Dirty Little Stepdaughter (Part 2)

Dirty Little Stepdaughter (Part 2)

While getting coffee prepared for me and my wife I feel arms slip around me from behind. Julie had snuck up behind me and wanted a hug; I look down at the arms and recognize they are hers. No sleeves she had on the long sleeved purple night gown with the bratz logo on it. A nervous feeling crept over me! “Julie, go to your bedroom and get some fucking clothes on”, Brenda screamed! I froze mid stir in my coffee cup. “Do as your mother told you little girl and don’t do that again”, I asked her as calm as I could make my stuttering voice sound? I watch as the arms disappear and hear her stomp off crying and then hear her bedroom door slam.

Shaking my head I just stand there. “You ok buster” (my wives pet name for me) Brenda said. “No I need a timeout” I exclaim! Then add “what the hell has gotten into her, she has been playful before but never like this”. “Hormones” Brenda explained. “I was the same way at that age but I had a crush on you because of your long wavy brown hair and sexy green eyes”, she said. “My eyes are hazel though love”, I said.

Not to lose you through the story but Brenda and I are 7 years apart in age and lived three houses apart in a quiet coal mining camp in Wyoming. Where you could yell and people across town could make out exactly what you were talking about.

Back to the story…

Three honks of a car outside signaled that my mom had arrived. “Are you ok to go with your mother”, Brenda asked? “No offense but just got to love, I need to have my timeout to think. Today’s events are going to make my head explode”, I said. “Do you have our list buster”, Brenda asked? “Check our night stand by our bed and meet me by the car love I don’t want to keep mom waiting too long”, I said. In a daze I went out and got in the car. “Wait a minute before leaving Brenda is checking our list” (I knew it was still in our bedroom) I said to mom. “Okies”, one of my mother’s unique talking styles is all she said. Brenda skipped along the drive to the car, probably to disguise the fact that she was fuming mad I seen it in her eyes when I got out of the car to accept the list and give her a hug goodbye. “Not a word to your mother about this morning’s events”, she whispered in my ear. “Love you bee be”, I said.

Through town and half way to the next not a word was spoken, mom broke the silence first. “What is on your mind usually you are never this silent Roger”, she asked? “Work mom, I answered. And being president of the local union I have some serious thinking to decide on if I am going to precede with my fellow members suggestions. All of which was true; however, that was not on my mind my thoughts were on my stepdaughter’s actions that morning. The rest of the trip went as casual as it normally goes and beside what was the usual gossip I and mom never talked about the home life.

Mom backed into the drive so I may unload my purchases out of the back seat. Brenda, Julie, and Lisa all walked out to help. “May I have a sleepover with you grandma”, Lisa asked. “If it is okies with Roger and Brenda I don’t have a problem with it either”, she said. Brenda already said yes, because she had her pink overnighter packed in her hand. “Just be careful around the neighbor’s dog, the blind old bastard doesn’t need to use you like a chew toy again”, I said. “Yes sir”, she answered. Mom and Lisa got into the car and the car eased out of the drive. The nervous feeling had returned making me almost sick. Instead of going into the house I went to my work shop to smoke a joint.

Marijuana was my favorite guilty pleasure and I could get away with it because my brother Jason was the section mine boss and would always tell me when my name was thrown in the hat for random testing two weeks before doing it. Besides we were both fed up with management and the union’s strike was happening in the next week. “Roger where are you”, Brenda called. “In the workshop bee be”, I answered. “Wow that’s some good stuff” she said as she walked in “may I”. I handed her the joint she took her usual single drag then said, “You look worried”. “Do you blame me I have so much on my plate right now getting rid of any of it would be impossible”, I asked her?

I finished the joint without saying another word and neither did she then we walked in the house arm and arm. As soon as we got in she said “Julie’s grounded to her room for two weeks and since it is the beginning of the summer she has to mow the grass and weed the garden both of which will be inspected by both of us”. That put my mind at ease just for the moment. “On the subject of her touching you the answer is no until after her grounding is over”, Brenda said. “Fair enough punishment” I stated. “Oh yeah she is also chained to her bed with just enough chain to get to the bathroom through her door, and me and Lisa will be serving her meals and drinks”, she said.

I turned away from them and walked to my workshop closed the door and locked it behind me. How I was feeling I couldn’t say another thing. One of the drawers under my bench had a pipe in it I needed to smoke in the worst possible way, but I was shaking like a leaf in a stiff wind. The more I dug through the drawers the more frustrated I got; it wasn’t made out of glass so I figured I would just dump them out. Then the first drawer I pulled out to dump it was in the back left corner the nickel plated beauty it was.
Snatching it up like gold out of a creek bed I loaded up cracked the torch and dragged half of it in one tug. I managed only five seconds but it was long enough upon exhale I rolled over like a dog playing dead.

Brenda finally knocks on the workshop door. “Open this door Roger, if you don’t open this door I am getting the shotgun and I will open it myself”, Brenda said. “Turn the knob bee be the door should open”, I said. “Very funny Roger lets go in the house”, she added. “Here take a pull off this please”, I said. I hand her the pipe and put a flame to it and she takes a pull then lets it go and everything is right with the world for just today. The next person at the door is Julie and she wants to go in the house now.

“Brenda is the house locked”, I ask? “Of course buster”, she answers. “Let’s go in then”, I said Brenda and I wake up in the same bed this morning the day after the mine explosion and it is 7 o’clock. “How is my big bad buster today”, Brenda asks? “Awful I say to her. I have to give a statement to Keith today. I am almost sure he has questions about the accident yesterday, and possible sabotage allegations to answer to”, I added. “Sabotage why would you be implicated with such a tactic like that”, Brenda asks? “Remember when we were at my parent’s house last week and Mike and dad were joking about blowing up the mine”, I say. “Yes”, she answers. “Well they also told other people of interest that might say they actually went through with It”, I explain. Brenda says no more and I get up to go make coffee and as soon as I exit our bedroom a shocking sight is seen right in front of me.

Julie is sitting at the computer naked as a jaybird her hands buried into her crotch and watching porn. “What the fuck are you doing out here”, I exclaim! “Daddy don’t be angry with me”, Julie asks? “Go get some clothes on then or you will go through your punishment from yesterday now”, I tell her. She runs through the house without the benefit of covering up. When she gets to her bedroom she slams the door. I continue to walk to the kitchen and stop at the computer then close the internet programs. I also set parental controls to limit what is seen on it when the girls log on.

I set up the coffee maker and sit at the kitchen table. A knock at the door, signaling someone is outside prompts me to go answer it. Upon opening it I am greeted by the chief of police and his deputy Robert Macarthur. “Good morning gentlemen I answer how might I help you”. Keith answers my question with; “Mr. Parker I really need to have you come with us to the police station now to give us a statement to disregard you from any involvement in yesterday’s event. “That’s easy Keith just come in and we’ll do it here, I already have part of it drafted up now”, I answer. As they walk in Brenda says good morning but continues walking to Julie’s room. I claim the statement out of the printer and proofread it before handing it to them and motion them to the door. “I hope this makes you happy Keith” then add “now if you will I have some personal business I need to attend to”, I said. “There are more questions I need to ask you”, Keith says. “They will have to wait until I go down at nine. Like I agreed to yesterday”, I tell them.

Disappointed they leave. I walk through the house to the back bedrooms. I knock on Julie’s door and wait for an answer. “Come in Roger.” I hear from the other side in Brenda’s voice. When I close the door Brenda asks me what the police wanted. “A statement”, I answer. I lean against the door and slide down it to the floor. Brenda and Julie are sitting on Julie’s bed.

“Julie won’t tell what happened this morning between you and her”, Brenda says. “I’m going to be blunt about it” I say then add “she was masturbating at the computer watching porn”. Julie cries and calls me a bastard for it! “Julie!” Brenda exclaims. “You are only sixteen years old why are you doing such a thing?” “I like it, it feels good”, Julie says. “It is illegal for you to look at porn until you pass the age of eighteen. I set controls on the computer this morning”, I say. “Good and why”, came flying at me in unison. “Obviously I have no control over this household and you, all are acting as if you can control me like I’m on a string”. After I say that I’m feeling livid and storm out of the bedroom like a man possessed. Stopping in the kitchen I pour me a cup of coffee and prepare it for drinking. Afterwards I sit at the table and ponder the events that have shaken the world around me.

Teresa walks in the house sits at the computer and says “why can’t I log on”. “Type your name”, I answer. “You may only be permitted to view the social sites and research sites on the web from now on”, I add. “What for”, she retorts. “Ask your mother”, I say. She asks where she is I ignore the question. “Answer me dammit” she exclaims! “If you are talking to me change your tone I’m not no punk I am not going to be talked to like one either”, I say. Teresa storms out of the house. “Was that Teresa”, Brenda asks? “Yes”, I say. Brenda yells at Teresa to come back to the house from the porch. Slowly she returns as if scolded like a dog for going potty in the house. “Every time you come by you treat Roger with disrespect and he deserves better, you take stuff from here and leave thinking that neither of us care”, Brenda tells her.

I only half listen to what she’s saying outside, I really don’t care because I have my own thoughts to attend to. I sit at the kitchen table again, after getting another cup of coffee and prepare it for drinking. Julie walks into the kitchen. “Is Teresa here”, she asks. “She and mom are talking outside”, I say. “May I go say hi and give Teresa a hug”, Julie asks? “You may but afterwards get right back in here and don’t think you can do what you want while she is here”, I tell Julie. Two minutes after Julie gets outside the mood erupts into a war. I step outside then tell Julie, “get in the house”. Teresa tells her not to and says I don’t have any authority over her. “Like hell she doesn’t, if she lives under my roof and I have to worry about her welfare then everything I say is valid as far as Julie is concerned”, I tell Teresa.

“You are not our father you know”, Teresa says. “You are correct there but I am her guardian so with that I have a responsibility and authority over her welfare”, I say. “If that is too complex for you to understand let me put it in simple terms Julie does have to listen to me”, I add. Julie goes into the house like she has been told by Brenda and me, I follow her then stop before I go through the door. “Teresa you are no longer welcome to just walk in to my house and as long as I’m here you will treat me with as much respect as you want for yourself, ok or not those are your rules in my home”, I say to her. I then continue going in the house.

When I had typed the statement for Keith the day before I neglected to check my emails for possible clues that might point to the cause of yesterday’s accident. I sat down at the family computer reset it so I may log on to my own user control which no one but I can view. The reason for privacy was because I used it for work and union purposes. Most of the sensitive material I had here didn’t really need to be secretive; however, if certain truths were found out from it then I could have been jailed for conspiracy to commit murder, arson, and destruction of private property.

Michael had sent me an email explaining his intentions and that dad had no idea what he was going to do. His email was so detailed it left little to guess about. Included in it was a statement to give to the police which gave them exactly what they wanted to know about the accident. Mikes statement also relieved me from having any involvement in what had happened at the mine. I just sat there in awe as I read the email. It read like this: “I Michael Parker take sole responsibility for the mine blowing up on June 4, 2015. Methane levels are elevated more than what is allowed and permission to mine coal has been given by Donald Jamison.

The long wall miner shear in section six has not been shut down since it started sparking in January. Mr. Jamison has been warned that it would cause an explosion if not corrected. Also the main belt motor started sparking in an irregular fashion this morning which I also reported to Mr. Jamison. Both warnings were ignored and I was told to start mining or I would be fired. I then told section foreman Leroy Parker to start mining by order of Donald Jamison”. “Archibald Carter set the long wall miner into motion and we began mining at 9:12. At 9:20 he shut down stating he thought he saw small bursts of fire coming from the vicinity of the shear head.

I instructed him to mine coal until lunch time knowing full well I was putting him, myself and eight other men’s lives in danger and the mine might explode. After I told him to mine I sat down at the computer in the lunch room and sent this email to my brother Roger.”

The mine finally did explode at 4:08 that Morning just as they were going to shut down and end their shift. I added to his email. I sent the document to the printer and printed three copies. One I folded and put in an envelope labeled to OSHA. Another I put Keith’s name on and the third I wrote to Donald Jamison. “Beebe I have some letters to deliver”, I told Brenda. “Ok”, was her response. I got into the car and drove to the post office first. Then I took the letter to Don and before going home I stopped by the police station and handed the last one to Keith.

Keith was sitting in his office facing away from the door with his eyes glued to reports that he was given by Don, I, and an informational from three other foremen that implicated the owner of the mine was forcing the men in the mine to work under dangerous conditions. Dixie Taylor Keith’s secretary announced me into his office. “Sit down Roger” Keith said without turning around. I was already seated but I said nothing and waited for him to turn around. He did then I handed him my new letter to him He opened it and read it. “This is covering the rest of my questions thank you Roger”, Keith said. “I was hoping it would Keith”, I said.

“We can finally make a case against American Energy’s eastern operations and it’s CEO Calvin Johannsen”, Keith said. “This case is going to federal court right”, I asked? “Yes”, Keith answered. “I also sent this letter today to the western division of OSHA in Denver”, I said. “Good they will be glad to know that their inspector has been bribed to overlook all the violations that led up to the accident”, Keith said.

My cell phone rang and Don was trying to get ahold of me. “I am at the police station I was asked to give a statement to eliminate the union as a suspect”, I said. “This letter I received from you Roger who else have you given it to”, don asked? “Police chief Keith Richards and OSHA CEO of western operations Sam Jones”, I said. “Well Parker you have effectively shut down this mine and any possibility of it opening again” Don said. A year later Bill, Calvin’s brother and partner from the western division reopened the mine with a more strict operational method that made the mine safer and put in place an inspector the union agreed to.

After leaving the police Station I returned home to face my own problems. When I arrived Brenda was on the porch waiting for me, and Julie was mowing the lawn. I looked it over quickly and liked the fact that Julie did a good job. Even if Brenda kept an eye on her the whole time this being Julie’s first attempt at mowing grass. Julie shut the mower off returned it to the garage and emptied the catcher. Then promptly went inside. “Is Lisa still with mom”, I asked Brenda? “Yes buster”, she answered. “Why”, she asked? “We have some business to take care of with Julie. She is going to be grounded as of right now”, I said.

“I’m confused about why you wish to ground her as of right now”, Brenda said “It wasn’t porn Julie was looking at when she was masturbating this morning it was her own self taken pictures. The pictures were of me changing clothes, showering, and of us having sex. I can’t help but feel violated by this Beebe”, I said. “I want you to get her out of the house for a couple of hours this afternoon so I may find her camera and erase the pictures she put on the computer. I also wish to erase those as well”, I continued.

Brenda said not a word but seemed deep in thought about what I had said. She also went into the house leaving me alone outside. She was not in long when she exited with her purse and Julie following behind her. “Buster may I have the keys to the car please. I am going to take Julie to town and do the shopping that I can do while you take care of your union business”, Brenda said. I handed her the keys but remained on the porch until the car was well out of sight. I went into the house logged on to the user that was marked Julie. I selected the file named pictures and started looking through those.

She was quite the photographer and I found several of me in this file where I had my pants off but still in underwear. I deleted them immediately and continued to look for more I used a tool called recent uses and found pictures that were of me naked. I deleted those also. A link that said mom and dad don’t know popped up so I clicked on it. I found a selection of video’s that were of Brenda and I having sex in our bedroom. I deleted those. After going through everything I could find on the computer I went through her phone.

Her phone didn’t have much on it but pictures of herself all of which she was clothed and nothing of me or Brenda. I tried my best but could not find her camera. Brenda called me and said “She has been snapping pictures all the time they were gone”. “I wish she had left her camera here”, I said. Knowing the facts of the matter made me mad for just a min but knowing I had no control over the facts allowed me to cool off. My Beebe would figure out a solution to our dilemma so I let go of all the agitation.

My stress level had been so high that to try to relax seemed impossible; I did get to close my eyes and at the least rest them. When Brenda and Julie returned, Brenda handed me the camera and said “I talked her out of it to relieve your stress”. I thumbed through the pictures and only found a blurry one of Brenda and I naked. Once it was erased I returned it to Julie and decided to have her sit down with me for a talk. “Well I really don’t want to dad”, Julie told me. “I have concerns about you having a hyper-active sex drive”, I said. “It is not a bad thing but when you direct it at me I could be sent to jail for rape if the wrong people happen to find out.

Would you want to be responsible for sending me to jail Julie”, I asked her? “No”, she said “I just wanted to touch your thingy and maybe play with it like the girls do on the internet”, she added. “I can’t allow you to play like you want to or touch, just touching alone would send me to jail”, I said. “Why is there a rule that won’t allow it dad”, Julie asked? “That rule is there so little girls and boys are kept safe from nasty people who might want to hurt them”, I said. “How is touching going to hurt me dad”, Julie asked. “Well Julie do you know what the word corruption means”, I asked? Julie just nodded and asked no more questions.

Feeling my point was finally clear I got up and walked to my bedroom to lie back down to rest. Julie called for mom and Brenda went to talk to her. I had no idea what they were talking about but Brenda was in her room a long time. I never heard any yelling, but when Brenda came back with Julie in tow I feared I might have to go through what I didn’t want to. “Buster would you do me a favor please”, Brenda asked me? I had a bad feeling about the question but I did drop my guard. Then asked Brenda what her favor was? “Will you allow Julie to have her wish if I was right here with the both of you”, Brenda asked?

My fears had slapped me right in the face. “I’m afraid I am never going to get away from this until I allow it anyway so why not”, I said to them. I never made a move to show that I was ready and I wasn’t letting myself do anything to help her. As I lied there Brenda told Julie what to do and how to do it without hurting me. I felt the buttons being undone on my jeans slowly, it was almost torturous. When the buttons were all undone Brenda helped Julie pull my pants off and in doing so my boxers were also pulled halfway off Julie managed them on her own. For just a moment Julie just looked at it. Then said “It looks so little; why does it get bigger mom” Julie asked? “You have to play with it like this”, Brenda said. She then grabbed it and started stroking it. Then she let go of it. “You wanted to touch it go ahead Julie”, Brenda said.

Julie moved a bit closer to me then wrapped one of her small hands around my limp cock and mimicked her mother’s actions. It wasn’t long before she had to add the other because I had grown to the point that it was too big for one of her hands. With both hands wrapped around my cock she started to jack me off. A minute later I felt warm wet lips at the head of my cock and I was relieved when I looked those lips belonged to Brenda. “May I try that mom”, Julie asked? I said “no” but my eyes were closed so I couldn’t tell whose lips were on me from sight. I could tell that they were not Brenda’s.

Brenda slowly guided Julie and showed her how to perform blowjob about five minutes later I was feeling I would not last too long holding off my orgasm. “Don’t hold back like you do with me buster when it come’s let it go”, Brenda said. So I just allowed myself to be blown by my own daughter. I kept it in my mind that the person doing this was Brenda. After a few minutes more the urgency to let go was prodding me and I did let go. I came into the warm, willing mouth of my daughter. She coughed a bit but started to swallow without being told what to do. When the pulses of orgasm subsided Julie asked what happened.

Brenda told her “she caused me to have an orgasm”. I was squirming all over the bed because Julie had not stopped stroking to talk but she had to. “Stop please”, I said. Julie complied with my request. I said “Brenda I need you to finish me off Julie you need to leave now. You may do what you did today but you may not be allowed to do what I and mom are going to do now”. Brenda stripped off her clothes and mounted me reverse cowgirl style. Brenda slowly built a good pace and I could hear her breathing change as she went along.

“May I suck you when you two are finished dad please”, Julie asked? “Golly gee Julie I am seeing that you are a greedy little cum slut”, I say. “I am fucking it out of him it belongs to me and I am not going to share it”, Brenda said. “You have two more years before you may fuck the come out of me little girl, and I have more say about that than mom does”, I said. “Oh fuuuuuuuuuck”, I moan. Brenda says “wait for me I am close too”. I start to grunt because moaning just isn’t holding anything back. “Hurry Brenda I I I can’t hold it no more”, I moan and grunt while she keeps humping me to the point of desperation. Finally she starts her explosion and I let go as soon as I realize her release.

After I let go of my orgasm it is so strong I am physically shaking, which makes hers even more intense. Totally bored with us Julie leaves our room and goes to hers. “Do you think I made her mad or have I set a goal for her to try to achieve”, I ask Brenda. “I don’t really know Roger I will tell her that it is important that she wait; not only as far as legal problems go but also in how her body will develop as well”, Brenda said. “Are you going to allow what she done today to continue or not; if it were up to me I would prefer that she would not do it no more”, I said. “Let me see what I can negotiate with her”, Brenda said.

It was really wierd to let Julie do what she wanted in front of Brenda. Julie and I agreed not to let Brenda know I had already taught Julie how to do a 'BJ'. The actual act seemed to be naughty. Julie never let on she was experienced, she did just enough to fool Benda. All I could figure was Julie and I was growing closer and Brenda and I was growing apart. Tomorrow was the mass funeral for the miners in the accident. I got dressed in my suit and Brenda, Julie, Lisa, and Teresa all wore dresses.

Because the mine exploded all of the caskets were closed for the funerals. Mike and dad were buried in two plots side by side. Mom Jason and I decided that we should buy three plots in the local cemetery that way once mom died she could be buried next to dad. The ceremony was more of a tribute to all the men that died that day but graveside services were more for the families to say goodbye to their loved ones individually. Don and Calvin were at the graveside services. Mom and Brenda both asked “how I could allow them to stay”. I remained silent and just pointed out the fact that Keith had been present at the services and he was in uniform.

Because he felt responsible for the tragedy happening Calvin paid for the services burial plots and compensation to the survivors and unemployed miners. Calvin was worth a billion dollars two years before his total net worth after the lawsuits were over was well under that. Totaling about nine hundred million but still under. Some families were left with mountain of bills that the compensation took care of; our family was one of three that had two members die in this accident. Mom rejected going after Calvin in the lawsuit, but I did. When the ruling was handed down each family was granted a one and a half million dollars each.

I never gave mom the money personally but the money was wire transferred straight from Calvin’s bank. Mike’s money was given to me and Brenda. Because we were living in a single wide trailer at the time I used some of it to remove it and put in a new modular home. Our new home had three large bedrooms a living room dining room a family room a two car garage and mostly new furniture.

Teresa continued to come and go to our home. “She just never felt comfortable with living with us”, she said. I felt like she hated me but it was the fact that she was in a relationship she thought I would not approve of. She was wrong but I could never get her to talk to me for the longest time without one of us yelling about how when I and her mom first got together we had done so many things wrong leading to me and Brenda having arguments often. It was years later before I got her to open up to me. Also she had found out what I and Julie had done and she reported it to the department of children’s and family services. An action that put me in jail for two and a half years out of three; one of which I had spent during the trial of my criminal action.

I never knew what kind of animal that was created by me and my wife but before the end of the summer that year I soon found out just how kinky and slutty my little stepdaughter could be. I was released from jail two days before and needed to see the girls especially Julie, after being dropped off where I would have to make my new home for a while. A knock on my door, my first visit from AP&P I thought slow and careful I opened the door and peeked out. What the fuck! I thought, not able to verbalize a response. I nearly fell on my ass as she walked in; Julie stepped through the door wearing a duster that belonged to me a pair of sneakers no socks and nothing else. Pushing me down on the couch she locked her lips with mine. A burning passion burned into my lips from hers. By the time she let up I was totally out of breath, my breathing got faster when she opened the duster her youthful developing body was totally naked.

She ground her shaved pussy into my naked leg; I was preparing for a shower and threw a towel around me to answer the door. Peppering my face with pecks and kisses I was lost in what was going on. The smell of her sex that violated my nostrils and she started to stroke my cock as it grew to life. “Wait”, I moaned, she did not. I barely noticed the rubber as she put it on but when she impaled herself on me I looked to make sure it was there. She held herself half way down took two calming breaths, relaxed and I tore through her virginity. Crying in pain she wiggled her hips as if playing with a hula hoop and she soon started moaning and building up speed.

Buried to the hilt humping me like I was going to die in the next minute her first real orgasm exploded out of her, laughing and moaning she plowed into me and continued like a rabbit in heat. My head was swimming I was almost unconscious when my first non-coming orgasm rippled through me, she vised my cock with her pussy and pounded down with a fever I had never seen. Convulsing like an epileptic I blacked out I returned after my next searing orgasm overloaded my senses then I was out again. The next time I came to a new burning sensation deep in my loins made me writhe in agony and I exploded. Come shot out of my burning cock like a fire hose. The stars in my head clouded my sight when I could see again Julie was scraping my come off her body and gobbling it down like it was her last meal. After a rumble of gas I limped to the bathroom to empty my bowels.

Another searing orgasm ripped my reality into shreds, like an out of control fucking machine I humped the toilet. Julie stood in the doorway giggling at me while I was lost in a stupor of ecstasy. I stepped into the shower as if my body was on cruise control, after the shower I finally came into full consciousness and looked out of the bathroom into the living room to find Julie laying on the couch slowly bathing her pussy with my remaining come like she were petting a cat. She looked at my mesmerized face and giggled, cooed, and panted then broke into an orgasm.

“You certainly turned into a horny little come slut haven’t you”, I said. Not saying a word she only nodded. Reaching to the floor she held up a pair of handcuffs and said “got keys”. I answered “yes; however, it’s your turn to be submissive”, I said. “Do you want my arms in front or back”, she was asking me lustily? “Both the chain between your legs”, I said. Her jaw dropped to her chest and started to protest. But, I cut her off before she could finish saying anything. I said “you are my slut right now and refusing to do what I say will result in punishment”. Nodding her agreement she unwillingly complied, “stand up and follow me” I said. Again unwilling she peeked around the corner into my bedroom. “Well”, I shouted and through the door she came. “I warned you about not doing what you’re told”, I said. She frowned and almost started to cry but being a slave now she asked “May I cry” before doing it. “No” I retorted then added “get on the bed”.

Reaching into the top dresser drawer I removed a length of rope a glass dildo two vibrators and a paddle. A look of worry appeared on her face and I assured her she would not endure too much pain. “First off you have to be punished for not complying when asked to follow me” I said. When I picked up the rope and she watched my every move. Three wraps around each ankle then through a triangle and cinched up to the headboard, under the bed were 2 short 1X4” boards. These are meant to keep your knees from bending she had no idea that would make her pain more intense and I did not tell her. One at a time I tied the boards to the backs of each leg with each board secured and the ropes tied to the bedrails so movement was impossible I continued prepping her for punishment.

I placed a night mask over her eyes and secured it behind her head; I picked up the paddle then rubbed up and down her legs slowly. “What is that”, she asked? “Did I say you could speak”, I yelled. “No” she replied. I came to the realization that letting her have her tongue was a bad idea. I placed a vibrator in her fuck hole, then walked across the hall and collected a ball gag. She was moaning and writhing when I yanked out the vibe and started her instruction, “during your punishment you are not allowed to speak you may only moan. You will not be allowed to move either. Do you understand” I asked? She nodded, if at any time you can feel more pain than pleasure yell out your name and I will stop. “Is it understood you have more control than it seems”, I ask? She nods yes.

I introduce the ball gag to her mouth and secured it in place. I resumed with the paddle after I am sure she is ready. Tap tap thwack I rained the paddle down on her exposed bare ass. Then repeated the process three more times, I put the vibe back in her and let her relax when her moans got closer together I removed the vibe and resumed the paddle and repeated this process for 30 min. I removed the gag and asked her “are you ok”. Between gasping for air she said “yes”. The glass dick was inserted and a vibe inside of it. Thwack a new blow from the paddle, her whole body trembled and a long slow moan escaped her lips. I completed her punishment with full compliance, removed the dildo and slowly stroked her torso from around her tits down to her ass and back. “Good slave” I told her.

I commenced into a slow fuck-teasing of her pussy. “Please”, the word was barely audible but I knew what she wanted. “That’s it slave beg, beg for the release you so desperately want. Speak now slave tell me your desires”. “Let me come I will be such a good slave to you if you only let me come”, Julie said. “You will be a good slave you have no choice”, I said. I pulled out once more and stroked my cock over her face. This orgasm sprayed her face and chest; I then lay down with my lips one inch from her drooling crack blowing air on it and watching it twitch and open. “Please let me come”, she whimpered. “Isn’t that begging I hear if it is you need to do better than that”, I exclaimed! “Make me come you pathetic excuse for a man”, she shouted! “I knew you had it in you, continue your begging”, I said. “Arrg” she replied, “lick me fuck me do something other than tease I can’t take any more teasing I need it now”.

“Good slave, pick your release but if I don’t agree punishment will make you release”, I said. I was going to do more than just torture and fuck her I wanted to make her pay for talking when her sister told her to do it. During the course of her torture I never let her come; by my design I intended to also give her a good ass fucking and had some tools to complete the task. She grasped my face caressing it gently. “Suck me and clean me then fuck my virgin asshole”, Julie said. Surprised by the answer I slowly complied working my expert tongue the way she commanded. Pushing a small ramp under her ass pulled her legs apart and opened the crack of her ass a little wider then I prepped for the task with some desensitizing lube and my fingers. One finger pushed into the tight puckered hole then two then I pushed them all the way in and then slowly pulled them out and pushed back in again, pushing and pulling in rapid movements, it was almost ready gaping when I removed them.

I removed the mask and she looked at me with a questioning look. You may speak but only to satisfy your curiosity, “please make me come”, she said. “I will be getting to that in due time, meanwhile just enjoy what is happening and comply with everything I say”, I said. I laid down opposite of her then placed my throbbing cock at the entrance of her fuck hole, slipped it in and rocked slowly back and forth. I gradually put more and more of it in until I went all the way in to my ass and was grinding against hers. After a few strokes she seemed to be building to an orgasm so I pulled out. The moan of frustration escaped from her mouth and a hurt look came to her face but I paid no attention to it and did not punish her for that.

Just then the phone rang…rushing to the living room to collect the phone and answer it I was more frustrated than Julie.
“Hello”? My single worded answering of the phone was replied by “Hi buster is Julie there”, Brenda asked? “Yes she is but she can’t come to the phone right now I have her tied to the bed and I am torturing her”, I said. “Are you hurting her”, Brenda asked? “Absolutely not”, I answered. “Ok when you are finished with her will you send her home”, Brenda asked? “Yes I will Beebe”, I said. Brenda said “thank you and goodbye” then hung up without allowing me to answer. Struck with suspicion I pondered what that was all about; however, I was not allowed to stand there very long before Julie started moaning loudly. Upon returning to the room where she was, I found her with one of her thumbs in her pussy and the other in her ass trying to get herself off.

“Stop that immediately slave”, I told her. She complied without saying a word. “Now where were we”, I asked? “You were going to fuck my ass”, Julie answered. “Ah yes well if I am going to complete that task you must suck some life back into my cock”, I told her. I moved to the side of the bed closest to her face and she complied with my instruction. While she was doing so I gently thumbed her ass so I could ease my hard cock into it. Julie whimpered slightly when my thumb gained access, and then broke into moaning around my cock causing me to harden rather quickly.
I wallowed out her asshole with my thumb then quickly removed it and replaced it with the head of my cock. I gently pushed it past her anal ring and inside about two inches. More moaning continued until I was completely inside of her ass. There were some involuntary movements which I ignored. I permitted a few seconds to pass to allow her ass to relax, which it did. Afterwards I slowly started to fuck her, taking my time to enjoy the feeling. Julie had no problem climaxing from the pounding she was receiving although I wasn’t going at it full speed. Oooooooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck she moaned. Afterward she started screaming in orgasm. In response I only fucked her faster.

Oooo ah oooo ah was the sounds she was making once I finally achieved full speed. “Yes” she exclaimed “I am going to come now”. “Hold on to it for a bit until I tell you to let go”, I said. “I will try”, she said through clenched teeth. I could tell it was getting harder and harder for her to hold back by the changes in her moans, shrieks, and breathing; when I said now she looked like she couldn’t do it then it came. After releasing her orgasm her body shocks were as intense as mine were on the toilet.

Once her orgasm subsided and her breathing returned to normal. Then I started releasing her from her bonds. “May I have permission to speak freely now daddy”, Julie asked? “You may”, I said. “That was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced in my life”, she said. “Yeah well daddy has a few more tricks up his sleeve to go a bit further”, I said. Her only response was “wow”. Once she was completely free she curled up and drifted off to sleep. I needed to make a call to her mother to tell her Julie needed a nap and why.

Brenda knew what Julie had in mind before she left the house and felt that it wasn’t too advised. She did agree to not saying anything about what I and Julie had done. Once I gently woke Julie I had a talk with her about what the consequences of telling would be and she did not want me going away again. Julie said “she wouldn’t tell anyone, even her friends”. Once she knew what was needed I suggested that she go home. Julie didn’t want to but she left feeling it was best.

I knew counseling would have to be taken care of and I agreed to do it as part of my sentence. The afternoon of the next day I was met by my probation officer. He asked “did you enroll in counseling”. I said “I did” and where. He also asked if he could check out my house for alcohol which I was not allowed to have. He left satisfied with his inspection. I called Brenda to come down and spend some time with me. She said her sister was there at the time and she did think it was a good idea to meet today. Julie was listening to her and snuck out of the house and made her way to mine without being seen. Julie showed up in my back yard and waved at me through the kitchen window. I almost had a heart attack. I opened the window and told her “get inside the house”.

Julie ran around the house and into the back door before opening it and sheepishly walking in. “What are you doing here”, I asked her? She grabbed my cock and said “I need this”. I was almost ashamed to let her fondle me on the back porch of my house but the door was closed and it only looked like we were talking. She asked “is it ok to do it here”. I said “no”, and walked her to the bedroom. “Does mom know you are here”, I asked? “Um no”, she said. I just shook my head, not wanting to let the devious thought be heard in my voice. Like her mother Julie has excellent hearing and can detect subtle changes in a person’s voice. I found the possibility of lying to her nil.

Julie stood in the doorway of my bedroom apprehensive to enter, which was understandable because of what happened here the last time she was here. “Are you going to join me or not”, I ask her? “I don’t feel comfortable with being in your room”, she said. “I’m not going to torture you this time, c’mon sit on the bed next to me”, I said. Slowly she crept into my bedroom eyes darting everywhere. She made her way to the bed finally and sat next to me. I leaned into her and began kissing her neck. Squirming and giggling she reached for the fly on my pants and unzipped them, by now it was throbbing. Without hesitation she dove on it engulfing me on her first attempt. “Oh yeah, just like that”, I moaned.

To be continued...

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