The Terrible Ts – Part 2 (Revised)

The Terrible Ts – Part 2 (Revised)

There are only a few changes/additions to the story.

The next part hasn't been written yet (I know, lazy). But I'll be working on soon.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Taurean POV:

Oh man. Even her moan made me hard as fuck. I couldn’t wait to face fuck her. The kiss from before sprang to my mind and her taste was still on my lips. If fucking her mouth with my tongue was heaven, I wonder what fucking her mouth with my cock would be like.

Looks like we’ll find out soon enough.

My hands were slowly stroking my 10-inch long, 3-inch thick cock. A monster, my playtoys called it. My brothers were like me. We were identical from top to bottom; only difference was our personality.

And currently, Shy was in front of me and on her knees like a whore, staring wide-eyed my hard cock. She was right where she belonged. There was terror and a hint of lust in her eyes. Damn she looked hot. “Like what you see, whore?” I sneered, grabbing the back of her head and slapped her face a couple of times with my cock.

Whimpering, she looked up at me, still with adoration that only a sister would have for a brother. Silently, she pleaded at me with her eyes. But I was too far gone. I wanted this and I knew she did too. And I wanted to take her like a whore off the streets, but she was still my little sister. True, my cock has wanted her for far too long and I was not going to be denied any further. But I wanted to make sure she knew what to do.

“Open your mouth, filthy slut!” I told her. Reluctantly, she followed my orders. “And next time, you better be quick about it. I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“Now, stick your tongue out,” I ordered. Heeding my previous order, she moved fast. Good, she knows my short temper. Hitting her tongue with the tip of my cock, which had pre-cum coating it, for a while, I gave her my next orders, “Now, use that tongue and lick me.” She didn’t disappoint. For the next few minutes, I let her get acquainted with my cock. The occasional whimpers of Shy’s were soon replaced by slurping and little moans, which added to the moans and heavy breathing from me and my brothers.

I slid out of her grasp. The next part was beginning. “Okay, Shy. Now, I want you to suck me off. Then, once you get used to my size, I’m gonna facefuck you hard.”

“Make sure to relax your throat. I don’t want you choking on me.”

Her face furrowed in confusion. I chuckled lightly. Knowing the reason for her confusion, I quickly explained, “You’re still my little sister, Shy. As much as I want to fuck you hard, I still love you, sis.” I bent down and kissed her hard; this time, she kissed back, tentatively.

“Good girl.” I smirked against her lips. “Now suck!” I returned to my original position. Opening her mouth wide, she proceeded to suck the tip of my cock. I growled loudly, “Oh, yeah. That’s it. Suck it.” I pushed deeper into her mouth, then moved back out; I kept that motion going, slowly increasing my speed. Throwing my head back, I realized that kissing her wasn’t heaven, fucking her mouth with my cock was. And soon as that thought appeared, my thrusts became more powerful and quicker, I was no longer in control, my cock was. It delved deeper in her mouth each time, until finally, she took all of it. Time passed; how long, I didn’t give a fuck. All I knew was this was the best blowjob I had ever gotten and I knew I’d be coming back for more.

Vaguely, I felt small hands on my ass, helping me push deeper into the slut’s mouth. I groaned and looked down to see her watching me with full-blown lust in her eyes. Animalistic hunger filled and spurred me on.

I snarled, “You like that, don’t you, you fucking slut. You like your brother fucking your mouth like a cunt, while your other brothers watch you? That’s right, you’re nothing but a whore, a fuckmeat, a cunt!”

She moaned.

My grip tightened on her head.

My speed increased.

My thrusts came in stronger. Harder. Faster.

“Oh shit!! I’m gonna cum!”

Shy’s face was turning red, mixed with tears, sweat and slobber. The white tank she was wearing was soaked. I could see her double-D tits and her nipples were jutting out obscenely.

“Damn, Bitch! Hey, guys,” I called to my brothers. “Look at her tits.” I pulled her tank down further until both her tits flopped out, barely held in place by the tank. I reached down and grabbed a hardened nipple and twisted hard.

Shy’s moaned again. “You like that, little sis?” I smiled wickedly at her.

I looked down further. “Oh, fuck!”

The whore had her hand in her shorts and from the movements she was making with it, I could tell what she was trying to do.

Teague laughed. “Look, the bitch is getting herself off.”

I lost it then. I pushed one last time, deeper, into her throat and let go.

"Ooohhhh! Hell, yeah! Bitch. Swallow my cum. Swallow your brother’s sperm. Swallow it all!”




I felt my squirts hitting the back of her throat. It took at least five squirts to empty my cum into her mouth.

I breathed hard, slowly coming down from my sex-high. My cock still hard, stayed in her mouth, still in motion, only slower. I wanted to make sure she swallowed all of my baby-making juice. Feeling the distinct motion of her throat swallowing, I moved back slowly. Shy, lovingly caressed my cock with her hot tongue, moved her hands to gently fondle my balls.

“Good job.”

“How is she?” It was Talbot. From the corner of my eye, I saw my other brothers wanking themselves. I starred into her eyes as she continued her ministrations, I spoke to others, “The cumslut’s good. Better than the other whores we’ve had.”

Teague walked over, a damp towel in his right hand. Taking it from his hand, I knelt beside her and wiped her face gently. “Sorry, Shy,” I spoke softly. “I got a little carried away. But the night’s not over yet.” Shy grabbed my face and kissed me hard. I responded quickly and our tongues fought for dominance; I won, naturally. Shy broke away first, panting slightly.

“Thank you. I really enjoyed that.” Shy smiled coyly, her eyes smoldered with lust and love from beneath her thick black lashes.

“Whoa! That was hot,” Teague exclaimed from above us. I smirked, and kissing her gently this time. “You’re welcome, Shy.”

I stood up. “The bitch is all yours, man.” And with that, I went to get a drink.

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