Chapter 5 A night for Lovers

Chapter 5 A night for Lovers

Dinner had went great, and Laguna had not been able to keep his eyes off Edea the entire evening. She was so regal, elegant and beautiful. He felt like the luckiest man in the world to even be near her. The last time he had felt so strongly about a woman was when he had been with Raine. He still missed her terribly, and since her death he had found no one, until now.

He hadn't expected her to invite him into her quarters when they got back to the Garden, but he wasn't about to refuse her invitation. As soon as the door was shut she was in his arm, her body pressed against his.

"I had a really good time," she said, her voice husky and low with open desire.

He swallowed thickly. "Me too." Her hands wound into his hair, and she pulled him into a surprisingly demanding kiss. It had been so long for him that he froze for only a moment before he returned the embrace. "Hyne, you're beautiful," he said, his mouth still so close to hers that he could feel her smiling.

"And you're handsome," she purred, tracing her tongue over his bottom lip. "Not to mention, incredibly sexy." Her light, seductive laugh was intoxicating, and he blushed with a trembling breath. He had been complimented on his looks by many women before, but hearing it pass her lips made him feel like a inexperienced school boy. "Ah, I've made you blush," she observed with a slow smile. "Have far does this blush go," she breathed, undoing the knot of his tie.

"I guess you're going to find out," he said with a light chuckle.

"I intend to," she answered, pulling the bothersome tie off his neck, and tossing it over her shoulder before ravaging his mouth in a sensual kiss. She pushed his jacket off his shoulders and down his arms to let it fall to the floor.

"Edea,'s been so long...since I've felt this way," he murmured as he trailed lush kisses along her jawline to her slender neck. "I can't stop thinking about you," he said. 'You're babbling like an idiot,' he thought to himself, but he was unable to stop his continuous string of sentiments.

"Laguna," she sighed with longing, pulling back to look into his deep blue eyes. She put her fingers over him mouth before he could utter another word. "I love you too," she whispered. "Now, don't speak," she drawled out slowly with a seductive smile. She grabbed the front of his shirt, and with a boldness that was breathtaking, she ripped it open, sending the buttons flying in all directions. He was unable to conceal his surprise, or his arousal, and she seemed pleased with his wide eyed expression.

"I love you," he gasped through a soft moan as she ran her hands over his bare, muscled chest.

"Then show me. The bedroom is down the hall. Take me there," she purred against his chest, her brushing lips sending a pleasant shiver up and down his spine.

With ease he lifted her lithe form, and moved down the hall with her in his arms. She nuzzled his neck, and hot stabs of lust burned through his body as he carried her to what he knew would be heaven, but it was more than sexual desire he was feeling for this intriguing woman. He was so hopelessly in love to the point of feeling weak, and it was euphoric.

In the bedroom, neither one of them rushed the moment, undressing each other with slow seduction until the were flesh against flesh, both their bodies flushed with the heat of arousal. The bed in the middle of the room still stay empty as they stood and held each other in the semi-darkness, kissing and caressing like they had all the time in the world. Harsh pants of breath, and soft moans were the only thing heard in the shadowy bedroom, their exploration of each other seeming endless.

Edea could feel Laguna's stiff organ poking insistently at her stomach as she trailed open mouth kisses over his chest, taking time to lavish each nipple with rolls of her tongue. She couldn't remember the last time she had been filled with such lustful yearning. Her womanhood was throbbing and wet between her legs, begging to be touched in a way she hadn't felt in so long. As if reading her thoughts, Laguna's caressing hand slid between their bodies, his fingertips toying with the course pubic hairs before moving further. Her soaked nether lips were rubbed and probed with strong, gentle fingers and her body shuddered with the spike of pleasure.

The moan that emanated from the woman in his arms was a musical and erotic sound. That's all it took for him to lift her with one arm to take her to the bed, his other hand still playing over the folds of her swollen sex as he lay her back on the soft, cool bed covers. Her supple legs spread invitingly, her breath coming soft and rapid as he spread her folds apart to massage up and down her slick vulva. He lay against her side to look down at her while she writhed and moaned with the pleasure racking her body. Her lovely breasts rose and fell with her harsh breaths, and he leaned leisurely over them, capturing one of her erect nipples into him mouth to suckle.

"Mmn, Laguna," he heard her breathless voice tremble. He pinched her hard nub, and her back arched as she thrust her hips with the sudden new pleasure. His fingers pushed into her, and he felt a little smug that he remembered how to give a woman so much gratification. He worked his fingers around the slick warmth of her sex, and he shuddered when one of her cool hands ran up the length of his cock. Her touch was light, but it enticed a deep moan from his throat, and he saw a slow smile touch her lips.

Laguna touched his mouth to hers, and her smile slowly evaporated into the sultry lip lock. Another stab of intense pleasure shot through her when his fingers dug deeper, finding her sweet spot. Her cries were muffled with the kiss that was becoming hungry and untamed. It felt like he was trying to take her soul, and she would be willing to give it to this man. She felt the tickle of heat in her stomach, and she whimpered into his mouth, rocking her hips faster with the nearing orgasm. She tried to continue pleasuring him with her hand, but in was hard to concentrate with all the sensations going through her body. Edea panted for breath when her pulled from the kiss to watch her face.

Edea reluctantly gave up her ministrations on his cock, only able to clutch at the bed covers beneath her until her knuckles were white. He wasn't disappointed with her inability to continue, and smiled down at her when his thumb crudely massaged her nub while his fingers rolled roughly inside her to bring her to a mind blowing orgasm. Her sweat glistened body spasmed, and her cry was close to a sob with the release. He watched her in her throes, her eyes closed, her head hung back against the bed, strands of her beautiful raven hair clinging to her delicate face. She was a vision of absolute grace, and he wanted this moment to last forever.

"Hyne," she breathed, with a low, husky chuckle, cupping his strong jaw as she looked into his eyes that were swimming with happiness, love, and a touch of mischief. She felt his fingers slid out of her and she sighed contently, but it turned into a surprised moan when his sneaky fingers toyed with her sensitive clit. " haven't...yet," she tried to speak through her growing moans. He was quickly bringing her to another climax, and when the tide hit her, she shuddered with a weak moan of ecstasy, falling back on the bed, trembling in it's wake to rest her body from his pleasurable torment.

"You are a magnificent woman, Edea," he said softly, kissing her lightly on the lips before pulling back to gaze into her eyes.

"Am I?" she smiled

He pursed his lips as if in deep thought for a moment. "Yep," he said brightly, putting her in a fit of giggles that was unlike her. He watched her with an amused smile, but it slowly left his face as her giggles died down, and she was giving him a lust fixed gaze once again.

"Let me show you," she purred, forcefully pushing him on his back, and switching places with him. Her long fingernails softly racked down his chest as she places hot kisses down his body. He was mesmerized by her, watching as she took the head of his cock into her hot mouth. He felt her tongue roll and caress, felt her soft lips tightening firmly around his shaft. Her hand massaged his sack, and the scrape of her nails across them gave his body a pleasant shiver that brought goosebumps to his skin. She gave his cock a few long, wet sucks before releasing him from her mouth. He moaned mournfully with the lack of her touch, and she smiled, sticking her forefinger in her mouth, making it slick with saliva.

"Edea, what are...Hyne!" he stiffened when she put that slick finger on his anal opening. In seconds he relaxed, moaning with surprised pleasure when she teased his opening with the tip of her finger. His entrance became puckered and ready as she worked him. Edea took his cock back into her mouth as she pushed her finger inside of him. He groaned with this new pleasure that he had never felt before. Her finger worked slowly in and out of his tunnel, and as strange as this experience was, it was one of the more erotic one's that had ever happened to him. She sucked harder on his erection, pumping him with her hand where her mouth couldn't reach. Somehow her probing finger went deeper and her nail grazed his prostate. His hips bucked, and a loud cry that he couldn't hold back filled the bedroom. He couldn't stop the orgasm as much as he tried, and he had the feeling that she had meant for him to lose control as he had.

"Did you like it?" she asked hauntingly, her finger still working softly inside him. She was lapping the remaining seed from his softening cock, and he couldn't manage the words to answer. His throat worked as he swallowed and took deep breaths to cool himself down after the heat of the climax. Edea took her finger from him, and kissed her way passionately back up his body. "Are you alright, love?" she whispered, looking down at him with mild concern.

"That was....Hyne...Where did you learn to do that? he panted.

"That's my secret," she smiled.

"Uh.." He covered his eyes and chuckled. "I'm still seeing stars." She laughed, and wrapped her legs around him to sit up and straddle his waist. His semi-hard cock was already coming back to life, twitching when she ground her aroused sex against him. She sighed with a soft moan as her wet lips rubbed along his hardening shaft. His hands grabbed her hips firmly and he shifted beneath her rocking hips until he was sheathed within her tight, hugging walls.

"Yes," she gasped with hushed desire, controlling the pace as she rocked slowly above him. Her breasts were bouncing beautifully with her motion, and he moved his hands up to cup and caress them, rolling his thumbs over the hard nipples. Whimpering, she put her hands over his, rocking faster atop him. "Hyne...Laguna..," she moaned before she came, her orgasm soaking his groin with its delicious heat. Her wetness clenched him tight and he thrust up, making her already loud cries higher in pitch. "Come for me, love," she begged softly, meeting every urgent thrust he was giving her.

He spilled his seed, gripping her hips in reflex as his body stiffened. He let out a whooping breath, closing his eyes tightly with the pleasure that seemed to jolt his entire body. Edea tiredly lay down on him when his movements slowed to a stop, and she kissed his parted lips as he took in panting breaths. He deepened the kiss into something lush and full of passion, hugging her body to his that was covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

"Mmm, how are you feeling?" she asked, her mouth still close enough to feel the heat of his slowing breath.

"Like I could do this all night long," he mused with a soft smile, kissing his new love again.


Squall rolled off of Rinoa with a satisfied sigh, pulling her close when she snuggled against him. They had been making love since they had gotten back from their date, and he had a feeling they would be doing a lot of it before he left in a few days. She giggled and he gave her a curious look.

"Do you think your father got lucky tonight?" she asked with a innocent smile.

"With the way the two of them were looking at each other, most likely," he said, stretching his body and groaning when she traced her hand over his soft organ that was still wet and sticky from their last round of sex. "You're going to drain me dry if you keep this up," he whispered as she climbed on him to kiss his chest.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked with a fake pout.

"What do you think?" he growled deep in his throat, gripping her ass and tickling her with his fingers. She screeched, laughing as she tried to remove his hands, but wasn't having much success in the position she was in. As playful as the situation was, he was still managing to get a hard on, which wasn't hard with her nude body writhing on top of him. He stopped his ticklish torture, and pulled her down for a kiss that she returned, her laughter dying into a soft moan.

She pulled away with a loving smile. "Squall, I love you so much." Her voice was hushed, and there was a fear there that disturbed him.

"Rinoa, what's wrong?"

"Do you think....I mean...," she sighed, and lay her head on his chest. "Do you think those dreams are really nothing to worry about?"

"Rinoa, we've talked about this before. I haven't been dreaming for almost two weeks now. Why do you keep worrying about this?"

"But your father, he was having dreams too. That just tells me there was something more to it," she insisted.

"Sweetheart, you're just getting worried because I'm leaving in a few days, that's all. I know how you get."


He put his fingers over her lips. "I'm not talking about this anymore. It's over. She's dead, and she's not coming back. Now, promise me you won't bring this up again," he said. She could see he was firm with his decision, and as much as she hated to give up, she let it go, but that fear just wouldn't go away.

They made love again, the roaring fire from their first few round burning down to a slow flame. It was tender and loving, and she couldn't seem to stop clinging desperately to his body as he moved within her. They climaxed together with his last few thrusts. She hadn't realized that a few tears slipped from her eyes until he wiped them gently away, whispering to her how much he loved her.

He fell asleep holding her in his arms, but she couldn't fall asleep herself. She watched his handsome, peaceful face as he slumbered, and she tightened her arm around him protectively. 'Squall, I hope you're right,' she thought, leaning down to kiss his forehead. He stirred, but didn't wake, muttering her name in his sleep. She smiled, laying her head on his shoulder, finally drifting with her lover.

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