Bait and Switch Ch. 13

Bait and Switch Ch. 13

Thanks to garbonzo607 for their insightful edits.

It took both Gina and Summer bouncing on my bed to wake me. I was dead to the world, and yet having nightmares about demons tearing apart all those I cared about, ripping off their limbs, and eating their flesh.

When the two women were finally able to wake me, I was soaked with sweat, and breathing pretty heavily.

"'Bout time," Summer told me with a smile, but there was a worried look buried deep in her eyes.

"What were you dreaming about, that had you moaning, and tossing, and turning, huh?" Gina followed up, giving me a nudge with her arm, as she winked at me.

I groaned again and covered my head, waiting for my eyes to lose their sleep blurriness. As soon as I could see clearly enough, I got out of bed, and only then noticed that I was still in yesterday's clothes. Without even thinking about it, I started stripping with the two women still in the room.

"Hey, wait till I get out of here, before you do that," Summer complained, though when I looked over at her, she was staring at my well-muscled chest. I had forgotten that she hadn't seen me completely naked yet.

"Your brother's built pretty well, huh?" Gina asked Summer, who then turned away red-faced and fled the room.

I remembered what'd happened in Lela's blue room, and looked at my left arm, but there was no evidence of anything having happened: no blue veins, no pain, in fact, other than being a bit tired, I felt pretty good. Not even a hangover, though I wondered how the other two women could be so cheery after as much as they'd drunk last night.

Gina stayed to watch me get dressed, and then followed me out to the Christmas tree, where everybody else was waiting. Nancy had out a digital camcorder, and filmed everybody opening their presents.

I had given Nancy and Gina matching blue and green turquoise necklaces with matching earrings, knowing it would bring out their eyes. For Summer, I'd purchased some clothing I thought she would like. From those three women, I received a hug, and a peck on the cheek for thanks, though I felt Gina's tongue on my cheek, before she pulled away with an impish grin.

My gift to mom was always a tradition, a card with a note inside. "To mom, who has always been there for me, whenever I've needed her. 1 Date to any restaurant of your choice, tomorrow night, the 26th of December." This year, I added one more line, "May the night fill you with new memories, new hopes, and start a brighter future."

Mom was in tears as she hugged me, telling me she couldn't wait.

From Gina and Nancy, I received a Steam gift card, good for $100. My sister gave me a new book in a series she promised I would love, and the latest version of the Dungeons & Dragons manual. The book was by Brandon Sanderson, one of my favorite authors, so I was sure that I would enjoy it. Mom told me she never knew what to get me, so she too gave me a gift card, this one to Amazon(dot)com.

I showered while breakfast was prepared, and stepped out of the shower fully awake, and refreshed. Part of my mind was still going over Lela's message to me, and I wondered why she'd had to use the computer voice, instead of her own. And what exactly did she mean my new children, as in plural?

The scent of a delicious breakfast hit my nose as I stepped into the kitchen, and only then realized just how hungry I was. I bolted everything down, and then had another serving, surprising everybody with how much I could eat. Even I was surprised, but I was famished.

We played games together, enjoying everybody's company until the afternoon. Gina and Nancy wore their jewelry, and it looked just as nice on them as I thought it would, and Summer slipped into her new clothes. I had to admit that my sister looked really hot in her new tight jeans, and T-shirt.

Gina and Summer left to do some shopping for dinner, leaving me with the two older women. I tried to help out in the kitchen, but soon got the boot.

With nothing better to do, I went to my room, and loaded up my laptop, pulling internet through my phone. I had a new email from Shanna, with the subject, "Thanks!" There was a link to a video, and normally I won't click on any links in emails, but I felt that Shanna was smart enough not to send me a virus. It opened a page, that I recognized as a safe site, to a video they had uploaded, and I had to enter a password that was in the email.

The video opened with either Shanna or Shannon in front of the camera talking. I couldn't tell which one it was in the video. "Nick, we opened your present this morning, and can't say thank you enough." I had ordered them a peripheral for one of their gaming systems that I had noted they didn't have. "Since we can't say it enough, and you're not here to give you our thanks, we thought we would show you."

The camera was set down on a flat surface I couldn't see, and the other sister came around, and into the view of the camera. I immediately turned my laptop away from my door, as I saw what she was wearing; a small little teddy that did nothing to hide her features.

The two sisters faced each other, and then looked at the camera with a smile, before kissing one another. I could easily see their tongues working in and out of each other's mouths, as the one wearing the teddy started to strip her sister. The shirt came off first, and her nipples were then latched onto. By the sounds of the moans the topless sister was making, I suspected that she was Shanna, which meant the one in the teddy was Shannon.

Shanna looked right into the camera, licking her lips, and moaning while her sister sucked and played with her tits. She ran her fingers through Shannon's hair, pulling her sister into her own breast.

Shannon pulled down Shanna's pants, and then kissed her way down her body, till she could plant her lips on Shanna's crotch. The standing woman gasped as Shannon started to go wild, moaning and thrashing her mouth against Shanna's labia.

I was getting pretty turned on as I watched them, and had to adjust my crotch, as they continued. I guess they had worked out their concerns about incest. After Shanna had her first orgasm, moaning loudly through my speakers, she stripped her sister, and returned the favor. It only took a couple seconds with her lips between Shannon's legs, before she too was crying out in bliss. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when they started to scissor on their couch. The same couch I'd played video games with them on not so long ago.

"You know, you don't need to watch porn, to get off," a voice said from my doorway, and I cursed myself for getting so engrossed in what I was watching, that I wasn't more careful. I probably should have turned the volume down as well.

Nancy stood in the doorway looking at me, a small smile on her lips. "Sorry," I told her. "I wasn't thinking."

Nancy sauntered into the room, "Don't be. I understand the desires of youth. At least you've had my daughter to help you out. I'm kind of jealous, actually. You've been ignoring me." She sat next to me, and I had just enough time to close my browser before she could see the twins. She smiled as she placed her hand on my thigh. "Your mom decided to take a bath, so it is just us right now." She leaned forward and kissed me.

I can't say it was completely unexpected, from the look in her eyes, and I gladly kissed her back. I was extremely turned on from having watched Shanna and Shannon, and this would provide just the release I needed.

"I don't think I thanked you properly for the jewelry," she said as her hands started to work at my pants. I lifted my hips to allow her to take them off, and then moaned as she dropped her head to my lap, swallowing a few inches of my cock. Nancy was very talented at giving head, as her tongue swirled around my knob, and her hand worked up and down my length, using her saliva as lubrication.

"Oh, fuck, Nancy," I told her, moaning, "I'm not going to last long if you keep that up." She quickly pulled her mouth away, and smiled up at me.

"Not yet, young man. It's been too long since I've had this beast in me, and I need to get fucked. I need more than what Gina can do for me alone." I was shocked to hear that Gina and her mom still did stuff together, as she'd never mentioned it to me, but then I couldn't see why they wouldn't, either.

Nancy stood and stripped, and I pulled off my shirt, and then thought I'd better get up and shut the door. The older woman lay down on her back, her small breasts sitting upright on her chest, and her nipples poking out hard, and I thought I'd warm her up a bit before slipping my stick it into her. But when I started to move my mouth to her vagina, she stopped me. "We don't have time for that, right now. Just shove it in me, quick."

Not one to argue with such a demand, I moved my mouth up to hers, and started kissing her, while I rubbed the head of me penis against her already slippery lips.

Nancy's legs wrapped around my rear, and with one powerful pull, she forced me into her, fairly deep. "Oh, Gawd, I've missed this. My daughter is a lucky woman to have you in her so often." She set a pretty quick pace with her legs, alternating between kissing me, and moaning as she started to cum around my penetrating tool.

I was able to sink my full length into her, and could feel my balls slapping her ass as I slammed into her again and again. I lifted my back, and brought my lips down to her hard round nipple, sucking it between my teeth, as I nibbled on it, making her cry out, as her nails dug into my back. She dug me deep enough, I knew I was going to have scratch marks, but just then she started to cum again, and I didn't care. Her pussy squeezed my cock so hard, I thought she was going to crush it, but luckily she was wet enough, I was still able to move inside her.

Between her magnificent blowjob, and the quick pace Nancy had set, I only lasted a couple strokes past her orgasm, before I was loosing my load deep into her twat.

"That's it, Nick. Give me your cum. Fill my womb with your hot young semen. Oh, Gawd, I can feel it leaking out of me. It's too much, I can't hold it all in." She started to cum again, making me moan even more into her tit.

I rolled off to her side, and she gave me a quick peck on the cheeks, before getting dressed, and going to the guest bathroom to get cleaned up.

While she was in there, I sent a reply email to the twins, thanking them for my present, and telling them I couldn't wait to see them again.

I went to the mirror in my room to see how badly Nancy had scratched up my back, but I couldn't see anything. It probably felt like more in the moment, I concluded. I wondered if the nanites had something to do with it.

Mom was just coming out of her room, as the girls got home from shopping, and they all went to the kitchen to finish making dinner.

Gina pulled me aside, at one point to have a talk with me.

"So you told your sister about your abilities?" From the look in her eyes, I wasn't sure if she was angry or not. "I guess I'm not the only special one anymore."

"I had to," I explained. "Somehow she magnifies my ability, and at the same time she can see everything I do. And you ARE special to me."

"I guess I understand," she told me in a tone, which told me she still wasn't happy. "She is your sister, after all. She also told me about what you did to your dad." She paused while she looked up at me, and I wondered just how much Summer had told her. "I wonder if we will ever be that close. I know I can't claim you for myself; that you are meant for something great. I'm just glad you're willing to share yourself with me." She smiled a little smile then, before getting on her toes, and giving my lips a quick peck.

I wasn't allowed into the kitchen, but I watched the four women as they cooked, and noticed Gina flirting heavily with my sister. Summer was an avowed lesbian, or perhaps she is bi now, and she seemed to be taking to the flirting quite well from the blonde. At one point, Gina looked at me, winked, and then pinched Summer's bottom. I could only laugh at their behavior.

After dinner, I built a fire in the fireplace, and we all sat around talking about Christmases past, drinking eggnog, and just enjoying one another's company, until late into the night.

I crawled into bed, expecting Gina to make good on her promise of another Christmas gift, but fell asleep before she arrived, only to find myself in Lela's room.

My vision went fuzzy for a moment, before it came back into focus. I really hadn't expected to come back up to this room, since last night had supposedly been my last treatment with the white light.

Sure enough, no light enveloped me, but something more unexpected happened.

Words appeared before my eyes.

'Initializing... Done'
'Powering up...Done'

I wondered that the words were in English, but could only guess that Lela had done it for me.

I had no idea what was going on, as the words scrolled across my vision, very much like a heads-up-display from some video game. In fact, as I turned my head, the words moved with me.

'Systems check...Passed'
'All systems functional'

No further words appeared, and the other words disappeared.

"What's going on?" I called out. "Lela?"

'Go through the door'

The words appeared, and this time there was an arrow, pointing to my right. As I turned, I saw an opening that looked the same as the one from when I'd last seen Lela; rectangular, filled with a pitch black darkness that I couldn't see through. The arrow was pointing right at it.

"But I can't see in there," I protested. "I need you to guide me."

'Go through the door'

The words blinked a few times. Heaving a sigh, I figured I might as well see what was up. I stepped through the midnight portal, and was immediately blind. I stopped, hoping she would come along and guide me, but then something else happened.

My eyes adjusted, and I was able to see. It was still dim, and everything had a deep red glow to it, making everything stand out oddly. Looking around, I was able to see that I was on some sort of walkway, and an arrow appeared in front of me, pointing the way. I couldn't see any walls, only the path before me. Shrugging, and not knowing what else to do, I followed the arrows, turning when they told me to turn, and soon I was hopelessly lost.

The arrows led me to another doorway, but I could see through this one, and was able to see Lela seated on top of something cylindrical.

'You may enter, but do not speak'

The doorway opened, and I stepped through, about ready to exclaim my happiness at seeing her, but the words flashed again, and I shut my mouth.

'Think your words to me, and I will see them'

Lela didn't move, didn't even open her eyes to look at me, as I stood by her. I wondered what was wrong with her, and if there was anything I could do to help.

'I am fine, thank you'

My thoughts must have reached her. I wondered if this was some effect from whatever I'd injected myself with last night, only to have the words to confirm it a moment later.

'Yes. Those were extremely small robots, you would call them nanites. They have linked our minds together, and will be able to help you in your coming battle with the demons'

I nodded, thinking "Thank you," to her.

'Please, be seated'

An arrow pointed to a spot on the floor in front of where Lela sat, and I did as asked. Her eyes were still closed, and I wondered what was going to happen now.

'Close your eyes'

My eyelids dropped, and suddenly I found myself on a beach with red sands, azure waves lapping at the shore under a sky with two moons.

"This is my home planet," Lela's voice said right behind me. I spun to look at her, and noticed a glow to her skin I hadn't seen before. "I am sorry that I have worried you, but I have been so weak from laying our hatchlings, that I couldn't see you." She stepped up next to me, and kept her eyes on the horizon. I turned to look with her, wondering at the beauty of it.

"Children? And are we really here?" I asked her.

"No. We are only in our minds. I can talk to you in this way that I can't out there right now." For a split second I saw the weakness cross her features, and then it vanished. "I understand your people have a custom of giving gifts on this day. My gifts to you are the robots in your blood."

"Ship? So... we are in space?" I asked, amazed. Somehow I knew we had to be, but the confirmation still set my heart to beating faster. What geek doesn't dream of going to space?

"We are in low orbit now."

Her words from earlier came back to me, and I had to know. "You said children... I thought we weren't compatible, genetically."

She nodded, and as she spoke, I realized that she wasn't taking the time to translate before talking. We were talking in perfect sync. "Somehow you changed me. I felt it at the time, but didn't understand, 'till I felt my eggs get fertilized. I had been told what to expect...but it was different." She looked up at me then with her large silver eyes, and I saw fear in them. "We don't have our young the way your female humans do. After they are fertilized, it takes a couple of days, and then the females lay their eggs, and incubate them. That is what you saw me doing in that room. But with you, it took longer. It wore down my body and made me weak." She turned back to the water, and stared at the two moons. "I had to report what happened to my superiors. They didn't like it, and demanded that our children be destroyed. I never thought of my race as violent, but they showed me a side of themselves in their fear that I never knew existed.

"They put us on trial; that was what you experienced with those questions. They determined that the human race wasn't worth saving, that you were too wild. I was ordered to submit and allow our children to be destroyed." I could hear the sadness in her voice, and I even saw a tear appear in her eyes. I didn't dare speak though, too filled with shame for my part in their decision to abandon Earth.

"I refused to go, or submit. As punishment, they erased all flight data on my ship, so that when the demons arrived, they couldn't use it to find our new planet. It also means I can never go home." She paused, and I walked behind her, putting my arms around her from behind. Even in our minds, I could feel her soft smooth skin, as she shook in my arms. "This comforting you humans do, is nice. There is much we could learn from you, but I fear we are doomed. Your planet will be used as bait, while my race flees to another planet."

I heard her pronouncement, and shuddered. What chance did we have against an advanced alien race, with superior weaponry? I still had no idea how I was going to stop them with my switches. It was almost laughable, the thought of me facing a fleet of the demons, with my mind as my only weapon, like some comic book hero.

Even with the extra power I got from my sister, I knew I was no match for the demons.


"Was my sister one of your experiments," I questioned her, fearing to hear the answer.

"Yes, she was a failure. You both had the dormant gene, but when it was activated in her, nothing happened." I felt myself getting angry with how callously she talked about Summer.

"You said some of them die. She could have died!" I realized how ludicrous I sounded then, but I didn't care. It didn't matter that she was alive, and had survived, I didn't like that she had been in danger.

"What is one life, even that of your sister, compared to the rest of the human race?" I felt dirty for greed, but logic prevailed.

"She wasn't a failure. She magnifies my ability," I told her.

"Hopefully it will be enough," she replied calmly.

My mind wanted to avoid the thought of the demons, and my sister, and latched back onto my children.

"So those were our children you were sitting eggs?" I didn't know what to think of that. I wondered what they would look like when they came out. I only hoped that they survived.

"Yes. They are susceptible to light and noise right now. That is why we had to meet like this. I can't leave them, and we can't talk around them. I don't know how long it will take before they hatch. You humans have a longer gestation period than we do. They will be a new race." She turned in my arms, and looked up at me, her silvery eyes sparkling in the imaginary light. "I used to wonder at how you humans mate for pleasure. Why you did it. As I've told you, with us it is a mandatory compulsion. The males derive some pleasure from it, but it is brutal for the females.

"And yet, with you, it was beautiful. I have never felt such feelings before, and none of my race has either. We have always been taught that mating is violent and painful, and no one has ever questioned it. When I presented this to the council, they called me blasphemous. Demanded that I deny what I'd told them. They couldn't understand, or didn't want to." She lifted her body higher, and I felt her small mouth reach for mine. With all that I had learned, and everything I had experienced, I was overwhelmed. Her lips on mine, though, seemed to act as a pressure relief valve, and I found myself kissing this cute alien ardently.

Her arms wrapped around my waist as I pulled her tighter to me, allowing my whole world to be right there, centered on the here and now. I didn't want to think about the demons, the others of her race, or anything other than the pleasure and comfort we could offer one another.

"This kissing, it is better than I remembered it. If only they could understand." Her voice was sad, and I wanted only to make her happy once more.

I easily lifter her up, and laid her flat on the soft sand. Last time, she had shown me what she could do with her two tongues, this time I hoped to show her what I could do with my one tongue. I kissed down her body, spending a few seconds on each of her pink nipples, before heading for the juncture between her legs.

"This is something new. Thank you, Nick," she told me, her voice going soft, and almost dreamy. I kissed her sex lightly, marveling at how similar it looked to a human's, and thought that her eggs had come out of here not that long ago.

Well, not here, actually, as this was all in our minds, but it all felt real enough. I wondered how real this would feel. Would there be any lessening of sensation because it was imagined, or would it be increased because it was directly linked to our minds?

Her gentle sighs as I licked around her labia, told me that regardless of the answer, she was enjoying my attentions. I drove my tongue into her with abandon, causing her to cry out in pleasure. I nibbled on the clit at the top of her labia, and her legs locked around my head, surprisingly strong, as she came in my mouth.

"That was good," I heard her say, glad I could understand her this time. Last time she had cried out in her own language, but with this mind-to-mind connection, the understanding was immediate. "The sensations going throughout my entire body, were new, and yet very pleasant."

Pleasant? Only pleasant? I wondered. Oh, hell no! I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go, and could feel her outer barrier slip tightly around my penetrating oral instrument. With my tongue in her, I pressed my nose against her clit, and while I couldn't breathe like this, I knew she would enjoy it. I rubbed my face back and forth, as fast as I could, allowing my mouth to work her labia, while my nose worked her clit. It only took a couple seconds till she had her second orgasm.

Her breathing was heavy, as she lifted her head off of the sand and looked down at me in wonder. "Is that what it feels like for you when I put your sex in my mouth? That is almost as good as full intercourse."

As analytical as her comments were, I could accept that compliment.

"I think it feels different for me, as we have different parts," I told her honestly. "I can only imagine how it might be for you if I had two tongues." I started to kiss my way back up her body, till I was kissing her mouth again, her tongues sliding around mine, and turning me on more.

"You have a skill with your one tongue, that I don't think could be matched with two," she told me, but I had my doubts.

Brushing the sand off of me, I rubbed my phallus against her mons, wondering that she wanted this without being in heat. She had told me that she had enjoyed it last time, but she was getting wet, and enjoying everything without the mandatory compulsion that comes with her being in heat.

"I want to feel connected to you again. I want to have you inside me." I pressed the head of my cock against her opening, and increased the pressure until I broke through her outer membrane, sliding all the way in, in a rush, before I could stop my advance. She grunted as I moaned with the completion of our two bodies, and her four-fingered hands gripped at my back.

I dropped my head back down to hers, and she met my kiss with a hunger that was mutual. Our tongues danced in time with our bodies, as I drove into her again and again. The tight outer ring of her vagina felt fantastic, and like no other woman (though it was somewhat reminiscent of when Gina allowed me into her ass), as it slid up and down my hard penetrating shaft.

"Good... so good..." she panted in time to my thrust, as I took her tit in my mouth again.

I rolled us over, and sat her up, allowing me to go a little deeper in her. Her pelvis rested against mine, and I grabbed her hips, pulling and pushing, until she caught the rhythm. We both started moaning loudly, as I hit the deepest parts of her. With her steady rocking, I moved my hands up to her smallish breasts, squeezing the firm flesh.

I was coming close, but since she wasn't in heat this time, and since this was all in our minds anyway, I didn't worry, as I unloaded into her, my body locking up as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying naked in my room.

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