The making of a slut - part 4

The making of a slut - part 4

“Ordinarily,” said Dr. Field. “I’d have a nurse present and she’d stay during the exam, but your stepfather tells me that won’t be necessary. As a matter of fact, he will be present instead when I call him in. He also says there’s no need to give you a gown or leave the room while you undress.” He smiled at me, but not in a really friendly way. “So, go ahead, take off your dress.”

Daddy had told me to wear a cotton dress and no bra or panties, so I pulled it off over my head and stood there in my sandals. The doctor licked his lips. “I understand you’re not a virgin, so I won’t need to be careful with how I conduct your examination, will I? Not the way I am with young ladies. Your father tells me that you have significant sexual experience. He described it as active. So I don’t imagine having the instruments inserted will be disturbing.” He motioned toward the table.

“Take off your shoes and lie down there.” I did, and he reached for my hips, slid his hands under my buttocks, and pulled me toward him until my behind was right at the edge. Then he quickly swung the stirrups around and put my feet in them. I didn’t know what was supposed to happen under ‘normal’ circumstances, but the doctor wanted me to know this was different. He quickly wrapped my wrists in nylon straps attached to the underside of the table, then more straps around each ankle so my feet couldn’t come out of the stirrups. “I don’t do that as a rule either,” he said, “but I enjoy it when possible, and it makes my job easier” Then he pushed the stirrups back so far I didn’t think my legs could open any wider.” He stared at my exposed crotch for a long moment, smiling again. “Quite a nice picture.”

He got up and picked up the phone and called his receptionist. “Will you send in Linda’s father,” he said. In less than a minute, my dad came into the room. His eyes lit up when he saw me spread open. “She looks better than I thought, Dan. Nice setup you have here. I’ve often thought about getting something like this. Makes a pussy so accessible, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” said Dr. Field, moving to stand between my legs. “There still isn’t a lot of pubic hair. Thinking of keeping it shaved?”

“Possibly. A smooth, hairless cunt is always a nice change from the usual.”

“How long have you been using it?”

“A few months now. But she’s still tight. See for yourself.”

I realized my face was on fire. It was so incredibly embarrassing the way they stood there and talked about my pussy. Dr. Field snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and stood between my legs and parted my labia, none too gently. “Hmm, they look puffy. You’ve had her this morning, or a little punishment?”

“Both,” my Dad said. I find it’s important to alternate pain and pleasure so that the two become completely connected. They need a little pain to get to the pleasure. . . . basic submissive personality.”

The doctor nodded and suddenly inserted his fingers. I gasped and they both laughed. “You’re quite right,” said the doctor. “And it’s still nice and snug.” He wiped his gloved fingers on my thigh, and walked around the table, and grabbed a breast in each hand and mashed them against my chest, then tweaked the nipples between his fingers until I made a slight sound. “Seem healthy. I think these tits will get quite a bit larger. Her mother’s are impressive as I recall.”

“Cow udders,” said my Dad. “And very entertaining. I know you enjoyed them.”

“I certainly did. Your wife takes to tit discipline very well.” Dr. Field continued to roughly massage my breasts. The feel of the rubber gloves was making my nipples get hard. “We might even try some hormone therapies I’ve been working on. Has excellent results on tit size and libido. Makes the girls very hot. I take it you like the tits fairly large.”

Daddy chuckled. “I don’t think this little slut needs much encouragement in the libido department, but I wouldn’t mind if her titties were bigger. There’s not enough to really grab and slap around. And I like tying them off at the base, making them bulge out. Of course, there’s always breast enlargement. We’ll see when they’re fully grown. Test the nipple length, will you?”

“Of course. The doctor opened a drawer and took out two tiny rubber bands. He grabbed a nipple and pulled it taut, then wrapped the rubber band around it several times until it was really tight. Then he treated the other one the same way. They immediately became swollen and tingly. The doctor took a tiny ruler from his pocket, measured, and then made a note on the chart. “Not very long, but you can work on those, too. With that and some augmentation you can have a customized model.” He went back to his spot between my legs. “I wonder how such a young fresh pussy tastes.”

“Be my guest,” said Dad. “Anything you want, it’s yours.”

Dr. Field sat on his stool, leaned in and I felt his hot tongue ramming into my slit. My dad went around to the head of the table. “Doesn’t this have that special attachment,” he asked and the doctor nodded, then stopped tongue-fucking my pussy for a moment.

“That lever on your right, just pull it to one side.” When my father did that, the top half of the table suddenly lowered until my head was hanging down. Daddy instantly pulled out his cock and stuck it in my mouth. “Yes,” he said, I’m going to have to get myself one of these.”

“And I’m going to get myself one of these,” said the doctor, indicating my pussy. “Perhaps if you run across the right sort in you practice.”

“I’ll keep an eye out.” Dad stroked himself in and out of my mouth without paying attention to me at all. “But surely you get a few sluts through the office door.”
“True, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Watching them for signs of whether they’re enjoying the exam, and slipping them a little injection so they won’t remember. Thanks for that pharmaceutical you gave me by the way. Works wonders. But they’re so out of it, it’s really not that much fun violating them. On the other hand, when they get the antidote and find themselves lying on the table with a nurse sitting beside them, they always assume their cunts are sore because of the speculum.” He went back to licking my pussy, driving his long tongue inside me. Then I felt his gloved finger at my asshole.

“The backdoor still virgin,” he asked Dad, who was casually stroking himself in my mouth. Not once had either of them spoken to me directly and it was such an odd sensation. I might have been part of the table itself for all they paid attention to me.

“I’ve been holding off on that for a special treat,” he said. “But a finger is fine. When I fuck a pussy, I like feeling it from the other side with my finger.”

“Well first we’ll do the exam, and then explore a little further.” He picked up a metal object off the table. “I’m afraid it’s bit a cold,” he said, “bit I imagine she’s hot enough on the inside already. And we don’t need any lubrication. There’s already enough present” He spread my cunt lips and pressed this cold, hard thing into me, and began cranking it open. Then he looked inside me, and stuck something in there for some kind of test. “Looks healthy, and she’ll make a good breeder. Any plans in that direction?”

My stepfather said, “No, too many complications. Maybe when she’s older. For now I want her on birth control. I like cumming in her mouth, but filling her cunt is good, too. I’ve been careful, but I don’t want to have be bothered about dates on the calendar.”

“I’ll give you samples when you leave so you can get her started right away, but it takes a little time be effective.” He pulled the metal instrument out.

“Stretched a bit now. You don’t mind if I . . .” the doctor motioned toward my spread cunt.

“No, I meant it. Enjoy yourself.

Dr. Field stood up, and unzipped his pants. I felt the unmistakable sensation of a cock against my pussy.

“I’ll use a different sort of ‘instrument’ for this part of the exam,” he chuckled. “I call this the cock suitability test.”

“Believe me, that’s one suitable pussy. And having it firmly secured in place makes it even better. I take it she’s wet.”

“Dripping,” said the doctor. And he rammed himself in without any further earning. I was stunned and almost choked on Daddy’s thick cock in my throat. But they quickly worked out a rhythm between them.
“So, doctor. How many of your patients ask for the special treatment?”

“A small selective group, very submissive, usually they’re sexually frustrated. I make sure to schedule at least one of those sort every day or so for my convenience. And I have a specific nurse who sits in on those sessions. That way they can’t go back on their consent to having the special treatment.”

“You bind the tits, and what else?”

“Oh, it depends,” replied Dr. Field, ramming his dick deeper and deeper into me. I tell them what nasty whores they are while they suck me, and if it seems appropriate they get to eat my nurse’s pussy, too. The ones who like getting ass-fucked are especially enjoyable. I can adjust the table and tie them face down so it’s very accessible.” The doctor was stroking harder and faster. My dad picked up his pace and squeezed the base of his cock. I knew he’d fill my mouth any minute. They both blew their cum into me at about the same time.”

“Hmm,” said the doctor. “Not bad at all. And I think I’ll give her a good syringing and some spermicide just to be on the safe side.” He inserted a thin tube in my pussy and turned on a valve. Cold water poured into me, and I arched off the table. “Oh, a little chilly is it?” the adjusted it and then it was too hot, but I didn’t dare complain. He took a bottle from a shelf with a narrow neck, like a ketchup squeeze bottle at the diner, and squired something inside that stung a little. “That ought to do it,” and he came around to the head of the table. “Clean off my dick,” he said. “We’ll see how your tonsils are,” and he laughed at his own joke. Once I’d performed to his satisfaction, he said something to my stepfather I couldn’t quite here. Dad nodded and the doctor pressed a button on his intercom. Moments later the door opened and the nurse walked in. I was mortified as she looked me over like a piece of meat.

“Having a pleasant time, doctor,” she asked, smiling at him.

“Indeed. Our new patient is quite satisfactory.” The nurse walked between my legs and to my shock, began fingering me. She looked at my stepfather. “When you think the time is right, I’d be happy to expand her education.”

“Why not now,” he said, obviously pleased with the idea.

“How would you like it?” she asked.

“I think if you straddle her face, I’ll fuck your lovely cunt and she can lick my cock and your pussy at the same time.”

So I got my first taste of pussy. I was truly mortified. It was also the first time I’d been treated so completely impersonally. And still I have to admit it made me so very hot inside. She lowered her shaved pussy over my mouth and I licked it, a bit tentatively at first, but she told me to get my fuckin tongue up her snatch and get it wet for my Dad. Then he stood on a stool or something and slid his dick into her. I could easily lick both, and I did. When he was ready to come he pulled out of her and shot his load down my throat. Then she ground her pussy and clit into my mouth until she came, too.

The last humiliation is that they left me there tied to the table for maybe half an hour while they all left the room. The doctor took a battery operated dildo from a cabinet, stuck it in me, and turned it on before they left.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I discovered the doctor had his exam rooms wired with surveillance cameras, and sold the resulting films on various porn networks. So everything I’d done was on film, especially me writing around on the table trying to cum from the vibrator in me. My Dad finally came back, and walked over to the table. He reached for my clit. “You want to cum, bitch? You want to cum really bad, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy, Please.”

He stared at me for a moment. “I suppose, since you’ve behaved yourself.” And he roughly pinched and rubbed my clit. By then I was so hot I didn’t car how hard he did it. And I came, out loud. He kept it up, fucking me with the dildo and rubbing my clit, making me cum in wave after wave, until I thought I would faint.

“Very good.” He unfastened the straps. “now put your dress back on, and leave those bands on your nipples. I like how they stick out.”

I was pretty embarrassed walking out of the office and down the street with these pointy nipples bulging out my thin cotton dress, but Dad enjoyed it obviously. It also explained why we’d taken the train instead of driving. He made sure every man on the train got a good look at my bulging nipples and even raised my skirt so this one gangbanger sort of black guy in the seat across from us could get a good shot of my pussy. He lowered his sunglasses and stared between my legs. Then he licked his lips and lewdly rubbed the bulge in his jeans. “You sellin’ that?” he asked my stepfather.

“Just showing it off for now,” he replied. “But if you’d like to give me your cell number, I’d be happy to let you know when you can have some. . . free, of course. She’s such a slut, she’d fuck any cock you put in front of her.”

Again my face was on fire. There I was standing by my stepfather while he fingered me in front of a total stranger. This obviously was what he meant by continuing my training. The black guy stood up, looked around to see that no one else in the car was close enough to see, and joined us. He gave my father a business card. “Piece like this worth some serious cash,” he said. “You wanna do business, lemme know. But I’ll be happy just to give her a taste of hard black meat.” He tweaked my distended nipples. “nice,” he said. “Maybe some little gold rings. All my ho’s got little rings. Down there,too,” he added, cupping my pussy and squeezing it hard in his enormous hand. “You let me know, business or pleasure. . . . anytime. I’ll do the bitch.”

He got off at the next stop and I sat there blushing furiously.

My stepfather was obviously having a very good time. “Linda, my little fuckslut,” he whispered. “I know you’re embarrassed, but I also know your hot fuckhole is dripping pussy juice. You see, that’s just what you like. Born to be a fucktoy, girl.”

“Would you really let him have me,” I asked nervously.

“Well, not permanently,” he said. “But yes, I’d let him use you, for my own amusement of course. He seems very well endowed, and you’ll have to learn to take any size dick in that sweet snatch. That’s your job.”

When we got home, he spanked me hard for enjoying my doctor’s exam so much, and then told my brother all about it, in front of me. He finished the story by showing Derek my wrapped nipples. He pulled on them while I sucked his cock. “You know, Dad,” he said. “I’m fuckin’ glad mom married you.”

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