Spanking Amanda

Spanking Amanda

I wrote this story for the girl of my desires. She’s read it, and given it her approval.
I’ve changed the name to protect the guilty
It’s quite short - I can’t imagine lasting long if this ever came true.
Let me know what you think.


I’d met Amanda 2 years before as part of an online chat room. I’d considered her hot from the moment I’d checked out her profile, and couldn’t believe my luck when she hit on me. We’d been getting heavy in chat for some time, but had finally met in ‘the real world’.
I’d only arrived in town a week before, and I’d been very nervous that our online chemistry wasn’t going to transfer to real life. It was by far the most intense “first date” that I’d ever had, to the point that I’d felt nauseous looking for her at the airport. Thankfully my worries were unfounded, and we’d spent some great time together.
Upon arriving home from an early dinner I thought it might be time to raise the bar a little on our activities.
“Is it time to gift wrap my present?” I asked. We’d discussed her wearing my gift earlier, but I wasn’t sure she’d do it.
To my surprise she came back shortly after, looking a little embarrassed, and very hot, wearing nothing but a large satin bow that I’d bought her. I’d found it years before when we’d been discussing dress ups in one of our many chat sessions, and had to bring it with me for my visit.
“Oh my god! You look fantastic!”
“Thank you” she said, “aren’t you going to take your clothes off?”.
“We’ll get to that, but we need to talk about your misbehaviour.” I told her.
Her eyes widened a little, and she smiled. “Really?”
“You’ve been taking liberties with my cock without asking permission.”
“I thought you liked what I did with your cock” she said.
That was more than a little difficult to argue with, I liked it very much.
“You’re right, but...” “Didn’t you like it when I played with you all the way to the restaurant while I drove last night?” she said, wide eyed and feigning innocence.
“Yes, but....” “You didn’t like it when I went down on you in the car park? I really thought you liked that”
But I persisted “How are you ever going to get punished if you haven’t been bad?”.
“Oh! Punishment! You’re right, I have been very bad!”
“Yes”, I said, “stand here, and bend over with your hands on the couch, while we work out what to do.”
That caused her tits to hang and swing gorgeously. I cupped one of them, as I stood beside her stroking her almost totally naked body. I got totally distracted, and knelt down and took the other breast in my mouth.
“Oh, is this my punishment? I think I like punishment!” Amanda exclaimed.
“No silly, I’m still thinking about it.” The thinking wasn’t going well. I moved down, kissing her belly along the way, and then parting her moist folds with my tongue.
“Oh god, punishment is sensational!” she said loudly as I teased her clit with my tongue and lips.
It was time to get back on track, and show some self restraint. I dragged myself away from her pussy, and stood behind her, stroking the cheeks of her ass.
“What do you think we really need to to do with bad girls?”.
“Do they need to be spanked?” she suggested helpfully.
Without any more warning I gave her several sharp slaps on each cheek.
“Oh jesus, that hurts so good.” She said.
I alternated for a while between rubbing my hand over her cheeks, and giving her another slap.
Her ass was getting really red, and she was obviously hot elsewhere as she moaned and squirmed when I dipped my fingers closer to her pussy.
I managed to lose my pants and started teasing her with the head of my cock.
I continued slipping the head of my cock just in and out of her entrance, and retreating and giving her a slap when she pushed back.
“Oh god, just fuck me properly!”. she said.
“Fuck you properly, what?”
“Just put in in you bastard.”
Whack. “Put it in you bastard, what” I said laughing. “Please sir, maybe?”.
“Oh, Jesus” she moaned, and laughed back.
“Please put your cock in me, sir.”
“Now that’s better. Would you like me to fuck you?”.
“Yes! Yes, please sir! Please fuck me properly sir!”.
That was it, I thrust all the way in, and started moving in and out in long satisfying strokes.
Amanda shifted her stance to reach down and stroke her clit. I thought about telling her she needed permission... oh, but screw it. I was gone. The buddhists could have their enlightenment. I was fucking my brown skinned, gift wrapped goddess from behind in the middle of her living room. This was it. I think George Harrison was playing a sitar somewhere as Amanda’s ass rippled each time I slapped against her. I was having an out of body experience. This could last forever.
Then Amanda started bucking as she came on my cock, and I was gone. The most intense orgasm of my life ripped through me from god knows where, and my knees almost went.
We made it onto the couch to collapse and recover.
We were stroking each other gently, and luxuriating in the afterglow, when Amanda said ‘would you be surprised if I told you I like it in my ass?”
“I don’t think anything would surprise me right now” I said; and that’s a story for another day.

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