girl in the whole school just rape me and to my virginity.

I got dress and before anyone could find me I left.

Not thinking I head straight for my car, and left.

What else could go wrong I wondered to myself? I tried calming myself down; by taking a smoke. It didn’t work to well because I freak out when my next door neighbor; Mrs. Anna patted me on the shoulder.
“Don’t touch me.” I yelp with a loud tone. ’What wrong little toothpick? Is something bothering you? Are you on drugs?’ She asks with an uneasy tone. ’No! I just want to be left alone right now. She was stun (I guess because ever since knowing me. I always said “no ma’am, and yes ma’am” when ever she ask me something.) “Alright I just wanted to make sure you were ok.” With a force smile I said “Yeah I’m alright it’s just one of those days.” I guess she could tell something was wrong because she drag me in her house for a cup of tea.

She turns on some music and said “toothpick no I mean John what type of Tea do you like”
“Any kind” I said just wanting to go home.
(You see Mrs. Anna Is 45 and unmarried with one son who is 24. His name is Bill and only come around once a year to see his mom when he needs money. So I guess she must be lonely. Don’t get me wrong she kind of hot for her age. She 5”6, amber medium length hair, tanned, real curvy but not fat curvy more of an hour glass shape.)
“John, John, Toothpick”
‘Oh! I’m sorry Mrs. Anna I was lost in my own thoughts.” I said while blushing. (You guys owe me!)
“Here your tea.” She headed it to me. ‘Thank you Mrs. Anna. “
“Oh just call Anna” When she said that it felt like the uncomfortable air around us was gone. What felt like days past by as only hours. She a real easy person to talk to once you sit down with her

Then out of no where she asks me with a straight face. “John you must be a virgin I’m I right?”
From the shock of those words I drop my tea on my lap. “Shit!” I scream from the pain.
“Oh no John Are you ok sweetie?” “Yeah but I think I burn myself a little so I’m going to go home to change real fast”(thinking I could finally go home) “nonsense take your pants off before it scars you.”
“No I’m alright I just need to change my pants that’s all Mrs. Anna” trying to leave. “Its Anna damns it. It’s fucking Anna.” looking like she just lost I few nut’s in her head. “Oh yeah right sorry Mrs… I mean Anna.”
With a mood change faster then sonic. “It’s alright sweetie just make sure it doesn’t happen again.” With a smile on her face; she said “now I won’t ask again, take off your pants.” With a stern voice that sent chills down my spine. All I could do then was listening without saying anything that would make her snap at me again. She smile and walk over to me in a nonchalant way. “John you know I can’t really tell if you were burnt or not with your underwear on. So what does that tell you?” Without saying a word I took off my underwear. Only to show the reason why I hate living. “Oh god” Its so…” Here it come the words I hate the most. “Cute’ I was shock, because for the first time in 18 years of my life; my penis wasn’t called small after seeing it.
She began to touch my chest. In an instead I remembered what Angela and her crew has did to me.
“Oh poor baby I was right you are a virgin.’ When she said that; I did the second unmanliness thing to day.
I piss myself from the thought of what Angela had done to me. I was so scared at that moment I didn’t know what to do.

“Its alright Anna is here for.” As she held me in her arms, I could feel her warm 34d cup tits against my face. “Thank you Anna’ I said while feeling a little bit better. “Tell me what’s wrong? And don’t me nothing john; because a teenage boy would never cry when a women like I offer them sex.”
I told her what had happen between Angela and me. I don’t know why I told her but it felt good getting it off my chest.

“John I know your hurting right now about what happen to you. But all I can tell you that time heals all.” I guess she is right maybe I will get over this with sometime. ‘Thank Anna you were a lot of help” As I got up and started to walk away she grab my hand. “Wait you didn’t let me finish.”
‘How then I ask with a little curiosity. “Easy with a little T.LC Do you want to try?”
Not knowing what I was about to get into I said yes. ‘Anna I will try anything to go back to normal”
“Alright just don’t say I didn’t warn you.” With a warm smile that could melt butter.
She took me up stairs to bedroom.” Now John I want you to lay down on 1that bed over there.”
I did as she said and lay down. “John Close your and count to 10”
“1,2,3,4,5,6,7.…8.…..9” I stop. There was a warm sensation around index finger. When I open my eyes I found Anna riding and grinding on my finger. “What are you doing an….” She stops my words with a kiss. Her tongue got past my teeth and started to dance in there with my tongue. It felt so good I forgot I had to bereave. “Did you enjoy that kiss John?” “Wow” was all I could say. “I’m going to show you can make it women cum no matter what size you have.”

She got off my finger. “You said they tease you with a half ass blow job?” I nodded with a yes.
“Ok I’ll show you what I real blow can do to a man.” I exclaimed at the thought of what she was about to do. She nibbles on my neck and work her way down to my chest. She kisses my right nipple and move down to my cock. “Wow it’s so cute I could just eat it all up.” Was the last thing she said before she put my cock and balls in her mouth? I never been touch before like this, compare to that girl this was on a whole new level. Like comparing fire in ice there was no comparison.

She put her hair in a pony tell without letting my dick out her mouth onetime. She started to cry.
“Anna what’s wrong” What could be wrong I wondered. “You… (Sniff)… (Sniff). I’m just so happy you would give an old lady I a chance to suck a cock that tasted so good.” I pulled her off my dick and pulled her up for a kiss. Then I kiss her the same way she did me; but this time up put my finger between.
I stop kissing her and said. “There nothing old about you.” She smiled. “John do you feel that warm liquid on you fingers? That kiss and they way you played with my pussy felt so good you made me cum.
I told you there are so many ways to please women. I was happy I made a grown women cum. what else could be better this this? I ask myself.

“John I want you to fuck the shit out my dirty little pussy.” Anna said with a wild look in her eyes. Like a cougar finding the perfect pray. “I don’t think a can make you cum….. (She had a sad look on her face) but I will fuck the living shit out of it.” She pulled me in for another hot kiss and said “John I know away how we can both can, real feel good. Do you want to try?” What is it exactly?” She the whispered in my ear “A.N.A.L”
I almost came from her just spelling it out. “But fist we have to get you nice and wet.”
She pushes me down on my back and sat down right on top of me. It felt so good the walls in her pussy felt like they a warm glove made by god for my dick. She twisted her hip just a little bit and I immediately came in a matter of seconds. “Oh my god your warm milk feels so good in my pussy I want more; give me more.” She started to move her hips more violently. “Fuck this is what I’m talking about. This is why I love virgin there always so lively.” I was going insane from the way she was moving. “I’m about to cum” I yelled. “No baby not yet She put her right tit in my mouth and said. “Suck my tit baby that’s my weak spot. I want to cum with you John.’ I did as she said and before I knew it; she was buckling and grinding on me.
“Oh dear god here in comes.” She screamed. I could feel it too. “I’m Cumming. I’m fucking Cumming, Oh dear god. John pump your man milk deep in side my pussy.” She ordered as she came.
With two hard pumps I blasted all the cum in my balls I had in her as hard as I could into her.

I passed out

(And just when I think my life was turning around I get this) "John, John wakes up now. You really need to wake up." (Wow she must be horny) "What is it Anna do you want to play again.' I said trying to play it cool. "Not now John" with an uneasy look on her face. "My boyfriend is down stairs." Did I just fuck up, look on her face. "What you have a boyfriend?" "Yeah I kind of do but where about to get married so please don't let him catch you." with a sad look on her face. "Fuck why did you have sex with me then." I yelled. "Because I wanted to show you size doesn't mean anything in sex." "Oh yeah how big is your boyfriends then." (I regret asking that now) 7inches with a grin on her face. "OK I will leave if you promise tomorrow you will let me fuck your ass like promise." in a stern tone. “Fine Ok just get of here before he finds you.” "Ann baby are you alright in there?" we herd from the hallway 'Mike give me one minute" In a low voice she told me I needed to leave now and push me out the window.

While Falling I saw my whole life past right before eyes. Not like the ones you see on TV. What I saw was more horrific. Every girl who ever called my dick small flash through my eyes the first was my mom.
“Its so small honey Do you think it will eve grow?” when I was 3
After her it was my cousin Stacey. “Hey look at the bight side little cousin. No one will ever know or notice when you have a hard on at school.” When I was 11
The last but not least was Ash. “John doesn’t worry if no one want’s to marry you because you have a small dick I will.” I miss those times we you to play house a lot; with me as the mom and her as the dad. (Don’t laugh I been told I make a mean mud pie) And for no apparent reason I saw the old man from the six flags commercial. I feel like I’m for getting something. (Now what was I doing before the flashbacks?) Oh yeah I was falling. “Help me I’m falling!”


“I’m I dead?” I pinch my face to make sure I was alive. To my surprise I had landed in Anna prize winning rose bush. (That’s what she gets is) Feeling happy that I had survive; I screamed “I’m alive! Fuck yeah! Nothing can stop me now.” Then I heard. “Is someone in my wife garden? I have a gun and I sure as hell know how to use it!” Then soon after I heard Anna voice trying to calm that bears down. ‘Mike I’m telling you it must be my neighbor cat again.” I guess she was trying to protect me “Meow, Meow” I said trying not to get my ass kick by 6 foot bear. “I should have a word with those neighbors of yours. This is the 4 time this week that cat got in your yard.” Mike said as they went back in the house.

(At that time I didn’t know who was stupider. Me for having sex with crazy women or, him for believing that a cat is always playing in her yard

As soon as I head that door close I ran as fast as I could out her yard. With only my blue boxers and black sock on I ran into the lasted person I wanted to see. “John!” “Ashley what are you doing out this time of night?” “I just got drop off from my date with Paul. Wait why are you only wearing boxers?” Its warm outside that’s why Wait I thought you said you were going out with your parents?” “Yeah I went out with my Soon to be step dad. Didn’t you look at my face book page?” “Oh that’s right. How’s is he? Is he a good person? Does he smell good? Does he look like a pervert? I never been in a fight but he can be the fist.” She started to laugh. “He’s a nice guy, Yes, Yes, Oh god no. Why do you always act like that john?”
“Act like what? All I’m saying; If he tries to touch you I will kick his ass.” She punches me on the shoulder “John stop being mean.” I walk her to her door step and she said. “I would let you in my house but I think my mom would get the wrong ideal if she saw you like this.” She kissed me on the cheek then went inside.

Since I knew my mom would be out tonight and Sara would be in the front yard with her friends. I just jump Ash Back fence right into mines. The close was clear. I grab the key that was under the flower pot: and went straight to my room.

After taking a shower I went down stairs for something to eat and drink. I found some left over chicken and rice. I threw it in the microwave and sat down and thought about what had happen to me today.
Any normal guy would have thought today was their luck day if something like this was to happen. All I could think was what if my mom found out what happen or even worse Ashley. “Hey its smell really good in here what are you cooking?” It was Amber; Sara best friend who she grew up with. “What up big sis’ (you see we were all so close growing up and because Amber was always over are house I started calling he big sis.
In between me and you I would rather have Amber over Sara any day. Amber is petite 5’3 her hair comes down to shoulders. She has beautiful blonde hair with pink streaks mix in. Perky C cup tits and a smile the replace the sun.) “Toothpick, Hey toothpick I know the food smell good but you don’t have to drool.”
“What! Where I’m I again’ (damn you guys this is the last time I help you out) “I’m alright I was just day dreaming that’s all.” Oh yeah about what? “I bet it was it about you” My annoying sister said while walking in the kitchen smelling like liqueur. “No I wasn’t!” I screamed trying to defend myself. Yes he was.” She said while walking over to Amber. “You were his first. I even saw his masturbate to your picture.”
She said slurring. “No it wasn’t it like that Amber I was just….” (I couldn’t think of anything to say)
“The only reason he never confess to you because he knew he was to small to Pl…ple…pleas…please you”
Without thinking I ran to my room. “I hate that bitch. I wish she die and leave me alone for good. Aw she the sister worst ever. I screamed out of pure anger. Then I heard a light knock on the door “toothpick open up the door its Amber!” “Go away.” “John it’s alright. You’re sister down stairs. So can you please open the door for me? Or do you hate me now?” I opened the door and I notice that amber pink blouse unbutton.
“I knew you cared about me John.” She said while walking in. “So do you really like me. Like you what Sara. Do you really masturbate to me?” (I wanted to kill my sister) “Yes I did use to like you” “You use to like me. So let me guess you like the girl next door don’t you?” “I don’t know yet but I have feelings for her.” Amber got and walk over to me; pushing me on the bed. “John it a yes or no answer” “um maybe”
“Fine let’s see how much you really love her.”
She sat back down on my computer chair. She spread her leg why open. I could see her red panties that were hidden under her skirt only a few minutes ago. “John what are you looking at?” “Nothing” “oh really”
She then stuck her hand between he legs and started to moan. “John since you always masturbate to me I’m going to masturbate to you.” She said as she was rubbing her pussy. I felt a ragging hard on in my pants.
“John I’m playing with my hot, warm pussy in front of you.” moaning even louder. She licks her hand and started to play with her breast. “Oh god what I would give for a nice hot cock in me right now John, But you have a girl that you like. So I guess I will have play with myself.” She looks over at me and took her hand that just playing with her pussy and stuffed it in her mouth. Moaning louder “Oh good my pussy juice is so good, John it so good. I bet it would taste better; with some man milk. What do you think?” (Is this fuck with John Day? First were those gorillas, then a cougar. Now this I lick my lips “Amber I can’t take it no more please let me fuck you.” “I thought you were never going to ask.’ Amber said while holding her arms out.

I pulled down my pants, thinking I was about to blow a load. She stops me and said “Baby I need you to do me a favor?” “What is it?” Wondering what could it be. “I want you to eat my pussy out.” (Thinking back the only pussy I ever at was Angela. And that was nasty as hell.) I was about to say no. Then she said “If you do something for me I will have to return the favor.” while licking her lips.
As any man what have done I went down. Even though I don’t emit but I remembered what Angela made me do to her and I did it to Amber. “Oh god that feels good John.” she moan. Then I started to kiss her clit like Anna taught me how to kiss. “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh My fucking God, John don’t stop I’m about to cum.” she screamed from the top of her longs. She grabs my head and shoves it in to her Pussy “Damn it, keep going. This is too good. Fuck! Here it comes. I’m Cumming John. I’m fucking Cumming!”
Without saying anything my mouth was greeted with her lady juice. She started to shake and quiver a little.
“Damn John! I thought Sara said you were a virgin but I guess not.” (Well I was a virgin until a few hours ago) “I’m not! I said after her finally letting go of my head. “I guess so with tongue skills like that.”
“Um Amber I made you cum so what are you going to do for me?” “Oh yeah I forgot.” I was told to put on a blinded fold and lay on my bed butt naked. I did and in a few seconds after that I felt someone on top of me. “Baby I bet we would both feel good if we try anal. Do you want to try it John?”
“Fuck yes” I screamed. “Ok then baby” Then I felt a mouth on my dick I immediately recognized it as a blowjob. I then let out a moan “You’re so cute little brother” I just heard my sister voice. “Amber what’s going on?’ I said in confusion “told you I had something plan for you baby,” After she said that. I felt a tight warm wall around my dick. “Take the blind fold off.” I heard Amber say. “ "Oh my god Sarah!"

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