Kiara Joins the Military - Chapter 2

Kiara Joins the Military - Chapter 2

Kiara shuffled nervously along the corridor in her flip flops. You were supposed to parade at the training staff's office in immaculate working uniform but she had decided to go as she was and plead ignorance if necessary. Inside, she was hoping that the Drill Sergeant would remember their moment outside if she was dressed in the same tight clothes he had half seen her in before. As she had readied herself to go to the office she had noticed how wet her shorts were around the crotch. There was an obvious patch that would be visible to anyone passing even a cursory glance if she didn't clench her legs tightly together. She had paused for a moment when pulling them up, knowing she should at least change those to retain any scraps of dignity from the day, but went as she was, excited at her messy state. A little voice inside her said that she wanted to be seen like this, she had seen the effect she'd had on her Drill Sergeant and a bud of sexual confidence was born within her.

Kiara had been totally exposed today, her hormones were flooding her bloodstream and she was still so desperately turned on from her interrupted masturbation session in the toilet stall. She subtly smelled her fingers and confirmed what she already knew. Anyone in close proximity, would know how turned on she was without even looking at the spreading patch between her legs, you could smell the sharpness of pussy on her fingers and emanating from between her legs. She was a mess, a shaking mess of hormones and eroticism and was overcome with nervous energy as she walked towards her fate.

Kiara approached the office and peered inside. She couldn't see anyone in there and gave an audible sigh of relief. Whatever was about to happen to her wouldn't have an audience. She mentally flipped the thought on it's head and realised that she would be alone with the person that was the cause of her state. This man had had a significant physical reaction to her exposed pussy less than an hour ago and now she was to be alone with him. She hesitated, but was seen. "Recruit! In here..." said a commanding deep voice from a small side office that she had never been in before. She considered herself a 'good girl' and hadn't been in serious trouble so far on the course, which was the only reason to be summoned to the Drill Sergeants office under normal circumstances.

Timidly, Kiara stepped in to the Drill Sergeant's office, closed the door behind her, but couldn't look him in the eye. Her eyes darted left and right and she became acutely aware of how confined the office was. There was a small desk in front of her and two soft chairs with no arms behind her, but apart from the chair upon which her Drill Sergeant sat, no room for anything else. In front of her on the desk was her underwear. Untwisted now, they sat squarely in the center of the desk. "I assume you know why you're here?" he inquired. It was a rhetorical question, and she kept silent, her eyes maintaining focus on her underwear, still unable to meet his eyes. "What happened today wasn't acceptable" he stated, "and you shall have to be punished". Silently, she thought that this judgement was harsh on her, but wasn't about to argue. "Do you agree? Do you need punishing? LOOK AT ME WHEN I AM ADDRESSING YOU!" The sudden change in tone startled her and her eyes shot up to meet his. He didn't look angry, he looked calm. She was in his world now, and he was in complete control. Clearly, the incident earlier when he had come across her exposed ass and pussy in full view in the sun had caught him off guard, but the balance of power was once again squarely in his hands. "Yes, I deserve to be punished, Drill Sergeant" she managed to squeak out. Her voice trembled as she spoke.

The Drill Sergeant rose from behind his desk and Kiara couldn't help but notice that he wasn't wearing his standard issue belt and that his trousers were noticeably tight around his groin. The belt was held in his right hand and folded in half three or four times. He side-stepped around the side of his desk and half passed her on her left hand side. As he passed her, his groin brushed against her hip, partially due to the size of the office, partially deliberate, she assessed. Silently, she stood stock still and raised her chin a little in an attempt to retain her composure. Her insides were fluttering wildly, her mouth was dry and it felt as if all the moisture in her body was flooding to her groin as the nervousness and anticipation of her impending punishment drove her mad with excitement. In her head, Kiara was in turmoil. She had barely even kissed a boy before and here she was, soaking wet having publicly exposed herself to an older man and her superior before masturbating as she recalled the incident. She felt her Drill Sergeant's palm on the small of her back. The force applied was soft but clear, she bent forward at the hips until her head rested on the desk, right where her underwear lay. Upon it she could smell both herself and the unmistakable smell of a man. This wasn't something she was used to on her underwear but she found it incredibly exciting. The effect of the motion meant that her legs naturally turned inwards, spreading her hips and cheeks. There was no way that her Drill Sergeant wouldn't be able to see the rapidly spreading wet patch that had formed between her legs and stained her running shorts. With her legs parting, Kiara both heard and felt her Drill Sergeants reaction simultaneously. His shaft twitched against her hip and he inhaled.

Taking a moment to compose himself, the Drill Sergeant stepped around behind her and Kiara sensed him crouching down. There was now no doubt that he had a full view of her soaked running shorts and even she could smell the sharp tang of her juices in the small space. Hands found the sides of her shorts and gripped her waist band. Steadily they pulled down her shorts but they caught between her thighs. Kiara knew that there was no resisting this happening and allowed her legs to carry on their range of motion, arched her back slightly and her legs parted to release her last shred of modesty. Still not wearing any underwear, which would be useless now anyway, her pussy was once again exposed to this man. Her wet pussy stood proudly on display, she could feel the faint tickle of his breath between her legs and felt her legs to begin to tremble with anticipation. She longed to push back, to feel him contact her sex and pleasure her. Nervousness had frozen her brain, she was completely compliant and would do anything that she was commanded to at this point. She could think of nothing else other than how badly she wanted, or needed, to feel his touch. She wanted to be claimed and taken. She was here, pliant and obedient, did he want her? Internally, she pleaded to feel this mans thick shaft pierce her hymen and deflower her on the desk. Why wasn't he fucking her? Why wasn't he making her a woman already?

'Whack!' After a short period of stillness, the first thing that Kiara knew was an explosion of pain arching out from the point of impact across her right ass cheek. As she had suspected, the belt had been prepared as a short flail. She felt the thick leather strap rise and fall upon her soft exposed flesh with force and she yelped loudly as she flinched. Instinctively, one hand gripped the desk to brace herself and the other she bit down upon to try and muffle herself against the pain of the spanking. She screwed her eyes shut and her breath ran hot.

Quickly, Kiara lost count of the smacks against her skin. Each one rocking her forward on her flip-flops as the pain shocked her system. She was sprawled across the desk and felt her eyes prick with tears, but instead of being upset, she was in a world of pleasure. She was on the edge of losing control. All she wanted to do was abandon her usual timidity and mount this man who was causing her such pain and primal arousal. Was she a freak for being so turned on by her exposure and the physical stimulus of being so ruthlessly spanked? As the hits continued, she felt thick, bright pink welts rising across her cheeks. With startling accuracy, the Drill Sergeant found the same spot over and over again. The only available respite was the occasional switching between cheeks. Her finger was being bitten hard now, the pain almost equal to the pounding her ass cheeks were being subjected to. She removed it from her mouth and her lips found the only other item available to her, her dirty underwear. She tasted her own juices soaked into the underwear which was now being used to muffle her moans but there was another taste there also. It tasted of man, salty and bitter, she had never tasted a mans cum before, and hoped that was what it was. The mixture of her own dirty underwear, her pussy juice and whatever her Drill Sergeant had left on them she found intoxicating. Enough was enough now, she needed him to take her.

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