College Affairs

College Affairs

College Affairs
by Droid447

Cheerleading practice was over. Janet and Bianca waited in the locker rooms until everyone else left. They had flirted with each other during the last few weeks, hesitant about taking the first step. When they did, there was no stopping them. Janet looked out the door, making sure they were alone…

“I thought they would never leave,” Janet said.

Bianca looked at her friend with loving eyes, thinking, She is so pretty.

As usual, Janet was more forthcoming, walking over to Bianca and embracing her. Bianca hesitated for a second, still not used to make out with a girl but she wanted this more than anything. She moved her hands over Janet’s breasts and whispered, “Your touch always makes me tremble...”

They looked into each other's eyes with true passion; eager to kiss, eager to feel. They leaned forward at the same time. Their tongues entwined and danced for a few minutes; slowly and seductive at first, then fervently, giving up to their youthful impatience. Their breasts raised and rubbed against each other’s as their breathing deepened and accelerated.

Janet untied Bianca’s top and excitedly glided down to lick her nipples. Bianca moaned and shuddered, thrusting her chest forward to meet the relentless tongue that made her feel so good.
She knew that Janet could make her cum just by playing with the breasts, but her body was demanding for more, much more…

A moment later, Bianca was leaning back against the lockers while Janet slid her head beneath the cheerleader's mini skirt. Janet firmly attached her mouth to her lover's pussy, licking and sucking with unrestrained eagerness. Her tongue twirled around Bianca's clitoris and all over the wet, sensitive labia.

Bianca had no chance to endure this delicious treatment for more than a few minutes without reaching a powerful orgasm. She felt her legs trembling rapidly and her hips bucking forward just an instant before her world turned into a blinding white light that sparked behind her rolling eyes.

While the orgasmic spasms rippled through her body, Bianca grabbed Janet’s head as best she could and pushed it against her crotch, urging her friend to keep licking until she couldn’t remain standing any longer. Janet gladly complied, shoving her tongue deep into Bianca's twitching pussy, twirling it around, hoping to prolong the blissful experience for her lover.

The enraptured teen slowly bent her feeble legs, sliding to the polished floor. She had never felt this good before. Hooking up with Janet was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

When Bianca came down from heaven, it was time to return the favor.

Janet laid on the small, wooden bench and taking advantage of her outstanding flexibility, easily lifted her thighs close to her chest, presenting her wet pussy to her lover. Bianca enjoyed the view for a moment before resting her lithe form on the bench as well. Then she lowered her head and delicately licked her friend’s waiting pussy lips. She tastes so good!

This gentle touch made Janet shiver in bliss. She lifted her head to look at her beautiful lover kissing her nether parts so delightfully.

And as she got closer to climax, her reaction was the same as Bianca’s. Janet pushed her girlfriend’s head deeper between her legs while moaning loudly. So far, the couple had been very discrete, careful not to get caught. But at this moment, Janet couldn’t care less if someone could hear her from outside the room. This felt incredible!

Bianca got a little concerned that Janet was making too much noise, but she kept her mouth attached to her lover’s pussy nonetheless. She owed it to her.

Janet’s entire body bucked uncontrollably when her orgasm exploded. Waves of ecstasy radiated from her crotch to her brain, turning the room in a blur of spinning colors. Every lash of Bianca's tongue unleashed a new blissful spasm that repeated several times, until the overwhelmed woman laid exhausted and completely satisfied on the bench.

A moment later, Bianca stood up, her face smeared with Janet's juices, and started walking towards the showers. She looked back with a mischievous smile and thought about inviting Janet to join her but her lover seemed so peaceful lying on the bench with a heavenly expression on her face that she decided not to disturb her.

“I’m going to take a shower. Be right back. Don’t go anywhere,” Bianca said.

“…be right here. Love you…” was Janet's faint response.


While Janet rejoiced in the lingering aftermath of climax, a strange and silent creature walked beneath the bench where she rested. Its body was dark gray about the size of a tennis ball. It was smooth and hairless, supported by three bony legs about twenty centimeters longs. It's head was just an elongated extension of the main body with no eyes, nose or ears. It definitely looked weird and alien.

The monster had been attracted by the intense emotions that emanated from the girls a moment ago; more specifically, their brain activity during orgasm. Now it was getting closer to Janet's leg.

Unaware of the danger, Janet was daydreaming, Dating Bianca is my best idea ever. I think I really love her.

The small creature didn’t know if his venom was sufficiently strong to immobilize this large female enough time to find her control center; her brain. The alien was gambling with his life. But this was the way it had been done since forever. Sometimes they succeeded and sometimes they got crushed to death.

He jumped a few centimeters forward and stabbed her skin!

Janet felt a sharp pinch on her leg and she jerked for a fraction of a second, then she couldn’t move at all. It was as if her entire body suddenly became paralyzed. Stiff and weak at the same time.

“Ouch!” Janet was able to yelp briefly before her vocals cords became unusable.

“Are you ok?” Bianca asked from the showers. She heard the bleat but figured that Janet had bumped her bare feet into something. She just smiled.

Janet realized in panic that something was crawling up her leg but she couldn’t do anything about it. She tried in vain to scream. Only a soft, muffled grunt escaped her kips.

What is happening to me?! I can’t move!!

The creature followed the barely perceptible electrical activity emanating from Janet’s brain. He was very close now, walking over her chest. He was also able to detect the fear within the female. This fear was going to make her very dangerous once the paralyzing effect of the venom washed off. He needed to act quickly.

As the creature reached Janet's neck and started climbing on her face, the scared woman was able to see him! Oh my God! What is this thing? This is not possible!

Janet tried to make sense of this impossible situation. Maybe she had fallen sleep after sex and she was having a nightmare; but why were her eyes wide open? Why she couldn’t she wake up? Please! I have to wake up!

The creature walked over Janet’s face and placed its weird cylindrical head over the woman’s forehead. Being so small, the creature needed to get very close to the subject in order to make a successful mind-link. At this short distance from her brain, the creature could easily sense all the electrical activity developing within her skull. He got excited.

Janet first saw a brief spark and heard a crackling, electrical noise. Her vision became blurry. In an instant, it became very difficult to formulate coherent thoughts as they turned sluggish and discontinuous.

This was the creature’s main ability. It intercepted, interpreted and rearranged the electrical connections between Janet’s neurons by sending electrical discharges of its own. The little monster needed to convince Janet that he was a friend. She should not be afraid. From now on, it would be her job to take care of him.

The sheer terror that Janet felt just a moment ago started to vanish as new, alien thoughts filtered into her mind. She couldn't understand why but the monster didn't seem that threatening any more. If fact she felt a warmth cursing through her body as she realized that this creature was not a stranger. But how could that be if she had never seen it before? Janet was so confused.

After a couple of minutes, Janet's own thoughts was inexorably pushed to the bottom of her mind while a new important idea settled in her mind. This creature was her friend. She must have forgotten about it momentarily. She should take care of her friend like she 'always' had. This important knowledge would remain imprinted in her brain so she would not forget it again.

It didn't take long before the mind bending process was complete. When the creature climbed off Janet’s body, she couldn't form a single thought. The stunned woman sat up puzzled and disoriented, her wide-opened eyes staring forward, her arms hanging limply by her sides. A moment passed before her brain got up to speed and formed a cognitive content; it was a simple one…

Follow... friend.

Janet stood up and started walking, swaying her hips sexily even though no one was watching. Close in front of her, the creature led the way.

A few meters behind them, inside the showers, Bianca turned off the water and reached for a towel. She hummed a happy song, picturing Janet’s naked body on the bench, looking sexy as hell.
Bianca walked out and found an empty room. Janet was gone without even saying goodbye.

The confused teen started to wonder if she had done something wrong, making Janet angry. Why did she leave without me?


The boiler room entrance was just a few meters away from the locker area. It was an ample, warm room; perfect for the creature’s needs. He had chosen it to make a new, permanent home.

When the alien stopped, Janet did too. Then she felt the need to lie down, hoping that he would help her “remember” how to take care of him. The dumbfounded woman lay flat on the ground, with her legs close together and her arms by her sides, hands open, palms down. This position felt right and should wait like as long as necessary.

The creature moved around her, investigating Janet's body. He touched her leg but nothing happened. Then he touched her arm with the same result. Now that the female was calmed and utterly receptive, her brainwaves were weak, almost absent. Brain activity was the monster’s food; he nurtured on it. He needed to find out why this woman was sending vibes so strongly before, when she and the other female were touching each other.

The creature positioned itself beside her head and started sending thousands of electrical permutations per second through Janet’s brain until he found the correct response. The woman moaned softly and spread her legs without knowing that she was doing it. At the same time, her brain spiked with a strong, succulent signal.

The monster discovered that sexual stimulus was the key to get stronger, nurturing brainwaves from the female. This required further investigation. He walked around Janet’s body and moved between her legs.

Janet felt a subtle touch along her vaginal lips and this made her jolt. Her brain spiked again sending another wave. The alien sensed it. This was the right spot. The enthralled woman had a dull sensation that this wasn’t right; nobody should be playing with her pussy except Bianca. But she chose to ignore it. It was imperative to take care of her new friend.

After finding her vaginal cavity, the invader pushed his conic head inside. It penetrated just a few centimeters but it was enough to understand the workings of her body. This was the reproduction center, hence the pleasure that produced in the female’s mind when it was touched.

Meanwhile, Janet started to breath faster. Her stunned mind could process little more than basic needs, pleasure among them. There was nothing else in her brain that could interfere with this joyful sensation. She just had to lay there immobile with her legs spread wide. Her eyes began to drift upward from time to time, as her arousal grew stronger, filling the void in her reprogrammed mind.

After a few minutes, Janet was lifting her hips from the ground and swaying them slightly up and down. The creature was fascinated by this odd reaction and tried to push his head deeper, wondering how far it could go. When he did, Janet moaned louder with an increasingly higher pitch.

But then, a violent jolt from the woman made the creature pull back. A series of potent, pleasurable brainwaves traveled the short distance between Janet’s head and the creature’s. There could be only one reason for this. She was reaching the peak of her arousal! She was climaxing!

While the bewildered woman twitched and shuddered from an orgasm that refused to fade, the creature climbed on top of her chest and aimed his head towards her brain. These strong orgasmic vibes were exactly what he needed for nurturing. And he was planning to get more, much more.

A few hours later and after three more orgasms, Janet was still on the ground, now resting stiffly on her stomach. She held her head high up, staring wide-eyed into nothing like a human sphinx.
The monster stood on the woman’s back, pressing his head against her skull, sending an endless river of electrical discharges into her brain.

After learning the importance of sexual stimulation, he began to alter her mind to facilitate this function, and consequently, to obtain better and stronger orgasmic brainwaves. During the entire process, Janet's pussy never stopped twitching.

The creature also understood that more females meant more nurturing food. Something had to be done about that.


Janet sneaked back into the locker’s room, swiftly got dressed and started searching for Bianca. She looked and acted normal but now Janet had a completely different purpose in life and she would do anything to fulfill it, even betraying her lover. She found Bianca in the classroom.

“Hey! Where were you?” Bianca asked upset, “You left me in the locker rooms without saying a word.”

“I was looking for something… and I found it,” Janet said with a sexy voice. “Come with me. Let me show you what it is.”

“What are you talking about? What is it?” Bianca asked with curiosity.

Bianca followed Janet into the boiler room wondering what was going on. She had never been in this room before and noted immediately that it was cozy and secluded. She smiled naughtily as Janet spoke…

“Welcome to the boiler room; our new love nest,” Janet said.

“Wow! I didn’t know this room existed!” Bianca exclaimed, already picturing herself naked within Janet's arms. “This is so awesome!”

“No one comes in here. This is all for us,” Janet added.

Bianca was relieved that Janet had a perfect explanation for leaving her this morning. This place was ideal for their sexual escapades and they wasted no time. Janet stripped Bianca while kissing her on the mouth, then removed her own clothes.

With her arousal in overdrive, Janet pulled Bianca to the ground and moved hastily between her legs. An instant later, her tongue was lashing Bianca’s clitoris without mercy. It just took her a few minutes to have her friend twitching in the midst of a joyful climax.

Bianca arched her back while her moaning echoed across the ample room. Within her orgasmic spasms, she could feel Janet's mouth attached to her crotch like there was no tomorrow. It was very different from the gentle treatment that her lover gave her earlier that day. As if it was a different woman altogether. Nonetheless, Bianca enjoyed enormously and her climax lasted longer than even before.

Afterwards, Bianca lay feebly on the ground, thankful for the lovely gift. She watched with dreamy eyes as Janet crawled on top of her and pinned her arms against the floor. She found this a little odd but she trusted that Janet had something kinky in mind.

“God! I came so hard and so fast! You are so wonderful!” Bianca whispered, “It is my turn to make you cum.”

Janet didn't answer. She just looked back at Bianca with an empty stare.

Bianca was about to ask what was wrong when she heard a sound near her head, like the footsteps of a small dog. She turned to look and her face displayed true terror. The alien was a few centimeters from her head and she thought that it was a giant spider. Bianca screamed!

“Ahh! A spider!! Janet, let go of my arms! Help me up!!”

Then the strangest thing happened. She heard a crackling noise and all her thoughts became fuzzy. Nothing made sense. The screaming stopped, replaced by a muted grunt. Then, the panic started to vanish. A sudden knowledge popped in her mind. This “spider” was special; it was friendly. Meanwhile, electrical currents that projected from the alien's head filtered into her skull.

After a few seconds, Bianca stopped resisting and lay there immobile, with unfocused and unblinking eyes, as her thoughts were bent or suppressed according to the creature’s needs. Janet was excited to see her friend looking up at her without looking at all. Now Bianca would be friends with the creature too and they all could be together forever.

The creature continued rearranging Bianca’s mind the same way it had done with Janet, but he was doing it a lot faster; taking special attention to the parts that controlled sexual stimulation.

Janet released Bianca's arms and move to the site. She rubbed her pussy while watching Bianca’s nipples swelling as big as hers. Both women were moaning in synchrony and soon they both would be reaching climax at the same time.

The next day, Janet and Bianca kept attending classes just to keep appearances, but they both looked distracted, thinking about their new friend all the time. Janet felt that it was wrong to leave the creature unattended in the boiler room and she couldn’t wait to go back. Her arousal was especially evident at her crotch, as a wet stain spread all over her denim short shorts caused by the seeping juices from her pussy.

From then on, Janet and Bianca spent every spare moment they had in the boiler room. Their love for each other was just an added value to a more powerful reason; they needed to take care of their new friend. It was an unavoidable obligation that was deeply imprinted in their minds and they followed this command by constantly seeking the strongest possible climax.


The creature grew rapidly, feeding from the girls’ mind-blowing orgasms, multiplying his size in just a few days.

The girls were both naked. Janet was kneeling on the cement floor straddling Bianca's head, who had her tongue as deep as she could inside Janet’s pussy, prolonging her latest climax. Bianca could feel Janet’s thighs trembling around her face and could hear the loud moans that filled the isolated room.

Janet enjoyed the overpowering bliss, completely unaware that her orgasmic brainwaves were being absorbed with ravenous necessity by the monster standing next to her.

A moment later, Bianca was kneeling on her hands and knees. Janet was behind her with her face buried between her round buttocks. Bianca was already on the verge of orgasm and her alien friend was near her head ready to feed from it.

As Bianca reached climax, her torso started to buck violently up and down within the waves of ecstasy that traveled across her spine to her brain and from her brain to the creature.

Every passing day became an orgasm marathon. The girls' minds had been altered in such a way that each climax was easily reached and the two sexy lovers enjoyed this modification enormously, without even realizing about the change at all.

The alien made other alterations to the girls’ minds, more subtle but just as real and controlling. The girls no longer considered him just a friend, it was more than that. He was their reason to live. He was their owner. He was their Master.


The rapid growth of the creature demanded a lot more food. It was time to add another woman to the harem and Janet knew the perfect candidate. Savanna was a wild girl and her fame preceded her. Janet made up a story about a sexy encounter with some football players in the boiler room and Savanna didn’t hesitate to join in.

“Are you sure Mark is coming? I think he is so hot!” Savanna asked excitedly, wearing a sexy and brief summer dress.

“Yes. He is coming. They’ll be here in just a moment.” Janet lied.

As they walked into the ample room, Savanna was a little surprised to see Bianca already naked waiting for them.

“Oh my! You certainly don't want to waste any time!” Savanna said with a smile on her face, “I never suspected that you were this bold.”

“You won't let her outshine us, will you?” Janet asked Savanna daringly.

“No way!” Savanna responded, already pulling her dress over her head.

They all laid on the floor and waited. Savanna had never done something this wild and she was thrilled.

“This is so crazy! Have you done this before? How did you find this place?” Savanna asked, showing a hint of nervousness.

“We have spent a lot of time here. You will not regret this,” Janet responded expressionless.

The unsuspecting woman failed to see the large monster hiding behind a large structure, watching her every move. The creature approached silently from behind and sent a bolt of electricity to exactly the right spots within Savanna's brain.

Savanna felt as if somebody had smashed her directly on her head and then all of her thoughts frozen.

Two seconds later, Savanna’s eyes were completely rolled back and her body was shuddering from the accurate stimulation of her nervous system. Her legs stiffened outwardly, her nipples swelled incredible large and her pussy gushed like a fountain. She was having her first electrical-induced orgasm. Savanna remained in the same position, shuddering uncontrollably for a couple of minutes unable to think anything but feeling everything. Her pussy twitched without pause the entire time. She was in heaven.

The monster had learned a lot from Janet and Bianca and he used all his knowledge to swiftly subdue his new slave. A moment later, Savanna was completely drained from energy, passive and receptive.

Janet lovingly rested Savanna’s limp body on her lap while her Master reprogrammed the stunned woman with a new way of thinking, a new purpose in life. While reading and rearranging her neuronal connections, the creature realized something different. Unlike Janet and Bianca, this woman didn’t crave for the company of other women; she craved for a male, more specifically, a phallus.

Quickly adapting to the new information, the creature created a “phallus” according to the picture in Savanna’s brain, adding a few characteristics of his own. This object would be sufficient to satisfy her new slave and keep her climaxing as needed.

The creature moved above Savanna's limp body while the strange, newly-formed appendage emerged from the lower part of the its main bulk. Janet and Bianca looked at it wondering what it was. It looked like a large, twisting and living dildo about five centimeters thick and very long. Small bluish protuberances along its surface created electrical circuits that sparked from one to the other, and were perfectly calibrated to further stimulate Savanna’s sensitive body.

The dildo approached Savanna’s crotch until the tip penetrated her pussy. The astounded woman twitched and moaned out loud, waking from her spellbinding reverie. The opposite side of the appendage detached from the creature's underbelly and fell between the woman's thighs.

Savanna felt the fat appendage slithering deep within her vaginal cavity, stretching her and filling her completely. This feeling was amazing but what really drove her over the edge was the electrical sparks that caused her pussy and her brain to jolt simultaneously, over and over. The woman reached another instant orgasm and the alien feed from it.

While Savanna climaxed harder than the previous time, Janet watched the appendage disappear inside the girl’s body, making her belly bulge. Janet imagined that long phallus curling and twisting inside Savanna’s womb, stimulating her beyond belief. She had to try that soon.

“It slid completely inside of her!” Bianca exclaimed, thinking the same thing.


Savanna joined Janet and Bianca in their frequent visits to the boiler room. Every recess in their regular classes and every day after class, they were all there; playing with each other and with the monster’s appendages.

Today Janet was facing away from Bianca and bending forward while her lover had her entire fist and part of her forearm pumping in and out of her pussy. This way, she would be climaxing in no time. Beside them, Savanna was squatting with the electrical, living appendage hanging from her pussy. She wasn't moving and neither the worm but they didn't have to. She was on the verge of orgasm and one more spark would send her over the edge.

Despite the vast number of orgasmic energy, it was not enough. The alien needed more slaves before even considering the next stage in his plans to establish a permanent home.


Karla was wearing her sexiest outfit to get Mark’s attention and she succeeded. After the last class of the day, they moved to the farthest corner of the empty classroom. Mark immediately embraced her, thinking sex was a done deal. Karla was taken aback by this. She wanted to be with him but not like this; not in this place. Someone might walk in at any moment. Mark found this even more exciting.

“Come on. You know you want this,” Mark said with his bedroom voice.

“Yes but… not here. Let’s go somewhere else,” Karla begged.

“Let’s do it right here. Who cares if someone sees us?” Mark insisted.

“Mark… no,” Karla whispered with not much conviction.

Mark shoved his hand under Karla’s skirt and started fondling her pussy. She moaned out loud and then regretted it, realizing that somebody might hear her. She knew that she was getting too horny to stop. She couldn’t have sex inside a classroom and risk getting caught. She had to stop!

“Stop it Mark. We can’t do it here!” Karla said loudly, pushing his hand away.

Being a total jackass, Mark got angry at Karla’s hesitance and stormed out of the room. He believed he was too cool to be rejected by any woman. “What?! You get me all worked up and then push me away? You are just a teaser, bitch!”

“No… I’m sorry… I…” Karla said almost crying as Mark stormed out of the room.

Janet was checking the school grounds making sure nobody was around before going back to the boiler room, when she heard someone crying. She found Karla sitting on the floor, ashamed and confused. Janet couldn’t waste this opportunity.

“Hi Karla, are you ok? What happened?” Janet said with faked concern.

“I blew it. I am a fool. Mark hates me!”

“Don’t worry about it. It will be alright,” Janet said, caressing her cheek, “Come with me. I know something that it’s going to make you feel a lot better.”

“What is it?” Karla asked, thankful to have a shoulder to cry on.

Moments later, Karla’s body was straining under the throes of a sudden, alien-induced climax. Her mind was completely blank, allowing the sole presence of overpowering pleasure. The woman was on her knees, leaning forward, with her arms being help tightly by Savanna and Janet. Her hips jolted back and forth within short, rapid spasms while she grunted in ecstasy and a brief gush of pee sprayed from her twitching pussy lips. Her mind absorbed the electrical signals that inescapably rearranged her mind while the creature, who now was more than a meter tall, had his head glued to the young woman's forehead.

Janet had been right about making Karla feel better. At this moment, Karla no longer remembered Mark or even her own name. She was in utter bliss.

After a few minutes, Janet and Savanna knew that they could let go of Karla’s arms. Janet stepped back and watched the show with expressionless excitement. Karla was part of the harem now and her life would never be the same.

My Master is so powerful! Janet thought, feeling her pussy moistening again.

Savanna also observed the scene for a moment, but then she got distracted by the loving feeling of her worm sliding out of her pussy. The worm served its purpose well, stimulating the aroused woman all day and all night, forcing her to reach orgasm after orgasm.

Janet saw the worm and knelt at Savanna’s feet, engulfing the fat appendage between her lips. She just loved the way its electrical discharges tickled her brain.

Nearby, Karla started to feel those arousing discharges as well for the first time. The monster extruded another appendage, identical to the one in Savanna's body, and penetrated the girl’s pussy. The newest slave reached yet another orgasm while the appendage was only half way in. Then, it was gone from view.

The experience gained by the creature studying the brains of his increasing number of slaves had paid off. Karla’s mind was now extremely vulnerable to any kind of sexual stimulation, driving her easily into climax and the transformation took the creature only a few minutes.


The days passed and more women were added to the monster’s harem. There were at least three woman around the creature at all times, reaching continuous orgasms and providing a never-ending supply of food. Most of the time, there were more…

Women shared electric appendages connecting one pussy to another, or pussy to ass. Tongues and fists invaded every hole. Moans echoed in the room's walls but did not travel further away. The boiler room had proven to be both cozy and secure.

The creature decided that it was time to initiate the next stage. Using the same hole in his underbelly to extrude the living dildos, The alien was now expelling a thick greenish substance that would form a nest. He was getting ready for procreation.

While the shapeless mass spread across the floor, Savanna and Cynthia, a new slave, shared a dildo. Both women moaned at the same time, mirroring each other, following the rhythm of the electrical discharges that emanated from the alien proboscis, pulsating deep within their pussies.

A few steps away, Bianca couldn’t stop her continuous orgasms as Janet’s tongue twirled around her clitoris and ass. Her legs trembled rapidly in the air and tightened around Janet’s head, urging her to keep licking her; to keep her cuming.

And the same was happening to Janet, who had a dildo pushing into her body as it dangled from Karla's pussy. Janet was no longer losing awareness during climax. Instead, she had learned to keep it going for as long as possible, providing more food for her Master. She felt the mild electrical shocks in her crotch intensifying while her hips shuddered back and forth, causing the fat worm to zealously pump her ass.

Karla had hosted the appendage inside of her body for only a few days but now she felt as if it was part of her. She loved to feel the constant tingling in her pussy everywhere and all the time. As soon as she came back to the boiler room, the worm glided out of her tight hole, looking for a partner to penetrate; and there was always one available.

Karla found it difficult to remain in the same position as her orgasm exploded in her loins but it felt too good to let it end. She moaned and shuddered, keeping the dildo connected to Janet’s anus and completely unaware of the strange event ocurring right behind her. The greenish mass was growing larger.

The nest preparation was going to take several days but time was not an issue. Bit by bit, it grew and expanded up to three meters in diameter. The creature had already selected who was going to be the breeder of his first offspring. He chose Janet, the most docile and his favorite.


Janet didn’t know what was going to happen and didn’t care. She was instructed to lay still on the soft, mushy surface and she obeyed. The greenish, organic cushion that her master had created was warm and comfortable. Just lying there, waiting, had her on the brink of orgasm.

The large creature moved forward straddling Janet’s body, aiming his crotch at her pussy. When he was in position, a fat phallus emerged from its sheath. It didn’t look like the detachable proboscis the creature extruded before. This one was a streaked, grayish pipe with a rounded tip exuding a glossy lubricant.

Janet jolted violently when she felt the tip of her master’s cock touching the delicate spot between her legs. Her pussy was on fire and the sensation of the cold appendage was overpowering. Janet grunted knowing that her orgasm was seconds away.

The woman’s legs trembled and her torso jerked up and down while the monster’s cock penetrated her vaginal cavity, igniting a potent climax that shattered her already broken mind. Janet felt it going deep inside of her, stretching her pussy to the limit. The overwhelming sensation wouldn't let the orgasm fade away. Her wide open eyes stared forward into the ceiling as the world around her disappeared and the phallus reached bottom.

Both the woman and the creature remained in place, almost immobile, as Janet's climax began to subside. Meanwhile, a bulge formed at the base of the creature's cock. It was slowly moving downward towards the slave's crotch.

Soon, the bulge passed between Janet's pussy lips and into her cavity. She moaned and spread her legs wider. The tension of her strained body was evident while her belly expanded allowing passage to the fat object until an elongated greenish egg, the size of a baseball, emerged from the hollow phallus and penetrated into Janet’s womb.

With this, her orgasm reignited, sending her towards a series of brutal spasms that trashed her body like a rag-doll. Janet moaned so loud, that she risked being heard from the halls at the other side of the walls, but at this moment, she couldn’t care less. She somehow knew that she was being host to a new life-form… a new Master!

Once the creature was certain that the egg was in safely in place, he began to retract his cock. The feeling of Janet’s tight passage twitching hard around his phallus was an obvious indication that she was ready to undergo her new task. Janet would carry the egg just for a few days, during its most vulnerable time. Yet, it should be enough to pass her DNA into the unborn creature.


Aside from Janet’s growing belly, the following days were business as usual in the boiler room.

Janet was lying comfortably on the mushy nest with her mouth attached to Bianca’s pussy, while her lover shuddered and moaned under the throes of a lovely orgasm. The egg within Janet’s womb had enlarged a few centimeters while the small embryo developed inside. It already felt heavy. Janet felt immense pleasure knowing that she was carrying a new master and she could cum just by thinking about it. Although, not as hard as Bianca was climaxing at this very moment under her expert ministrations.

Karla and Cynthia were also shivering in bliss while they shared a squirming dildo that linked Karla’s ass to Cynthia’s pussy.

The creature kept feeding from the endless orgasms of his slaves while he waited for Janet to give birth. He could sense movement within the nest entrails. The soggy, organic mass was fifteen centimeters thick and four meters in diameter, with some mounds spread evenly that rose up the thirty centimeters. The nest was also getting ready for the next stage of the offspring development.

Oblivious to the alien’s plans, the girls fucked each other and let the appendages keep them in a constant state of ecstasy. Savanna had become addicted to the delicious sensation of the dildo twisting down her throat whilst its electrical waves tickled her numbed brain.


One week later, the time for giving birth had arrived. Janet felt mild contractions as the egg pulsated and churned within her womb. It was an odd sensation but pleasurable nonetheless.

“It’s coming! I am giving birth!” Janet said to Bianca, who detached her suckling lips from Janet’s nipple and looked at her lover with curiosity.

Janet crouched on the mushy ground. She felt the overgrown egg descending through her lubricated passage. The lower section of the egg was already visible as her pussy lips stretched wide, letting it emerged into the world.

Bianca couldn’t stop herself from rubbing her pussy when saw the streams of a viscous fluid pouring from Janet’s opening and forming a puddle between her legs. Savanna also observed the scene with a worm squirming half way into her body.

Janet's eyes rolled back in ecstasy as the thickest part of egg passed through her pussy lips and the upper half of the egg started the glide out, making the task a little easier. The overwhelmed woman felt the usual pain of giving birth but at the same time, she felt so much pleasure that an imminent orgasm was crashing down on her. She almost couldn’t wait for it. Bianca rubbed her pussy faster…

When Janet felt the last part of the egg vacating her body, she let herself fall backwards in bliss. Her entire body jerked with the ripples of the first orgasm even before she hit the ground.

Bianca couldn’t see any of this since she started climaxing the moment she saw the whole egg resting on the surface of the nest. The egg was green and it camouflaged perfectly within the mushy formation, as it was supposed to be. The lubricating substance that covered it and made it shine under the ceiling lights, immediately started to evaporate.

Once the egg was out in the open, the creature hurried to pick it up and moved it to a precise section of the nest. A moment later, the base of the egg extruded tiny filaments that merged firmly with the soft surface underneath and started to get nutrients from it.


Shortly after the nest sensed the egg’s filaments entering its surface, it became alive. A hole opened at the top of one of the mounds and a tentacle emerged. It was about five centimeters thick and very long. It waved slowly in the air, searching for food.

Savanna was right there, being witness to this new development. She looked at the tentacle with more curiosity than fear. As the rest of the slaves, she was always horny and this was undoubtedly another opportunity for pleasure.

What is this? A phallus is growing from the nest!

Savanna didn’t give it much thought and a moment later she was straddling the tentacle and guiding it to the right spot.

I must have it in me…

And this was exactly what the nest wanted. Unlike its creator, it didn’t have the capability of feeding from the female’s brainwaves. It relied on the physical touch to absorb nutrients from every possible source. Now this source was Savanna’s pussy. The tentacle pushed deep inside the woman's tight opening, making her squeal, and started sucking her fluids with eagerness.

The creature observed nearby; so far, everything was going according to the plan.

Savanna was going berserk as the massive phallus penetrated into her body. She felt the tentacle reaching the deepest corner of her vaginal cavity and pushing even further. The tip of the bulged through the woman’s skin as it trashed wildly underneath.

Savanna was enjoying this so much, that she reached an explosive orgasm just a few minutes after the initial penetration. Her toes and fingers curled while her pussy clasped hard around the tentacle. Her mind was absolutely blank, unable to register anything but utter bliss.

The overwhelmed woman collapsed onto the soggy surface of the nest with the fat tentacle still embedded in her body, squirming and sucking the stream of lubricating fluids that she was producing. Savanna, oblivious to the world, just moaned softly, enjoying the alien appendage in her pussy.

The creature kept watching attentively. He had learned about his slave’s anatomy and he knew that Savanna could provide more nutrients than that.

A sudden spark pulled the delighted woman out her orgasmic reverie and prepared her subjugated mind for new commands. The creature attached his head to her's and the electric signals began to flow. New instructions were received and she would obey them thoughtlessly.

Savanna turned to lie on her stomach and placed her legs to either side of the nest’s mound that harbored the tentacle. She made her intentions clear as she whispered the words...

“Fuck my ass…”

Her motion caused the nest to retrieve the tentacle momentarily from her pussy. It waved around, searching for a way back inside and poked her ass cheeks a couple of times before finding her anal entrance. When it did, the penetration was swift and deep.

Savanna grunted in bliss when she felt the thick, pulsating appendage passing through her anus, penetrating her so deeply, churning and squirming within her entrails. She felt as if the nest and herself were becoming one entity, perfectly merged into one another.

The enthralled woman enjoyed this ravishing until she felt her throat becoming full from the inside out. All thoughts vanished after this. She just stood there, in bliss, staring forward and letting herself be used at will by the nest. After all, they were one.

After squirming though her entire body, the tentacle emerged from Savanna’s mouth and twisted in the air for a moment. It realized that he had reached the other end and it was pointless to go further. It went back inside and kept feeding. Savanna reached another orgasm.


To the nest, the experience with Savanna’s body provided knowledge, and it started to feed the same way from all the slaves. After a few days, the egg had already doubled its size.

A combination of moans and squelching sounds filled the room constantly. Some of the girls spent all day in the boiler room, ditching classes and forgetting about keeping appearances.

At this moment, Bianca was feeling a huge tentacle pulsating in her ass, slowly sliding deeper. She could also see it projecting forward from her mouth and into Janet’s pussy. She was more than elated by this, almost in trance. She could not believe that she was being fucked in the ass and at the same time, with the same “phallus”, she was fucking her lover. Only her master could make this possible and she worshiped him for this.

Bianca reached another forceful orgasm, eyes rolling back as her mind went blank again. Yet her body endured the blissful reward almost frozen in place. A few restrained spasms shook her body for a minute. Bianca felt like an extension of the tentacle; a vessel of pleasure for her lover.

The nest had recorded, during Savanna’s exploration, that there was nothing beyond a woman’s mouth after passing through a female’s entire body. But it turned out not to be true. As Janet stood in front of Bianca’s face, she offered her pussy for penetration. The living mass of tentacles will have to take this into consideration and always search further ahead.

Janet was totally aware that the tentacle pushing into her womb was coming from Bianca’s mouth. This was enough to send her over the edge almost immediately. She parted her lips in a quiet moan and she climaxed.

Karla was also twitching under waves of incredible pleasure but she was no longer aware of this. She wasn’t aware of anything. Her mind had checked out a while back during one of her countless orgasms. Now her body moved at the creature’s will by pure instinct, receiving the tentacle and tightening around it with absolute devotion.

And from the nest's point of view, Karla was just another source of food. It shoved the tentacle as far as possible into the woman’s pussy, absorbing her fluids. It reached her womb, making her belly bulge as it thrashed about trying to go even further. Karla just moaned and came again.

Cynthia was more aware of things but not less committed to her task. Her master had told her that she had to provide food for the nest and she dutifully offered her body. The thick appendage pushed through her pussy lips and entered her deeper than she thought possible.

The tentacle pushed all the way into Cynthia’s womb and sucked. The fluids entered the fibrous phallus and traveled down across the tube and into the main bulk of the nest. Then it moved through a complex web of fibers into the egg.

The egg was huge compared to the size it had when Janet gave birth to it, but there was still a long way to go in terms of growth.


Days later and with the constant care of the slaves, the egg reached its maximum size. The creature developing inside was getting ready to emerge. Karla and Cynthia were oblivious to this fact, enjoying the hungry tentacles as usual.

But at the other side of campus, Mrs. Somers, the College Dean, started to notice an increasing number of girls missing classes. This was not right and she was certain that something out of the ordinary was going on. She needed to find out what was happening…

Janet is missing a lot of classes. Bianca and Savanna too… the Dean thought.

After classes, the Dean saw Savanna wearing a skimpy dress and walking absentmindedly down the hall. She was not heading for the exit but in the opposite direction. This was very suspicious and Mrs. Somers decided to follow her.

Where is she going? What is going on here?

Savanna entered the boiler room and the Dean sneaked Behind her. When she was a few meters in, the Dean turned her head and she saw it! She saw the nest!

“Oh my God!! What is that?!” Mrs. Somers said out loud.

She couldn’t believe the scene before her eyes; the mushy formation of the nest, the tentacles, the naked students, the wild ravishing! Mrs. Somers immediately recognized Karla. She had a huge tentacle shoved up her ass and something was coming out her mouth. Cynthia was on all fours with two tentacles plugged into her body.

“What is happening?! What is this?!” the Dean asked in panic.

Savanna looked back at her, expressionless. She didn't say a word but a thought formed in her mind, The Dean shouldn’t be here. I must inform the master.

The Dean ran back to her office and hurriedly picked up the phone. With shaking hands, she tried to press the emergency numbers but then she stopped. She couldn’t remember them! How was this possible? She was certain the she knew them. Everybody knew them!

“Oh my God! What is the number?! Is there a 9?”

Unseen airwaves were filtering into the room from across the wall and were interfering with the Dean’s brain connections.

Mrs. Somers saw movement by the door and lifted her head. There was terror in her eyes when she saw what it was. A huge spider! No, a monster! And it was walking towards her.

She wanted to run away! She wanted to scream! She did nothing.

The Dean looked at the creature with wide-open eyes. She was quivering from fear but she remained in place, frozen. She just stayed there, staring. Mrs. Somers never realized that the phone had slipped from her hand.

Her thoughts were foggy, discontinuous. This monster was doing something to her and she knew it. She tried to fight it and for a brief second she remembered the number for emergencies, “911”, but her hands wouldn’t obey her brain.

Then Mrs. Somers started to “remember” that this creature was not a stranger. It was her friend. Without turning her eyes away, she noticed that Janet was also in the room, walking closer. Her student was completely naked.

This was wrong. Students are not allowed to walk naked in school grounds. Her new 'friend' wanted it this way but it was wrong nonetheless. Inside her head, the Dean was still fighting.

Janet walked around the Dean’s desk, stood close behind the older woman and slipped one hand beneath her blouse. She started massaging Mrs. Somers breast and tenderly pinching her nipple.

“Janet…no.” Mrs. Somers pleaded, then she gasped softly. She was losing the battle. Maybe she shouldn’t resist. It felt so good.

Janet knelt between her teacher’s legs and slid her head underneath her skirt. The moment Mrs. Somers felt the warm tongue licking her pussy, she climaxed.

Her weakened mind, now completely open, was inundated with new knowledge; with a new reality… and with new instructions.


Meanwhile, in the boiler room, Savanna was getting romantic with a tentacle that just vacated Cynthia’s pussy. The alluring smell that lingered on the phallus enticed her to lick the tip… but suddenly, Savanna heard a loud squishy sound coming from the egg.

Savanna lifted her head to see the upper section of the egg opening like a flower. She could hear something tearing inside.

“It is opening,” she said to nobody in particular, “the new Master is coming!”.


The Dean stood like a statue in front of her desk while Janet removed her skirt. The rest of her clothes followed. After her orgasm, it became impossible to form coherent ideas, yet something in her mind was telling her body what to do, something alien and sinister.

The creature's test had been successful. Now he was strong enough to control human minds remotely and this would be a huge advantage on his quest. He sent a command to Janet, instructing her to stimulate her teacher while he continued reshaping the Dean’s mind.

Janet started thrusting her fingers into the Dean’s pussy and a moment later she had her whole hand inside, slowly pumping the tight, sensitive cavity. Mrs. Somers, unblinking, moaned and waved her hips back and forth.


Savanna was also staring but for completely different reasons. Something was coming out of the nest; something big. The excited woman looked at a conic head with three reddish eyes emerging from the egg’s opening.

The thrilling event made Savanna’s pussy tingle with anticipation. Another Master was being born!


Mrs. Somers was now sitting on Janet’s face in absolute elation, staring forward at the creature’s head but not looking at all. Her pussy twitched, responding to Janet’s agile tongue but her brain was silent, open and subjugated. The monster’s brainwaves tickled her mind, like a soft caress and she liked it.

Suddenly, an idea formed in her mind, no, it was a feeling, coming from outside; induced by the creature. He was telling her to cum… and she did! Her pussy jolted hard, squirting all over Janet’s face. Then it jolted again, and again.

Within this orgasmic moment, the Dean realized that she existed to obey. Her former identity was irrelevant and dismissed. Mrs. Somers understood that she was a sex slave… and a new climax exploded on top of the previous one.


In the boiler room, after contorting her arms and multiple legs out of the constricting egg, the newborn creature was free. He stood on the nest; his body was glossy from the amniotic fluid that soaked his skin.

Savanna looked at him with awe, wondering how a creature this big could have fit inside the egg just moments ago. The monster had greyish skin and a humanoid torso but his head was large and conic, with three big, red eyes. The lower part of his body was more insect-like, with three legs that resembled those of a crab. Then Savanna looked at something amazing… his enormous cock.

As this happened, the original creature walked into the room followed by Janet and his newest slave, the college Dean. Mrs. Somers vaguely remembered being in this room recently but that memory made no sense now and it was irrelevant. All she wanted to do now was to obey and hopefully enjoy more of those glorious orgasms.

The original creature was pleased to see that his son, the first guard of the nest, had hatched from the egg. More clones of this new monster would be created… many more. And the guard itself was going to help with this task.

The creature sent a command to the Dean and the Dean’s pussy twitched…


Mrs. Somers heart started beating faster at the prospect of having sex with the big creature in front of her. Her stunned brain couldn’t tell if this anxiousness was caused by fear or raw sexual excitement. It made no difference; she was going to let him fuck her nonetheless.

She walked to the monster and climbed on top of his lower extremities, allowing her to position her crotch above his large, curving cock.

When the Dean felt the tip of his phallus pressing at her pussy, she let herself plunge down. The massive phallus stretched her vaginal cavity and penetrated her voluptuous body until it reached bottom. The older woman grunted in bliss.

For a moment, the odd couple remained immobile. Everything was new for the newborn creature and the feeling of this tight body sheltering his cock so delightfully was thrilling. He instinctively jutted his hips forward, just barely, but this was enough to increase the pleasure.

Mrs. Somers was frozen in place. Her fingers curled over and her nails almost digging into the creature’s hard skin. Her brain was empty of thought but full with sensation. She could feel his cock so deep inside of her, pushing at her cervix. When he made his first motion, she moaned loudly. She couldn’t wait for the next one.

The monster discovered that moving his hips meant pleasure, so he started pumping; slowly at first, then increasingly faster. The Dean’s body was like a toy that he could manipulate at will; a toy that needed to be used until he reached his goal, even if he didn’t know yet what his goal was.

Janet sat on the ground and watched the show absentmindedly. She was picturing that large cock stretching the Dean’s pussy, fucking her so forcefully, so blissfully. She wished it was hers.

Vanessa had seen enough and she knelt on one of the nest's mounds, guiding a tentacle between her legs and into her burning pussy.

Mrs. Somers eyes rolled back as she reached her first climax. Her orgasmic convulsions were barely noticeable as the creature kept smashing his cock into her body with eagerness, making her legs, arms and ample tits bounce wildly with every motion.

The soldier pulled the Dean’s feeble body closer to his own and continued fucking her relentlessly. Her orgasm meant nothing to him. If she couldn’t keep up any more he would do it for her, but he was not stopping.

As her climax faded off, Mrs. Somers was barely conscious. Her pussy was oversensitive and the massive phallus was harsh. It was too much to take. But there was a word lingering in her mind that was more important than her own life…”Mate”; and she whispered…


The original creature turned to look at Janet and sent her a signal. He was ready to fuck her again. Janet received the sign in the core of her brain and her nipples hardened.

Janet looked at her master’s enlarging cock and her pussy twitched. Everything else around her sort of disappeared as her attention became completely devoted to that pulsating appendage that claimed her body; her womb.

“Please fuck me, master”

Janet rested on her elbows and knees looking back at her Master with a mischievous smile. The creature was approaching her from behind, his cock ready. A new egg was gliding down the creature’s body, prepared to be expelled inside of hers.

The creature shoved almost the entire length of his phallus inside Janet’s cavity; pressing at her cozy womb that would shelter the new egg. The tightness of his slave’s pussy felt good around his cock and he was planning to really enjoy this, since he didn’t have the same urgency as the previous time. The nest was safer with the soldier around.

And Janet was precisely on the same page. She reached her first climax the moment she felt the hard cock smashing against the cervix. She was hoping to get pregnant again and give birth to another pod; another Master. It was such an honor.

Cynthia, Karla and other girls lying around the nest couldn’t care less about the Dean, Janet or anything else. Their minds drifted in a blissful limbo of never ending pleasure. They had climaxed countless times in the last few hours and their exhaustion was evident by looking at their limp bodies. But even now, their pussies and anuses were twitching, embracing the fat tentacles that churned within, sucking them dry until they were wet again.

Having recovered from her long orgasm, Mrs. Somers was again fully engaged in the wild copulation. The soldier was pumping her with the same stamina as before and the long phallus was pushing the air out of her lungs with every merciless blow. She was elated. One meter away from them, Savanna was on the brink of orgasm.

The Dean had one hand on her belly and she could actually feel the massive cock piercing unbelievably deep inside of her body. She knew that she was going to reach another climax very soon. Savanna was already there.

Weak from the orgasmic bliss, Savanna leaned backwards until her back rested against the egg shell. The tentacle in her pussy was absorbing her fluids with avidity, but since the empty egg didn’t need food anymore, the nest stored it for the next one.


A while later they were still going at it. Mrs. Somers was on all fours getting pumped from behind. Janet was still on her knees, enjoying her master’s cock and the rest of the girls were feeding the hungry nest.

The Dean was getting tired from the savage ravishing and her multiple orgasms but as long as the soldier’s cock was inside of her, she was obligated to endure. She had been ordered to mate and disobeying was not an option.

The soldier’s thrusts had become faster the last few minutes and Mrs. Somers thought she was going to pass out from utter bliss. But the creature suddenly stopped. His cock pulsated a couple of times and then it discharged a huge loud of cum directly in the Dean’s womb. The creature understood in an instant that he had met his goal. The female would become undoubtedly pregnant.

Mrs. Somers’ body was packed with sperm within seconds. The strong genetic code of the soldier was going to take over her ovule and create the first clone of the soldier.

When the Dean felt the warm seed filling her body, she climaxed as well. She had always wished to be a mother and now her dream was coming true.


Several days later, Janet observed the soldier ravishing Bianca without mercy. The slim girl squealed in ecstasy while the monster pumped her from behind, making her belly bulge to accommodate his huge cock. In a few minutes, she was going to get pregnant as well.

Mrs. Somers was at the end of her pregnancy. The pod growing inside of her belly was almost ready and the soldier embryo developing within the pod was hungry. More females would be needed to nurture him and the others on the way.

Having gained enough power, the original creature began sending mind-controlling waves throughout the entire school. Soon, everyone on campus would gather in the boiler room with a blank stare and a willing disposition to become a slave.

The creature’s colonizing plans were far from over. The little embryo growing within Janet’s belly was an exact replica of him. This new unborn monster was destined to start a new nest in a new place and the cycle would repeat, over and over, across the entire planet.

The End.

Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story. (CGI)

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