I can't just say 'SIster you're fucking me'

I can't just say 'SIster you're fucking me'

We're in your room, with no door, it broke last week, your sister is in the hall on the computer, blissfully unaware. I have u tied to ur bed, blindfolded so you couldnt see anything, we are talkin loudly, deliberately discussing how we hoped no-one would hear us. i get down n start sucking your dick, ur making quite loud but not too exaggerated noises, after a few minutes your sister gets up, edging towards the door, wondering whats going on, she isnt stupid tho so she doesnt just walk straight in, she lingers at the door, just watchin, because if any1 seen somethin like that happening they cant just turn away straight away.
i look around and wink at her, wearing very very little, a hot wee corset n stockings, she looks kind of shocked n scared until i signal with my hand for her to come a little bit closer, ur still moaning quite loud cause all through this i dnt stop. You still have no idea whats going on. I tell her to come closer n silently communitcate to her that she can have a shot n it would be a secret, you'd never know, u are blindfolded, so you'd just think it was me. Obviously curious she comes closer, i move slightly, taking my mouth away but not removing my hand so it doesnt
seem anything suspicious is going on, she's shy at first n doesnt know but gently placing my hand between her legs and just givng her a tight wee squeeze reveals that someone's very wet. I tell her to shh, take her top off and move away and let her start sucking on your dick, ur completely unaware of the change and still think its me.
She starts to get into it and isnt so shy anymore. While she's bending over the bed i gently shimmy her out of her pj bottoms so she's only wearing a skimpy red little thong and start rubbing gently in between her legs, her breathing gets heavier and she's breathing down on your dick, i start to play with her clit, not enough to give her an orgasm, just enough so she gets soo turned on she could never refuse wat was going to happen, once she's
soaking i move away just standing and watching her. i wait until your just about to come, see ur leg start going funny and take your blindfold off, you know somethings up cause i couldn't be at ur head taking ur blindfold off and sucking ur dick at the same time. u say gently in between moans 'holy shit' n she starts to move away, embarrassed and shy but ur just about to cum n your breathing and moaning is heavy,
I gently push her head down so she can't stop now, watching you as u let go n cum straight into your sisters mouth, straight away i pull ur sister up by the hair n kiss her, sharing your cum in a sloppy kiss so its all over our mouths n sliding down our faces as u watch, i tell her we need to clean up the mess and instruct her to get bk down as we both lick ur dick nice n clean making sure there isnt any left.
Your still lying back, tied up and cannot stop staring at us. I position us just on the floor beside u, so you can see everything, i get ur sister to lie on her back and start rubbing her now, soaked thong, leading to gently pull it off with my teeth. after that with 1 hand gently massaging her small perky tits i lower my head, using the other hand to part her lips and gently start licking her clit, moving slowly to tease her before nibbling at it and then finally sucking at it, i gently push a finger inside her tight wet pussy, just 1 and i can feel all the muscles tighten around me, still sucking her clit, slightly harder only taking breaks to tickle it with the tip of my tongue, gently squeezing more and more fingers in as she gets close to her orgasm, i look up at u to make sure ur watching, seeing the pain on your face as ur throbbing cock is right up again, gently shaking as your heartbeat gently thuds through it.
I get back to work and lick and suck and finger until ur sisters legs start to shake and she digs her fingers into the carpet, ur literally lying in pain on the bed, watching and you cant do anything about it. Your sister moans and quietly screams as i push my face in closer and push my tongue in to her pussy feeling the wet juices feel hot on my tongue.
Once she's finished i make sure i dont swallow and come over and kiss u letting you taste ur sister, just to know wat it tastes like, to feel her in your mouth.
Your sister is still lying blank on the floor, in shock with no real idea whats going on.
I start to untie you but push you down leaving you lying on the bed, you do what your told, scared that this will all end if you dont. Taking the rope and walking over to your sister, gently leading her over to the radiator, facing the bed. i tie one of her hands to the radiator and tie the other rope between her arm and thigh so her hand is resting just above her pussy, giving her space to play with herself if she chooses to.
er and spelling but i really don't pay much attention, i write for fun, not professional means.
I walk back over, finally glad to get my chance, my pleasure after a night of giving everyone what they want. i climb onto the bed and straddle you, after seeing the woman you desire pleasuring your sister your dick isn't goin down tonight and we both know it. I gently push your dick into my wet pussy and start thrusting back and forth, pushin as hard down on to your cock as i can go, letting you fill me as the heat spreads through you, i know you won't last long, who would? after just seeing what you'd just saw. i thrust harder now, ur hands gripping my lovehandles, pushing me down, trying to search for some release as i start to move towards my moment, feeling my bones start to relax as i just about to come, i see you look over to your sister, tied to the radiator, her eyes glued to you, her hand stroking herself. i start to moan and your snapped back to reality, i start to scream, screaming 'you dirty little pervert' as i hit my climax i feel the twitch of your dick and feel your hot cum pouring through me as i slow down to relax.
just as you catch your breathe you look me in the eye and ask "what the hell's next?'
"next your going to fuck your sister" i loudly whisper as u smile and wink at me as your sister sits in the corner cumming all by her self.

Only going to write part 2 if their is much demand for it. I'm not a professional writer, just a bored 18 year old with a good imagination (or so i think) so let me know what you think and i'l let you know if you find out what happens next.
P.s. sorry about the grammer and spelling but i really don't pay much attention, i write for fun, not professional means.

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