The Futa Fairy - Futa Doctor's Hot Wish Chapter 1: Dr. Rita's Futa Desire

The Futa Fairy - Futa Doctor's Hot Wish Chapter 1: Dr. Rita's Futa Desire

The Futa Fairy – Futa Doctor's Hot Wish
Chapter One: Dr. Rita's Futa Desire
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

It had been a month since that fateful morning when I learned something impossible. Something amazing. Something that had my pussy wet almost every morning when I sank in to sleep through the day. Yes, the day. I worked the night shift St. Claire's Hospital.

A month ago, I had been pulled over by the futa-cop, Officer Cindy.

Just thinking of that domineering futa made my pussy so wet. I shuddered in my scrubs, my doctor's coat swirling about my legs as I shivered. I could still remember so clearly that moment of realization that she had a girl-dick. That her clit had transformed into a fully functional cock.

A cock that had squirted pearly cum all over my ebony face.

I was driving home after dropping off my daughter, Pattie, at Washington College. She had missed the bus because she overslept, so I had to drive her to classes after my long shift at the hospital. I was tired. I just wanted to get home. I didn't realize I was speeding down Ainsworth.

And then Officer Cindy pulled me over.

She was a tall, dominating White woman wearing the State Trooper's sky-blue uniform, a huge cock thrusting out of her slacks. She had hauled me out of the car by my own short afro, bent me over the hood, and spanked my ass so hard.

Then she had fucked my cunt. She had churned my pussy to a froth. It was a huge cock. Bigger than any dick I had ever had, including Pattie's father. He was an asshole, but he was hung. That Black man had a dick.

But this White girl's futa-dick dwarfed even Stefan's.

I came so hard on her dick. I howled out for all the world to hear, writhing for them all to see. Students from my daughter's college had jogged by without saying a word. Traffic passed without rubbernecking. Clearly, there was magic at play. This futa-cop claimed she made a wish to a futa-fairy to get her dick.


I wanted one.

My own big, throbbing, ebony shaft.

I trembled, standing over my sleeping beauty, staring down at Carly Wright. I held her chart in my hands. I was supposed to be doing my checks on her vitals, but I couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous creature trapped in a coma before me.

Ever since Officer Cindy fucked me, I had been drooling over Carly Wright. It was like being fucked by a futa had flipped a switch in me. I was now looking at other women, even my daughter Pattie, with interest, lusting after their feminine forms.

Especially my sleeping beauty.

The machines beeped around me. She looked so placid. She could breathe on her own, her face still with sleep, her blonde hair spread across her pillow. She was twenty-three-years old and had been in a car accident. The back of her head was cracked open, inflicting massive trauma to the cerebral cortex. But her brain stem remained intact, keeping her heart and lungs going.

She would never wake up.

It was so sad. She was so beautiful. Her mother came in every day, applying makeup on her face, keeping her looking fresh and alive. My eyes trailed down her body, watching her breasts rise and fall beneath her thin hospital gown. Her hands folded on her stomach, fingers twisted.

I touched her cheek, my finger trailing to her lips. They were moist. An automatic reflex caused her to suck on my digit. I groaned, my clit throbbing in envy, wishing to be a futa-cock and feel those lips around my dick.

I had strange fantasies of saving her with my futa-cum. Of having magical jizz that could cure her. I would just slid my big, ebony cock into her mouth, pump my hips while she sucked. My pussy would clench as the pressure built and built in my depths.

And then I would erupt.

I would flood her mouth with my jizz and wake up my sleeping beauty. Like a fairy tale.

I wished with all my heart, sitting here, staring at this girl. I wanted to right this injustice. I would correct it and help her. My pussy clenched, itching. My juices soaked into my panties. My nipples were so hard. My hand itched to slide into my scrub bottoms and rub my pussy.

My hips wiggled. I was all alone. Who would know?

“I'll wake you up,” I groaned, still letting her suck on the finger of my right hand while my left pressed into my scrubs. I wore light-blue ones. I shuddered, my fingers rubbing at my thick bush as I ventured down into my panties.

And then I found my pussy.

I was dripping wet.

“Yes, I'll wake you,” I purred, rubbing at my hot flesh.

I was molten. My juices coated my fingers. I rubbed up and down my pussy lips, squirming as I stared down at my blonde, slumbering lover. My princess. I would rescue her from her curse. I would save her with my mighty futa-sword.

I groaned, my fingers curling as they plunged into my sopping depths. Two digits pumping in an out of me while my hips wiggled. I groaned, loving the sight of my dark finger sliding in and out of her ruby lips.

I pictured it was my big, ebony cock thrusting from the folds of my pussy.

“Yes, yes, just suck my cock,” I groaned, my pussy clenching on my fingers. “Mmm, yes, I'll save you. I'll rescue you.”

My fingers pumped in and out of my juicy depths as I closed my eyes, savoring the imagination. It was my cock she sucked on with that warm mouth. Pleasure rippling up my shaft. I would pump my hips, slowly, gently, building the passion in my nethers.

My cunt clenched on my fingers as the fantasy burned through my thoughts. I sighed, squirming, my pleasure swelling faster and faster. I pictured my girl-dick spurting my salty seed into her mouth, Carly gulping it down.

A flush spread through her cheeks.

Her blue eyes fluttered open.

There was such love in those eyes in my imagination. She knew I had rescued her, freed her, and she was so grateful. She would suck one last time on my cock before sliding her lips off of it. Passion would burn in her eyes, so turned on by my cum.

Oh, Dr. Rita, you saved me! Mmm, with your yummy cum!

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. “And you must be so grateful.”

I am, she moaned. And so excited... Would you...take me? Claim me! Please, Dr. Rita! You saved me!

“Yes!” I howled and came.

My body shuddered as my pussy convulsed on my fingers. I clenched my teeth to keep another outburst from exploding out of my mouth. People moved through the hallways. It was only early evening, not too far into my shift, and the hospital still bustled.

The pleasure rippled through my body. The fantasy burned through my mind. I wanted it to be reality so bad. I wanted the futa-fairy to grant my wish. My teeth ground together as my thumb rubbed my clit, keeping the waves rippling through me, the juices flooding past my fingers.

“I'll save you, my sleeping beauty,” I moaned, my head snapping back.

Then my pleasure peaked in me. I shivered, pulling my fingers from her mouth and my pussy. They glistened with her saliva and my cream. I shuddered, bringing all three to my mouth, tasting her spit and then my tart pussy. I licked my fingers clean, shuddering at how perverted I was.

“This is all your fault, Officer Cindy,” I muttered.

“What is, Dr. Rita?” a voice asked behind me.

I jumped and whirled, finding Nurse Pita behind me. She was a curvy, Hispanic woman, wavy-brown hair falling about her smiling face. She had such a delicious shade of skin, a rich brown. She wore scrubs, of course, but hers were purple for the bottoms and lilac for the top, her stethoscope draped around her shoulders.

“Nothing,” I said, my heart racing.

“Did I scare you?” she asked.

I nodded.

“I know, it's so easy to get lost staring at her,” Pita said, shaking her head. “Such a tragedy. So young.”

“So young.” I took a deep breath, feeling so flushed. I smelled my own tart pussy, winced. Would Pita notice?

“So a letter came for you,” Pita said, pulling out a thick envelope from her metal clipboard, the kind that can open up to hold papers, and handed it over.

I blinked, taking it. The paper looked old-fashion, the pulp coarse, a yellowish hue about it. There was silvery writing on the front written in flowing cursive by a fountain pen. And on the back it was held close by a green, wax seal.

“Weird,” I said, turning it back over to stare at the address.

To: Dr. Rita Jones
Room 317, St. Claire Hospital
11315 Bridgeport Way SW
Lakewood, WA, 98499

I blinked. “How did they know I would be in this room?”

“No idea, Dr. Rita,” Pita shrugged. “Kinda weird, right?”

From: Leanan Sidhe
The Reflectory
1 Summer Lane
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

“Leanan Sidhe?” I gave Pita a puzzled look. “And Arizona?”

She shrugged again.

“And there's no stamp on it,” I continued, “nor any marking from the post office. Who delivered this letter?”

“Came in with the mail, I guess. Super weird.”

“Yeah,” I frowned, giving her a look. “Is this the nursing staff's idea of a prank?”

“Would we do that?” Pita asked, giving me such an innocent look.

I laughed, “Yes.”

“It's legit as far as I know.” The Hispanic woman stretched her back, her boobs pressing at her top. Such round breasts. I fought the urge to touch them. That futa-cop had messed me up. “Well, I got to get to room 218.”

I nodded, my thumb cracking open the seal. As she walked out, I pulled out the thick letter, green glitter spilling out with it, staining my fingers and raining down to the floor. I arched an eyebrow at that as I unfolded the only piece of paper in there, revealing more of the silver, flowing script.

Whoever prepared it had great penmanship. Mine was atrocious. I lived up to that stereotype about doctors.

My dearest Dr. Rita Jones

I am writing to you in regards to your wish that you most passionately have made. I recognize the desire bursting in your compassionate heart. I am so moved by the deep abiding love you have and desire to heal, even if it is in the most wanton and naughty of fashions. I must confess that not only is your wish breathtaking in its humanity but stirs such an effervescent delight in my nethers.

Which is why I am writing you this letter expressing my deepest desire to make your wish come true. For I fully understand both the fire burning in your nethers, and the desire to transform the world into something better. Now that I felt your passion, and how I did shudder in the Reflectory, my salty desire spraying into the still waters, disturbing their mirrored surface.

So expect my visit tonight, my dearest Dr. Rita, and know that your compassionate wish shall be granted.

Yours in fellowship,

Leanan Sidhe

Esq. of Summer

My heart skipped a beat. My pussy became molten desire. It was her. The futa-fairy. It had to be. She knew that I wanted to heal Casey with my girl-cum. She heard my wish and was going to answer it.

It was all I could do not to scream for joy right then and there.

The futa-fairy was real and she was coming to make all my wishes come true. It was enough to make my pussy clench, to make my heart race. I shivered, shaking my hips. I shoved the letter into my coat pocket, wondering when she would arrive.

How long would it be?

Hopefully not long.

As the hours passed, I kept rushing through the hospital, called in to help with emergency room patients while also monitoring those on other floors who had been admitted. But the entire time, the futa-fairy hovered in the back of my mind.

I constantly checked my pocket, patting it or thrusting my hand inside to make sure it was still there. That I hadn't imagined it. When I caught momentary breathers, I pulled it out of my pocket and stared at, reading the words over and over, swooning in delight like I was a girl of eighteen instead of a woman of forty.

I was a mother.

A doctor.

But I felt so young.

My panties were a sodden mess. My clit ached and throbbed. I kept having to fight that urge to masturbate. It was there, itching between my thighs, begging for attention because the futa-fairy was coming.

And she would love me and give me a girl-cock.

It was nearing three AM when I finally took my break. It was slowing down. And still the futa-fairy hadn't arrived. I was so eager to meet Leann Sidhe. I was about to head to the break room or maybe go masturbate in the on-call room when I remembered the address on the letter.

Room 317.

Sleeping beauty's room.

Did I need to be in there with her?

I rushed up to the third floor and slipped in. It was dark. Her face illuminated by the heart rate monitor. Out of reflex, I noted all the readings before I sat down on a chair beside her, leaning back, staring at her perfect face.

How I would love her once I work her up. My princess.

My eyes grew heavy as I sat there. It was such a long night. And despite how excited I was to meet Leanan Sidhe, weariness dragged me down. I never got enough sleep. I always had to wake up and do housework before going to work, and making sure Pattie was doing her homework.

Ms. Marcie at her college had her so distracted. I swear she had a crush on her teacher.

I let my eyes close. My phone had an alarm when I had to go back to work, and my beeper would go off if they needed me. Yes, we still used beepers. They were loud and annoying and got your attention.

My last thoughts were of kissing Carly's lips, salty with my cum, before darkness embraced me.
It was the flutter of wings, the humming buzz of a dragonfly, that drew me awake. I was sitting on a bench in shadows, a soft breeze wafting by me. It smelled so sweet, carrying with it all the delights of summer: fresh grass, flowering perfume, soft loam. I blinked, staring at a pool of water in a stone gazebo surrounded by benches, the world sunny beyond.

And hovering over the pool was a winged girl. She looked young and slender, her supple back leading down to a round, bubbly ass. She had just a hint of curves to her back. Her wings were clear and veined like a dragonflies, buzzing as she hovered.

She turned around slowly. Though she looked like a girl, she was really a young woman just budding into adulthood, her breasts small mounds, her features fair and youthful. She had a bright smile on her lips, green hair tumbling down to her shoulders and her eyes...

Silver. Ancient. They dwarfed me. I felt like a virus before Mount Everest. There was such a colossal difference between her enormous age and my brief, guttering life.

And then I noticed her hands both wrapped about a thick, long shaft thrusting hard from a hairless pussy. Her slim fingers could hardly surround the cock as she jerked it. A delicious shudder ran through her, precum beading at the tip of her cock.

Did I have to suck her dick?

“My dearest Dr...” Her words trailed off into a gasp as I leaped to my feet and engulfed her dick. How could I resist? Her hovering put it right at mouth-level.

She groaned as I sucked, savoring her huge girth filling my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her dick, savoring her salty precum leaking out. I loved how her wings fluttered faster every time I suckled, her lips singing out delight.

“Oh, my dearest Dr. Rita,” she groaned. “Oh, what a delightful creature you are. I see that caring heart at work, so eager to reduce the swelling in my tumescent futa-cock.”

I stared up at her, sucking harder, letting her think what she wanted.

“Mmm, you are no stranger to futas or the delight of our girl-dicks,” the futa-fairy, Leanan Sidhe, continued. “Wonderful. That makes this so much simpler. You are already conversant in what I offer and eager to possess it yourself.”

I moaned a yes about her cock, my hands grabbing her shaft. My dark fingers wrapped about her ivory futa-dick, fisting it as I bobbed my mouth. My cheeks hollowed as I loved every inch of her girl-cock I could.

Her wings hummed faster. Her hands ran through my short afro, fingers so delicate. She groaned again, her youthful-seeming face twisting with pleasure. Her hips undulated, sliding her futa-dick in and out of my mouth while her small tits jiggled.

“Oh, yes, you are such a delicious treat, my dearest Dr. Rita,” she groaned. “I knew you would be such a wonderful patron. You will use your wish to bring such joy and delight into the world. Oh, yes, you will.”

I moaned about her cock, so eager to.

“And you'll do it in exchange for the simplest of favors that I will call upon you, one day, to fulfill.”

Anything. I would do anything.

My hands fisted her cock faster and faster, loving how her shaft throbbed in my mouth. My cheeks hollowed. My tongue bathed the head of her cock while my pussy clenched. I shivered, hips writhing, my breasts jiggling.

I was naked.

It was wonderful. The warm breeze caressed my body while I bobbed my mouth, taking more and more of her dick. Her tip brushed the back of my throat before I slid my mouth back up her shaft, sucking the entire way.

She convulsed, singing out her musical passion. “Yes, yes, yes, you are such a treasure, my dearest Dr. Rita.”

Her fingers tightened in my hair as I sank my mouth down her dick. She brushed the back of my throat. This time, I didn't stop. I kept going, fighting my gag reflex. I swallowed her cock, her shaft stretching out my throat.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching and juices pouring down my thighs. I pulled my hands from her shaft, grabbing her hips, so I could swallow more and more. Her moans grew higher and higher in pitch until my lips were pressed into her pussy. I tasted her sweet musk.


“Oh, you are spoiling my tumescent girl-cock, my dearest Dr. Rita,” she moaned, trembling, her wings a humming blur. “Oh, yes, you have such passion, such wanton need to make people happy. You are such a treasure!”

Her fingers tightened in my hair as her body bucked. Her cock throbbed in my throat. And then she let out the cutest, gasping moans as her cock erupted. She pumped her futa-cum straight into my belly. Though I didn't get to enjoy her cum, I tasted her sweet pussy juices, my mouth nuzzling into her nether lips. I loved it, tasting her cream as her jizz pumped over and over into my stomach.

Filling me. Warming me.

I came.

The pleasure rippled through me. Not a hard orgasm, but just a taste of the true passion to come at the hands of Leanan Sidhe. I moaned about her dick while she trembled above me, her small breasts jiggling while her silvery eyes fluttered.

“Oh, yes, you are such a dear, sweet thing, Dr. Rita,” she groaned. “Mmm, and such a wanton passion lurks in you to find your pleasure from the delight of my seed pumping so wickedly into your stomach.”

I only shuddered, my thighs growing sticky with my passion. Her cock pulsed a final time in my mouth. She pulled her dick back, her wings humming away. I groaned when her dick popped free, sucking in breaths while my body buzzed with delight.

“So, that's it?” I asked, the rapture dying down to an aching need. I stared down my ebony body, past my pillowy tits, to stare at my thick, curly pubic hair. “I don't see my futa-dick.”

“Well, of course not, my dearest Dr. Rita,” she chortled. “We have hardly consummated our agreement with a mere display of oral talents. No, we need the true congress of our flesh.”

“You have to fuck my pussy?” I asked, struggling to parse her old-fashioned speak.

“Exactly,” she beamed. “And I can say with quite frankness that my tumescent futa-cock is most eager to make acquaintance with your wet quim. I hope you feel the same way.”

“Oh, yes,” I moaned, stretching out on my back beside the pool, my breasts jiggling. “Come make my cunt's acquaintance.”

Her wings lowered her slender body between my thighs. She stroked her dick with one hand as she leaned over me. She looked so young, so frail over me. But those eyes... They were so ancient. I shuddered as she rubbed her cock against my pussy lips, a smile crossing her lips.

She shuddered in delight as she stroked up and down my slit, nudging my clit with her big girl-dick. Her small, budding breasts trembled. Her snowy hand seized my ebony breast, squeezing it. The contrast between our skin sent a wicked thrill through me.

My sleeping beauty was equally as snowy.

“Mmm, I do truly love your bountiful, Nubian beauty, my dearest Dr. Rita,” she purred. “Your skin is such a delicious shade and, I must confess, I have such a letch to slide my cock between the valley of your most pillowy breasts. But, alas, we have our agreement to seal, and you have your patient to heal with your salty desire.”

“Yes,” I groaned. Nubian? Should I be offended? But then her cock felt so amazing rubbing on my pussy. I didn't care. “Just fuck me.”

“So you agree to my terms?” she moaned. “A favor for granting you your heart's dearest wish?”

“Yes! I'll do anything! Just fuck me! Make me into a futanari so I can heal her!”

Her ivory cock thrust into my dark depths.

I gasped, my pussy stretched wide open by a huge dick again. No matter how many fat dildos I fucked myself with, they couldn't compare to a real girl-cock in me again. That huge, fleshy shaft stretching my pussy open and sending my entire body shaking in delight.

My pillowy, ebony tits shook as she leaned over me, her wings fluttering. Her green hair fell down her cute, girlish face. She gasped out in playful delight as her cock reamed so deep into my pussy. I shuddered, clamping down on her as I savored the friction of her futa-dick pumping away at my hot cunt.

“Oh, my dearest Dr. Rita,” she moaned. “Oh, you feel so wonderfully wicked on my futa-dick. Oh, yes, we are creating such an effervescent friction. The delight is just bubbling through my body. Mmm, I love it.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed. “Just fuck me! I need to cum on this big dick!”

“Indeed! I would love it ever so much if your hot quim did convulse with abject delight upon my great girth.”

Her hips thrust faster, her wings buzzing over her as she groaned her delight. I shuddered, my pussy clamping down on her huge dick as it plunged over and over into me. The pleasure shot through me, leaving me gasping and moaning. My hands streaked up, squeezing her mounds. My fingers gripped her small tits, loving how they felt as she plunged over and over into me. I rubbed her nipples, making her gasp.

Her hands returned the favor, squeezing my big tits. She lowered her face, her tongue swirling around my dark nipple as her lithe body twisted. Her cock kept fucking me as she teased my nubs, circling my areolas, her head darting back and forth while the silk of her hair caressed my tits.

It was so hot.

I groaned, writhing, the fresh, Summer air washing around us. I groaned, twisting her nipples as she sucked on mine. I gasped at the delight of her hot mouth suckling. The delight shot through my body to my burning pussy.

My flesh clamped down on her plunging cock.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, squeezing her nipples. “Keep fucking me this hard, and I'll cum on this huge dick.”

She sucked harder on my nipple. She wanted me to cum. She was so eager for it.

As her mouth loved my nipples, going back and forth, my pussy clamped down so hard on her dick thrusting into the depths of my cunt. She stirred me up, plunging so hard in and out of my depths. I shuddered, my orgasm swelling.

I twisted her nipples as the pressure built. It was so hot being fucked by a girl with a dick. It was so wrong, so impossibly wonderful. It had my head tossing back and forth as I screamed out my pleasure, dark thighs locked about her pale flesh.

“Leanan Sidhe!” I howled. “Yes, yes, yes, I love this dick!”

She sucked harder on my right nipple. My nub throbbed. Lightning arced to my pussy. Hot plasma exploded through me.

I came.

My flesh spasmed about her thrusting dick. I groaned, bucking and squirming beneath her as she thrust so hard. Her dick rammed into my convulsing depths. Her mouth sucked so hard at my nipple. She made me convulse and writhe.

“Cum in me!” I howled. “Flood me with your futa-cum!”

Her head popped off my nipple. “Yes, my dearest, Dr. Rita! Your wonderful quim has brought me to my climax!”

Her cock buried in me. Hot futa-cum spurted into my depths. I shuddered, my pussy convulsing harder as my orgasm intensified. The futa-fairy's jizz filled me. Girl-jizz. My eyes rolled back into my head, stars danced. The gazebo spun around me.

I felt more than cum spill into me. There was magic. It flooded my cunt. It spilled through every inch of my pussy. It had me shuddering and bucking. It had me groaning out my pleasure as I held her, clutched her.

I drank in the passion.

I savored it.

My body absorbed her seed. I felt her magic rushing through my body, spilling towards me and then gathering in one spot. My clit. I shivered, knowing it was happening. I was changing, transforming. She had made me into a futa.

My clit grew between us, trapped between our stomachs. I shuddered, trembling as our muscles rippled as we both came. My dick grew bigger and bigger. My futa-cock swelled to its full girth, throbbing with passion.

“Oh, yes, my dearest Dr. Rita,” she moaned, arching away from me. “I can feel your joy, feel it bubbling through your body like the headiest of champagne through the veins of a débutante on the night of her presentment.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, blinking at her metaphor.

Her cock slid out of my pussy as I stared down at my new futa-dick. I licked my lips, loving how huge it was. It was this big, throbbing, ebony shaft, curved slightly, hovering an inch or two over my stomach as it thrust from the folds of my pussy.

“What a mighty specimen I have gifted you,” purred the futa-fairy as she moved down my body. Her pale hands grasped my ebony shaft. She lifted it up, bringing the tip to her lips. “Mmm, my dearest Dr. Rita, I know full well that you shall bring such joy and happiness with this tumescent futa-cock.”

“I will,” I groaned as her hot mouth engulfed just the tip of my dick, her red lips sealed tight as she sucked.

It was so powerful. My entire body convulsed as I heard the beeping of medical equipment. She sucked, making noisy, wet, obscene sounds. Her cheeks hollowed while the rhythmic beeping of the heartbeat monitor grew louder and louder.

My eyes fluttered open. The dream dissolved around me, my hands gripping the plastic railing on the side of the hospital bed, my sleeping beauty beneath me. Carly's blonde hair fanned out around her head turned to the side.

So she could suck on my futa-cock.

I gasped, seeing the thick, ebony shaft thrusting out of my crotch. My light-blue scrubs were pushed down just enough for my new futa-dick to thrust out. The sleeping woman nursed on my dick, suckling by reflex, her fair cheeks hollowing with each one.

“Yes,” I groaned, shuddering in pure delight. “Oh, yes, my princess. I'm healing you. You're going to drink all your medicine and wake up healed. Isn't that wonderful?”

She didn't answer. She only sucked.

I stroked her cheek, my ebony finger tracing her pale features. My heart beat so fast. I was like a knight saving her.

I shivered, my pussy clenching every time she sucked. The powerful delight rippled through me. I groaned, my nipples throbbing, constrained in my bra beneath my scrubs. I shifted, my doctor coat swaying and rustling.

I stroked my finger down her cheeks as she kept suckling. Her eyes fluttered, rolling, moving. Activity fluttered on her EEG. For the first time since she was brought in, brain waves were picked up. She was healing.

“Yes, yes, that's it,” I groaned, my hand moving down her neck, feeling her pulse, her heart beating so fast. “I'm saving you.”

My dick ached in her hungry mouth. It was so amazing to feel her suck. Her tongue moved, brushing the tip. I shuddered, my hand reaching the neck of her hospital gown. My dark hand pressed beneath the white cloth dotted with small, pale-pink flowers. I slid down her warm flesh.

And found her warm breast.

My pussy clenched and my cock ached with delight as I cupped her breast. Her nipple was hard as I ran my palm over her mound, loving how silky she felt. Her heartbeat grew faster and faster as she sucked harder and harder.

“You know I'm trying to save you,” I panted. “Yes, yes, yes, my sleeping beauty. Just make me cum! Get your futa-medicine.”

Juices soaked into my panties bunched around the base of my cock. My back arched, the pressure mounting. Her suction was incredible. Her tongue swiped across the sensitive crown of my dick once again.

I came.

The lightning shot from my dick and through my body, striking my brain over and over. My cock erupted. Jizz pumped into her hot mouth as my pussy convulsed. I groaned, squeezing her breast as I fired more and more of my futa-cum into her mouth, healing her as I satiated my desires.

“My sleeping beauty! Yes!”

She swallowed my cum. She gulped it down. Color flushed through her cheeks. Her hands twitched, no longer curled into a rictus on her stomach. I watched her skinny arms grow healthy, her muscle mass returning, restoring her to how she was before she returned to her coma.

Her blue eyes opened.

She moaned about my cock, swallowing the last blast of healing futa-cum. She blinked, her cheeks flushed so crimson. I groaned as her mouth slid off my cock. She sucked in breaths, her pupils so dilated as she stared up at me.

“Who? What?”

“I'm Dr. Rita Jones,” I said, breathing heavily, my body buzzing from the euphoria of healing her. “You've been in a coma for three months. Ever since your car accident.”

“Car...accident,” she said. Then her eyes flicked to my ebony cock. “You...?”

“Healed you with my futa-dick and my futa-cum,” I told her. “You were brain dead. But now... Now you're fine.”

“I am?” she said. “I...” She flushed, licking her lips. “Your cum... It was so salty. I could feel it... And...” She swallowed. “Dr. Rita, how do I know I'm fully healed?”

“What's your name?” I asked as she squirmed beneath the shorts. “And your age?”

“Carly Wright. I'm twenty-three. And it's... July 19th, 2017.”

“October 18th.” I smiled at her. “But the year's right. You're healed.”

“But...” She squirmed again, her legs moving beneath her blankets. “What if I need...another treatment.”

My dick throbbed.


“What are you saying?” I asked, my heart racing.

She kicked off her blankets, her legs flashing as her hospital gown rode up her pale thighs. They looked so healthy, no longer emaciated. “Maybe... I need another injection.” Her hands rubbed at her crotch. “Here.”

“Maybe,” I groaned, moving around the bed.

I pushed up her hospital gown and pulled off the adult diaper she had to wear, exposing her blonde bush matted with her excitement. She flushed at the sight of the diaper, but then her hands grabbed my thick futa-dick.

“Inject me, Doctor!”

“When I'm ready,” I purred, my hands rubbing at her pale thighs. Her pussy looked so tasty. “I have to examine you first.”

Her blue eyes widened in pure understanding. “Of course, Dr. Rita. Do whatever you want to me. You saved me!”

Tears burned in my eyes. “I did, my sweet princess.”

“Princess...” She whispered that name, her eyes so wide.

My dark hands moved down her ivory thighs as I leaned down. My cock ached as I breathed in her sweet musk. It was different from the futa-fairy's, a more delicate scent. I groaned, bringing my face closer and closer.

And shuddered at the first kiss of her wet, silky pubic hairs on my lips and nose. Then I nuzzled into her cunt. I felt her hot flesh rubbing on my face. My hands tightened on her thighs as I took my first lick of another woman's pussy.

I groaned as my tongue dragged through her hot petals. My princess gasped, shuddering on the hospital bed. Her sweet juices coated my tongue. I savored the flavor, taking a moment to just appreciate how wonderful she tasted.

And then I feasted.

“Dr. Rita!” she moaned, her hips humping up against me. “Oh, yes, Dr. Rita, examine my pussy! Make sure I'm healed. Oh, yes!”

Her silky pubic hairs caressed my face as she humped against me. I loved it. I savored the glide of her sticky pussy lips and ticklish curls on my face as my tongue licked and explored. I dove through her labia minora, caressing her clit peeking out of her clitoral hood. Then I moved down and slid into her vaginal entrance, savoring the silky depths of her pussy walls.

Her cunt clenched about my tongue as my hands moved. I gripped her ass as I devoured her pussy, my nose pressed into her golden curls. She groaned, her hands pulling up her hospital gown as she squirmed. She bared her breasts, the monitors sticking to her chest around them.

“Oh, yes, Dr. Rita,” she groaned. “Oh, that's so amazing. Mmm, you're being so thorough. You're exploring so deep.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, my lips sticky with her juices. “And so far, everything is wonderful.”

“Good,” she moaned, my fingers clenching at her naked ass. They slid between the cheeks of her butt.

Her eyes widened as I brushed her sphincter. She let out a wicked moan—my princess had a saucy vibrancy about her—as I tongued her cunt and jammed a finger into her asshole. I always loved having a man finger-fuck my asshole while eating my pussy.

She bucked hard. Her bowels clenched on my probing finger. Her velvety delight made my dick ache and throb as she humped her hot cunt against my face. Her tits jiggled, her blue eyes squeezing shut.

“Oh, Dr. Rita! I think... Yes, yes, yes! I think it's happening!”

She came.

Her asshole writhed about my finger as sweet juices flooded my hungry mouth. I groaned, drinking down the flood. There was so much wonderful juices pouring out of her. I grew dizzy as I savored her delight, gulping the sweet cream while her moans echoed through the room.

My cock was so hard. I had to be in her. I had to give her another healing injection of my cum. My eyes met hers as she thrashed and humped against me, her breasts heaving. One of her monitors fell off, an alarm sounding.

“Fuck me, Dr. Rita!” she screamed.

I rose, ripping off my doctor's jacket as her hands grabbed my ebony dick. She pulled my shaft to her blonde bush. I groaned at the hot feel of her cunt rubbing on the crown of my girl-cock. She guided me to her entrance.

I buried into my first cunt.

Her pussy spasmed about my dick as I buried into her. I groaned, my back arching, my breasts shaking in my top as I speared into her cunt's depths. She groaned, her body twisting, tits jiggling as rapture spread across her face.

“Oh, Dr. Rita, yes,” she moaned, her hands seizing the hem of my scrubs top. “Fuck me! Give me my injection.”

“I am!” I groaned, my hips pumping away, the hospital bed creaking as I pounded her.

I lifted my arms as she pulled off my top and threw it away. My tits heaved and bounced in my white bra. She grabbed the cups, shoving them up and over my tits. My pillowy mounds spilled dark into her pale hands.

She squeezed them as she humped back into my thrusts. She moaned and gasped, her thumbs rubbing my nipples, shooting delight to my new futa-cock reaming over and over into her hot, spasming pussy.

It was heaven in her orgasming cunt.

“Oh, my god, Dr. Rita,” she moaned, her fingers sinking into my pillowy mounds. “I keep cumming! Your dick is amazing.”

“My futa-dick,” I panted. “I'm a futa!”

“That's so hot! I love it! Your dick is huge!”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, thrusting so hard into her cunt, the bed shaking, rocking. The beeping alarm continued as I plowed her.

Pleasure rippled through me. My orgasm built so fast in me. I was in my first pussy. Her pussy. I had savored her, rescued her, and now I claimed my sleeping princess. This was so hot. Dizzy pleasure washed through me.

The door opened. Nurse Pita burst in and froze.

“Dr. Rita?” she gasped. “And... Carly?” Then she descended into rapid Spanish.

“I healed her, Nurse,” I groaned, ramming my cock so fast. “With my futa-cum. I healed her, and now I'm injecting her with another load of my futa-cure.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” howled Carly, her blonde hair flying, her hands squeezing my tits so hard. “She healed me, Nurse. With her big futa-cock. It's so amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned.

Nurse Pita's eyes widened as she stumbled closer. The Hispanic nurse's rich-brown cheeks darkened with a flush. Her nipples tented the front of her scrubs. She stared at my ebony cock plunging over and over into the patient's hot cunt.

“You have a dick, Dr. Rita.”

“Yes!” I moaned. “I'm a futa!”

“And you...healed her?” the nurse asked, crossing herself.

“Uh-huh,” Carly moaned, her pussy spasming so hard as she came again. “Oh, god, I keep orgasming. It's so hot. Oh, fuck, Dr. Rita! Cum in me! Give me my next injection!”

“Yes!” I howled and buried into her spasming cunt.

My pussy convulsed as my futa-cock erupted into her depths. I flooded my princess's pussy. I gave her load after load of my girl-jizz. I shuddered, the rapture spilling through my body. Stars danced before my eyes as I groaned and gasped.

It was so amazing. Cumming with a cock was so awesome. It was such a powerful experience. Every time the cum shot out of my dick, lightning struck my brain, frying it with ecstasy. Stars danced before my eyes.

“My futa-cum cures people, Pita!” I moaned. “We have to study this! Replicate it! We can heal anyone!”

“Anyone, Dr. Rita?” she asked, her voice thick with desire.

“Anyone,” I groaned as my cum fired the final time into Carly's pussy. “And we're going to have a lot of fun studying it!”

Pita's hot eyes met mine. She licked her lips. I knew that she wanted my cock. That she wanted to help me. God, I loved being a futa-doctor. I was so glad I made a wish. I was so glad I sped and got pulled over by Officer Cindy.

And I was so glad that I met Leanan Sidhe. The futa-fairy had made my perverted wish come true!

To be continued...

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