The Niece, The Wife, and Their Needs Pt3

The Niece, The Wife, and Their Needs Pt3


It’s Thursday and Ed and Sheila still haven't called so I go to the swinger site and send them a message when I see they are online. I ask if they decided not to meet us as they haven't called. She doesn't write back for five minutes or so and my heart sinks. Just then my home landline rings and as I answer it I see Sheila Thompson displayed on the caller ID. I would have sworn I gave them my cell number I think as I say, Hello. "Hi Rick, its Sheila from Swappernet. I just wanted to call and personally apologize for not calling you. I had forgotten that we are going to Atlanta for a lifestyle event this weekend when we talked yesterday. To be honest I just got so excited thinking of the Great Dane you mentioned that I couldn't think of anything else, she laughed."

Her voice is sultry, sexy without trying to be and I envision her image in my mind as I hear her voice and I begin to harden. "I take it you really enjoy K-9 sex from that statement Sheila. Rita my wife is looking forward to the experience very much."

Rick I have to warn you once she does it, she will love it. It’s nothing like sexing a man. If we ever get our own home that will be one of our first purchases I assure you. Ed gets so excited that damn dick of his seems to get twice as big when he watches me succumbing to my lust when I'm around a big dog. He thinks it’s funny when we visit someone not in the lifestyle and they have a big dog. I'm sitting there not being able to think of anything but fucking their dog and the lady is oblivious to the pleasure in that dogs cock. He knows I'm lost to my thoughts of the dog when I'm apologizing for being so distracted and making excuses. Ed knows what's wrong. I wish I could turn it off and on but after my first dog fuck I was hooked."

"I understand to some extent, I have been involved with someone while she enjoyed her Dane and I found it very exciting. I was performing anal on her at the time she took the dog in her vagina and it was a very intense few minutes."

"Oh my god, now you've gotten me aroused Rick. You have to promise me you'll do that with me sometime with your Dane. Ed can't have anal with a woman because of his size and I know I'd love that." Her voice has a nervous, sort of quavering tone to it now I notice."

"Do you have any idea of when we can get together and meet Sheila? Would you want to maybe have dinner or drinks or something and we can all get to know each other or do you have any ideas?"

"Rick I'm going to be honest with you. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but Ed and I know we are very interested in both of you even without the dog, he is just icing on the cake. We normally do as you say and meet for dinner first, you know, so we can see if they are serial killers or whatever, but in your and Rita's case we wanted to forego that and get right to it. You're a very attractive couple and with the dog and all we know we're going to want to be close friends to you both, especially me because of my fetish for dog dick. I hope this doesn't offend you but we did a background check on you and Rita so that we could be confident enough to hopefully just come to your home and jump right in the night we meet"

"I find that complimentary not offensive Sheila, that you would go to that length and expense to get together with us. I had always envisioned swingers as just jump in the bed with anyone anytime kind of people. I didn't realize there were people as cautious as you and Ed seem to be. I guess you'll want to use condoms too?"

"That could be the only problem Rick. One big reason we want to know who we're meeting is that Ed has a hard time finding condoms that won't break because of his size and we prefer to go bareback anyway so we tend to try and discern the type of people a couple beds. Have you and Rita been swinging long?"

"I laugh as I say, "You'll be the first Sheila. We just recently became aware of each other's desires and needs after twenty four years of hiding them from each other. I found out that Rita has desires of being with a big cocked black man and also to fuck a few different animals and we've decided to pursue her fantasy's and make them real. I basically have had the same desires for her as she has but afraid to approach her about it as she was me. If you're worried about diseases you don't have to be. When I saw your profile and saw how beautiful and desirable you are and then the picture of you holding the sign, well I just hoped that you two would be the couple to help fulfill our fantasies."

"Oh my god I can just about cry I'm so happy Rick. If we hadn't made these plans with a couple we're really close to this weekend I'd just call them off and come to your place and fuck your brains out. Its so hard to find people that you're not scared to death to meet every time you do. Its always hanging over our heads. If you look close at our pictures on our profile you'll see that the people we're actually sexing are the same ones even though it appears we're fucking everyone there."

"Yeah it appears you're very promiscuous in your galleries and that was a concern but in every other way you were perfect for our needs. I'm glad to hear that you're not though. It makes it much easier to just let go and enjoy ourselves like you say."

"I've been looking at Ed's work calendar and it looks like it will be next Friday a week from now before we could think about meeting you, well Ed anyway. We've never met anyone without the other being there but I might talk to him about it seeing you're so close. Are you comfortable giving us your address Rick? We have it here in the background check but I want to be certain its right because they searched using your name and zip code only"

"Sure Sheila", I say and give her our address.

"Yep that’s it. Oh my god I can walk to your place you're so close. I cut through there going shopping all the time."

"We're the house on the corner on the right at the stop sign."

"The one with the huge back yard and two story garage, the brick home?"

"Yep that's us"

"I've seen Rita out in front before working in the flowers in shorts and a halter top. She's beautiful Rick, I have to admit that when I saw her I thought about eating her pussy. Damn it’s funny that now I'm probably going to do just that. I shouldn't say this but when I saw her I remember thinking she probably has an old potbellied husband that can't get it up. I'm so glad I was mistaken. I would never have imagined that the woman I saw had fantasies of fucking animals and black men, she looked so domesticated working in the yard."

"Yeah, well I would have never thought I'd be seeing a beautiful woman like yourself holding a sign saying you liked fucking dogs either but I was happy as hell when I did"

"We've found that it’s really hard for people to bring up the subject of bestiality when they don't know your feelings about it so I added that just to make it easy in case someone is into it they would know and put them at ease talking to us about it. I really do love it and it’s not something that will ever go away I'm sure so I just accept it."

She gives me their address and I recognize it as being in a townhome complex only a short walk away. They are close enough to walk I think. She has to go then so we plan on meeting a week from now on the weekend. I have a feeling we will be meeting Sheila before then though. Her sitting at home knowing there is a Great Dane she can be fucking just a short walk away is going to be hard for her to deny herself I have a feeling. I smile with that knowledge. Just then I receive a text from Mac saying she's coming over and to just go with the flow. Oh my god I think what's she got planned now. She knows Rita's home. I feel both elated she's coming so maybe I can cop a few feels but also a real trepidation because she's coming after saying that. Knowing that Rita wants to eat her niece’s pussy says it can’t be too awful bad though.

She's knocking at the door and opening it and yelling, anybody home, within just a few minutes of writing. Must have been at Marsha's I think. "Where's Aunt Rita", she immediately asks and I think she's hoping she's not here so we can fuck but she is so that isn't happening. Hmm I think, I guess it could happen if things worked right.

"Upstairs in the bedroom I think Mac, why", I ask as her hand falls on my dick and squeezes it through my sweats. My dick instantly jerks and I want her so badly. I have to restrain myself from grabbing her and kissing her and feeling her pussy beneath her shorts.

She smiles and says sweetly, coyly, "I just want to talk to her about girl stuff", and starts up the stairs to our bedroom as I watch her ass moving sensually as she climbs the stairs and I remember what my dick felt like sliding in and out of it. My dick is lifting, jerking at the memory of yesterday's fun. I want to just grab her, rip her shorts off and fuck her right there on the stairs. First the conversation with Sheila and now this I think. I would go beat off but I know with Mac here that would be an exercise in futility. I decide to just go watch football and try to not worry about what's taking place upstairs. Then I hear Mac say from the top of the stairs, “Oh yeah Mary is gonna call you about Ramrod today.”

Mac finds Rita laying on her bed wrapped in a towel, thighs spread slightly and her right hand positioned at her pussy as if she's been playing with herself and fell asleep. Mac sees the glistening at her hole and knows she would be wet to her feel if she touched her there. Mac feels her arousement flowing through her body as she remembers her and Marsha's exploring and touching and she wants to do the same with her Aunt.

She sits on the bed next to her Aunt and says, "Aunt Rita, can I talk to you?"

"Wha..what..what did you say sweetie, I'm sorry I guess I dozed off. What's on your mind?"

"I..I need to, I'm so embarrassed Aunt Rita. I need to ask you something but I need you to swear you won't tell anybody...EVER!" as she gets up and closes the bedroom door and locks it.

"What's wrong Mackenzie, have you done something wrong honey", Rita asks her as she sits up cross legged, forgetting she is nude and her shaved pussy is visible the way she's sitting.

"I think I might be pregnant Aunt Rita and I don't know what to do, I'm so scared and I just can't tell mom and dad. I know they'll think I'm horrible."

"No they won't honey, they love you. I'm sure they will be upset but you're still their daughter. You need to tell your mom honey. Don’t you practice safe sex honey, use condoms and everything? You're eighteen Mackenzie, how did this happen, who's the father, what's the boys name?"

"I can't tell anybody, I'm so ashamed I don't even know if I can tell you. It wasn't my fault I promise, I didn't want to do it he made me. It wasn't a boy."

"You mean a man forced himself on you Mackenzie, who?"

Mackenzie sits there looking away from her Aunt like she can't look her in the eyes. "Look at me and tell me who did this to you baby".

"I can't, it’s so horrible and what's really bad is I liked it after he made me and I did it again another day when I was alone with him and I let him", I feel so dirty for liking it Aunt Rita and I keep wanting to do it again. And it wasn't just him, me and Mar...I. I't even say it. I just feel so funny inside now and I think things when I look....oh god I'm even thinking them about you...I must be so sick and nasty Aunt Rita!"

Rita moves to sit alongside her and hug her while saying, "Baby don't feel bad you're just having feelings and emotions that all girls have when they first have sex. If you are pregnant that will turn your hormones and emotions upside down. What makes you think you're pregnant baby?"

"He come in me a lot both times he did me. His thing was in me so far I was crying it hurt so bad but it felt really good and he just kept shooting his hot stuff inside me and it felt so great I just kept pushing my cunny into it and didn't want it to ever stop. He swelled up inside me and I thought I was gonna pop he was so big and hard and his whole thing just kept throbbing and I kept having these feelings that made me tense all over and my muscles kept tensing up and I thought I was gonna go crazy if I didn't get away from it. But I didn't really want to get away from it, I loved it! It felt like my mind was just gonna explode it felt so good. And every time he would shoot his hot stuff inside me I begged him not to stop like a little slut or something.

I'm so ashamed but I just couldn't help it. He kept doing it, and doing it for hours the first time. I have to be pregnant because he shot his stuff in me over and over that time. He'd do me for a while and then stop and squirt his stuff in me and then when I kept squeezing and begging him he'd start it again and just kept repeating it over and over. Then when he stopped I was just exhausted from doing all that tensing and stuff and lay my head and shoulders on the floor and just lay there for a long time with him inside me trying to get my breath while he lay down on top me and then he just turned and pulled his thing out of me and I felt so empty, like a part of me was missing. And then the next day I went back and let him do it again. I'm just a little slut I guess Aunt Rita because I know I want to do it again but I don't want to be pregnant, but I have to be, his thing was as far inside me as it will go. I read some on the internet and think he was all the way in my womb every time he squirted in me. It felt so good.

"It sounds like he was quite a lover honey, you should be glad you had such a wonderful time your first time. Usually a girl doesn't even cum her first time. But that does not make it right him forcing you and I want his name right now baby."

"That's what's so horrible Aunt Rita it’s not a him, it’s a dog, Marsha's dog, I'm pregnant by. I'm gonna have puppies or something! It says on the internet he can’t knock me up but I’m having all the symptoms of morning sickness. I don’t even know what the babies will be! Now you hate me don't you, you think I'm really nasty, but he made me I swear he just jumped on me and made me, I couldn't get away from him."

Rita is stunned at her revelation, stunned and now excited as her niece tells her how much she loved fucking the dog and how she went and let it fuck her again later. "Now, now baby. First let me tell you a dog can't get you pregnant no matter how much cum he shoots in you honey. You really aren’t very worldly are you Mac? Now tell me everything that happened from the beginning baby." Rita’s pussy is already beginning to yearn and her clit is pulsing at Mac’s story.

Mackenzie tells her how she was dressed only in a towel and Marsha told her to get something under the bed and while she was looking under the bed she heard Marsha say, Up, Up and the next thing she knew Marsha's Great Dane had his front paws gripping her hips and she couldn't get away and Marsha guided his big damp dick to her pussy and the dog had taken her virginity while Marsha watched and played with herself. She explained how Marsha didn't tell her if she kept moving he'd keep doing her and she had him tied to her for hours and he never stopped doing her except when he would stop to fill her with hot juice.

Rita's pussy is soaked listening to her tell how it felt and how she loved it and went back and let him do it again and now she wants to do it all the time. She also said that she and Marsha took a shower together after that first time and Marsha had made love to her touching and licking her body and how they had sucked and licked each other for hours that night. Then she said something that brought one of Rita's hottest fantasies to the forefront of her mind. Rita had always wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman especially her young niece. Lately though her thoughts seemed to dwell on her niece’s ass and pussy, she was beginning to actually crave to make love to her niece Mackenzie. When Mackenzie says that ever since her and Marsha made love she sees girls and she feels herself getting wet wanting to have them sexually, she knew what she had meant earlier when she said she was thinking them about her too.

There's nothing wrong with you Mackenzie, you're perfectly normal sweetie. I have those thoughts too. You asked me not to tell your mom what you told me today sweetie. Now I'm going to ask you to do the same thing only you can't tell anyone what I'm about to say. Can you keep our secret Kenzie, keep it just between you and I?"

Yes, I guess so. I'm real good at keeping secrets. I'd never do anything to hurt you or Uncle Rick, I love you both.

"Ok, What would you say if I told you I'm jealous of you sexing the dog, I've thought about doing that almost all my life and I also get excited thinking about making love to another woman. You're just eighteen and you already have experienced things that I'd love to do and I'm forty eight baby. Do you think I'm a horrible person, I want to do the same things you've done sweetie, and a whole lot more probably?"

"Yeah but I have all these feelings now that make me feel like I'm such a slut since I did that with Marsha and the dog."

What feelings sweetie, tell me and we'll talk about them. Rita isn't sure where this conversation is going but she does know the bedroom door is locked and the object of one of her deepest obsessions is sitting here beside her telling her how she has had sex with another girl and that bit of info has her mind succumbing to her deepest darkest desires as they talk.

"Its almost too embarrassing for me to say it to your face Aunt Rita. I mean I get feelings in my know, my vagina, when I look at you now. When I came in the bedroom you were laying on the bed and your thighs were open a little and I had the dirtiest thoughts while I stood looking at you. I mean, I had this throbbing in my clit that almost made me touch you Aunt Rita. I never had those kinds of thoughts until I fucked the dog and touched Marsha."

"You're just aware of your feelings now Kenzie", Rita knew what she was about to do was wrong but she had no power to prevent her doing it. Her entire body was on fire from her niece's admissions. Any thoughts of right and wrong were being consumed in the fire embedded in her loins. She removes the towel draping her and lays back on the bed while spreading her thighs widely and saying, "What would you say if I told you I wished you had touched me Mackenzie, that I play with myself thinking of you touching me all the time, like I am now", while her fingers rub her pulsing clit in small circles as she gazes into the seething embers embedded in her niece’s eyes.

Mackenzie smiles and says, "You really don't think I'm a bad person do you Aunt Rita?"

"Rita responds, "I will if you don't put your mouth right here baby girl, I can't think of anything right now any worse than you not showing me what you learned with Marsha"

Mackenzie smiles as she undresses thinking, this was so much easier than I thought it would be. She crawls onto the bed and says, What about Uncle Rick?"

"Oh he won't bother us, besides the door is locked"

"Yeah that's what I mean, he can't get in if he wants to. I think about him fucking me all the time any more Aunt Rita, would you care?"

"Hmmm no I don't think I'd care at all sweetie, but not now, this is for me and you", and she takes her niece in her arms and kisses her. Rita's emotions are distressed at her actions but Mac's kiss dispels those inhibitions readily as their tongues entwine and her mind is swept into an incestual excitement similar to the one Mac had instilled in her husband’s mind with her kiss. Rita's body is alive with need, writhing uncontrollably as Mac's hands become slow, teasing instruments that instill an exquisite torture into her mind and body. Rita has never experienced another woman's hands and lips on her body and she is filled with a seething heat as she watches this waif of a girl kiss and lick slowly down her body, her lips pulling at her swollen erect nipples until Rita's moans tell of the agony of her need.

Mac's licks are tormenting, slow, deliberate as Rita feels her tongue against her bare skin leaving a trail of thrills that have her craving to touch herself to try and still the cravings within her. She hears Mac's voice as she says, "I love tasting your skin Aunt Rita, you're so beautiful, you make my pussy yearn for you to touch it like I'm gonna touch yours. Do you want to taste me, taste my pussy cum as bad as I want to yours?"

Her words instill a craving in her mind as bad as the one she has burning in her body as she thinks of her mouth on her niece's young dog fucked pussy. Damn, she thinks as she wishes she had a dog to fuck her while she enjoys Mac's cum juice with her tongue pressed deep inside her. "Yes baby, I do, its so wrong but I want to taste all your young body, god I've wanted to for years."

Mac smiles as her tongue begins running down the valley between Rita's thigh and groin, leaving a wet sensation that has her aunt moaning, hips lifting as Mac repeats her action on her other side. Her lips lightly kiss the skin that normally hides her clit but now her kiss instills a torment into the taut pulsing bud that pokes visibly abreast of her taunting laving caresses. Mac has learned the art of teasing from Marsha, who has teased her clit for months now every chance she has gotten and Mac has made sure that was very often. She spreads Rita's thighs widely before licking and biting her way slowly to the arousal scent of her aunts’ mound. Her mouth enjoys the soft inner skin of her thighs, suckling her there as Rita's hips lift, her pussy full of an empty yearning as Mac's mouth covers both her thighs until her breath flows hotly over her clenching woman pussy.

Rita cannot believe the depth of her arousal, the almost pained craving she has to cum. It’s hard for her to believe her niece torments her so expertly at eighteen years of age but could still think she could get pregnant from a dog. Her tongue and mouth instill a craving to be touched, prodded, hurt, anything to relieve the insane need she is experiencing under Macs hands and lips and ever laving tongue. Her young teacher lifts her thighs and presses them up alongside her breasts leaving her asshole feeling open, vulnerable and yearning as Macs tongue laves over her forty eight year old ass cheeks. She wants to plead for her young lover to lick her asshole but she can't, she can't admit she needs that, yearns that, not to her young niece. But when that young woman slides her wet tongue along her open valley and lingers at her sensitive ass muscle her mind and pride enter a place of depraved abandonment, a place where no action is too debasing and she moans, "Oh god lick it, lick my ass baby, oh damn put something in it, fuck it with your tongue. Oh shit eat me, eat my ass, my pussy, touch me, please touch me honey."

Rick has his ear to the door and can't believe what he hears as Rita begs someone, obviously Mac, to eat her asshole out. His dick is straining his sweats, tenting the front as he tries the door knob but its locked. He knows how to pick the lock but he's not sure he should. Evidently Mac has a plan and it seems to be working so maybe he shouldn't do anything to upset it. She had said to go with the flow so I guess I'll just go back downstairs and wait for them to come out. This is going to be a hellish wait he thinks to himself. His mind is turning over all the possibilities this new development has opened to them all. He is amazed at his young niece's powers of persuasion and wonders how in hell she got between Rita's thighs seemingly so easy.

As I sit in front of the TV my phone rings and a woman asks for me. Its Mary Marsha’s mom making sure what Mac had told her was true about us wanting to take Ramrod in. She confirms he is a pure bred and I agree to give her five hundred dollars for him if she has the AKC papers. She says she does and I tell her about wanting to surprise Rita for her birthday. She agrees to keep him until then and I ask if she needs the money now or will it be ok to give it to her when he picks the dog up. She says either it didn’t matter. I smile as I hang the phone up knowing Rita and Mac and whoever else will have him to fuck their hot pussies’ silly from her birthday on.

Rita at the same time as he is arranging her canine lover’s purchase is pulling their niece's head to her pussy and hunching and grinding into her strong tongue thrusts as she prepares to cum harder than she ever has in her life as she uses Mac's face to accomplish that hot feat. Her mind is craven, lost to the insanity Mac instills in her pussy with her powerful licks and sucking. Her young niece holds nothing back as she eats her older aunt. Her tongue and lips flail and avidly suck at her mound, penetrating, sucking, licking as Rita screams and bucks her pleasure. Her mind is incensed as her body tenses and shakes as Macs lips cling to her swollen clit as she sucks at it, laves it until Rita is incapable of thinking or forming any rational thought. All she can do is react to each and every new, never experienced before, sensation instilled by her niece’s uninhibited hunger for her pussy.

Mac has never seen Marsha respond as her aunt is by hunching insanely into her as if she is driven crazy by her eating her. Rita is mashing her pussy onto her tongue, her nose presses into her clit as she fears suffocating as her Aunt holds her to her pussy with both hands. Rita hunches roughly into her probing tongue excitedly, uncaring of her plight as her desperate need to cum overwhelms her mind. For some strange reason her Aunts excited hunching empowers her to lick harder and to suck even more wildly as Rita holds her to her rough hunching and grinding. Mac's face is wet with her Aunts emissions as she cums almost continuously while fucking her pussy into Mac’s invading tongue thrusts. Then Rita collapses back onto the bed and lays there gasping, panting for breath as she says, "Damn you girl, I've never been that hot before in my life. As soon as I can move I'm gonna suck your pussy till you faint."

Mac is hot, her pussy aches to be fucked by her uncle or ramrod but that's not to be right now so she crawls up and straddles her aunts face and says, "You don't have to move Aunt Rita, I'll just hunch my pussy down onto your tongue while you lay there."

Rita smells her niece's aroma as she holds her pussy over her face. It’s an enticing scent, an aphrodisiac and her tongue seeks its source as she pulls her young pussy to her mouth. She licks along her niece's labia, tasting her, teasing her as her tongue tip slightly enters the wet folds of her inner labia to lick and suck gently. Mac feels her aunts tongue at her entrance and as its tip enters her she quickly presses down onto its slithering warmth and moans as she feels it moving inside her, licking, lips sucking around her opening, drinking of her juices as they flow down her tongue to be swallowed. Mac can't help but grind and hunch down into the wet licking of her inner flesh as her arousement soars at knowing it’s her Aunt Rita's mouth at her pussy.

If only her uncle was buried balls deep in her ass while her aunt sucked her pussy she thinks and that thought has her moaning, grinding as she fills her aunt's mouth with her slick wet juices. Rita's tongue slides slickly to Macs asshole and licks her there, forming her mouth over her puckered muscle and sucking at it while laving it quickly, probing it as Mac's orgasm intensifies and her thighs open, spread widely as her hands reach down and she pulls her aunts head into her lower body as she hunches roughly, feeling a tongue slickly running from her asshole to her clit. Her body begins tensing so hard it shakes, trembling so intensely her voice quavers as she begs, "Suck it, oh god suck my clit, please. Rita complies and sucks and laves it with enthusiasm as Mac's pleas turn to screams and her body shivers hard as her head throws back and her ass cheeks squeeze hard as she presses her body to Rita's mouth with spontaneous jerks as Rita torments her body with a feverish licking and sucking that has Mac's young mind seething.

As Mac's ardor begins to wane she undulates her hips as she feels her aunt inside her gathering her cum with slow, pressing licks, and says, "Do you really want to fuck a dog Aunt Rita, let it cum in you. That would be so hot to watch. Do you ever think about sucking dog cock, I did it once and I cum when he shot into my stomach with his slick dog dick buried in my throat real deep. You'd like it I bet. Does it make you real hot thinking about a dog cumming in you like it does me now?"

Rita's pussy yearns as Mac speaks and she wants to feel that so badly. "Yes, I want to suck its dick and have it fuck my ass and pussy. Ohhh I do want that, I want it bad Mac honey. I want to feel what you did."

"You should get a dog Aunt Rita, then we could fuck it together", she says while sitting on Rita's breasts gazing down at her aunts beautiful cum smeared face. She has Mac's cum streaming down her chin and over her throat. Mac lays down alongside her and begins licking her cum off her aunt's face and neck, sucking at her throat and face, licking her until Rita entwines her fingers in Macs hair and pulls her mouth up until she can kiss her passionately.

Rita's clit pulses as she feels her nieces tongue enter her mouth and entwine with her own and she rolls her over onto her back and lifts her head and stares down into her niece's eyes as she begins hunching her clit against Mac's Mons. She feels her young lovers swollen clit rubbing her own and they both moan as thrills race from the contact they both love. Both of them begin breathing quicker and their arousement seems to heighten simultaneously as they both begin climbing the ladder to heaven.

Rita kisses slowly down her young body, licking round her breasts but not touching her nipples, leaving them tormented and yearning at the absence of any touch whatsoever. Her aunt sucks at the perspiration covering her, tasting its saltiness on her tongue as Mac writhes beneath her lips. Rita stares into Mac's eyes as her tongue laves her groin with long licks of her tongue that start at her thighs and run upwards to her rib cage until she has tasted every inch of her soft abdomen. She spreads her thin shapely thighs, her small body exciting Rita as the fact of her youthful age has her own pussy alive with need knowing this young girl wants her caresses as much as she needs Mac's on her own body.

"I love your young pussy's taste and feel under my tongue Mac. I'm going to lick and suck your youthful cunt again baby, did you like that, like my older tongue sliding up in your pussy and tasting your cum. I need you to cum for me honey, drown me with it. Why don't you think about your uncle fucking your ass while I eat your pussy? Wait just a second", she says as she goes and gets a normal sized black dildo and sucks it as Mac watches her.

"Oh gosh Aunt Rita, do you think about fucking black dicks too. I'd love to have a black cock in my pussy cumming in me, that's just so nasty. Do you want that too?"

"Hmm yes I do honey, I wish there was a black cock fucking me while I eat you, maybe someday we can do that together. There's so many things we can do together now as long as no one knows.", she says as she presses the dildo in her niece's receptive body which brings a deep moan from her lips and a sensual hunching and rolling of her hips as Rita's tongue tip begins lightly licking her clit while she fucks her with the dildo.

"That feels so good Rita, oh yeah, you're gonna make me cum quick doing that. Oh god suck me hard, fuck it in me deep. Oh fuck you're driving me crazy with your tongue. Lick it hard, please, oh fuck, oh damn, I.I..I'm....arghhhhhhhhhhh........fuck me....HARD! PLEASE FUCK ME HARD! Oh god I'm cummin...cummin...unghhh......suck it....unghh Yes, oh god baby lick it, aiieeeeeee....oh...ohhhhhhhh...god you're hurtin my pussy..Don't stop...fuck're so fuckin good....oh my...ohhhhhh yeah.....oh god yes like that suck it hard.....ram it in me.....hurt me bitch...oh god I can't stop......fuck it whore....oh damn I love you so much Aunt Rita"

"That's not very nice talk young lady, bitch, whore? How would you like it if I called you a slut while I cum", she asked smiling broadly?

Mac rolls her hips as she feels the dildo Rita is still pressing into her pussy tightly, hunches into it as she grips the bedsheets in her fists while moaning, "Mmmmm I'd like that. You can call me motherfucker as long as you cum when you do it so I can drink it. Or maybe auntfucker because I love fucking my aunt as you might have noticed.

Rita laughs and sucks her clit hard one last time before saying, "I bet Rick thinks we've died in here"

"Oh my gosh, I have to get back to Marsha's house before mom comes to pick me up, Mac yells as she gets up and runs to the bathroom and begins running water on a wash cloth and wiping herself, cleaning cum off her face, neck and wiping her pussy and thighs and ass excitedly.

Rita laughs and says, "Don't worry baby, I'm your mom's sister remember. Just be quiet a few minutes. Rita picks her phone up and presses a button and in a few seconds she says, Hi sis. Listen, Mackenzie walked over here from Marsha's a while ago and we're playing Yahtzee and she's afraid she won't be there when you come to get her so can you just pick her up here in a couple hours or I can bring her home later if you want. Ok, yeah I can do that no problem. I understand, remember I had kids myself. Anytime sis, tell everybody we love them.

"Well, Austin is spending the night at a friends and your mom wants to know if you can spend the night here so they can have some alone time. Would you like to spend the night sweetie, but I'm telling you now you'll have to sleep with me and your uncle and you'll have to pay rent and believe me you'll be paying with your ass."

"Oh really, I hope you charge a whole lot because I think that will be worth every lick and suck and feel you charge me. Dang that's hot me sleeping between my Aunt and Uncle....I think I'm getting wetter.

How about the two of us go tell your uncle that we want him to come up here and show you some uncle like love. They unlock the door and walk down the stairs nude and find Rick watching TV in the living room. "You must be getting old Rick. You have two beautiful sexy women here, one young and willing the other older and I'm thinking less experienced and you're laying there watching TV. Come on Mac lets go eat each other’s pussy's, he obviously isn't interested in us."

"Whoa, where you going? What the hell is going on? Why are you two naked?

"Rick, we have been talking and I found out that our beautiful niece that I have craved to taste for years has some very similar desires as we do such as fucking large dog cocks and wishing to have a very large and black dick crammed in her young cunt. She is spending the night with us tonight and she would like to have her Uncle put his fat long dick in her hairless pussy. Are you going to help fill her desire are do we have to try and find someone else. She is your niece, but she's my niece too and we have been licking and sucking each other for the last couple of hours, so you can join us or just sit there and beat off thinking of us upstairs having fun, which are you going to do?"

"Rick stands and "Goes with the flow" by dropping his sweatpants and allowing his hard dick to stand stiffly straight out from his body as he replies, "How about my young niece convincing me she wants this dick in her pussy by showing it some oral love right here in front of my wife"

"Mac plays it to the hilt by glancing at Rita and saying, "You really don't care Aunt Rita, I have been wanting to do this for so long. My pussy feels all wet inside just thinking about sucking a real dick and not a dog’s dick. I promise I'll suck you too if you let me do this with Uncle Rick."

"Go ahead Mackenzie, suck your uncle's dick. I want to watch you do it, go on I really don't care, in fact I want you too. Get down on your knees and suck it good."

Rick's dick is hard as a steel rod, jerking and stiffening rigidly as he watches his young niece wink at him as she kneels in front of him and reaches out and grasps him and says, "Oh my uncle rick you’re as big as the dog I've been fucking, I never dreamed a guy could be this big. She inspects my dick like she's never seen it before. She gazes up into my eyes and winks again as she slides her mouth over my glans and begins sucking me as Rita sits in the arm chair with her legs draped over the arms watching her niece suck my dick. Her eyes are fogged with lust as she rubs her clit slowly, her chest rising and falling with each deep breath as Macs mouth caresses my dick lovingly. Her hands caress and hold my balls as her mouth presses me into her throat and then her lips slide off my dick and she looks at Rita and says, "I like sucking your husband’s dick while you watch me Aunt Rita, my pussy is so wet and my little clitty is throbbing really hard. I can just feel your eyes on me as I suck and lick on his dick. I love you both so much for letting me enjoy his dick."

"We love you too, baby. I like watching you suck my husbands cock knowing you want it in your pussy honey. I like watching your Uncles face as he feels his little niece's mouth sucking him. You love having a young beautiful girl sucking your dick don't you baby, she's not even been fucked by a human yet and you old pervert you want your dick to be the first in her pussy don't you dear? I know how you feel Rick, I know how much you want me to watch you fuck your dick into her pussy because that's how bad I want you to watch a big black cock fuck me baby. Mac tell your uncle how bad you want to feel his dick in your pussy while I watch you eat my pussy and fuck him. You're such a little slut Mac, I know you want to make us both cum at the same time don't you, admit it."

"It’s all I've thought about all day Aunt Rita, having Uncle Rick fuck his dick in my pussy and push my tongue inside you, being both of yours sex slave."

"Really, our sex slave huh? Rick I want you to come here and press your dick all the way in my pussy."

I don’t know what is happening but I’m all for putting my dick into my wife's pussy because it’s so hard it’s aching. I walk to her and begin forcing my dick into her as she moans, her hips hunching as I fuck her slowly, deliberately, as Rita lays back in the seat, her head turned sideways as she savors the feel of my dick. She's moaning, hunching, hips rolling as I throb in her pussy and my body mashes her clit and she cums, her body trembling as I just hold my cock deep inside her. She's gasping as she tells me to remove my cock. When I do, she orders Mac to, “Suck my cum off his dick slut, then come eat me and suck the cum out of my pussy."

Mac takes my cock in her mouth and sucks it clean, moaning her love of what she's doing as her tongue laves my balls. She sucks them clean of Rita's cum before turning to her Aunt and lowering her face to her pussy. She presses her tongue into Rita's pussy and licks her excitedly as her Aunts hips undulate sensually as she enjoys her niece sucking at her pussy. Rita motions for me to fuck our young lover and I place my dick at her wet opening and begin pressing through her tight entrance as she moans into Rita's pussy. I’m not gentle, I don’t make love to her, I fuck her roughly, ramming my dick in inches at a time as she begins screaming with each hard thrust. She tries to lift her head to scream but Rita holds her to her pussy saying, "Take my husbands’ dick you little slut, push your pussy back into him and take it all up in your pussy."

I entwine my fingers in Macs hair and push her head back to Rita's pussy and order her to, "Eat that pussy you little cunt", while pounding her strongly. Mac is moaning and pressing back into my dick obviously loving the way she is being treated. Every time she cums I fuck my dick into her so hard her knees leave the floor and she screams her love of my dick until Rita again pulls her roughly back to her pussy and hunches up into her face excitedly. I have needed this ever since I listened at the door earlier in the day, needed to make her cum so intensely she'll want to fuck me every day. I put my hands on her shoulders and lift her as I stand with her impaled on my long dick, screaming, as her weight presses me completely into her and she hangs impaled by my cock as she cums her sweet young cunt off.

I step to my wife and say, “Suck her clit baby, make her scream". Rita leans forward excitedly and begins licking and sucking at Macs clit causing her hips to hunch and roll as she grinds her pussy even deeper down onto my stiff upright cock as she screams and cums. Her entire body flops around on my dick as she tries to remove Rita's mouth from her clit before she goes insane. I grab her by her thighs and hold her open as Rita torments her sensitive clit with hard licks and strong suctioning caresses. I fuck up into her thin young body in a pistoning flurry that has her tensing so hard she can't breathe, her head flailing around wildly as her body roils with pleasure so intense she feels an insanity gripping her mind. She grabs Rita's head and screams how she can't stand anymore but instead of trying to push her away, her hands hold Rita to her pussy tightly, unwilling and unable to part with her pleasure giving mouth even if it means her demise.

Rita stops and says, "Let’s go up on the bed Rick, I want to watch you fuck her slow and easy and make her love you"

"Oh my god Aunt Rita I already love you both. That was fucking fantastic. I thought I was going fucking nuts you had me cumming so hard and good. I like it when you make me do things and call me a slut. Uncle Ricks dick is so big I thought he was gonna cum out my mouth, I really love fucking it. Now I know why you love him so much, he's such a good lover!"

"We want you to be happy with us Mac, to experience everything we experience. Right now I want us to go upstairs and have you get atop Ricks dick and let me lick your sweet young asshole while you push all your Uncle's long dick in your pussy. Maybe one of my black rubber cocks might just find its way up your bum hole until we can find us a real one to torture our asses and pussies with. Rick is going to find us a black cock to fuck aren't you baby?"

"Yes I am and also a beautiful black pussy to lick and enjoy and to fuck dogs with you two bitches. Would you both like to suck a black pussy and drink it’s cum? Think about that while we go upstairs, anybody want to ride up?"

"Can I Aunt Rita, I loved it!"

"Go ahead you little cock slut, fuck my husband’s dick and leave me playing with my pussy", Rita chides Mac as she walks away laughing.

Mac leans forward and says, "Put it in me Uncle Rick and bounce a lot while we climb the stairs", she says laughing.

I sit down and say, "Climb on this facing me this time beautiful ass", and she does and immediately begins riding me, fucking my dick up into her young nubile body as my hands roam her freely. I love how small she feels beneath my hands, her thin thighs so firm as I squeeze them, her ass cheeks so soft and smooth as I hold her by them and fuck her down onto my dick forcefully until I feel my cock opening her, forcing into her uterus as she wiggles her ass as she feels me sliding up into her fertile womb, gasping, "God I'll never get used to that feeling when something opens inside me and I feel you forcing deeper inside me until I'm stretching as you fuck me. My pussy feels so tight around you then, like its gripping you like my hands would. I love you so much when you're throbbing in my pussy right there"

"I grab her ass cheeks and stand as her child-like thighs wrap my body. She seems so small and fragile compared to my wife's more womanly body. It excites me and makes my dick stiffen with the hunger her youthful enthusiasm for my dick instills in me. I begin walking with her hands on my shoulders and her pussy absorbing the shock of each step I take. I remove my hands from her body and let her feel the full impact of the jostling in her pussy as she grips me tightly, moaning, "Oh gosh, my pussy feels so full, its hurting me so bad, ohhhhhhh, I.I..Y..You....oh fuck....c.c..cum..cum..ohgod.....arrrggh

"Her cum feels so warm as she drenches my dick, drowning it with her pleasure as I exaggerate each step as her hands pull, lifting her body and then letting herself drop back down forcefully as she fucks her pussy down until her clit is mashed between us where our bodies meet and her ass wriggles as she rubs herself against me and feels her womb stretching. The feel of her tight pussy riding my dick is instilling a hunger in me and I stop on the stairs and lay her on the steps and fuck her hard, my ass rising and falling quickly until she's screaming as we stare into each other’s eyes. I see the pain she feels expressed in her gaze but her mouth pleads with me to fuck her harder to hurt her pussy, to make her cum good, to fuck her tight pussy. Her words drive home the incestual act I'm enjoying, instead of hampering my efforts though, it drives me, excites me with the knowledge this tender young girl wants her uncle to take her pussy, to hurt her with my older dick as she cums and cums.

Rita comes to see what's keeping us and sees me humping her niece's young pussy halfway up the stairs, her head flailing around as she screams her joy at me fucking her so deeply. "I guess I need to quieten her before the neighbors call the cops", she says as she straddles Macs head and presses her pussy down onto her mouth. Mac begins licking and sucking at my wife's pussy like she's starved for her pussy. Soon Rita is hunching, hips rolling as she presses Mac's head back against the stairs as her own hunger seeks release on her niece's wildly flailing tongue. Seeing my wife's womanly ass grinding and hunching into this waif's mouth as she kneels on the stairs, driving her pussy forcefully onto the girls tongue as her thighs spread widely, hands pulling her to her pussy, both of them moaning, wanting nothing more than to cum, drives me to fuck my dick fully, forcefully into her young pussy until she’s cumming intensely.

"Fuck her honey, fuck her little slut pussy deep like the dog does. Make the little cunt your bitch, like she needs. She's probably thinking about fucking that Great Dane while you fuck her anyway", Rita gasps as she cums, tenses.

I'm watching my wife's asshole pinch and relax repeatedly as she hunches into her niece's mouth and I'm suddenly filled with a need to feel it squeezing my cock. I withdraw amidst Mac's moaning displeasure and force my dick into my wife's ass while telling Mac, "Suck her pussy Mac, while I fuck her asshole".

Mac seems excited by the knowledge of what I say and her efforts are renewed, invigorated, and soon Rita is begging me to fuck her ass deeper, harder, crying out for her niece to suck her Aunts pussy like a good slut. Macs hands hold my wife's ass cheeks spread as I fuck her tightly squeezing exit hole while she labors with the energy of her youthfulness to please her Aunt.

Rita is lost to the exquisite pleasures she feels, her head hangs down moaning as her hips undulate frantically between my dick and her young lovers suctioning clit sucking. I see her thighs spreading, opening as she presses into the pleasure streaming from her slickly caressed orb as her cries tell of her orgasm. Her asshole clenches me tightly as she squeezes her ass cheeks, body tensing until she vibrates beneath me. I force my dick in and out of her, knowing the mashed nerves of her squeezing ring will impart a madness as she is already lost to the sensations flooding her mind and addicting her body.

As I fuck my wife's ass I think of the new dimensions Mac has added to our sex life. Is it her young age that stimulates us or just the fact of the added stimulation she brings to our relationship? Whatever it is, Rita is caught up in it totally as she cums intensely. She leans down forward onto the stairs gasping for breath as waves of muscle tensing pleasure course through her entire body repeatedly. We both refuse to relent from our incessant stimulation of her tenderest, most intimate places. Her mind seems to succumb as her body lays forward as she just submits to our most earnest adulation of her charms, moaning her acceptance of our ongoing caresses in a way that expresses her inability to prevent her complete subjugation to them.

I feel so much love for her as I see her thoroughly permeated with pleasure. I withdraw my dick until only my glans is held by her tightly clenching circle of pleasure. Feeling me throbbing there, she moans and her ass undulates sensually as she squeezes me, milks my cock. The sensualness of her motions imparts sensations that cause my balls immediately to explode my cum into her bowels causing us both to groan loudly at the sudden expulsion. I fuck her clenching asshole deeply as my balls spew repeatedly to her loud moans and working hips as she coaxes every drop from my twitching nuts; her hips hunching, undulating, milking me thoroughly into the depths of her rectum. Rita's moans are filled with satisfaction as she drains me of my sperm completely. "Can we go to the bedroom now". Rita moans as she lifts herself on quaking arms.

Mac looks at her Aunt with a big smile on her face and says, "Bitch that was supposed to be my cum he just shot up your slut ass."

"Oh poor baby, I promise I'll suck your Uncle hard again so you can make his big cock cum in your ass will that make you happy", Rita soothes her?

"I'd rather have it deep in my pussy but I don't want no baby, especially my Uncle's even though I love going through the motions of making one with him", she says as she grabs me by the dick and says, "Come on stud let’s get this thing cleaned up so I can have it in my pussy again while your slut wife watches you make me cum my cute little young ass off.”

As we start up the stairs Rita says, "Look who's calling who a slut. I have never had a dog dick up my pussy like a slut bitch, how about you?"

"Yeah but who told me they were jealous of me and wants to fuck a dog real bad and who wants a black dick in their pussy shooting black babies all up inside them", they good naturedly banter.

Rita puts her arm around her niece and hugs her as she says, "It’s easy to tell we have the same slut blood in us isn't it sweetie. I guess that's why we both love that pervert you're dragging by his hard dick", she says while smiling and looking at me lovingly!

She drags me to the bathroom and spends an inordinate amount of time washing my dick as she soaps it with her hands and slides them along my thick shaft to torment me much longer than necessary. Then Rita comes in and asks for the soap and grabs a washrag and wets it and begins washing my ass. Once good and soapy she begins using her hands to slide between my ass cheeks and rub my asshole. I've got hands running slickly all over my ass and cock and my dick strains its skin as I feel a finger pressed up my ass. I moan as I feel a new sensation. Rita has never done this before, never even indicated she wanted to. I feel sorta gay when I realize it feels good and my ass moves unconsciously as she slides her finger in and out of me.

I feel myself becoming aroused and I fight it. I'm straight, I shouldn't like this, my mind keeps screaming. Nature must have miswired my brain because somehow my body didn't get the message that I'm not supposed to feel pleasure at having my ass penetrated and my dick jerks strongly with every movement of my wife's finger up my asshole. Finally she stops and says, "I'll be right back".

Mac has rinsed my cock and balls and is sucking my cock down her throat as Rita reappears and again begins fingering my ass. I can't stop my ass from pressing into her finger and Macs pressing me into her throat has me on fire. I feel my mind slipping into a carnal place that I've never explored before, my mind fighting the realization of how good it feels as she fingers my ass. When she removes her finger and begins pressing something larger into me I know what she plans, oh god no I think, I know I can't stop her, I don't want to stop her. My ass has been crying out for something larger to fill it, open me, and I've forced myself not to admit it till now. I feel my hole being forced open around the tip of her dildo, it feels good as it presses against the raw nerve endings in my anus. As Rita presses the dildo up my ass she also forces my cock deeper into Macs throat and my mind is seething with new sensations as it feels like a guy is fucking his cock completely through my body into Mac's sucking mouth. I feel the head enter me and I hear Rita's excited chuckle as she begins fucking me with slow steady strokes.

Oh fuck that feels good I think. I compare the feeling in my mind to that of a large turd sliding from my ass only it never ends, just fucks in and out until I’m moaning, pressing back into the fat feeling within me. Mac begins sucking my tip strongly as Rita now fucks my ass quicker. I lean forward and place my hands on the bathroom wall as they suck and fuck me. I swallow hard, my mind reels as I wonder if I'm really a latent homosexual or what I'm enjoying this so much. My breathing comes quick, deep, as my ass moves and I moan for her to fuck my ass faster, deeper as my arousement controls me. All that matters is the streams of thrills that have me craving to cum as Mac's lips and tongue torment my glans, sucking me deep into her throat to feel engulfed and squeezed as my asshole streams pleasure that tightens it on the sliding dick. That added pressure sends more intense thrills racing through me until my knees feel weak and I know I'm about to cum intensely.

Rita senses my plight and begins fucking my ass with long fast strokes that have me begging as our niece's head begins bobbing rapidly and I'm unable to move as my balls tremble and I feel this huge knot of cum race over my constrictor muscle bringing a groan from deep inside me as I spew hotly into Mac's greedily sucking mouth. "Oh god yes, fuck me, suck me, oh fuck I'm cumming....arghhh don't stop....oh damn I love this...fuck my ass baby....oh god yes...suck me.....take it Mac. Oh fuck you suck dick so goddamn good." I feel the dick fucking me as I squeeze down on it each time I spew and I have to wonder if a real cock would feel even better up my tight manhole. I feel like I've undermined my manhood I enjoyed being assfucked so much. I deny it to myself but a part of me knows I'd love to have a real dick pumping me full of hot ball juice as my dick is sucked so vehemently by my young niece.

I lean against the wall gasping for breath as I look down at my niece's face and see pearlescent gobs of my cum glistening on her chin, running from her nostrils and hanging in long white ribbons from her nose and chin. "Fuck, choke me why don't you asshole, damn that was hot, I thought you was never gonna quit cumming Uncle Rick. I thought you was gonna strangle me when you held my head down on your dick and kept cummin until I had to exhale and it blew your cum all out my nose and everywhere. I loved it but damn you could kill somebody with your big loads of cum. You must really like being fucked up the butt"

I feel awkward standing there with a black cock up my ass squeezing it with every sporadic thrill that grips me and causes my dick to jerk as it fails. "Take it out baby, I moan", as Rita smiles up at me.

"I liked that baby, I cum while I fucked your ass. You loved it too didn't you honey?"

"Oh god baby I hated it, I just put up with it because I knew it excited you two girls", I moan loudly as my whole body shudders at the thrill of it sliding from my asshole. I stand there unable to move as my asshole clenches, squeezes and I feel a yearning to have it back in me.

"Yeah I can tell how much you hated it. Now I want to see a black guy fuck you in the ass Rick. Will you do that for me? Do you love me enough to do that for me?"

It makes my dick jerk thinking about it and I know I want it but I just can't admit it. Its like giving up my manhood, stripping me of my balls or something. "That sounds so gay honey", I say.

"You know you liked it up the ass, I've never seen you so weak in the knees as when you just cum. Look at what you did to your little niece, you were out of control and you're always in control. I want to have you in my pussy while a black guy cums in your ass, that's just so hot!"

"Yeah Uncle Rick I'd like that too. I'd love to have you fuck me while a black guy fucks you or if you don't want to do that maybe you can let a dog fuck you while you're in my ass and I'm sucking Aunt Rita's pussy"

"Damn, you two are just corrupt, you're both just a couple of little cock sluts and now you're trying to make me want a dick too. You're both incorrigible fuck sluts. I guess that's why I love you both so much. I'll think about it, how's that", I offer just to get them off the subject.

"Uncle Rick is gonna get ass fucked, ass fucked, Uncle Rick wants black cock in his asshole", Mac begins singing before saying, "I don't know why you just don't admit you really like thinking about a black dick up your ass you know you want it as bad as we do. We're all three just black cock sluts but only me and Aunt Rita admit it cause you're too chicken"

She is right and I know it but even if I do it I don't want to talk about it. It just seems so homosexual for me to talk about another guy fucking his cum up my asshole. I'm not ready to accept that, maybe Bi but definitely not gay. "Maybe I do think I might enjoy it but its a big step, something you can't go back and undo, ever, sort of like fucking a dog. Once its done it's done."

"You'd enjoy fucking a dog up your ass too I bet", Mac offers with a big smile on her face, happy that she got me to admit I might like a black guy cumming in my tight white ass.

"I'm gonna go lay on the bed if anybody wants to cum fuck me or anything", Rita says as she flips her ass and walks out the door sucking the dildo looking at us temptingly. She had cleaned it in the sink because I'm sure she plans on using it again on Mac. I think, damn I'd love seeing her suck a real black cock as I follow her down the hallway like a dog smelling a bitch in heat.

Once in the bed with the two of them its like being the only dick around with two bitches in heat. I've never seen Rita so open and laviciously lewd as she has been since Mac somehow seduced her. She has no inhibitions anymore and seems able to accept anything carnal in nature she can find pleasure indulging in. It seems that our conversation on dogs fucking her unleashed her, freed her to allow her inner slut to flourish. I see so many similarities in her and Mac. Mac has the curiosities and desires of an inexperienced girl and wishes to try it all and find pleasure in the journey of exploration as any young girl would and Rita appears to be of the same mentality as her own inexperience opens her to the whole world of new sexual opportunities and experiences.

I'm just glad I'm along for their journey of finding pleasure. I believe we're all thoroughly sexed out by the time we fall asleep entwined in each other’s arms. My last remembered thought is, "What will tomorrow bring into this sexual paradise of mine?"

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