College Town – Part 3 – Drunk and Young

College Town – Part 3 – Drunk and Young


Samantha's parents were out of town and she was throwing a party with a lot of her classmates from high school. The party was heating up and most of the crowd was already drunk from the kegs that her friends' brother had brought. Samantha was already extremely drunk as she joined the guests in the crowded kitchen to take shots.

“Just one more!” Samantha said, raising her index finger, referring to the number of shots she intended to take, stumbling while she said it. Her friends Jess and Kelli stabilized her as she clumsily poured everyone shots, spilling a lot of the alcohol as she did. Adam -- Jess's boyfriend -- watched as his girlfriend propped up Samantha's skinny, tan body and the crowd shouted “Drink! Drink! Drink!”

It wasn't just Adam watching. Most of the 10 or so boys in the kitchen had their eyes fixed on the three girls who were getting increasingly drunk.

Samantha was tall and skinny with dark tan skin. Tonight she was wearing ridiculously tight jeans that clung to her skinny thighs and tight butt. She was as developed as a 16 year old could possibly be -- the soft skin of her large breasts formed perfect cleavage that was awing the boys as she stumbled around in the crowd of highschoolers.

Jess was skinny -- about 5 foot tall with long blonde hair, green eyes, a cute, small nose, and skin about as tan as Samantha's. She had an incredibly white, perfect smile. She was very, very pretty. Her low cut jeans were exposing her firm, tan stomach. She had tiny breasts that looked appropriate on her small frame.

Kelli had smooth, pale, white skin that accentuated her jet-black hair. Tonight she was wearing a tight tank top that was stretched by her plush breasts. Her athletic teenage ass looked like two grapefruits hidden beneath her tight black yoga pants. Kelli knew she was pretty and dressed to show herself off, especially tonight for all the boys at the party. She was already very drunk and would have stopped drinking if everyone hadn't kept urging her on.

All three girls knew that the boys were gawking at them as they recklessly took shot after shot in the kitchen. They enjoyed the attention and loved teasing the boys. Everyone in the room could recall the party two weeks ago where Jess and Samantha had made out on a couch while the boys watched. Things were heading down a similar path tonight as the crowd relentlessly drown themselves in alcohol.

Kelli could tell just by looking at Samantha that she'd had more than enough to drink – she could barely stand up on her own in the wild crowd.

“How 'bout we go outside and get some air?” Kelli asked Samantha, who seemed almost too drunk to understand her.

Samantha didn't say anything, and instead just leaned on Kelli who propped her up and helped her through the crowd to the front porch. Jess followed them outside, a little worried about the state of her friend.

Kelli helped Samantha into a lawn chair on the porch. There weren't many party guests on the porch and it was much quieter outside. They all enjoyed the relative silence as Kelli went to the keg to pour herself another beer.

“Shit – the keg is out” Kelli said, getting only a drizzle of foam in her cup.

“Tasha's brother is getting more” Jess stated.

“When's he get here?” Samantha slurred, “he's cute.”

“First of all, he's not 'cute'...” Kelli said politely, “he's really fucking hot. I'm not sure when he'll be here.”

It was a coincidence that a few seconds later they saw Tasha's brother coming through the front yard with a hand truck – presumably for the keg. His name was Jason. He had a gorgeous face with a strong jaw line and pretty eyes. His body was a little on the skinny side, but still very attractive because he was very lean – he was much larger than most of the high school boys at the high school party.

“Oh, here he is.” Jess said, signaling his arrival. “Hey Jason!” she said as soon as he was within earshot.

“Hi” he answered back, rolling the hand truck up to the keg, right next to the three girls.

Samantha stood to greet him, still not able to stabilize herself. She instead used Jason as her crutch, wrapping her arms around his strong shoulders to hold herself up. Jason was a little uneasy that she had draped herself on him. Normally he would have been flattered by a pretty girl acting that way, but he knew she was only about 16 – even if she didn't look it – and her breath reeked of alcohol. He couldn't, however, resist getting a momentary eyeful of her exposed cleavage as she leaned on him.

“We were just talking about you” Samantha slurred, the alcohol on her breath more noticeable as she spoke.

“Good things, I hope.” He said, smiling a handsome smile.

Samantha joked, “Well, Kelli was all like aww he's soooooo dreamy and he has big strong arms and he's like soooooo hot!!!”

“I did not!” Kelli squealed back, her pale face now red with embarrassment as she crossed he arms in front of her chest.

“She did!” Samantha continued, “She said she wanted to take you up stairs and blow you!”

“Funny...” Kelli snapped back, realizing that Jason could obviously tell she was lying – she was still embarrassed.

“Are you getting us another keg?” Samantha asked Jason, still leaning on him.

“I hadn't planned on it” he said, studying Kelli's body. He couldn't get his mind off the thought of the little girl performing the blowjob that Samantha had joked about. “But if you've got the money I can run back to the gas station and get one in about 30 minutes.”

“How much are they?” Samantha slurred, running her hands lightly over Jason's shoulder as he supported her.

“This one was about 90 dollars” he said, noticing Samantha's flirting hands.

Samantha leaned in close to him and cupped her hand over his ear, whispering him a secret, “Kelli will suck your cock for 90 dollars”

His heart beat fast, not sure if she might be serious.

“Uhh... bu-- but...” he stammered, trying to find appropriate words as he glanced at Kelli's teenage body again.

“I'll help too” Samantha whispered, running her hand lightly off his shoulder, down his back to his ass, giving it a light squeeze. Kelli and Jess saw her do it, still oblivious to what Samantha had whispered to the handsome 22 year old.

Jason quickly used the hand truck to scoop up the old keg on the front porch.

“I'll be right back” he said, obviously a little shaken up by Samantha's comments. He quickly wheeled the keg off the porch to his car.

“What the fuck did you whisper to him?” Kelli asked after Jason's hasty exit.

“I told him we'd suck his cock for a new keg” she said, laughing and grinning.

“You did not!” Kelli said in disbelief, laughing along with her. Kelli didn't realize that Jess might actually be telling the truth until she looked at Samantha's face which had now become stern.

“Yes I did” Samantha stated firmly, “and I plan on doing it whether you do or not.”

There was a stunned silence as they realized she was telling the truth.

“Di—did you tell him I'd do it too?” Jess asked shyly, implying that Samantha's proposal was actually on the table.

“No.” Samantha said, “You probably don't want to do that with your boyfriend here” The truth was, though, that Jess was horny and didn't really care much about her boyfriend. She treated him pretty poorly most of the time and wasn't above cheating on him.

Kelli interjected -- “You two can't be seriously considering this!” she said, almost screaming.

“Lighten up. I'll do it alone if you're too fucking scared.” Samantha stated, now stumbling back inside the house. “Maybe you could just bring your boyfriend, Jess, if you think he'd like me to suck his dick too.” They both smiled.

Kelli went to get a drink while Jess sat on the front porch, waiting for Jason to return with the keg.

By the time Jason arrived with the keg all three girls were waiting for him and Samantha had convinced them all that they should follow through.

“Hi” he said, greeting them, all their hearts racing.

“Hi” Samantha responded, watching him strain to pull the keg up the front steps. His strong, tan arm muscles rippling as he pulled the heavy keg. They watched in silence as he set the keg up for them.

“All set” he said, turning to leave.

“Don't you want your payment?” Samantha asked, trying to sound sexy, bending over to expose her cleavage.

“Uh, I guess if you have it on you” he responded, looking at the three girls.

“Your OTHER payment” she said, giving him a sly grin as she hopped to her feet. “Let's go up stairs”

Jason didn't need any explanation as Samantha grabbed him by the hand and ushered him into the house.

Jess went back into the crowd to find her boyfriend. She found him within seconds.

“Come with me” she said, grabbing him by the hand, pulling him out of the crowd. She was obviously excited.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“Just come” she commanded as she pulled him up the stairs. “Me, Kelli, and Samantha are gonna suck your dick” she said, stopping halfway up the stairs to turn and assess his reaction.

“Really?!” he said, excited, but skeptical. She'd never done anything even remotely that cool for him before. In fact, she hadn't been very nice to him since they'd started dating.

“Yeah, and some other boy is up there too – Samantha really wants to fuck him” she said, grabbing him by the hand again to lead him the rest of the way up the stairs. Adam didn't think too much of her last comment as he was pulled by the hand through Samantha's open bedroom door. He was surprised to see Kelli and Samantha giggling as they playfully pushed each other around on the bed. He didn't know who the other boy in the room was, or exactly know what he should do with himself, so he kept quiet and waited on instructions from his girlfriend. Jason stood silent at the edge of the bed, not even greeting Adam as everyone watched Kelli roll on top of Samantha, gently giving her a long kiss as she grabbed her left breast with her right hand. The girls kissed and groped each other on the bed for a while to show off for the boys, but both of them were enjoying it. They licked and teased each other as they became a tangle of limbs on the bed.

“Is that making you hard, Adam?” Jess asked, teasing him, looking at the little tent forming in her boyfriend's jeans.

“Yes” he gulped, extremely nervous at even the mention of his cock. He had been rushed into the room so quickly that he barely had time to assess the situation.

“Let's take a look” she said, still using a patronizing voice. This got the Kelli and Samantha's attention and they both sat up to watch Jess as she sat on the edge of the bed and clumsily grabbed Adam by the belt, pulling him close to her while she unfastened it. Once she had it undone she pulled his jeans down to his ankles and his tight black briefs just low enough to expose a small patch of pubic hair. She paused as Kelli, Samantha, and Jason watched.

“Come on already!” pleaded Samantha as Kelli walked over and closed the bedroom door.

Jess smiled and gave his briefs a quick yank downward allowing his small, hard penis to spring forth. It was about 5 inches long with little veins running the entire length. He was nervous as his girlfriend exposed him with everyone watching.

“Oh, he's fuckin' hard all right!” Samantha drunkenly blurted out, confirming the obvious.

“I told you his cock was tiny” Jess said in a snide voice, addressing the comment to Kelli. Adam was taken aback, not sure if his girlfriend was trying to embarrass him of if it was unintentional.

“Let's see what Jason's packing” Jess continued, almost giddy as she grabbed his hips and pulled him towards the edge of the bed, just as she had done with her boyfriend.

She struggled a bit as she drunkenly fumbled and clutched at Jason's pants in an effort to get them off of him. She could feel his long cock through his jeans as she groped him with one hand and tried to figure out how to unlatch his belt with the other. Adam looked distraught as his girlfriend overtly squeezed Jason's dick through his pants, seemingly not caring if he saw her doing it.

“Uhhh, Jess?!” Adam said, his voice full of alarm as his girlfriend ran her hands over Jason's dick-filled pants.

“Shut up, Adam. I'll suck your dick in a minute” Jess said, not even looking at her boyfriend as she squeezed the head of Jason's penis through his jeans.

Adam quietly obeyed his girlfriend and watched as she removed Jason's belt, slowly pulling his jeans and boxers down both at the same time. She did it intentionally slowly, teasing her friends as she exposed Jason's giant drooping cock and sizeable testicles – his pubic hair all shaved bald. The big clean dick flopped out in front of the three teenage girls, surprising everyone, especially Samantha who stood to admire the sight.

The girls' mouth's watered at the handsome boy and his big package. His enormous dick looked especially big in contrast to Adam's whose 15 year old dick must've been barely half the size of Jason's. Adam could tell by the girls reactions that they were immensely turned on. He felt inadequate standing there right next to Jason, obviously being sized up.

“Wow, that's a huge penis...” Kelli said, still staring, letting out a laugh of disbelief. Jess and Samantha audibly gasped, smiling as they took in the sight of their big new play-thing.

Kelli was kneeling on the bed – she reached her hand out, about to grab the big cock but she hesitantly snapped her arm back. She looked Jason in the eyes.

“Can I?” She said, asking permission to touch his penis.

“With your mouth.” He commanded.

The response stunned everyone. Jason had barely said a word since entering the room and now he was asking, or rather, basically telling Kelli to suck his dick.

“Haha! Holy shit!” Samantha said, chuckling in disbelief.

“Oh shit! He told you...” Jess said, grinning from ear to ear.

Everyone stared at Kelli in stunned anticipation as they waited for her reaction. Her normally pearl-white face was now bright red from embarrassment as she contemplated the consequences of Jason's comment. She looked at everyone, and then at Jason's big, smooth dick. She decided she'd go for it.

Without saying a word she dropped to her knees and grabbed the base of the huge bald cock. She could feel the warm dick throb as it flopped around in her hand – she was nervous, almost shaking as she clutched the cock, taking a moment to reconsider. She was too drunk and horny to reason herself out of it and with everyone watching she craned her neck and took the long, soft cock half way into her mouth.

“Oh my god! Kelli!” Jess screamed, partly in amazement, partly cheering her on.

“Suck that big dick!” Samantha said, also cheering Kelli on as everyone watched her roll the dick in her mouth.

“Wow, you girls are fucking crazy!”, Jason said. “I like that!”

Samantha smiled at Jason and bent over to pull the straps of Kelli's tank top off of her shoulders before yanking the top down to expose her pink bra that was supporting her soft, white breasts. She quickly unhooked Kelli's bra, freeing her big, smooth, perky white breasts and her tiny, hard, pink nipples. She was now topless with her tank top still wrapped around her midsection and Jason's dick in her mouth.

Samantha pulled off her own shirt next, quickly unfastening her own bra and tossing it to the corner of the room. Samantha's big D-cups jiggled as they dropped out of their support. Her breasts were comparable in size to Kelli's, the only discernible difference being Samantha's dark, even tan that contrasted Kelli's soft, white skin. Her tits jiggled again as she dropped to her knees to watch Kelli work the hardening cock around in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue while she massaged the boy's huge testicles with her left hand and stroked his shaft with her right.

Jess was still sitting on the edge of the bed and Adam was still standing naked, his cock now incredibly stiff, pointing straight into the air. Neither of them could believe Kelli was going down on the boy that she had just met. Their hearts were pumping so hard that they could feel the dull thud in their chest with each beat.

Kelli momentarily took her mouth off of Jason's cock to breathe, leaving Jason just enough time to suddenly push his dripping, semi-erect cock towards Samantha's mouth without warning. She didn't mind and eagerly took it as deep in her mouth as she could, tightly gripping the throbbing member with her lips, attempting to slide them all the way to the base of his smooth shaft as she opened her throat. She gagged a bit before choking the length of his dick entirely into her mouth. Everyone, especially the stranger, were impressed by how aggressively she swallowed him.

Adam watched, still standing naked next to Jason with his dick fully erect. His girlfriend was clearly mesmerized by the blowjobs being performed in front of her. She watched in amazement as her two friends sucked the stranger's gigantic dick. Adam motioned to her, suggesting that he wanted the same treatment. Jess composed herself quickly and pulled off her shirt, snapped off her bra, and exposed her little B cups as she got on her knees in front of her boyfriend, grabbing his smooth ass cheeks with each of her hands as she studied his erection. She envied Kelli and Samantha who were sloppily slurping on the Jason's hardening dick while she was stuck with her boyfriend's comparatively tiny penis. She took her boyfriend in her mouth, easily sliding her lips almost to the base of his cock. She could hear the wet, sloppy blowjob that Samantha was delivering to Jason as she pumped her boyfriend's dick in her mouth.

Adam's pleasure was short-lived as Jason issued a second command.

“Get over here, Jess.” he said with the same tone as before. He didn't leave much room for refusal.

There was an eerie silence that fell on the room as Jason's words settled. Adam was in disbelief.

Everyone was now staring at Jess and Adam just as they had stared at Kelli before. Jess was still kneeling in front of her boyfriend. She looked him in the eyes, almost begging him for permission. It was clear that Adam wasn't going to give it to her.

Samantha knew exactly how to break the awkward silence and drunkenly stumbled over to the edge of the bed near Adam and Jess. She quickly grabbed him and pushed him onto the bed. She stood at the edge of the bed removing her pants, revealing her semi-transparent pink and blue underwear that clung to her tight, tan teenage ass. She hopped on top of Adam, straddling him, intentionally rubbing her panty-covered pussy over his hard cock as she wiggled her hips forward and backward. Her large, tan breasts drooped inches from his face as she grind on him.

In just seconds Samantha and Jess had traded places an Adam's girlfriend was on her knees getting a deep throatful of Jason's long cock.

Samantha's distraction had worked – mostly. She kissed Adam's neck while she rubbed her panty-covered pussy over his erect dick. Before long she was kissing her way from his neck and hairless chest down to his stomach, his inner thighs, and then his scrotum. She teased him –doing a good job of distracting him from his girlfriend – as she magically kissed her way from his scrotum up to his warm shaft and eventually to the small, soft tip of his penis.

Adam was mesmerized by Samantha's dancing tongue until he heard his girlfriend gag a loud gag. He looked over to see Jason thrusting his long dick into his girlfriend's throat. Kelli was bending over to remove her yoga pants, exposing her two perfectly spherical ass cheeks that were pinching a pink thong. Adam was about to scream out in protest, but was so overwhelmed that he couldn't build up the composure to do so. He instead watched his girlfriend attempt to deepthroat Jason.

“Suck that dick you nasty whore” Kelli joked as Jason poked the back of Jess's throat with his long, hard thrusts.

Adam watched saliva drip down off his girlfriend's chin as Jason's big dick filled her tiny mouth and throat. He hated watching his girlfriend give another man a blowjob. The thought could barely hold his attention though because Samantha was still sucking his dick vigorously as she wiggled out of her panties and started fingering herself. Her pussy was dripping wet as she concentrated on the task at hand, sloppily licking his testicles and tiny shaft for a while before re-mounting him, this time naked. Her moist, bare pussy lip grazed his dick as she slid her way on top of him.

Adam's dick already felt like it was going to erupt as he imagined fucking the skinny, big-titted 16 year old, but she had other plans and quickly spun around on top of him, hovering her pussy inches from his face in the 69 position. Adam's tongue only got a slight taste of her before she leaned back and nearly smothered him with her perfect teenage ass. He gently licked her sweet, wet opening as she sat on his face, stroking his dick with her right hand, balancing herself with her left. Samantha was in heaven as she swiveled her hips and moaned softly. She liked being in control of Adam and purposefully put much more of her weight than necessary on Adam's face and tongue as she straddled him. Her long skinny legs were splayed wide open to give Adam easy access to her shaved pussy. She smiled at Jess who was now taking off her pants and panties while Kelli took her turn sucking Jason's long cock. Jess smiled back as Samantha grind her pussy on her boyfriend's face.

Samantha could feel Adam's tongue occasionally brushing up against her asshole as she gyrated her hips on top of him. She liked the feeling and repeatedly tried to replicate it by pushing her ass toward his mouth, causing her asshole to slide over his tongue. Adam assumed it was unintentional until he realized that she was doing it repeatedly, harder and slower each time. He retracted his tongue while she forcefully grind her asshole on his mouth.

“Tongue out” she whispered.

He reluctantly obeyed as she continued gyrating her hips on him. He was mesmerized by the taboo act and started poking her asshole with his tongue, nearly penetrating her. She moaned in delight – an indication for him to keep going. Soon he was running his tongue around the tender, pink rim of her anus, sending shivers up Samantha's spine and causing her to tremble in pleasure.

“Hey, Jess! You're boyfriend's licking my asshole!” she yelled, scrunching her face into a smile that showed that she was disgusted and liked it at the same time.

Adam squirmed, not quite sure if he liked the taste as his face was buried into Samantha's tan ass. The other girls were smiling, almost laughing, but he couldn't see their reactions as he tickled Samantha's tender butthole with his tongue.

“That's fucking gross, Samantha” Kelli said, making her way to the bed next to them.

By now Adam was aching to fuck one of the girls and was worried about what his girlfriend was doing with the Jason. He couldn't see anything but he could hear his girlfriend moan as Jason lifted her to her feet and pressed her back to the bedroom wall. He scooped up her left leg with his right hand. He rubbed his long, fleshy dick over the outside of her pussy, teasing her sensitive clit for a few seconds before pushing his wide cock slowly into her as she was standing on one leg, sandwiched between him and the wall.

“Ooooh, take that big dick!” Kelli said as she watched Jason's dick disappear into Jess's little pink pussy. He slowly thrust into Jess, grabbing a handful of her right ass cheek with his big, strong hand. Jess pressed her hips forward to make herself more accessible to him and ease the entry of his big cock into her tiny, teenage pussy. The maneuver helped, but her pussy still ached as it stretched to accommodate his huge dick. Once Jason was confident that she was comfortable he started thrusting hard and fast into her, his thighs and hips smashing her against the wall as she moaned louder. Soon he was lifting her entirely off the ground, holding her ass in one hand and her elevated leg with the other. He began thrusting violently into her, his dangling testicles slapping hard against her wet teenage pussy.

“OH GOD, fuck me! Fuck me hard!” yelled Jess, oblivious to anything else in the room as Jason ravaged her. This alarmed Adam, causing him to push Samantha off of him. He sat up on the edge of the bed just in time to see Jason reach under his girlfriends right leg, scooping it up as she locked her arms around his muscular shoulders. Both of her feet were now entirely off the ground. She was supported only by Jason's muscular arms and his cock which was buried deep inside her. Adam watched as Jason began driving his dick into her even deeper and harder. His thrusts were so violent that they caused her whole body to quake. He could tell by the look on his girlfriend's face that she was orgasming hard as she bit her lip and her body started to quiver.

Both Kelli and Samantha could tell by the look on Adam's face that he was uncomfortable with the situation. Kelli could tell that he was about to say something, possibly something that would ruin the heated 5-some. She'd do anything to keep that from happening.

“She's fine” Kelli alarmingly whispered as she swung in front of him, gaining his attention with her plump, pale breasts and toned little body.

Adam glanced at his orgasming girlfriend and then at Kelli's naked teenage body. He decided he wouldn't say anything. Kelli and Samantha tried to make it as easy as possible for him to forget about his girlfriend -- Kelli pushed him onto his back on the bed and mounted him cowgirl style, her soaking wet pussy squeezing over his sensitive dick. Samantha faced Kelli and glided her smooth pussy and tiny asshole back onto his face. The two girls gave each other long, aggressive kisses as they bounced their cute little bodies on top of Adam, arching their backs in pleasure while they played with each others' breasts.

By now Jess was screaming loudly as Jason thrust violently into her, each thrust causing her tight ass to ripple and snap back into place as his dick split her open. She was screaming so loud that some of the remaining guests downstairs could likely hear her. No one told her to be quiet, though – everyone was far past the point of modesty.

“When do we get our turn?” Samantha asked Jason, referring to herself and Kelli, who was still riding Adam on the bed.

Jason immediately dropped Jess to the ground, pulling out of her, leaving her trembling before she collapsed, satisfied and sweaty, into a chair next to the bed. He diverted his attention to Samantha who had hopped off Adam's face and was now on the bed on all fours, her ass raised high into the air. She was waiving her ass back and forth as if to tease him with it.

“OooooOOOooOOooh, fuck me with that big cock” Samantha slurred, still drunk, as Jason stood on the edge of the bed and spread her asscheeks with his strong hands. Her asshole was still glistening from when Adam had licked it earlier.

“Hey, kid. Get up here” he said – it was another command.

Samantha was still on all fours, waiting for Jason to enter her. The anticipation was killing her. She had no idea why Jason had addressed Adam.

“Me?” Adam asked, startled, still underneath Kelli.

“Yes you. Get up here.” he said.

Adam hesitantly obeyed, irritated to take orders from a guy that had just fucked his girlfriend. Jason was still parting Samantha's ass cheeks as she kneeled on all fours looking back to see what was happening.

“I think this one wants it in the ass” Jason said, staring at Samantha's puckering pink butthole.

Samantha had done a lot of things, but she'd never had anal sex before. She didn't protest, though, as Jason forced her to her stomach, his hands still on her ass, but she did squirm as Jason held her down, using the palms of his hands to spread he ass cheeks wide open. Jason looked at Adam.

“You want me to fuck her ass?”

Jason laughed as Samantha squirmed on her stomach on the bed – she was feigning resistance.

“No, I want you to lick her asshole before I fuck her” Jason said sternly, playing along with the girls, humiliating Adam.

Adam looked down at Samantha's exposed asshole and pussy and then at Jason's dick which was still glistening from his girlfriend's juices. He didn't know what to do.

“If you don't lick her ass, then I'm going to stick it in her dry.” Jason said. “You don't want that, do you Samantha?”

“N-n-no” she stammered, only slightly squirming now.

“Then what do you want?” he asked in a commanding voice.

“I want Adam to lick my asshole” she said in barely a whisper.

“Louder.” Jason commanded.

“I want Adam to lick my asshole.” she repeated, this time in full voice, now reaching back with her own hands to spread her ass cheeks.

Adam was humiliated by the request. Everyone in the room knew that he didn't actually want to do it, but he tried not to show his embarrassment He didn't feel like he could refuse the both of them and thought it would be easier to just comply. He crouched down at the edge of the bed and leaned over her ass, positioning his face just over her tight teenage butt. He paused for a second, about to protest. His face was so close to Samantha's ass that she could feel his warm breath blow against her tender asshole. It sent shivers through her as she waited for his tongue.

Adam gave Samantha a long lick from her shaved pussy lips up through her ass crack and over her asshole. Everyone watched, including his girlfriend, as he buried his face in the teenage girls ass crack, licking her little asshole again, this time applying more pressure and causing Samantha to moan in delight. He licked her asshole for what seemed like an eternity before he heard his girlfriend's voice break the silence.

“Ooohh! Oooh! Me next!” she blurted out, the voice coming from immediately behind him, surprising him.

“You want a dick in the ass too?” Jason asked, skeptical. Adam quickly stood up and spun to face her, fearful of her answer.

“No. I just want Adam to lick my asshole.” she responded, acting like it was no big deal.

“Oh Oh! Me too!” Kelli said grinning a huge grin.

Adam was stunned but barely had time to react before Jess had jumped up onto the bed on her stomach, right next to Samantha. Kelli took the cue as well and hopped up onto the bed next to Jess.

All three of the teenage girls were now laying on their stomachs on the bed, their asses facing Adam. Samantha was on the left, his girlfriend in the middle, and Kelli on the right. He stared at them for a moment – admiring their beautiful butts as they giggled with delight at the thought of Adam pleasuring them. Jess reached back and spread her own butt cheeks apart, clearly waiting for her turn.

Adam was stunned for about the fifth time of the night.

“No, Jess! I'm not doing that!” he protested.

Jess sat up and spun to face him.

“Oh, so you'll lick all over Samantha's ass but you won't touch mine?” she asked incredulously.

Adam was defeated and Jess knew that not only did she make her point, but she had broken Adam's spirit too. She flopped back onto her stomach in between Samantha and Kelli and reached back again, this time grabbing two big handfuls of her ass cheeks, stretching them so far apart that her asshole became oblong.

“Lick it” she commanded.

He hung his head, embarrassed as all the girls laughed, watching him position himself behind his girlfriend. He crouched over his girlfriend's ass and gave her a short lick over her anus. It tickled her and she nearly jumped off the bed.

“Wow! That IS good!” she said, letting Adam slowly roll his tongue over the rim of her asshole. She reached back with her right hand and grabbed the back of his head, pressing his face deep into her cute teenage butt. His tongue poked at her, almost penetrating her as she started moaning.

“Your boyfriend's a pussy” Kelli said, still waiting her turn.

“I know! I'm gonna make him do this all the time” she said, Adam's face still buried between her butt cheeks. “Lick me harder” she commanded him.

Kelli patiently watched Adam as Jason grabbed Samantha by the hips, pulling her back onto all fours with her ass in the air. She was now soaked in Adam's saliva and Jason postured up behind her, resting the head of his penis on her wet asshole. He pressed it gently against her causing his penis to bend as the head of his cock tried to find some way to penetrate the virgin hole. It wasn't long before she opened up, the head of his cock disappearing into her glistening asshole causing her to moan and clutch the sheets of the bed in brief second of agony as her anal virginity was taken.

By the time Jess had positioned herself in a place to watch Jason was already balls deep into the busty teenager. He started slowly but deeply thrusting into her and he gave her little time to adjust to his big member before repeatedly stuffing it deep into her, watching her soft breasts ripple as his dick jarred her tall, tan body with powerful thrusts.

“Do me! Do me!” Kelli said to Adam, still waiting for her turn to have her asshole licked. She sounded as if she were an impatient child.

“No, Kelli!” he responded.

He didn't know why, but he was afraid of what his girlfriend's reactions might be to his defiance.

“What did you say!?” Kelli snapped back, looking angry, “lick her asshole right now, you fucking pussy!”

Adam was crushed. He didn't know if it was because he feared losing her or because he was just plain afraid of her, but he immediately obeyed. He decided not to cross her again as he positioned himself over Kelli. He looked down at her impossibly round ass cheeks. His girlfriend stood up and walked around behind him as he bent over Kelli. Without any warning she reached between Adam's legs, under his ass and grabbed his testicles, tightly gripping them. He squealed in pain.

“Ah! What are you doing?!” he cried.

“Just making sure you do a good job” she said, tightening her grip, causing him to writhe in pain as he bent over Kelli.

“Now you're going to do everything I say” she barked, “Understand?”

“Yes” he squealed again, completely at her mercy.

“Lick” she commanded.

Kelli moaned as Adam plunged his tongue into her asscrack quickly finding her tender anus. His tongue danced around in her ass crack, sloppily wetting the whole area. By now his face was nearly covered in the teenage girls' juices and he was getting good at identifying what got them off. His testicles ached as his girlfriend kneaded them in her hand. Kelli reached under herself and started playing with her clit as Adam feverishly pleasured her ass. She screamed a quiet scream and started twitching as she orgasmed. Adam licked her through her orgasm and stopped began to stop, thinking his job was finished but his girlfriend tightened her grip again, causing astonishing pain.

“Keep going” she commanded, almost laughing.

Kelli lay almost lifeless on the bed as Adam continued.

Jason was now mercilessly pounding his smooth cock into Samantha's tight asshole. Her moans increased in intensity as Jason pushed her to her side and grabbed one of her ankles raising it high into the air. The motion caused her to turn her hips slightly sideways, his dick still buried in her ass. He used his new found position to drive even deeper into her until she was screaming loud obscenities and digging her fingernails into his arm so hard that it hurt. He felt her tight anus contracting around his dick and he knew that she was cumming. He slowed the pace of his thrusts until he was barely penetrating her before he slowly removed his big dick from her asshole. The absence of his cock left Samantha's previously tight anus gaping and puckering as she lay exhausted on the bed.

“Hey Jason, I think my little bitch of a boyfriend wants to watch me fuck you again” Jess said, still controlling her boyfriend by his testicles as he licked Kelli's ass crack.

“That's pretty fucked up...” Jason said, now standing at the edge of the bed, his dick still hard as a rock.

“It's true though, isn't it, Adam?” she said, squeezing his testicles hard.

“Y-y-yes” he said, barely choking out the words.

“And you want to lick my asshole while he fucks me, don't you?” she asked, tightening her grip even more.

“Y-yes -- whatever you want” he said, still bent over Kelli's lifeless body.

“Good, you little bitch” she said, “Stand here.”

He obeyed and stood at the edge of the bed. She released his testicles, giving him a little bit of his dignity back as she pushed Jason onto his back on the bed between Samantha and Kelli. She hopped on top of him, straddling him in the cowgirl position. She had to lift herself almost a foot off the ground in order to rise above Jason's meaty, glistening cock and stick it inside her.

Adam watched as his girlfriend sat down vertically on the giant dick. Her tiny pussy gripped the huge cock as it slid its way down the giant shaft all the way to the base of Jason's giant testicles. She sat for a moment, adjusting to the sensation.

“Start licking” she said, looking back at her boyfriend as she sat, still vertical, on Jason, both of her hands on his strong chest..

Samantha interjected -- “I think he's had enough, Jess” she said, quietly.

“Well I think he's just getting started. He's my boyfriend” she snapped back. “I don't think Jason minds, do you, Jason?”

“Whatever – I guess if you're into that” Jason said casually, one hand cupping her small breast.

“Start licking” she stated again – this time angry.

“Just do it, you fucking baby” Kelli chimed in. She was turned on watching Adam get dominated by his girlfriend.

Adam was beyond humiliated now and kneeled at the edge of the bed. He stared for a moment at his girlfriend's pussy that was wrapped tightly around Jason's cock. Since she was sitting on him vertically, her asshole was resting just above Jason's big testicles. He didn't know how he was supposed to lick her pussy without touching Jason's scrotum, but he knew that's why she was doing this to him. He slowly leaned forward – Jason's testicles just inches from his face. He could feel the heat coming off both him and her.

“I can't” Adam said, almost in a whimper, “he's in the way...”

“Fine” she said – figuring she'd give him a break.

She leaned forward, chest-to-chest with Adam, opening more than enough room for Adam to access her. Adam slowly stuck out his tongue,careful not to touch any part of Jason's dick. Jess moaned as he lightly flicked her with his tongue. She let him lick her for a few seconds before suddenly starting to slide her pussy up and down his shaft by moving only her hips. Adam watched close up as the giant dick split his girlfriend wide open.

Samantha and Kelli were watching from the edge of the bed as Jess took a tongue in her ass and Jason's big dick in her. Soon Jason was thrusting up into her and she had reached back and grabbed her boyfriend's head, smashing it into her asscrack to steady it as Jason started thrusting violently. Thankfully for Adam, Jason was nearly finished. Jason pumped Jess with a steady rhythm for a little over a minute before he gave her a few final quick thrusts. He then pushed her off of him and postured up by her face, jacking off with one hand. It was clear that he had the intention of cumming on her face. Jess welcomed it, opening her mouth just as Jason's cock unleashed five big quirts of cum on her cheeks, forehead, and her left eyebrow.

There was a moment of silence and stillness as everyone was now finished. It was Jess who spoke first.

“That was fucking crazy” she said, almost in a whisper, her face dripping with cum.

-------------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------------------

Leave a comment about what you'd like to see next:

a.) Adam gets his revenge

b.) Adam gets humiliated even further

c.) other (describe)

I'll write a story about whatever gets the most comments.

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