I seduced, co-erced or forced myself on a young, underage, girl. Call it what you will but it happened, I’m ashamed it did, after the first time but went on to enjoy what I conspired to happen, again and again. A true story that fortunately worked out alright, it could have gone the other way! Why did it happen? I’m a bloke, married for 15 years and to be honest bored of fucking my wife, who had gone from enjoying sex to putting up with it. I needed some spice, something to let me know I could still “pull”, something to boost my ego. That’s my excuses!

I owned a bit of land, to the rear of my house, having no use for it myself I rented it out to a local woman and one her daughters to keep their pony on. Sarah was a short woman, broad in the beam, what you may describe as a “country girl”. Jilly, her youngest daughter wasn’t anything like her mother. Although fairly plain looking she was a ponytailed blonde, very slim, 15 years old but had a rack of boobs far too big for her small body frame, it seemed to have appeared overnight! I often flirted with Sarah with double meanings and suggestions which could be taken either way. Nothing harmful and nothing ever came of it. Jilly was, who, I believed, too young and naive to understand the banter, would just smile as me and her mother verbally jousted.

One week-end, as circumstances would prevail, my wife was going away for a long week-end, I couldn’t because of work commitments and Sarah and her hubby and eldest daughter were also going away. Jilly had to stay at home and look after the pony. Sarah asked if I would keep an eye out for Jilly and make sure she was safe after going riding on her own, something she never did. I agreed and even offered to cook tea for young Jilly.

Friday night, I bid my wife farewell, spoke again to Sarah, in front of Jilly, so that we all knew what was happening over the week-end. Jilly was her usual shy self and always smiling as Sarah explained that she must do as I told her, not to answer back or question my instructions. Sarah had always been strict, Jilly always quick to carry out any instructions, which was going to make my week-end interesting. I was already planning what I was going to do, my mind racing and blood flowing to obvious regions of my body, as Sarah spoke to Jilly it must have been obvious as I caught Jilly, firstly looking down at the ground as she received her orders and then she seemed to be looking at my crotch, her eyes widened as she slightly lifted her gaze from the ground.

Saturday morning, I worked and finished at lunch time. Jilly came down to muck out her pony and went home again. She returned at about 3 pm, sddaled her pony and went for a ride. I kept my eye out for her return, 2 hours later. I made sure I was around when she returned. She rode up to her stable and dismounted. I couldn’t help but notice the huge damp patch on her jodhpurs, she’d obviously enjoyed her ride out. “When you’ve finished mucking your pony out I’ve got some pizza for tea” I told her.
“O.k, I’ll be there in a bit” she replied.

About half an hour later she appeared at the door, knocked and waited for me to let her in. “You’d better jump in the shower” I said as I directed her to the downstairs shower room. “I, er, um” she stammered. If my plan was to work I had to get her into the shower. “C’mon hurry up, tea will get cold” I instructed as I more or less pushed her into the shower room. I waited outside the door, listening for the shower to start. It was a power shower, plenty of water and plenty of noise. As soon as I heard it start I unlocked the shower room door, from the outside, easily done with the type of lock used, quietly crept in and removed Jilly’s clothing. I quickly put them in the washing machine and switched it on. I had purposely put a special towel in the shower room, it was similar to a large “shammy leather” used for cleaning cars. They were useful as they dried you quickly and dried themselves quickly to, ideal for Trekking or camping as they were thin and light. I relocked the door from the outside.

The shower stopped, I heard the door open. Jilly was humming to herself as I presumed she was drying herself and then I heard her say to herself, “Where’s my clothes?” I knocked on the door, “You ready yet?” I asked her. “Er, where’s my clothes?” she shouted through the door. “I’ve put them in the wash, havn’t you brought some clean ones?” I knew full well she hadn’t. “I, er, didn’t bring any” she spluttered out. “Well wrap the towel around you until they are ready” I told her.
Jilly appeared from the shower room, the towel was wet and semi transparent where it stuck to her body. It just about covered her, from just above her boobs to just to the top of her legs, the towel was only just wide enough to wrap around her and she had tucked it under her arm to tie it to her. She very demurely followed me through to the kitchen.

“Please sit down” I ushered her. As she sat the towel caught on the chair seat, the type of materiel made it sticky and as she moved her bum back it stuck to the seat, pulling the towel open, it dropped, just long enough to expose those pert but overly large boobs. I got a quick flash of her pink nipples before she managed to grab it and wrap it around herself again. Jilly blushed bright red. “Is that my treat for washing your clothes?” I asked humorously. “So what do I get for serving you tea?” I jokingly asked her. Again Jilly looked at the floor and blushed. I had given Jilly a large glass of red wine to drink with her meal, I, on the other hand had orange juice. She took a big glug of wine, obviously not used to sipping alcohol; she drank it as if it was pop.
I quickly refilled her glass each time she nearly emptied it. We ate tea in more or less silence, as I said she was quite shy. Her cleavage was on display and I am sure she saw me glancing, no ogling her.
We finished eating and I had filled her glass twice more, I could see by the semi glazed expression on her face that the drink was taking effect. Her shoulders had dropped and she seemed much more relaxed.

“Tell you what, young Jilly, if I had been your boyfriend and seen your pussy all wet, when you got back from riding, I would have dived straight between your legs and licked your pussy” I suddenly said to her. (I thought I might as well jump straight in).
Jilly frowned and looked at me, “What do you mean?” she asked bewildered. I smirked and replied “Well you obviously got turned on when you went riding, your pussy had wet your jodhpurs for all to see”. Once again she blushed profusely. “Don’t be embarrassed” I said “Most girls get turned on when they go riding, it’s a bit like masturbating on a horse, isn’t it?” Jilly looked at me quizzically again “Masterbating?” she replied. “Don’t tell me you’ve never masturbated?” I said “Everyone does, it’s nothing to be shy about”. Jilly went very quiet for a moment and then said very quietly “I have touched myself, you know, down there”. I smiled in an attempt to relax her more, the drink was doing it’s bit, I thought I’d just help.
“And do you like your boyfriend licking you down there as well” I said pushing the subject. Jilly seemed very relaxed now that the ice had been broken. “I’ve never had a boyfriend and why would he lick me, you know, down there?” she asked. I stroked my chin, as if deep in thought, at least she was following my lead. “Have you heard of a blow job?” I asked. “The girls at school say that they give their boyfriends one but I don’t know what they really mean” she replied, now giggling, the drink was having an effect! My was she naive! “It means that they put their boyfriends cock in their mouth and suck them off until they cum”, I educated her, “When a guy does it back to their girlfriends, licking their pussy’s it means that they are doing the same favour back to them”, I went on. Jilly smiled, now not embarrassed to talk about the subject, “I’ve never heard of them having their boyfriends do it to them” she said almost questioningly. I laughed, “Look if you are going to suck your boyfriend off the very least he can do is return the favour” I countered. “Well why would they lick me?” she enquired “You know, down there” she continued as she pointed down towards her crotch.

“Come on lets go and sit in the lounge and I’ll educate you, if you like. That way you’ll be one step ahead of your girlfriends.” We both got up and made our way to the sofa. I think Jilly thought all I meant was to talk but I had other plans. She carefully sat down making sure the towel didn’t come off as she sat, although she did kind off lounged back a bit. Her legs had parted a little but as I was sat beside her I couldn’t see anything showing. She sat waiting for me to talk. “You know when you masturbate that you have an orgasm, using your fingers?” I half asked, half told her. She smiled and blushed at the same time.
“Imagine having that touch replaced by a guys tongue” I continued. I could see the cogs stirring inside her head. “Do guys like doing it?” she asked.
“Well I certainly do!” I answered.
“I know, let’s pretend I’m your boyfriend and you’r feeling horny”, I went on.
“First I would kiss you”. I made my way over to her and pecked her on her lips. At first she kept her mouth closed but as I persevered she relaxed her mouth and we delicately French kissed. I could feel her warming up and put my arm around her, lowering my other to place my hand on her breast. We both looked each other in the eyes as my hand cupped her breast, outside the towel. She placed her hand on the back of mine, I first thought she was going to pull it away but she didn’t, she more or less guided my hand until I felt her nipple stiffen.
“Like that do we?” I asked. Jilly just smiled and gave out a loud sigh as I slid the towel down to reveal her breasts. She didn’t bat an eyelid as the towel slipped down to her waist. I then leant over and took a nipple in my mouth. Jilly put her head back and relaxed. I think the drink was making here drowsy. Again she moaned as I licked and nipped her nipples, moving from one breast to the other, not only were they large but they were very firm to, to my delight.

Braving up I slid my hand, from off her boob, down over her stomach and under the towel. My fingers found a soft covering of fur at the top of her pussy. Jilly gave out a soft purr as I found her clit with the tip of my finger.
“Now you need to compare this to a tongue touching it” I said as I tickled her clit some more with my finger. I duly made my way down, un-wrapping the towel, with ease, from her. Jilly was now so relaxed I think that I could do anything to her? I parted her knees and laid eyes on my prize, there staring me in the face was her virgin pussy, pink folds of flesh sparsely covered with blonde, downy pubic hair. I licked my lips, Jilly giggled at me, wide eyed and drooling in front of her. As I moved my face closer to her pubescent “minge” she started to pant in anticipation. Saliva was dripping from my tongue, my mouth getting ready to receive sweet virginal pussy juice. I placed the tip of my tongue at the base of her pussy slit and gave one, long, slow lick upwards. Jilly went rigid, clamping her thighs around my head.
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed as I rolled my tongue around her swelling clitty. A couple more licks up and down and she came. It was so quick it took us both by surprise. Panting for breath she grinned from ear to ear “That was amazing!” she exclaimed, through puffs.
“Well the second time will be even better” I said to her.
“Are you going to do that again?” she asked, half begged. “Tell you what” I said “Would you like to try something even your most experienced girlfriends have never done?” I asked her.
“What, you mean …..fucking?” she asked, now not at all shy or demure. “Maybe later” I answered, “First I want you to experience something that not many guys will do to a girl and I’m sure you will enjoy it”.
Excitedly Jilly nodded her head, her bright blue eyes shining with glee. I had obviously hit on a subject she was keen to take part in, from being the least experienced girl in her class to doing something that she could brag about, that they hadn’t.

I motioned her over to the coffee table, laying the towel on it I asked her to kneel in front of it and bend over. It was just the right height for her to rest her stomach on as she lay forwards onto it. I passed her a cushion to rest her head on, being the thoughtful guy I am. I took my position behind her, Jilly was trembling in anticipation, what was I going to do to her? I parted her knees to be greeted with a view of her, still dripping pussy, and her pinky/brown anus. I placed both hands on her, almost boyish buttocks and parted them, leant forward and stuck my tongue out. I licked her from clit to anus and back again. Jilly’s hips shot back at me. “THAT TICKLED!” she shouted at me. “Well I’m gonna tickle you some more” I told her as I repeated the process. “Ooooh” she squeeled and started to giggle.
I forced my tongue up her anal canal, this brought on another “Ooooh” from Jilly, this time no giggling, she started to pant again. I started to insert my finger into her pussy, rolling it around as best I could as I pushed it as far as I could inside her. Still forcing my tongue in and out of her bum I slipped a second finger into her pussy. Jilly couldn’t keep her rear end still, her hands crept under her belly and she started to play with her own clit. “Mmmm…..mmmmm” came from her mouth as she wriggled on the table. Her sphincter muscle clamped on my tongue and her pussy gushed, her juices shouting out and down my neck and chest.

I managed to remove my tongue and fingers and sat back on my haunches as Jilly jerked and wriggled as she calmed down from her orgasm. “Well you seemed to enjoy that, I did promise you would” I said to her. “It was epic” she replied as she turned over on the table and sat up. “Now how about learning to suck cock?” I asked her, hopefully. Jilly smiled, leant forward and undid my jeans, unzipped me and pushed my jeans and boxers down my thighs. Her eyes lit up as she saw an erect cock for the first time. “Can we fuck…after?” she asked with a big grin on her face. “Do you want me to fuck your pussy or your bum first?” I asked, smiling back at her. Jilly frowned, “Do girls have their bums fucked too?” she asked. “Only the very good ones” I replied “Are you going to be very good?”
Taking my cock in her hand, like an expert, she respdoned “I’ll be very, very good, now what do I do with this?” she said as she wobbled my cock.

I instructed Jilly in the art of giving a blow job. Yes she was clumsy, no she wasn’t great but she was enthusiastic, her tongue danced along my cock and she gagged a couple of times, probably through the drink. She kept apologising! After a while, I think she gave up, her jaw was aching and I think her pussy itching to be fucked.

“Let me lay on the floor, you straddle me and then you can lower yourself down onto me” Instructed Jilly. “First though I think we may need some lubricant, just to help”.

I just happened to have a tub of lube ready, who said I hadn’t planned this? I coated two fingers with lube and as Jilly knelt up I inserted one into her pussy and one into her bum (I was hoping to fuck her butt too whilst I had the opportunity). Jilly rocked her hips backwards and forwards, almost reaching an orgasm as I fingered her.
I lay on my back and beckoned Jilly to squat over me. I held my cock at the entrance to her pussy, I had to part her labia for her as she started to lower herself down. Jilly grimaced as my cock penetrated her. “Take your time” I ushered her. “I want it in me NOW!” she shouted as she pushed herself down, taking ¾ of my cock inside her.”Oooh it’s burning!” she exclaimed as she tried to get even more cock inside her. She was right, even with the lube she was so tight! I felt my cock reach the very depths of her virginal pussy, luckily there was no blood. Jilly had her hands pressing onto my chest, for support. “Now slowly lift yourself up” I instructed. I felt her pussy walls clinging to my cock as she raised herself off me. “Now slowly lower yourself again” I told her. Jilly started to get the idea, soon she was fucking me to her own rhythm my cock slid easier in and out of her. Jilly raised herself up and I saw those beautiful breasts of hers pointing to the ceiling, I reached up and took one in each hand. Jilly’s hands clamped on mine as we both massaged her boobs. She was now fucking me vigourously, my cock bottoming out in her uterus.

Jilly’s jaw dropped, drool slipped out the side of her mouth as I felt her pussy flood my pubic hair with her cum juice. She gargled as she thrust herself onto me. “Mmm…oooh..that was so good, much better than I thought” she informed me, “Can we do my bum now?” Who was I to refuse such a polite request, “Help yourself” I told her. Jilly inched forward and almost bent double as she lined my cock up with her bum hole, she wiped my cock head with the lube on her anus and pressed down. My cock nearly bent double. “It wont go in!” she said almost in tears “It wont go in!”
“Calm down and relax” I said as I took hold of my cock, before she broke it! “You play with your boobs and I’ll see to this” I told her. Jilly was awkwardly balanced on me but somehow I managed to push my cock head into her. “OW!” she cried out as my cock stretched her anal ring. Too late, she lost her balance and my cock shot up her. “Owowowow” she cried out. I was now deep inside her.

I some how managed to lift her up, she was after all petite, apart from her boobs, and managed to lay her back onto the coffee table, with my cock still inside her. It was now my turn to take control! I lifted her legs high and could now see my cock, half in and half out of her back passage. Grabbing her ankles I started to fuck her up her bum. Jilly let go of her boobs and reached down to play with her pussy, she buried two fingers inside herself as she finger fucked herself. I’m ashamed to say I rammed her good and proper. I may never have the chance to do this again, my wife refused to do anal so I was going to enjoy what may be my one and only time. A fast as I fucked her bum she fingered herself. I began to feel my balls tighten and the cum shooting up my thick cock vein. I exploded inside her, I hadn’t come so hard and for so long for ages. My actions also prompted Jilly to orgasm too as she buried her fingers deep inside herself, my hot sticky cum lubricating my cock even more as I gave a few more final thrusts. We were both panting.

We rolled onto the floor in an embrace. “Good?” I asked. “Kind of” she replied. “Maybe next time it will be easier” I informed her. “Can I stay tonight?” Jilly asked “I don’t think I’ll be able to walk home” she giggled. “Then maybe we can fuck some more?” I asked. Jilly yawned “All I want to do now is sleep” she informed me.
I carried her up to bed, lay her naked on the mattress and covered her over. She was asleep in an instant. The drink and the fucking had finally worn her out.

Now I should be embarrassed to admit fucking Jilly in her sleep but I’m not! I fucked her pussy, her ass and even her mouth (admittedly not her mouth very well) whilst she slept. She awoke in the morning with a big grin on her face and obviously refreshed. “I’m sore…but I want to fuck some more” she informed me “We’ve only got today left”

Fortunately It didn’t end there! Jilly “had to” tell on what we had done, who to and what happened next can be revealed?

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