White Lucy, Dark Meat ch.1

White Lucy, Dark Meat ch.1


“Shhhh…. Shhhh.” Chris hissed, cutting me off. “Just keep your head down… don't look up… they'll see you.” My instant reaction of course was to look straight up. That was when I saw them. Two, tall, heavy-set black men, who were cutting across the grass clearing, straight in our direction. I don't know who was more surprised really, Chris or myself. In the 8 months we had been coming here we had seen all of maybe 3 people. “Our Spot” as we had come to call it was an old, abandoned, overgrown reserve, down by the lake.

Our Secret Spot

It was only accessible by foot, down a narrow path at the end of a dirt road. The path weaved between the grass and shrubs which we had to negotiate each time we went to our spot.. At first we just used to sit and talk on the splintered park bench, or lay on the grass patch and sun bake. Or Chris would teach me things I didn't know, mostly boring stuff but I appreciated it. At 19 though, I was already moderately experienced in a range of things myself. As weeks turned into months and the visits to our spot continued, our young urges eventually took over the nerves. Now I was the one teaching Chris new and exciting things.

“How did you get so good at that?” He would ask repeatedly as I stroked up and down his growing shaft.
Or, “When did you learn that?” and “That feels so so so good!” when I started giving him blow jobs.

I would bend over, underneath the park bench, during the day. Or just out on the grass at night, then make him finger my coochy. I'd let him dive between my legs with his tongue and lick me as best he could… He was terrible to be honest, but I put up with it for the most part. Even letting him awkwardly take my virginity inside the abandoned toilet block.

We moved on to experiment even further but things were changing in other ways too. I was beginning to lose interest in the physical attributes of Chris. His lack of physique and pasty white skin, along with measuring no more than about five and a half feet tall, made him less desirable as time went on. I was expecting him to go through some sort of growth spurt and transformation into a man but it never happened. One thing I suppose was on my side was my own height, I had no worries about ever being taller than a guy I like. Not growing an inch since about 10, I still stood at 4 feet 5 inches, on my 19th birthday.

I was however, cursed with the ginger gene. My pale skin and “ideal amount” of freckles, went with my height I guess. To top it all off though, I would wear a short, cotton skirt with my volleys and knee high socks. My complete lack of anything in the breast department, barely an A cup, allowed me to get away with wearing tank and crop tops without the discomfort of a bra.

To. be continued...

The Meet

“Why did you look,” He whispered “Now they're comin' over…. Fuck!”

Before he could say another word they were upon us, leaving only the bench between the two giant beasts and ourselves. Their shadows cast over us blocking out the sun so it was hard to make out their faces.

“Gotta smoke der' honky?” was all I heard, grumble from the taller of the two.

Chris fumbled for a cigarette from his packet. Turning white as a ghost in the process “He...here you go,” he managed to stutter.

He stood up to pass it over to the man closest. Like a lightning strike from out of nowhere, Chris was hit directly on the chin by a huge black, gorilla-sized fist. He fell to the ground in a heap and didn't move. I froze. It seemed like slow motion almost. One of the men grabbed Chris and slung him over their shoulder. Then from behind I was given the same treatment, the tallest man spun me up on his huge muscular shoulder and began to walk. I couldn't see where we were going, I was still frozen in shock.

The familiar sound of the door opening ahead of us snapped me back to reality as the sun disappeared and I was dropped onto the cold, damp floor of the old toilet building I just so happened to lose my virginity in.

Chris was dumped to the floor in front of me, then promptly dragged by one leg around the corner and out of sight. Another familiar sound of a cubicle being opened and closed, then the black man returned by himself and swiftly went about making sure the door and windows were secure, I knew in the back of my head nobody was coming to interrupt but I kept my mouth shut. It didn't make a difference, I was dumped in the same fashion Chris was moments before, directly in a stale puddle of what was either water or piss. I rose to my feet and the dizziness subsided.

I just stood there in the middle of the men's old toilet block. They looked nervous or unsure what to do next, pacing back and forth checking the windows again and again.

“So…” I cleared my throat, “So… Who's Jerome and who's Tyrese?” It just came out, I didn't know what else to say at that point. It couldn't have been anyone except them.

They almost looked as shocked as I felt saying it. The taller, older beast of a man seemed like the one in charge. He stepped forward, I began to feel my nerves rising.

“So the little ginger bitch speaks after all,” His voice echoed of the cold room. “If you really must know, I am Jerome. Tyrese just so happens to be running late so I had another brother join me until T arrives, this is Maurice.”

The other man stepped forward, doing nothing but nodding shyly. He would have been at least 20 years younger than Jerome, who was at least 50.

“The more the merrier.” I blurted out before turning my pale freckled face red in embarrassment.

It Really Happened

“So this is the little white Lucy that told you she sucked her mum's boyfriends cock n he finger banged her ass?” Maurice almost sounded shocked as he looked toward Jerome who was now beginning to undress. “Damn girl, you nasty”

“Shut the fuck up and get your clothes off Maurice” Jerome had a way with words, Maurice snapped to attention and did as he was told.

Chris was still motionless in the corner against the basins and I now had two huge hairy black men towering in front of me like giants. Just when I thought it was about to begin, Maurice knelt to his clothes on the floor and fumbled around in the pocket. Pulling out a small case he clicked it open and from where I was standing I could see only a third of its contents, still giving me quite a shock nonetheless. He has two baggies with at least 20 pills in each. One pack blue, the other red. Along with another bag no less than half full of white crystals. The turned their backs and took a few steps toward the wall. Taking what they needed they turned back to me and approached again.

“Your turn now slut!” They both said at once. Not being all that new to drugs of any nature I naturally put my hand out to receive whatever they had to offer.

Jerome let out a loud laugh, “Not that easy you silly whore. Now, turn around, bend over and spread!”

I did exactly as he demanded, as if in some sort of trance or spell. I turned and faced the wall, tugged on my thong and worked it down from under my skirt until it was around my ankles. Counting to three in my head I closed my eyes and bent over as far as I could, spreading my cheeks with each hand at the same time. I flinched about a foot when he spat, it landed perfectly on my pink butt hole and ran between my legs. Then I flinched a second time when his enormous finger made contact with my entrance. It popped inside after a gentle push. He quickly removed it though causing me to finally open my eyes. I got a glimpse of him shaking several pills from the bag and placing one on his finger before diving it back into me. He did this two more times, on the last pill he slid his finger as deep as his hand would let him, wriggling it about inside me. Jerome and Maurice stepped away one last time to check the windows and doors, I remember them both turning toward me in only their briefs and finally seeing the outlines and bulges of what I was about to be in store for. I was wet beyond belief, light headed and things began to feel like they were in slow motion again.

Back-Up Arrives

I was down on my knees, spit running down my chin and two monster black cocks in the grasp of each of my tiny white hands when my boyfriend of 8 months woke. His nose was bleeding and he quickly avoided eye contact when I glanced his way. The drugs I had been given were taking effect so the last thing on my mind was Chris at that point. However, I had failed to really plan anything beyond this point. I doubted it would even eventuate at all up until the moment I saw them that morning.

Then came the knock at the door and Maurice pulled his cock back and headed for the gate.

“Don't you fuckin' stop now slut.” Jerome said with authority, slapping his moist mushroom against my face a few times, “Gobble that big gorilla dick blondie, your ex boy toy is watching.”

I glanced back over toward Chris once again. The gate had been opened and he now had 3 African men standing over him. I continued to slurp and slobber all over his pink helmet while watching Chris in the corner of my eye. As I clenched Jerome's member I watched Maurice and the two new arrivals tug at Chris' pants until they were around his ankles. To somewhat of a surprise and laughter by the group, his tiny white cock was as stiff as a rock, staring at the ceiling. Maurice came back to have his turn with my mouth but the other two men stayed with Chris. In between fondling hairy balls, and licking my way up and down salty, Negro dongs. I watched as the mystery men proceeded to unzip their own serpents and piss all over my boy friend. When they finally shook off, one finished by spitting directly in Chris' face and the other, taller man, slapped Chris right in the cheek with his half erect cock.

“So you finally fuckin' made it Tyrese.” Jerome said, pulling his dick from my grasp and pointing toward my mouth and then back at Tyrese wit ha grin. “She's all yours.”

They then spent the better half of an hour, taking turns fucking my mouth and throat while I stroked and tugged two others. The drugs they had given me were really working by that stage and my pussy was dripping wet. They could see me try to reach for it with a spare hand and would stop me by placing it back on their pole, or between their ass crack.

“On all fours, NOW!” Came screaming from Jerome.

“Bark like a dog” Tyrese said, laughing at himself.

“Woof… woof.” I managed to whimper. I was as surprised as they were I think. They burst into laughter and close in on me once more.

“Jerome gets the honours.” Tyrese announced.

I didn't even have time to think. Two, hairy silver back sized hands slammed down on my pale white cheeks. Clenching them tight all I felt next was the rough stubble on his face, scratch my cheeks. Followed only seconds later by his long, wet tongue diving into my butt hole. He somehow manoeuvred two of his fingers inside my velvet box at the same time and went to town on me as the other 3 looked on, stroking themselves and laughing. Jerome's face pulled away from my ass and was quickly replaced by the distinctive shaped… and sized, baby fist like penis head. He pressed with no luck, despite the wet juices running down the inside of my legs. So he spat, and spat. Then aligned his one eyed monster once again. This time I pushed back against it with excitement and causing instant pain it popped inside me. As if my pussy had just swallowed the head.

Brand New After the First 4 inches

I yelped a little and Jerome pulled back. Now it felt like he was stuck inside me, like getting your head through a hole and not being able to get it out again. The pain quickly disappeared and the extreme rush of pleasure and excitement took over. I leant between my legs, his cock felt like a silky lump of salami. He wriggled and I pushed, still holding and guiding his shaft I could feel each inch it plunged deeper. He was discovering new territory down there and was still another hands grasp from balls deep.

Not being greedy or wanting to hold the other guys up he had his bit of fun with me, marked his ground and saved his load for later. With one last plunge of his rod he pulled out with speed. It felt like he was tearing my insides out in some sort of strange good way. It also caused my legs to almost buckled beneath me as I let out a huge pussy fart.

Jerome stood back wiping his dick before he spoke. “I declare this lil' white… This tight, lil' white piece of a cum dumpster known as Lucy Rosebud is free for the taking men. Do as she wished for and do as you wish!”

I was still on all fours where Jerome had left me, not a chance to move, they were on me like a pack of wild dogs in for the kill. 6 eager hands, grabbing and poking whatever they can find. Considering none of them would have been under 6 feet tall I felt lost underneath their huge hairy bodies. I was reaching for dicks in any way I could and they were inspecting every last inch of me. Tyrese punched straight into my freckle with his dry tongue and Maurice was busy stretching his way inside my vadge with his chubby fingers. I was left servicing the guy, who's name I still had no idea of, when I noticed just how young he was. The other 3 men were well into their 40's if not 50's but this guy wouldn't have been a year or two older than me. He was definitely the shyest, his meat stick was chubby and heavy and stunk but I loved it. I peeled the sheath back and slobbered all over it.

“Spit-roast!” Maurice and Tyrese yelled from behind me as they decided they'd had enough exploring and warming up.

“I got that sweet pink sphincter of hers, aight!” Tyrese called shotgun on my ass hole, “Hear, that missy, you're coming for a ride on the Tyrese Meat Train, express to your ass. All aboard!” He finished with a grin then lined me up for the take down. He threw me over Maurice who was laying on the floor, I straddled him and he entered me with little trouble. I continued to service mystery man and Tyrese prepared my back door…. Very minimally mind you. He basically punched my sphincter open with nothing more than the moisture and pre cum beneath his saggy foreskin. It popped inside and filled me with strange feelings. Maurice and Tyrese's shafts grinding against each other, separated only by the lining between my pussy and ass. Then suddenly, no warning at all, I felt the first shot. A warm burst against my face, as it ran down my cheek, another blast followed.

“Darnell, what the fuck man!” Came Maurice's voice from beneath me. “What's wrong with you!”

I was left with the two older men for what seemed like forever, back and forth, pussy and butt hole filled with big black dicks. Then Jerome returned to the fun. Along with more drugs. This time he sprinkled a decent amount of white powder on the tip of his rock hard mast.

“Lick it off now bitch,” He ordered, “When ya done there, there's one for ya shit chute!”

“Y.. yes… yes Master.” I managed to get out.

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