Little Red Riding Hood: Out of the Woods?

Little Red Riding Hood: Out of the Woods?

"What.. WHAT THE FUCK?!"

"Um.. hi."

"What… WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Why is Molly's pussy on your… on your.."

Peter's angry, beyond pissed, but he's a human male. He's got a dick, and that dick's more concerned with the fact that my tongue is mere millimeters from hot girl's dripping cunt.

The Wolf reaches over me and grabs Molly's ass. His voice comes out low, like a growl, "You should come get the pussy you've been dreaming about."

Peter's mouth seems to have gone dry, or perhaps he can no longer speak due to the blood disappearing from his brain to his pulsing cock. He staggers over, stops, as if he's second guessing himself, then rushes over to the bed, shedding clothes in his wake.

I feel Molly's weight shift off of me as he grabs her hips, pulling her to kneel on the edge of the bed. I have a clear view as he buries his tongue between her legs, lapping up her juices from the orgasm I gave her.

I see the Wolf smirk out of the corner of my eye. He slowly begins to fuck me again, laying almost flat on top of me as we both watch Peter eat Molly's cunt.

"He's not very good at that, is he?" he whispers, his breath tickling my neck, his lips brushing the curl of my ear. I shudder, eyes locked on my boyfriend's tongue in my best friend's cunt. The same cunt that just had my tongue sliding, slithering, sucking up her cum.

His teeth on my nipple draw a groan from my lips. Peter stops licking Molly's pussy, and as if spurned on by our voyeurism, shoves his dick into Molly. She moans, circling her hips and fucking Peter back. I can see her slickness on his dick, and I almost rear up off the bed to lick them both.

Perhaps he can read my mind - great minds think alike, right? - because he scoops under the back of my head, pick me up and pushes my lips against Molly and Peter. My lips make contact with clit and cock; instinctually, I lick. He begins to fuck me faster, watching as Peter and Molly grind themselves on my tongue.

I can tell Peter is getting close, his panting gets harder and his thrusts get more erratic. Molly shakes, screams, "OHHHHH FUCK", and she cums, which results in Peter losing his load. I move out of the way as they fall flat, exhausted from exertion.

The Wolf jerks out of me, fixing his clothes. I barely have time to fix my own before he pulls me over his shoulder. We're out of the apartment in less than a minute; Peter and Molly have no chance to respond nor have they the strength to chase us.

Thrown as I am, all I see are the concrete stairs before he bursts into the sunlight. My feet hit the ground, but he continues to drag me along by the hand. Everything seems a blur, like my brain can't catch up with the reality of what's going on. At one point, we see cops running our way. He pushes me against a building, crushing my body and my lips in a kiss that does nothing to help my disorientation.

They pass and we continue to walk at a fast clip, nearing the sketchy area of town. I begin to pull back on his hand, attempting to resist as much as my 100 pound frame can against a man that looks like he could easily bench press two of me. He simply pulls harder, and I trip behind him into what looks like an empty warehouse.

"Oh my god, he's going to kill me," I think, and I try to dig in my heels to the dirty grey floor. Problem is, we're no longer out in public, so there's no need for him to keep me on my feet. I get lifted again over his shoulder.

"No!! NO NO NO NO I WON'T TELL ANYONE!! PLEASE!!! DON'T HURT ME!" I beg, swearing, kicking, and trying my hardest to break free from his arm.

My ass hits metal as he sits me down on an industrial table. I'm trying my hardest not to cry, wishing I had bitten him earlier instead of giving into desire. His hand grabs my chin, forcing me to look him in the eyes- dark brown, deep, and despite my fear, I do everything in my power not to drool.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he says, his lips coming dangerously close to mine. I lean forward, upward, towards his face -

"At least, not if you don't want me to," he finishes, pulling away. I nearly fall off of the table. He disappears from my vision. I turn to find him, his back to me, as he pulls off his shirt. His back ripples with muscle, beautiful lines interrupted only by the scratches my nails have left. His boxers peak out of his jeans, which hang around his hips. My breath catches in my throat, enraptured with the sight of this insanely hot guy who just happened to also fuck me senseless earlier.

He turns around and catches me with my jaw dropped. I see him smirk at my hand lying on my inner thigh, unconsciously drawing circles on my tender skin. He stalks over to me, his chest close to my face as he reaches around me, grabbing a bottle from out of my view.

"Want a drink?"

Somewhere, with my dignity and my ability to breathe, I toss the last shreds of my inhibition. I grab the whiskey bottle from his hand and pour some on his shoulder, licking and biting where the liquor kisses his skin.

He growls, a dirty smile playing across his lips. "You're wasting…" he whispers in my ear, before gently pushing me flat on the cool metal. My shirt is roughly pushed up, whiskey drizzles across my stomach. He laps it up, the sting of the liquor and the heat of his tongue making my pussy slick with the thought that maybe, just maybe he'll-

His tongue teases underneath my waistband, nearly flicking against my clit. My hips flinch upward, my hands try to push his head against my begging cunt, but he pulls away, laughing. He doesn't get far, though. I pull him between my legs by the top of his jeans, trapping his cock against me as I lock my ankles behind his back.

His hands push my shirt and bra up as I fumble with the button of his jeans. He bits my bottom lip before I feel his teeth graze the nape of my neck. I gasp, suddenly topless as he rips my clothes off of me. He sucks hard on my nipple, causing me to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Pushing me flat on the table again, he begins to pull my skirt off, as he frees his huge cuck from his jeans. Holding my hands over my head, he stops for a second, tenderly kissing my ear lobe.

"Max," he says.

Our eyes meet. "Uh.. what?"

"Max. My name is Max," he laughs.

What the fuck. I don't know what to say, so I respond in kind, "Lily."

He buries his mouth against my ear, "Wasn't trying to get your name. Just want you to know what you should scream."

Every inch suddenly slides in to my pussy, my back arching at his assault. The air in my lungs escapes, and I can't even draw a breath to moan. The Wolf - Max, whatever the fuck his name is!!- seems as breathless, momentarily motionless in my tight wetness.

"You are so -" he pulls out, thrust in hard, "fucking," another thrust, "tight," he groans against my neck, grinding against my clit as he buries his cock deeper into my cunt.

He pulls out completely, and I worry he's about to run away like our apartment escape. Instead, he drops to his knees, his tongue flat against my aching hole, rubbing every which way. I get enough air to moan, loudly, burying my hands into his hair. I thrash on the table, knocking the whiskey to the floor. Glass shatters off to the side, the air becomes intoxicated as I beg him to keep going.

I can feel my pussy tighten, tingling as he pushes me to orgasm. "DON'T STOP!" I scream, feeling my abs contract as his tongue slides deep. I cum hard, arching off of the tabletop, "FFUUUCCKKKMAXXX."

I shudder as the cool metals makes contact with my post-orgasm flush. There's no time to rest; he pulls me from the table, bending me at the waist and pushing my breasts into the now-warm surface.

Holding my hands above my head, he pushes into my twat. One hand busy with my wrists, his other pushes down on my lower back, pushing my sensitive clit against the surface below. Trapped as it is between the metal and his warm shaft, my pussy throbs, and tightens more around Max's dick. He fucks me hard and fast, his nails digging into my skin as he holds me pinned.

"Cum for me again, Lily. Let me feel you cum again," he slows down, letting every inch slowly work its way out of my tight hole. I shiver, rolling my hips on his cock, "Max…"

I hear him laugh, and then feel the sting of his hand as he slaps my ass. I whimper, still pushing back on his dick, "Please. Give it to me," I barely whisper.

He drives every inch into me, rubbing my clit with his fingers. "Now, Lily."

My body obliges him, my cunt tightening as I cum again.

He pulls out, and when I try to stand, I collapses on the ground. He wraps his hands in my hair, pulling me up to his cock. I wrap my lips around the tip, sucking my juice that's coating his skin. He groans, pushing further into my throat. He begins to fuck my mouth as he did my pussy, cradling my head in his other hand.

"You love this," he growls- a statement, not a question- his entirely cock buried. I swallow, my throat contracting around his head, causing him to moan. He releases my hands, and I grab his ass, pulling him deeper into my mouth. I pull off of him, and carefully begin to lick his balls. His breath quickens, egged on by the sight of my pink tongue delicately covering every inch of him. I suck on the base of his cock, and his head rolls back, hands re-buried in my hair.

"Suck me."

I run the tip of my tongue up his shaft, teasing the tip.

"Suck me, Lily."

I wrap my lips around the tip, only sucking lightly on the very top.

His patience runs out and he pushes my head down. I increase the tightness in my mouth, and he groans as his motions get faster. "Fuck.." he moans, his dick buried in my throat. Our eyes meet, and I can see he can't hold back any more. I feel him cum, his dick twitching against my tongue. I swallow every bit, his hands on either side of my head grip the edge of the table, bracing himself from falling.

We dress in silence. A black Camaro sits off to the side. He gently guides me over to it. We drive out of the warehouse, and he pulls up near the park where I was first crossing to get to Molly's. Awkwardly, I get out, half expecting him to drive off. However, he gets out, sits on the hood, and pulls me towards him. Standing between his legs, I can't help but envision all the incredibly naughty things we could do on the hood. He seems to read my mind again and laughs, "Another time." He grabs my ass to pull me close against his face, taking in my smell.

Just as quickly, he stands, and is back in the car. "Tell your piece of shit boyfriend to learn how to eat pussy, or I'll gladly take his job."

I laugh, "Maybe you should."

Another smirk. Sirens interrupt our moment - "I'll find you next time you need to be broken in half properly."

"Tomorrow then."

He speeds off, a smile on his face, and a twitch in his pants that only gets worse as he looks over and sees my red panties on his passenger seat.

"Tomorrow it is."

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