The Aftermath 5

The Aftermath 5

Jim had been pacing for an hour now, after destroying their invasion fleet, they'd set out after the
only remaining ship of the Krang fleet. Mary and Amber had watched him almost the whole time "Jim if you don't
sit I am going to knock the shit out of you, I can't take much more of your pacing," Mary almost snarled.
Jim quickly sat in the command chair trying not to look at Mary, "sorry Mary I hate this waiting, I have
nothing on tap to do nothing to work on, you know I hate being idle."
"I realise that Jim, but driving me crazy isn't going to help you either," Mary said not feeling any remorse
for Jim.

A low steady beeping caused Jim to glance at the control panel, ah good they were finally starting to
make head way after almost a week. Even as he went over the readings he could see that they were gaining on the
Krang ship. Adjusting their speed Jim was only following the ship, he had to see where it had originated. A day
later they were approaching an odd grey colored planet, odd in the fact that there appeared to be no clouds in
the atmosphere. Staying well back Jim started to scan the planet looking for signs of prisoners or anything
that might aid him in his new quest. He was only a few hours into his search when every proximity alert on
board went off.

Looking out behind the planet he saw another swarm of small ships not too unlike the Krong ships. They
weren't really a worry but the 4 world ships that slipped out with them put him more on edge.
"Mary charge the planet killers, activate all rail plasma guns. Amber I need you here to monitor all their
reactions to our tactics, what they do at first will determine which strategy they are using." Jim said issuing
orders. Both women were rushing to get what he'd said done, Jim was adjusting every piece of hardware on the
station with almost blinding speed. After an hour the swarm was still between them and the planet, hmmm this
was a most unusual development, as a matter of fact it was the first time he'd ever seen them hesitate.
The space link began to crackle, a bug like creature with hug eyes appeared on the screen.
"Human, we Krang, no death, wish us," it said as it stumbled over it's imperial speech.
In the back ground Jim heard others issuing orders to surround and destroy the intruder.

Smirking Jim grabbed the mike and snarled out in the Krang language, "you piss ants! You claim to not
want to be destroyed or to destroy us? Yet I hear others saying to surround and destroy," the look of shock on
the bugs (he guessed it was) face was almost comical.
"You! We heard that a human had rediscovered the Creca's mind touch talk, when we take you, your essence will
be added to ours then no one will be able to resist us!" with that the bug leader started to laugh till Jim
pressed a few buttons and half the fleet and two of the world ships exploded in a brilliant light.
"Now then before I destroy the rest of you and I will, tell me exactly where the brain hold is!" Jim was
shouting, Mary and Amber had back away from Jim his clicking and hissing starting to worry them.
Starting to laugh again the bug leader stared straight at Jim, "As your people say good luck finding it!"
Jim, though seething, snarled at the Krang, "You obviously don't realize just how much more powerful this
station is. I have increased the power and weapons many times, you are nothing to me compared to the long ass
kicking I gave the Krong!" With that the other 2 world ships and the rest of the fleet disappeared in another
brilliant flash of light.

Entering orbit Jim began to scan the planet for signs of the brain hold, though he got promising
readings there was nothing like he'd seen in the records they'd taken from the defeated Krong fleet. Sighing
Jim activated one of the first 2 planet killers he'd used, almost fully charged he readied it then struck
watching the planet shudder, then slowly crack, explosions appearing all over the planet. With a smile he
watched as the atmosphere went from gray to nothing, already having pulled the station to a safe distance,
watched as finally the planet literally ripped it's self apart then exploded leaving a huge field of debris.
Feeling no remorse Jim powered up and headed deeper into the Krang space. From all reports he'd gotten they
were still a few weeks away from the old Krong main home world, though he could probably be there in a day he
wanted to clear all of these warmongering bastards before they reached it.

They had only gone 2 days deeper when they encountered another Krang fleet this one with 6 world ships,
Jim knew they were too stupid to realize that they were already dead when they approached his station.
"Human conquerors," came a raspy voice from the screen, "We Krang not be killed, strong! Not asleep like Krong,
you soon die!"
The Krang immediately began to dive bomb the station, almost all of the small ships eliminated within a mile of
the stations shields. Jim's hands were flying across the control panel Amber was almost dizzy watching him, the
bad thing was Mary's hands were almost as fast. "Activate the planet killers those world ships are going to try
and ram us!" Jim yelled from across the room, huh? Amber hadn't even seen him move.
"We've only got the 4!" Mary yelled back.
"It's ok they won't risk all of them at the same time," Jim said now next to Amber, causing her to jump
"What the hell is going on?" Amber asked, "how are you moving so damn fast?"

Jim stopped a moment looking at Amber, it was then she saw that he was a little out of phase! What the
"Sorry Amber, something Mary and I worked on since the last attack by the Krong," Jim said momentarily
solidifying, "we can move and react 20 times faster than normal but we can't stay in it that long, excuse me."
Phasing again Amber watched as Jim flew to the control panel activating 4 sets of switches. Almost immediately
3 of the world ships exploded in a huge myriad of colors the resulting shock wave rocked the station more
violently than it should have. Both Mary and Jim looked at each other.
"It's a trap!" Mary yelled.
Jim was across the room activating a bank of controls next to the star drive, within seconds they were entering
another tunnel the strange hum of the tunnel drive straining to maintain the gravity well.
10 minutes later they were dropping out of the tunnel, "Damn it! I was afraid this might happen!" Jim cursed,
"the planet's gravity disrupted the tunnel! The tunnel drive has over heated! We won't be able to use it for a
few days, son of a bitch I was afraid this was going to happen!" Stomping out Mary and Amber could hear him
cursing as he went down the hall way.

Mary checked all the equipment everything looked fine as far as she could see, overheated? What the
hell was Jim talking about? Looking at Amber, Mary was as confused as she was, an hour later Jim came back
relief apparent on his face.
"Ok, ok, so I over reacted," Jim said a little red faced, "I have been working on this a long time and when it
cut out like that I thought I had burned up the drive. Dickie reminded me about the safety relay we had put in
after I had checked the entire system."
Mary calmly stood, walked to Jim and slugged him in the face, picking his self up off the floor Jim just
watched as Mary re-sat at the control panel.
In a somewhat strained voice she stated, "I estimate we are about a day from the planet we left, the readings I
am getting indicate that over half the fleet was destroyed along with all 6 of the world planets. Had we not
have left when we did, the resulting shock wave of the other 3 would have probably crippled our shields, they'd
have had a chance."

Amber grabbed Jim's face kissing him, then she leaned over and whispered, "Jim you need to get ahold of
this anger, you're going to get us killed, you'd never fallen for a trap like that before you found out what
you did. Go rest and rethink all this ok?"
Jim looked at her strangely then nodded before he went out door to the bunk room.
"Mary? Are we far enough away to be safe for a while?" Amber asked.
Mary's features softened, looking over the readouts she turned back to Amber, "I believe we shocked them for
the moment. I don't see any pursuit but knowing those bastards it won't be long before they are after us. You
want me to knock some sense back into Jim? If he keeps up like this we're all dead, that man has a great
strategical mind but a child could beat him right now."
"I know Mary, I hope what I said gets through this wall he's erected around his good sense," Amber replied.
"I hope so too, I don't want to kill him but I just might if he keeps this up," Mary spit out.

Jim had been asleep about 2 hours when the dream started. A strange but familiar voice started to talk
to him.
<Jimmy, it&#039;s been a long time.> The voice said.
<Who the hell is this? I am far too strong for the aliens to invade my mind. You sound familiar, almost
<I&#039;m glad you remember my voice, though in here it&#039;s just what you would &#039;hear&#039; from me. They are using my
knowledge Jimmy I can&#039;t keep them from it but I can let you know that you have shocked the hell out of them.
The Krong were only 1 of 2 races that had the tunnel travel as they put it, their trying to destroy you, hurt
them more then they think. They have used a massive amount of their resources to build the fake world planet
bombs. This is the only time I will be able to &#039;talk&#039; to you remember almost everything you know I know
<Father! NO! DAMN IT!!> Jim searched but couldn&#039;t find the voice or anything else.

The next day Jim emerged from the bunk room feeling completely different. "Dickie are all preparations
ready?" Jim asked, Mary and Amber&#039;s heads snapping up at the sound of his voice.
"Everything is proceeding as you requested, everything should be ready within 2 hours," Dickie responded.
"All what preparations?" Mary asked.
"We&#039;re going back but this time I have a few surprises for them," Jim replied, Mary saw the cold calculating
look in his eyes the same she remembered him having when he first recruited her, good she thought bought time
the ass kicker was back.
Departing they were a few hours from the planet when a new fleet met them. Though not nearly as big as the
Krong fleet it was still quite sizeable, coming to a complete stop Jim began to scan the whole fleet looking
for desperate measures by the enemy ships.
Sighing after he found nothing out of the ordinary he started to issue orders, "alright Dickie I want a line of
vapor drops a mile wide in the path of the enemy advance keep producing and deploying as fast as you can. Mary
activate ALL the planet killers, bring all plasma rail guns on line, check all the reactors and shield
generators. Amber watch all the readings let me know when they start to move."

Mary was getting everything ready when Amber yelled that they were on the move. Within minutes the
first few thousand were nothing but debris and still they kept coming and dying.
"Jim, vapor drop supplies almost depleted they are coming faster than I can produce them." Dickie said
"Thank you Dickie, now deploy the phasic missiles," Jim ordered.
Mary turned her mouth wide, "you realize those can turn on us right?"
Jim nodded though he wasn&#039;t that worried as thickly situated as they were, he still had high hopes that the
tracking system he&#039;d added to them made them more reliable. "Jim I hope you got something up your sleeve,"
Amber said, "those things have always been uncontrollable the micro AI&#039;S aren&#039;t powerful enough to discern
between an enemy or an ally."
"I added a new type of tracking system, almost as simple as a heat seeking system," Jim replied, drawing a few
hard looks from Mary.
"Again Jim you realize that they CAN turn on us," Mary repeated.

Jim again nodded as he watched the track of the missiles, at first the Krang ships started to disappear
that is till 3 then 4 more world ships appeared. Immediately all the missiles converged on the seven massive
ships, the first 2 were obliterated within seconds. The next 2 were hit hard blown in half, each half taking
out even more of the fighter ships. The final three had started to build speed when 2 of them were hit and
crippled slowing to a stop, the last had drawn closer cursing Jim armed the planet killer and fired.
Staring Jim watched as the massive charge hit the ship and a shield far stronger than he knew the Krang had.
Cursing Jim armed 2 more and fired this time the ship shuddered rolling away from the station, Jim watched as
it&#039;s systems overloaded then exploded taking even more of the fleet with it.
"How long till the PK&#039;s are recharged?" Jim questioned Mary.
"The first is at half power at least 20 minutes for full charge, the other 2 at least 45 minutes with the last
2 of the reactors coming online now." Mary shouted back.

Jim started to slowly move closer to the debris field scanning he wasn&#039;t detecting much of anything
left. They&#039;d just entered the debris field when he started to get readings from well on the other side of the
field, it appeared that a few of his missiles were still active. Shit! slowing to a stop Jim had started to
activate the self destruct in each missile when there was another proximity alert. Looking up he saw the
largest world ship he&#039;d ever seen, clearly twice the size of the one that had nearly destroyed the station at
the end of his and Mary&#039;s battle with the Krang.
"Dickie I need everything you can make vapor drops, phasic missiles I want as wide a path as you can make as
thick as you can make it," Jim said hoping Dickie had a large supply ready to go.
"Compliance Captain, everything is ready for deployment," replied Dickie.
Jim had Amber and Mary move to the anti-grav room he was afraid that this might fry a lot on the station. They
had both protested till he promised to run for the room at the earliest moment. Watching, Dickie rambled off
the distance to Jim crossing his fingers he hoped what they had was enough.

The massive ship started to break up slowly as the thousands of vapor drops started to explode against
it&#039;s hull. Jim could only worry now, true it was damaged but it wasn&#039;t enough damage, not yet. Still advancing
with hardly a let up in speed, Jim next had Dickie deploy the missiles. As they streaked toward the massive
ship Jim got a charge warning that 3 of the 4 PK&#039;s were ready, Jim just hoped he didn&#039;t have to use them they
were only good within a few miles they tended to dissipate any further than 5 miles. Almost being useless any
further than Jim knew at that range it was almost a death toll for the station. The track of the missiles were
better than he hoped for at least half striking the engines and damaging much of the exterior, finally slowing
the ship to less than half it&#039;s previous speed. At 10 miles the ship encountered the rest of the vapor drops
ripping into the ship it started to explode. Jim was down the hall at a full run this time, he was within sight
of the anti grav room when the shock wave hit the station. Leaping for the doorway he&#039;d almost made it when the
full force of the wave ripped into the station. Desperately clawing his way to the door way debris started to
fall all around him reaching out he managed to grab the entrance way when something struck him across the back
of his head.

Again as the world went red then black Mary was screaming damn! He was right it had been her before
shit she was hurting his head again. Neither woman could feel the station shake, they had kept their eyes glued
to the opening to the room, when they saw Jim running down the corridor Mary got as close to leaving the room
as she could. That was when they saw the debris that started to rain down on Jim. Reaching out Mary grabbed
Jim&#039;s arm when he reached out to the opening, she&#039;d just started to pull him in when a support beam broke loose
striking Jim a glancing blow to the back of the head. Mary was horrified to be reliving this scene again she
hadn&#039;t been fast enough last time and he&#039;d almost died, she actually had a hand on him but had hesitated for a
moment before pulling him in. Finally getting him into the safety of the anti grav room Mary started to scream
when she saw the blood coming from his head. Amber had moved closer to help when she also saw the blood both
screaming called Dickie.
"Dickie status," Mary said between sobs.

It was a moment before Dickie answered, "Compliance, the station has sustained major structural damage.
Auto seal and repair has stopped all leaks, the fleet has been destroyed along with the world ships. All 10
reactors are off line, auto restart has been started, at present there is no power or circulation. Suggest
repair to number 1 reactor as it is the closest."
"Dickie can you display schematics so I can effect repairs?" Mary asked. "Wait did you say 10 reactors?"
"Yes, I can display schematics, affirmative there are 10 reactors the last 2 were added a week ago while the
station was in orbit after it arrived back from this sector." Dickie replied.
"Alright Dickie display location and problem with reactor." Mary said.
For the next hour they worked on Jim getting the bleeding to stop, Mary glancing at the plans finally seeing
how Jim had reconfigured the reactors it was to say the least, genius. Mary and Amber finally got Jim to the
med bay Mary had once again hooked up her power packs but she knew it wasn&#039;t enough to save him they needed the

Mary finally get the reactor cleared then came the actual restart about to give up Mary was surprised
when she found 1 simple switch that immediately started it. Damn it Jim! You could have told me this last year
before we went into the last battle. With the one going they had a better chance but Jim needed at least 2 of
them going. Dickie directed her to the least damaged reactor, looking it over she moved everything she could
with Dickie&#039;s help. She&#039;d just gotten it going when there was a proximity alert, running she asked Dickie if
there was enough power for the shields, he said yes but they wouldn&#039;t be even half what they might need.
Going back to the med bay Mary asked about Jim,
"I have detected massive bruising to his brain, the bio bed has alleviated any pressure and is working to
repair all the damage, the bio bed is at 85% more than sufficient for full healing," Dickie replied.
"What is the status of the reactors?" Mary asked.
I am attempting to restart 4 of the others but appears that debris, like with the second one is preventing a
full restart on them. Mary rushed to the nearest of the reactors then was stopped by a wall of debris, pushing
on to another it was no where nearly as bad, with Dickie&#039;s help she had it cleared in 5 minutes the third
reactor started Dickie reported that they had almost half shields.

"Dickie can we move at all?" Amber asked.
"Yes your lordship, we have full sub-light engines, the hyper engines are at about 1/4, it would take us about
5 weeks to reach Imperial space. I am repairing the structural integrity, with 3 reactors I have it at 90%, now
commencing clean up on all levels. I will still require your aid in restarting other reactors as debris has
damaged remote restart on all others I need at least 2 more to get the tunnel drive on line. I suggest you rest
now, I have the station at 1/4 hyper speed, shields are at 45%." Dickie rattled off.
Mary checked Jim and Amber again then laid down damn it Jim you always did things the hard way. As sleep
claimed her she thought of all that her and Jim had been through, after this was over she was going to see if
she could become his sister she was tired of being alone and hell now that she had a mother maybe things were
going her way now.

Jim was floating again, damn it this was getting old he was finally starting to relax when he heard a
voice again.
<Jimmy you have a chance now you have to repair the station then you can come and say good bye to me and your
<No father, I won&#039;t say good bye I know I can save you I...> Jim responded.
<Save me? as a disembodied brain? no Jimmy I want peace I don&#039;t want to suffer any more not me or your brother
and sister, I know you&#039;ve been working on a new theory of reconstituting bodies for us but son we wouldn&#039;t age
I don&#039;t want that, not for your mother she thinks I am dead let me stay that way ok?>
<I have seen technology the Krong had that I could make a new body for you, a normal body that could age and be
human I know I can do it, besides I have Mary to help me.> Jim said almost pleading
<We&#039;ll see Jimmy, but I won&#039;t hold my breath as the saying goes. We aren&#039;t far away no one has control of the
brain hold please release us one way or another.>
Jim was thrashing in his sleep Amber was trying to hold him down but was failing more by the second. Finally
she ordered Dickie to secure him for the time being.

Mary awoke a few hours later going to med bay she saw that Jim was awake finally! Though she wanted to
slap the shit out of him, she decided to wait till he was better.
"How is the station Mary?" Jim asked as soon as he saw her.
"We have 3 reactors online, structural integrity is at 90%, we have 45% shields and the hyper engines are at
1/4," Mary replied.
Jim was shaking his head touching his ear he called Dickie, "Dickie status of restart on the other 7 reactors."
"At present 2 are blocked off and have sustained damage to the inner reactor chamber walls, 1 has debris in the
inner chamber, 1 will not be operational till extensive repair is made the last 3 require manual restart
activation after removal of debris." Dickie quipped back
"Are your anti-grav units operating with enough power to clear the debris near the three reactors that can be
reactivated?" Jim asked.
"Affirmative," Dickie replied.
"Good commence clearing, the quicker we get them on line the quicker we can go home." Jim stated
Smirking Mary thought yeah right, easy for you to say Jim as she left to try and restart the reactors.


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