A highschool love story pt 3

A highschool love story pt 3

It was Monday, but luckily spring break was in full swing. I woke up after another dream, this time about Hailey and Abbey at the same time. Abbey was riding my cock, while making out with Hailey. I didn’t jizz in my pants this time, but I still woke up pitching a major tent. The first thing I did was check my phone when I came to. Anna-beth texted me asking if I wanted to come over to her house. I agreed but couldn’t come until 12:00.

I left my room, and went to the kitchen to find some grub. I found a note on the fridge saying my Mother, Father and little Sister left to a town an hour away until ten P.M. I smiled knowing I had the whole house to myself. After making myself some pancakes to eat, I watched Tv until 11:30. I left the house at 11:35 and made the 2 block walk to Anna-beth's house. I knocked on the door and she immediately answered. I was met with her beautiful, freckled face.

“Hey!” she said, doing a cute little ballet plea. I hugged her, and inhaled her sweet scent. I didn’t hear anyone else home. She dragged me to the living room and sat me on the couch. She sat on my lap facing me. I froze, she had done this before, but she wrapped her arms around my neck. “So I was talking to Abbey last night, she told me some…. things” she said giggling. I didn’t say anything. “Apparently you have a monsterous cock” she said. I started getting an erection, and I was sure she noticed. She leaned in and kissed me. Again, I was kissing a girl I loved, only this one I didn't expect at all.

Rewind two weeks. It was when I first met Anna-beth. She was wearing yoga pants, and a T-shirt. We were at musical rehearsal. She was telling me about how much she hated men, about how all they want is sex, and don't care about a woman's feelings.

“I hope you don’t think I am like that” I said.
“Of course I do, all guys are assholes” she said, crossing her arms, and making a pouty face.
“No, I don’t give two fucks how you look, what I really look for in a girl is personality. I just want to get to know someone, and go on cute little dates. Yeah sex would be nice, but I could live without it” I meant every word. I tried flirting with her, and sometimes she would flirt back, but others she would ignore my advances.

Back to the present. I was caught off guard by Anna-beth's assault on my lips. I couldn’t for the life of me, understand why Anna-beth changed so quickly. I kissed back, french kissing her. She sucked the saliva off of my tongue. I broke the kiss and looked at her questioningly. “Why? I’ve been flirting with you for weeks, and you’ve completely ignored me everytime!”
“I know. Im sorry, I do like you, but….. Abbey told me how Amazing you are in bed… Or in a pool I should say. “ we both laughed. I kissed her briefly. “So does that mean we are fucking today?” She nodded yes, “And my parents aren’t home til’ late”
“Well I’m going to date Abbey I
hope. We’ve already talked about it, and I don't want her to think I’m cheating, even though we arent official”
“oh quit your bitching” She said. She clamped her lips on me again. I wanted to resist but it was to no avail. She seduced me with her sweet aroma, and arousing body. She was grinding on my lap, making my cock grow more. She was starting to moan as I began massaging her breast without her asking. They were very soft, and luscious. He I didn’t feel a bra, or anything under her T-shirt. A grabbed a huge hand full of both of her tits. By now I had forgotten all about Abbey, sadly, but Anna-beth was plenty for me at the moment.

she was wearing Tight black yoga pants. I never stopped kissing her as I pulled her shirt above down, tearing it revealing her breasts’. She squealed as her nipples hit cold air. I took her left nipple into my mouth, and rolled her nipples with my right hand. “Oh Jeremiah, unng, you make my pussy so hot” My cock was in overdrive, and I wasn't being rational. What if Abbey found out? Anna-beth didn’t care, but Abbey might.

Suddenly there was the sound of keys entering the locks of the front door. Anna-beth froze. I quickly stood up, and pulled her shirt above her breast. I kissed her quickly and then headed for the back door. I could hear Anna-beth talking to her father. I opened the back door, hopped the fence adjacent to her yard, and made my way back to the sidewalk. I knew Anna-beths father was a hardass, and he would kill both of us if he found me there without one of her parents, even if he didn’t catch me pawing her, or sucking her nipples.

I decided to call Abbey. She picked up immediately. “Hey baby” she purred. “Hey Abbey, we need to talk” I stated.
“Ok…” she said hesitantly. “So I was at Anna-beths house… and she tried to seduce me… and I think I would have let her if her father didn’t get home.”
She sighed a sigh or relief “thats it? jeremiah, I told her too”
“You did? why?” I asked.
“Because you're such a good lover, and Anna-beth told me she hadn’t had a good fuck in months, so I recommended you.” I blushed. “Well I wish she would have told me that, then i would have balled her brains out” Abbey laughed. “Okay well what about Hailey?” She asked.
“Dont worry about Hailey, I’ll handle that later today” I said. “I got to go, I love you” “I love you too.”

I continued walking home until I got a call from Anna-beth.
“Hey jeremiah”
“Hey Anna-beth…. Why didn’t you tell me Abbey told you to seduce me?” I asked. “I dont know. I just wanted you inside me, Abbey told me you were huge” we both laughed. “Eh, Its decent, Abbey is easily impressed.” we both laughed again. I walked through my yard into my house. “You know my parents aren’t home if you want to try again” I said. she screamed joyfully “Okay, I’ll be right there.”
“okay, bring a change of clothes, and wear what you were wearing when we first tried today”
“okay, bye” She hung up. I decided to eat something Before Anna-beth showed up.

She knocked at my door 15 minutes later. I opened the door letting her inside. “Hey sexy” I said. she locked lips with me and soon, we were french kissing again. I broke the kiss saying “It sure doesn’t take much to get back in the moment for you does it?” She just giggled. I escorted her to my room, and sat her on my bed. “Abbey told me you haven't had a good fuck in a long time” I said smiling. “its true, I haven't” She said shyly.
“Lets change that” I said. I grabbed her top by the collar and ripped it in half all the way down to her pants line. She screamed “yes!” as her titties broke to the air again. her nipples were rock hard, and stood about half an inch from her areola. Again I began pawing her, taking her nipple into my mouth and sucking on it like my life depended on it.

“Oh, yes Jeremiah. You make me so wet” She screamed. I took her nipple out of my mouth. “Good, Im going to swallow all your sweet juices just like I did to Abbey” She threw her head back in euphoria. I stood and took off my shirt, followed by my shorts. When I took off my boxers my cock sprung up in front of me. She stared in awe at my large tool. “Go ahead Anna-beth touch it, Im ready” No further ado, she got on her knees and in one gulp, swallowed my cock. Wow, She was much more experienced with a cock then Abbey and Hailey.

She bobbed on my cock as I stood, hands on my hips, taking in the feeling. Her mouth was so hot and wet. She had her hands on the front of my legs as she bobbed with lightning speed. occasionally she would slow and look up at me, catching my eyes with hers. The combination of innocent eyes, and mouthful of dick was so hot. I put my hands on her head, and forced my cock all the way down her throat, and left it there. She began tapping out, so I pulled it out letting her breath. She gagged and coughed but looked up and smiled. “Jeremiah?” she said like a child as she started jerking me off slowly. “Will you please face fuck me?” she said looking up at me with what I can only describe as the puppy dog face. I didn’t answer, I just grabbed her by her head. She opened her mouth and I started thrusting into her mouth as if it was Abbeys sex when I did her doggy style. She gagged, and spit was flying everywhere but she didn’t seem to care.

I slowed and she pulled my cock out of her mouth. It was so wet with her saliva. She pulled away with the little strand of saliva that hung from my cock head to her lips. She sucked it back into her mouth and then went down on me all the way again, then pulled away again, repeating the process five or six times. I made her sit up higher. I removed her shirt, and put my cock between her titties. She squeezed them together with her hands and started going up and down on me. I moaned as she titty fucked me.
Her titties were getting covered with her spit. It was one of the hottest things Ive ever seen. I could feel my balls boiling, and I knew I was going to cum soon.

“Oh shit Anna-beth. Im gunna cum soon” I gasped. “Go ahead baby, I want it” I Felt the familiar feeling, My legs tightened and my cum started racing up my cock onto Anna-beths waiting face. She opened her mouth, and tried to catch most of my cum in her mouth. Most of it landed on her face and tits. She used her fingers to clean it up, off of herself, and into her mouth. She smiled up at me, and then swallowed.

I was coming down of my orgasm, and started thinking straight. “okay, lay down and spread your legs” She did as I commanded. I grasped her yoga pants by the crotch and tore it open. Her ripe pussy was right in my face, and glistened in the light from my room. I spread her lips, and dove down onto her. Her pussy didn’t taste like anything other than salt. I rubbed her “2 o’clock spot” while fingering her clit with my other finger. I was Eating her, lapping up and down as fast, and deep as I could. “Oh yes, eat me baby, ungg your tongue feels so good” she held her hands on my head, squeezing on my head like she was trying to break open a coconut, as her first orgasm hit.

I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, and she was shaking. She opened her eyes and stared at me blushing. “I’ve never had a boy eat my pussy before” She said slowly.
“Thats okay, its only my second time doing it” I stated proudly. I stood up, and climbed into the bed with her. I ripped her yoga pants off all the way, and grabbed a handful of ass cheeks. “Ready Anna-beth?”
“Yes babe, I need that in me, do it now, ball my brains out” she purred. I was above her, ready to fuck her missionary. I slid my cock into her tight pussy, and shuddered at the feeling of her hot walls surrounding me. I was rocking my hips back and forth, sliding in and out of her. Her legs were spread wide, and she held them back by her ankles with her hands. “Oh fuck Jeremiah, I’ve never been stretched out so much, your fucking huge, unnnggg fuck me baby, I need it bad. mmmm”

Her dialogue made me bolder. I began playing with her tits while thrusting deep and fast into her. I slowed down and pulled out. “Okay baby, Get on your knees” I commanded. She did as I told her. Before putting my cock back in, I leaned down and licked her for a few seconds. When I was satisfied, I put my cock back at her tight hole. I teased her by playing just the tip. “stop teasing me, Put it in all th’..... Oh god” I interrupted her, Sliding my cock all the way in. I was thrusting as fast as I could. “Jeremiah, have you ever… ungg… Have you ever… oh god… done anal?” She asked, kind of distracted. “No. do you mind?” I asked. “Not at all, do it baby!”

Excitedly I pulled out, then aimed my cock at her butthole, then I stopped. “Are you clean baby? I don't want an infection”
“Yes, I cleaned it out before I came” She said. That was all it took. proceeded to push my cock into her anus. It felt.. different, not worse or better, just different. It was a lot tighter for one. She was moaning loudly, screaming my name. “Fuck me ass baby, mmmmm, it feels so good.” I was having a great time, but all good things must come to an end, but I didn’t tell her anything. My cock convulsed, and shot my seed deep in her butt.

“that was great Anna-beth!” I said. She spun around and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. They danced for a minute until I broke the kiss. “ya know… we are really sweaty… want to shower together?” I asked. She smiled and clapped excitedly. “yeah, it sounds great” I check the time; 1:47. “come on” I said, picking her up by her butt cheeks. I carried her to the bathroom. I turned the water on and we stepped into the shower. The warm water felt good cascading over our bodies. Pretty soon we were making out as the water flowed down our combined selves. I washed her tittes and back with a loofah and body wash.

We were lip locked under the faucet. Her hair looked so sexy clinging in clomps down her shoulders. As we kissed, my arousal was evident, My cock rose in between her legs, touching her shaven cunt. She gasped “have you not had enough for one day?” I nodded no, smiling. She rolled her eyes grinning. I picked her up by her ass cheeks and slid my cock into her familiar cunt. She laid her head on my shoulder, letting me do the work. The water made loud slapping noises as our bodies hit. Pretty soon I was ready to cum again. She came around my cock, and her convulsing walls surrounding my cock drove me over the edge. I came deep inside her. She screamed into my shoulder.

I set her down and raised her chin, bringing her to me, kissing her lightly. “Come on, time for you to go home” I said. I dried her off, and made her dry me too. She got into her change of clothes, and had on a T-shirt, and shorts. I kissed her goodbye, and held her under her cheek. She walked along the path leading to the sidewalk. I watched her fine ass swing from side to side, I was sure she was doing it on purpose. She had the nicest ass of all three girls I fucked, and I was very thankful, since she's the only one that let me do her in the ass. I checked the time again; 2:30. I smiled, walking back to my room. It wreaked of sex. I stole some fabreeze from my parents room, and sprayed my room, and the bathroom just to be safe. I was exhausted, so I decided to take a nap. What a great day, what a great fucking week! I had fucked 3 girls I adored. How could it get any better?

To readers. All the comments and likes keep me going. I have more stories in the works. The finale is coming sometime this week. I need to tweak it a little more. I hope you like the stories, If you do (or dont) let me know.

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